Lesbian Encounter At The Club Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

There were a million thoughts running through my head- all of them filthy. Here I was in the back seat of a cab with my gorgeous best friend Amy and she had her hand down my pants. Her fingers were coated with my secretions as she rubbed up and down the thick folds of my very puffy pussy lips. I groaned into her mouth and pulled away slightly.

“I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve wanted you for so long. I never imagined you felt the same way,” I told Amy.

“Oh my God Courtney,” Amy moaned against my mouth as she continued her slow strokes up and down the outside of my vagina, “Every time I fuck myself I think of you. You and your firm tits and those amazing pussy lips.”

I knew the cabbie was getting and ear-full and probably an eye-full too but I didn’t care. I just wanted him to step on the gas and get us back to Amy’s apartment! We were all over each other for the entire 15 minute cab ride home. Her hand down my pants, my hands up her shirt, our tongues in each other’s mouths. We couldn’t get enough. Finally we arrived and the cabbie coughed to get out attention. We giggled and Amy asked how much we owed him. He said the trip was on him as long as we did him one little favor. He told us watching and listening to us all the way home had given him poker oyna a huge boner and he wanted us to watch him beat off. We giggled again and Amy told the horny cabbie to go for it.

We leaned up in the seat and he scooted over so we could get a clear view. He unzipped his pants and hauled out a very hard, very thick uncut cock. He was only about 5 inches long, but what he lacked in length he made up for in girth. His organ must have been as big around as a beer can and was perched on top of a giant set of balls. Amy and I looked at each other and mouthed ‘Holy shit’ at the same time. The cabbie seemed pleased that we were impressed by his swollen cock and proceeded to put on a show for us. Amy and I played with each other’s tits as he slid his foreskin up and over his plum sized head, then back down to reveal a big drop of precum in the slit. He asked to see our tits while he jerked and we pulled up our tops so he could watch us play with each other. After about 5 minutes of tugging he started grunting and thrusting his pelvis into his hand. With a loud groan he erupted, dumping his thick load into his own hand as his body jerked spasmodically. He slumped back and let go of his fat, now flaccid cock with a smile on his face. We thanked him for the show and canlı poker oyna scooted out of the cab and up the steps of Amy’s apartment building.

Amy unlocked her door and we walked into her tiny apartment. I put my arms around her from behind and slid my hands up her shirt to cup her tits and play with her big puffy nipples. Amy had had a boob job about a year ago. She had always been self conscious of her nipples, she thought they were to big for her breasts. Truth be told, before the augmentation she didn’t really have any breasts- she was mostly nipple. I thought they looked delicious, though and had had many fantasies about those puffy nipples! After the boob job her tits were a perfectly round C cup with just the right amount of cleavage. And perched in the center of those perfect man-made melons were her big puffy tan nipples. The boob job hadn’t taken anything away from their immense size. If anything, they looked bigger! They were a good 2 inches in width and stuck out at least an inch from her tits. I squeezed them between my fingers and stretched them outward. I mashed them back into her tits and massaged them with my palms, feeling the spongy softness of them. I loved these tits and the giant nipples! I wanted to play with them for days!

Amy internet casino moaned, “Oh fuck yes Court. Play with my big nipples. I love the way your hands feel on them. I want you to suck them Courtney. I want you to suck on them so bad!”

She turned around and I dipped my head as she palmed both tits. I went to the left first and Amy lifted the fleshy mound to my lips. I opened wide and she fed me her over sized nipple. I held completely still as Amy moved back and forth, pushing the big nip in and letting me suckle, then pulling back and listening to the pop as it left the suction of my mouth. This went on for a good 10 minutes. Me going from one tit to the other, letting Amy control the pace until I couldn’t stand it any more. I grabbed both tits and started kneading as I alternately sucked her nips. I drew them in forcefully and tongued them, I bit down lightly and chewed them, I twisted one while suckling roughly on the other. Amy began to breathe heavily and before I knew it she was groaning loudly and throwing her head back in ecstasy.

“Fuck yes Courtney. Suck my titties. Suck those big nipples….ahhh yeah…..more Courtney, suck me more. I’m gonna cum…..suck my nipples till I cum….. yes, yes, yes, ahhhhhh yes, I’m cummmmmiinnnnggg!!!”

I felt her body shake and realized I had just made my best friend cum and we were both still practically fully clothed! I hadn’t even come close to her pussy and she had let loose with a body wrenching orgasm! This was going to be an amazing night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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