Lightening Flashes

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A flash of lightning flickers outside the cool plate glass windows. A rumble of thunder follows the light almost instantly, reverberating loudly upon the air. The woman smiles brightly, eyes flickering as the rain falls in large droplets to hit the earth. Musky air smelling clean and fresh surrounds her, she breathes it deep, letting all senses but that of sight rule for the moment. Sitting upon the porch swing she lightly kicks her dainty feet, pushing the hanging bench with the motion of her bare toes. Easily it rocks, back and forth, carrying the little dark haired beauty in a flowing movement. Warm thick air, damp with the bursts of water from the full clouds above, brushes over her silky skin. Condensation gently collecting on her heated flesh, she gives the impression she is fully relaxed enjoying Mother Nature.

He watches her intently, a large powerful body gently leaning into the doorframe. Deep expressive eyes flowing over her figure as it moves with the rocking seat. Noticing the curves of her delicious body barely concealed by thin fabric. He knows every inch of her body from their escapades over the nights together and that fact runs through his mind; causing a hardening of arousal at the though of her naked flesh exposed to him. Knowing the coolness of the air has caused her nipples to contract, puckered buds hard and pressing taunt against the light blue dress. Slowly a smile grows upon his firm lips, the corners twisting upwards with a sudden devilish thought. In a flurry of movement he steps towards her and plucks her up from the wooden sling. One arm gently slipping under her bent knees and the other supporting the small of her back he swings her up and carries her off the porch with purposeful steps.

She gasps, startled from being lifted upwards from her restful state. Eyes flickering wide open quickly in a flutter of dark long lashes. Her fingers lightly curl upon his strong bare shoulders, clinging to him as he carries her almost fragile body. She asks, “What are you doing?” voice sweet and slightly innocent, but his only answer is one of a completely silent and sly smile. He simply walks off the steps and into rain, the warm drizzle of water flowing over both of their bodies and drenching them in fractioned seconds. Her hair darkens swiftly turning almost black in color, as the former glossy strands seem to suck in and capture canlı bahis the moisture. Her dress clinging to her body like a second skin, turning sheer and almost see through as the fabric absorbs the balmy liquid and sticks to her satiny flesh. Shivering within his embrace, not because of the coolness for the night is heated with the electricity of the storm, but because she knows she is exposed to him almost as fully as when they are in the shadows of their comfortable bed. Maybe she thinks, actually she is more exposed.

He slowly lets her legs drop down, carefully keeping her close to feel the slither of her body as it melts down his frame. Groaning with a soft chuckling sound at her lushness. He gazes down upon her, eyes darkening with lust as they lock upon her dark coffee eyes. She shivers in response, knowing his intent and while her full lips part in surprise she also feels a shock of excitement travel up the smooth curve of her spine mimicking the burst of light around them from the lightning. At the feel of her toes finally touching the soft ground, cool from the water, she slowly lowers her rounded heels to stand upon the earth. Flat footed she feels small, petite and feminine when compared to his almost massive and powerful form. Rain running over her face, she lifts her hands to gently brush the droplets from her eyes, combing the soaked thickness of her tresses back with delicate hands. Her face tilts upwards, trying to see his expression clearly but the rain seems to quicken in its fall and she is motivated to close her eyes quickly.

With his height he has no need to close his eyes and a grin forms upon his firm mouth. He looks at her, feeling himself harden to a dull throbbing ache for the sodden beauty before him. Eagerly he reaches out, pressing his capable hands upon her slim waist as his eyes drift downwards a little further. Tracing over the curves of her heaving breasts, the wet fabric exposing their ripeness to him. He wants to pluck those peaches and his hands almost lift but he controls himself for a moment longer. His gaze reaches down, over the feminine swell of her stomach, barely noticeable in her trim form. The dip of a small belly button outlined by the moistened dress hugging her body so tightly. He groans at the next sight: not only is her lower body shadowed barely in an alluring teasing vision but also her dress is slightly lifted upon her flared hips. When he had let her down her dress clenched bahis siteleri and clamped upon those supple curves to bare her silky tender thighs. He doesn’t bother to control himself anymore and with a soft almost growling sound he pulls her tight upon him in a jerk, his lusty hands capturing her with strength.

She moans, a dripping sound falling from her lips covered by the roar of thunder surrounding them. She gasps as her body seems to melt, her knees going weak in anticipation to his loving. She feels him as his hands possessively grasp her firm but pliable heart shaped ass in his full palms. Her back barely arching like a cat being stroked to press back within his keeping, the arch of her spine causing soft thighs to brush and cradle his obvious arousal. The awareness of his desire for her tears another soft moan from her mouth, her lips parted as she quivers with desire upon him. Softly she whispers her need to him, not bothering to conceal her passion. She begs of him, pleading for him to take her and make her his one again. Hands lifting to gently clench upon his shoulders, using him as support as she bucks her body into his frame with light brushing motions.

With an animalistic growl he unbuckles his belt and tears it out of the loops, tossing it away without a care. Telling her to take her panties off with a commanding voice, she immediately does so with wanton need as he unbuttons and releases the confines of his pants around his aching sex. The thickness springing out he wastes no time to pick her up, raising her above him holding her with his warm hands to the gentle curve of her ass. He drops her upon him with a thrust upwards into her welcoming heat, groaning as her juicy tightness clamps upon his hardness. Loving the cry falling from her lips that he hears as she tilts her face to the sky, water dripping down her form like a lovers caress as he fills her aching body. She whispers “oh god yes!” moaning in pleasure as he begins to move her upon his length. Her thighs tender but firm clamped upon his hips to keep her soaked folds close and snug. Her muscles contracting and releasing in a milking creamy feeling upon him causing him to groan in passion, every lift of her body causes her sweet smelling sex to try to urge and tug him deeper within. He digs his fingers in the crevice of her soft ass, her nails digging into his shoulders leaving little white half moons indentions. Leaning backwards she lets her bahis şirketleri hair fall in a cascading curtain over her shoulders and upper back, arching and rolling her hips in soft rocking motions. Doing everything in her power to please him, to make him explode as she begs verbally for his release.

He quickens her upon him, using her and moving her simply for his own pleasure. Leaning forward he attaches his mouth hungrily to her breast, taking the sweet hardened bud of her nipple into the hotness of his mouth. He suckles upon her, drinking the water as it rolls down from the sky. Scrapping his teeth in soft nipping motions over the sensitized nipple causing her to moan louder as she feels it through the dress still gripping her body. She tightens hold with her thighs on his hard hips and lifts, bouncing gently upon him to allow his thick hardness to hit back upon her velvet slick walls. The curl of pleasure within her lower stomach slowly tightens and contracts into a breaking point signaling her climax, he can feel it in the clench of her body seconds before she explodes.

She screams softly, her cries cutting through the atmosphere loudly. She goes slightly stiff as her juices release in a rush to creamily drip down his entire shaft. Her body tightens as it continues to milk his entire length, a little quicker in motion now. Grinding against him to stimulate the tip of his thickness against her walls, pushing him deeper she can feel him throb close to release. She quickly lets one hand unclench from his shoulder and reaches down to dip under his arms and cup his balls with a soft delicate palm. Rolling them carefully and massaging slowly as if pushing up his cum until it’s too built up for him to control any longer, urging him to release. He groans and suddenly shoots his load deep inside her. Bathing her loins with his thick sticky seed, she gasps in pleasure as she feels the fire of his cum. Moaning in soft whimpering sounds to show him how pleased she is to receive this gift. Her body drinks from him, taking his cum greedily within her receptive shape. She feels relaxed as she savors the moment, rain dripping down her back as their mingled juices coat and glisten upon her sweet thighs. She wraps her arms around his shoulders and nestles close as he slowly carries her content form towards the house. Rubbing her back as his lips press to the arch of his neck in a tender loving caress of an open mouth. She trembles still, very gently, within his possessive embrace. Feeling their bodies joined and united while he walks her back into the warmth of their shared home as the storm continues throughout the night.

October 25, 2003

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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