Lily’s Interview

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My assistant’s voice came over the intercom: “I have a ‘Lily Smith’ who wants to schedule an interview, but the only time she can make it is tonight at 6. I didn’t know we were hiring… what do I tell her?”

“Tell her I normally don’t schedule after hours, but if she really has something to offer I’ll talk to her this evening.” I answered, smiling to myself. My assistant didn’t know it, but ‘Lily Smith’ and I were more than just acquainted. You see, Lily and I dated in college, and are seeing each other again. Since her divorce isn’t finished she’s a bit shy about admitting her relationship with me, but when we’re alone, there’s nothing shy about her at all.

I wondered what Lily had in mind. I thought she was being very bold showing up at my office, especially when someone might be around. Then again, it had been a couple months since we’d been together, and knowing her torrid sex drive, she might just have reached her limit. At least that was what I was hoping! The day dragged on, and on, and on, as I thought about Lily and the last time I’d seen her. It had been our first time in about 18 years, but we hadn’t missed a beat. She’d shown up at my house and in seconds we’d been at each other, kissing, groping and no question ready to fuck. In my bedroom she’d dropped to her knees, pulling my shorts down and taking my cock in her hot little mouth. An hour later, after regrettably pulling out of her mouth, getting a brief taste of her sweet pussy, and feeling her cunt locked on my cock while we fucked, we were laying together kissing and caressing and making up for lost time. The best thing about it was that it wasn’t just sex, there was genuine love and affection that promised a long, delicious relationship.

I asked my assistant to wait until Lily arrived and neatened up my office in anticipation. Exactly at 6, the intercom went off again. “Ms. Smith to see you, sir,” I heard. Once again I smiled to myself. My assistant (a hot little thing herself) obviously had her suspicions, and I had a feeling I might be relating a little story the next morning! “Send her up,” was my response, “you’re free to go now.” I heard the smirk in her voice as she added (right after she’d directed Lily up the stairs), “don’t do anything I haven’t done.”

Lily appeared in my door. Typical Lily, dressed tastefully and conservatively in a gray suit, with a black silk blouse and pearls, diamond post earrings, black hose and heels. I got up to kiss her, but she gave me a look that said “no.” I decided that I would follow her lead.

“Thank you for seeing me after hours,” she said. “I know you made an exception for me, and I hope I make it pendik escort worth your while.” With that she handed me an envelope that I assumed contained her resume.

“Well,” I responded, “you know that the only position I have open right now is for a professional-level personal assistant. It’s a job that I really didn’t think I’d ever fill. I’m looking for someone to work very closely with me on client assignments. The job involves late nights, and a lot of travel. Most importantly, and the reason I’ve hesitated on hiring someone so far, is that I need someone that I feel comfortable with, someone I can work intimately with.”

All the while I was looking at her and drinking her in. She was wearing Lauren perfume, the same she wore when we dated, and I was having trouble concentrating. It might be a game, but she was playing it well. She never broke eye contact, her deep brown eyes drawing me in. I really believed she was looking for a job, and wasn’t going to allow any possibility that she wasn’t going to get it.

“Let’s talk about what you have to offer,” I said. “Your background is strong, education and experience both,” I noted as I pulled her resume out of the envelope. “Clearly you know what you’re doing, and it looks like you are qualified. What I’d really like to do, though, is have you tell me about the assets you’re going to bring to me and this company.”

“Well, sir, why don’t you look at the rest of my credentials before we begin,” she said, as I looked further in the envelope. What I saw brought my cock to instant attention. It was a very tiny black thong, and as I pulled it out it looked felt just damp enough to have recently been taken off a woman with lust on her mind. “Do you mind if I take off this jacket?” I heard her say, “it’s a little warm in here.”

“Certainly, let me help you,” I said as I hung up her jacket, brushing against her. As I hung up the jacket she adjusted a button on her blouse and I thanked God that Victoria had her Secrets, as I noted the wispy lace and the cleavage the bra presented for me. She stretched just a bit, apologizing for being slightly tired this late in the day.

Just then my computer acted up. Typical, of course, not a day went by when something happened to it. Lily offered to help, and I thought “what the hell” and told her to come to my side of the side of the desk. She leaned over toward the screen, giving me a deeper glance of her breasts, and I noted as she got close that her nipples were getting hard. As if both of us knew what to do, she “slipped” a little and ended up in my lap. She leaned back against me and whispered in my ear “do you plan on writing escort pendik a story about this?”

“What do you think?” was my response.

“Then let me prove to you that I deserve this job,” she said, getting out of my lap and to her feet. “Do you want to do an in-depth examination of my assets?” was the next thing she said, as she pulled my hands up to her breasts. Moments later the silk blouse was on the desk, and after doing a coy little tease while turned around, the bra joined it. She took my hand and pulled it under her skirt, rubbing along her thigh. I felt the end of her stocking and the garter belt. She knew I loved that. Several inches farther and I knew for sure that the panties had been taken off just before the interview. Her pussy was flaming hot and soaking wet, and she pushed my finger in to prove it. I pulled it out and tasted her. She was flushed, hot and ready.

“You obviously have the assets I’m looking for,” I said, looking right her right in the eyes and trying to at least pretend to be professional. “Do you know how to use them? And do you think you’ll be comfortable working closely with me?” I asked.

Her answer was simple. “Stand up, sir,” was all she said. With that she proceeded to remove my tie, shirt and pants, the latter coming off as she slowly kissed her way down my body, stopping only briefly to suck on each nipple. My briefs came off a fraction of a second before her hot lips surrounded my cock, and that perfect sucking mouth started bobbing up and down. One hand gently massaged my balls as the other grabbed my ass, pulling me deeper into her. I felt a finger probing my asshole, teasing it, and I know she planned on more exploration. I wasn’t disappointed. She took a break from sucking my cock to suck her own finger, getting it good and wet, and made a big show of it, looking me right in the eye as she simultaneously sucked my cock back into her mouth and pushed her finger up my ass. I reached down and used both hands to grab her hair tightly and control her head. It was more than just a fetish for me, as I knew it made her even hotter. Sure enough, I felt her shudder and moan, her body went slightly limp and she sucked even harder and faster.

I knew she wanted my cum in her mouth, but not knowing how much time she had, I wasn’t going to give it to her until I’d fucked her hot tight pussy as well. With more self-control than I thought possible, I pulled her to her feet and reached behind her to unzip her skirt. Neatly laying it over the chair, I lifted her slightly so that she was sitting on my desk. I sat down on the chair and had her lean back, as I lowered my head to eat her. I teased pendik escort bayan her clit, flicking it with tongue and running a finger along the lips of her pussy, and letting my finger run down to her ass. She leaned back and I dove in for all I was worth. My mouth surrounded her, drinking in her juices and stretching my tongue as far into her as I could. My hands fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples and occasionally pushing a finger or two into her mouth to suck on.

I pulled away and turned her around, bent over the desk. I loved the view of her pussy this way, and the pucker of that little asshole that I planned on exploring ‘in depth’ later. For now, though, I was content to sit back in my chair and let her press her pussy against my mouth, bucking against it and clearly wanting more. Usually she left me in control, but her passion got the best of her as she stood up, reached between her legs for my cock, and sat down in my lap, impaling herself. The sudden aggressive move almost made me cum on the spot, and I was glad that for the moment she was content to grind herself against me. I pulled her hips back tight, then slipped one around to play with her clit and the other went back to her nipple. Her head leaned back against my shoulder and she turned to bite my earlobe.

Until then, she had said absolutely nothing. Very quietly, she whispered in my ear “Fuck me, boss.” That brought me right back into focus as I lifted her by the hips and helped her ride my cock, long and deep strokes that seemed to be just the right speed. After a while I bent her back over the desk and fucked her from behind, reminding me of the times I’d fucked her on her office desk back in college. She was quiet, but I felt her come, brief hesitations in her movements accompanied by her pussy clamping down on my cock. She’d always been quiet, something I intended to change over time, but this was not the time to worry about it. I felt myself getting ready to cum, and she did as well. I knew what both of us wanted, and she knew the right time. She pushed me back and turned around, dropping once again to her knees. Not a fraction of a second after feeling the heat of her pussy I felt the heat of her mouth, just as tight, and sucking even harder. Once again I grabbed her hair and felt the shudder in her body as she let go of any sense of self-control. She wanted my cock, and my cum, and I was ready to give it to her. As I pulled her mouth deep over my cock, I came, thrusting as far as I could and emptying my balls inside her mouth. Being the good little sex-toy she is, she opened her mouth to let me see the cum on her tongue, and I watched her swallow and then proceed to lick me clean.

“I take it I can look forward to this as a benefits package,” she said, smiling up at me.

All I could do was smile back and say “just wait until our first trip out of town.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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