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Lois was tall, at 5’7″ she was just four inches shorter than me with a look about her that screamed I dare you to fuck me. Her dress was always tastefully sexy and casual with her long brown hair, almond-shaped dark eyes and coy demeanor, she had always drawn me like a moth to a flame. I knew that she was no angel, with her flirtatious ways and history of being with men, yet I couldn’t help being seduced by her good looks and lithe body. Someday, I always told myself, I would have her.

That someday came at a house party one cool spring evening. We were with other partners at the time, but that didn’t cool the long-held attraction between us. After an hour or two of music, drinking and, smoking pot, we happened upon each other once again while mixing drinks for ourselves. Our dates were engaged with the rest of the party and, being high like everyone else, didn’t miss us.

It was hard to hear over the loud music so we moved to the backyard and some welcome peace and comparative silence. I found a chair and love seat in an open area of the yard and indicated for Lois to sit. She took the love seat and wrapped her arms around her knees tucking her skirt around her long legs against the coolness of the night. Taking the chair across from her, I found myself once again mesmerized by the beauty of this woman that I had a crush on for so long. We talked about our lives and what we had done since we last saw each other. I told her that I had thought of her often since that time. After a few minutes, she asked if I would sit next to her to keep her warm. Of course, bostancı escort bayan I was only too happy to oblige. I put my arm around her and she laid her head on my shoulder, the cool night sky sparkled with a billion stars. At last, she turned to look at me and my lips found hers. There was no hesitation as Lois returned the kiss with an intimacy and relish of her own that took me by surprise.

It had been several years since we had seen each other, and though we were here with other escorts, tonight was different. I don’t know exactly why but, we each felt the freedom to relinquish that bond from our dates and just be together, albeit covertly. Call it fate, call it what you will, I believe we were both just drunk enough and horny enough to let those inhibitions go. Perhaps we weren’t really happy with our choice of partners that night, who knows, who cares, we felt great freedom. Whatever the reason our past attraction came flooding back as though it was yesterday.

As we kissed, our tongues reached out for each other and danced playfully in their eagerness. I don’t recall who initiated it, but we rose from our seats and together made our way, arms around each other through the dappled moonlight, to a small shed a few more steps from the house. At that distance, the music, talk, and laughter were just a murmur. Inside the shed, there was yard tools and stacks of boxes though we found room against one wall.

Our hands were instantly upon each other. Lois’ searching hand found and squeezed the hard bulge beneath my jeans. ümraniye escort My hand found its way under her blouse to fondle Lois’ bare firm breasts, our lips never losing contact. Her nipples, erect from excitement and the cool of the night, strained at the flimsy material. I lifted her loose blouse to reveal a soft mound filling my hand topped with a cherry of a nipple. With a practiced hand, Lois hurriedly popped open my button fly letting my imprisoned cock spring free to slap heavy against her stomach. Our breathing became labored as we pushed on in our excitement. Pressing this beauty softly against the wall, I fell upon those hard nipples with my lips and tongue. Sucking each, in turn, into my greedy mouth as she firmly gripped me, pulling the skin back and forth along my swollen shaft. I raised her skirt and tracing the smooth softness along her thigh to where I could feel the heat from her sex and a wisp of pubic hair. She was not wearing panties!

I felt my face instantly flush thinking about her being naked all this time while dancing with me and other men at the party. Our breathing became ragged and shallow as I teased her slit with my fingers. Leaning against the wall, I raised her leg and let her foot find a stack of boxes. I squat down, pushing her skirt up to her waist, exposed her nakedness to my mouth and the cool night air. Starting at her navel, I kissed the smooth tight skin of her abdomen, working my way slowly to her warm moist crotch. Feeling her wetness against my lips, I let my tongue brush against her growing clitoris. She escort kartal moaned with delight as I circled it, licking at her sweet fluids. I loved the size and feel of her clit as I sucked it into my mouth. It poked from between her puffy lips and excited me to grip its girth between my lips, pulling and sucking on it only to make it grow.

At length, Lois held my head tightly against her forcing my probing tongue into her slit. A long moan came from deep within her throat as she worked herself into my eager mouth. Those who say women don’t ejaculate are idiots. She drenched my mouth with sweet nectar until I just had to penetrate her. With her foot still braced on the boxes, I stood as she grabbed me and teased my cockhead between her slippery lips. With one easy thrust, I penetrated her well-lubricated pussy. I was quickly nearing orgasm when she burst into another of her own, each of us bucking and driving against the other. I quickly reached that point of no return and could no longer hold back the seething flow boiling up from deep inside me. With one final push I sank into her as far as I could go and held it there as my cock erupted and pulsing uncontrollably, I plunged over the edge into my own shattering climax.

With me still captured deep inside, Lois and I held tight to each other for many minutes as we slowly returned from the throes of our passion. At last, wordlessly, we slipped from our embrace, straightened our clothing and kissed deeply as we left the tool shed hand in hand.

Even though we returned to the house together no one seemed to notice our absence. It took some time before our flush red cheeks returned to normal. Thankfully, the lights were low and everyone had remained absorbed in the party.

It would be year before fate would bring us back together again. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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