Male Domination

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My name is Veronique Donovan and I am a tall, somewhat plump black woman in her forties. Now that I am a bit older, I find myself focusing on the simpler things in life. I’ve gone to college, had offspring and even done the marriage thing but now, I am quite alone and I must focus on satisfying my needs. For forty five years, I led the life that I thought was expected of me. The dutiful daughter who went to college. The good wife. The good parent. Now, I want it all to be about me. Hope that doesn’t sound selfish but I don’t care.

One of my shopping trips took me to the Braintree Mall, and I met a very interesting man there. I approached him. His name was James Hutchins and he was twenty two years old. A very nice guy who was very forthcoming. We talked about any number of things over a nice meal at the Food Court. I learned that James was a police officer in Plymouth County. He had also recently gotten out of a long-term relationship with his boyfriend Morris Lester. Apparently, Morris Lester decided to run off with some gal named Emily Roanoke, leaving James by himself.

I took one look at James and decided that his ex-boyfriend Lester must have been a damn fool. James was around six feet two inches tall, a bit chubby but still handsome, with jet-black skin and a shaved head. He was quite good-looking, in an Ebony deity sort of way. You might wonder why I was flirting with a man who admitted to liking men but I didn’t care. I talk to all the pretty boys, especially those that aren’t spoken for. James and I traded cell phone numbers and went our separate ways. I wasn’t the only female to check out this fine-looking black man who had a football player’s build.

I called him that same night and we ended up flirting big-time on the phone. I asked him if he had ever been with a girl and he said no. He did find some women attractive but most of the time, he preferred men. This brought some interesting possibilities to the table. Maybe this handsome black stud was bisexual? I hoped he was. Because this means that I could get to sample some of his fine manly body’s better functions.

I asked him out and invited him over to my place. I ordered some Chinese food and went to freshen up. thirty minutes later, James was bağcılar escort at my door. He was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans and simply looked hot. I gave him a light kiss on the lips and gave him a tour of my house. I showed him pictures of my deceased husband Pierre Cherubim and my grown son and daughter, who were both hard-working married professionals. James seemed impressed and told me that I was doing quite well for myself. I smiled at that. If only he knew how lonely I had been. It had been three months since I last had sex.

James and I ate some of the Chinese food and talked about our lives. I told him about Eric, my ex-boyfriend. Eric was a macho black construction worker with a frigid wife, a skinny white chick with no breasts and no butt. Yeah, he liked my brown sugar. We had our thing on the side but he got tired of me and stopped calling. Oh, well. James told me about his meeting with Morris Lester back when they were both football players in community college. Morris had a girlfriend named Cindy at the time but James thought he could make the bisexual athlete switch to boys permanently. His plan didn’t work since Morris dumped him for another girl.

I looked at James. He was such a sweet young man. The kind that gay men and straight women couldn’t resist. I found it hard to believe that he was in law enforcement. Most cops weren’t too friendly, even while off-duty. I guess they take their work home with them. Stress can do that to a person. We were sitting awfully close together on the couch, watching Mind of Mencia on television. That’s when it happened. I was looking at him and he was looking at me, then we kissed.

It was a deep, passionate kiss. For a man who usually kisses other men, James sure knew how to kiss a woman! There was a passion behind his kiss that surprised me. I guess it had been a while for him too. We kissed and began undressing each other. James picked me up in his arms and carried me to bed. He put me there, and I looked at his naked body. He looked good. I saw his erect manhood and licked my lips. I definitely wanted some of that.

I tried to kiss James once more, and pulled him closer, aching to have him inside of me. That’s when something unprecedented happened. cihangir escort He did not kiss me back, instead he grabbed me and propped me on all fours. I was shocked. What the hell was this? James deep voice told me that he wanted to take me. I looked at him. There was a feral look on his face. A savage look. I didn’t mind being taken. I wanted to be taken. But not like this. Not in this position. I felt James caress my bottom. When his fingers wandered near my anus, I knew what he wanted.

It seems that he wanted my ass. I was incredibly horny and down for just about anything but I wanted to look into his face as he took me. I didn’t want to be just a fuck to him. I wanted to look at him. I wanted him to remember me, the first woman he ever had sex with. I didn’t want to blend in among his male lovers. Male lovers that he doubtlessly simply bent over and took. No, I would not go down like this.

James flipped me on my back, and pressed his cock against my butt hole. Suddenly, I felt very nervous. His cock was quite large and we had no lube. He spat and rubbed it against my tiny hole. Then, he went in. I gritted my teeth as his cock went up my ass. I had never been penetrated in this manner before. I had never let a man stick his cock in my ass. James held my legs in the air and thrust into me. He was slow at first, then things got faster. He plunged his dick almost to the balls inside me. That’s when I howled.

James pounded into me, and I thrashed wildly on the bed as I felt the force of his thrusts. I felt my booty hole stretch to accommodate the girth of his cock. Damn, that hurt! Suddenly, he pulled out. Slowly, I breathed a sigh of relief. He put it right back in, and once again I was howling like one of the damned, in both pain and pleasure. He was fucking my ass, and I was loving and hating every second of it. I felt a rush of hot seed flow into my bottom from his cock, and screamed.

Even after he came, James remained hard inside me. He turned me on my back, and I did not protest. Savagely, he took me again. Hard and fast, he slammed into me. He pulled out, spreading his cum around and using it to grease up my booty hole before shoving his cock right back inside. I was beyond pain and pleasure at this gaziosmanpaşa escort point. I was almost in another realm. He buried his cock inside me, balls deep. I gasped. I wanted to scream but I had no scream left in me.

Instead, I lay there, quietly sobbing. Tears rushed from my eyes. James put one arm under my belly and pulled me to him. He was whispering words to me. He told me that he had always taken his male lovers in this manner. He could not stand to look into someone’s eyes as he took them. He liked to fuck, not make love. He told me that I was the first woman he ever had sex with, and that he loved what we did.

I turned around, and looked into the face of the young man who had done to me what none others had dared to do. I was angry. At him for doing this to me and at myself for enjoying it. Instead of looking into the eyes of a smug sexual conquistador, I looked into the eyes of a young man whose face was filled with wondrous emotion. This was a first for him. A special moment. The anger receded inside me. I wasn’t angry anymore. Instead, I kissed him full and deep.

James seemed surprised. Well, nobody was more surprised than myself. I told him that I wanted him to take me again. I had lost my anal virginity to him. I wanted him to lose his penis-vaginal penetrative virginity to me. I wanted my pussy to be the first pussy he fucked. Looking back, I probably should have been more cautious about the whole thing but instead, I threw caution to the wind. I winced as James squeezed his cock out of my ass, and then went up in my pussy.

I felt his hard cock inside me. I’ve had several men inside of me before but never one quite like him. I looked into James face as he took me. I could tell that he was new to this, in spite of the youthful energy of his thrusts. Hard and fast he went, and my body responded in kind, until our bodies fused together and we exploded into orgasmic bliss.

Later, James fell asleep next to me. I looked at him as he slept. Oh, he was a handsome devil. Gently, hesitantly, I stroked his face. He moved in his sleep, and his long eyelashes fluttered. I thought he was awake but he wasn’t. I leaned closer, pressed my ear against his hairy chest for a moment, listening to the rhythmic sound of his heartbeat. I then looked into his face, and impulsively kissed him on the lips. He was still in deep slumber. That’s when I knew. I couldn’t believe it either. I had fallen in love with him, just like I knew I would.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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