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Sometimes you have to wait a while to get your wish. I waited over thirty years. I lived in a medium-sized industrial town and I used to go to a strip bar with my buddies every so often. One summer day I played hooky after lunch and popped into The Hideaway to see some titties.

It was a thin crowd, maybe a half-dozen people in the whole place, including the bartender. As I took a seat up front, I saw that on every table was an 8×10 color picture of a topless girl standing in the water at the beach. The name “Marlene” was at the bottom of the picture along with “(48-24-38)”. And the girl in the picture looked like she fit those measurements.

I nursed my draft beer as I watched my favorite Hideaway dancer, Shanu, do her stuff. Shanu was gorgeous with her long brown hair, shapely body and those d-cups. I slipped her a few single dollar bills as she danced. After fifteen minutes, her shift complete, Shanu, disappeared behind the curtain.

Then the lights in the already dark bar dimmed. The seldom-used PA announced too loudly that the feature act, Marlene, was here to rock the place. The four or five of us patrons looked around. This was unusual. There were no feature acts! It was two girls alternating 15-minute stints on stage until 8pm and then was four girls.

The sound of the famous old-time burlesque theme “The Stripper” blared and out came Marlene. She wore a silver “evening gown” and had a white feather boa. She danced around heedless of the small audience. She smiled and shimmied and slipped off the dress. The truly staggering physique of Marlene was unreal. In a huge bra, under a kind of slip, were two fucking beach balls. They over-shadowed her trim waistline and nice, round hips. She had great legs, a pretty face, and a mane of long, brownish-red hair. But those monstrous tits commanded all the attention.

And in short order, the slip came off and Marlene was in a giant, white bra, g-string, and stockings. I’ll never forget watching her reach behind herself with both hands to undo that bra. It was as if it was in slow-motion. Marlene was right in front of me. Her eyes were locked on mine. And my eyes were locked on those tits. She was smiling as she brought her hands back around in front of her to catch the bra as it slipped away from its massive cargo. She didn’t play coy for long. She dropped the bra to the floor and I saw heaven.

First, Marlene’s tits were real, unenhanced flesh. The bottom of them was below her navel. Despite their size, they were full, firm-looking and mounted on Marlene’s chest, well, very naturally. They had these big, round, coral-pink aureoles, topped with big, round coral-pink nipples that stood out nicely. As Marlene moved in front of me, I could see she had practiced moving gracefully while being so top-heavy and having those huge jugs swaying and moving too.

Marlene smiled and nodded in a very friendly way to each of the few men around the little stage. She siirt escort seemed to be enjoying displaying herself to us and watching our stunned reactions to her overwhelming endowment. At one point she lifted each great fleshpot from underneath with her hands. The tiny size of her hands against the expansive breast was unbelievable. As I tried to come to grips with Marlene’s body, I realized that she had a very normal, nice figure, but in addition to that, it was like she had a second ribcage stacked on top of her first. And that was all breast. I made a silent wish.

All too soon, Marlene’s brief appearance was over. She had not been an amazing dancer. Her act was displaying those monster tits. I quit going to titty bars a few years later, but I did see those pictures of Marlene tacked up behind a lot of bars. Eventually, Marlene became a distant, seldom-summoned memory. Until tonight.

I do a little plumbing work on the side. I got a call at the factory where I work about a lady with toilet problems in the building where my cousin lives. After work, I grabbed my toolbox and headed over to the apartment. A lady let me in and pointed to the bathroom. The toilet was running. I opened the lid and saw that the float had come loose. I screwed it back on and the water shut off. All done. Sixty seconds.

I walked back into the living room and got my first real look at the lady as she stood up from the sofa. She ran her fingers through her hair, pushing the long grayish-reddish brown hair straight back.

“Hallelujah! That running water was driving out of my mind. Thank you so much!” she said.

I barely heard her. My eyes locked onto her face. It was Marlene. Then my eyes looked down and draped by the over-sized, bulky sweater were those gigantic tits. Nothing could hide tits that size. I studied the size and shape of them through the sweater. Then I realized what I was doing and looked up at her eyes. She smiled at me the same way she had thirty years before at The Hideaway.

“You’re Marlene,” I said.

“Yes I am,” she said.

We started talking about her career and her life since she quit dancing fifteen years before. She had married her manager/club owner/promoter, but her retirement did not help the marriage and she had just recently divorced. All the money she had made featuring had been pissed away by her ex and she had enough for the modest apartment, but little else.

“But you can’t care about any of that,” she said. “You’re a man who enjoys, or enjoyed, looking at busty women in strip clubs. You’d rather hear about, or rather, SEE, my prized possessions.”

I nodded and Marlene told me her life story or at least the best parts of it. She matured early. And her breasts just kept growing. Virginal hypertrophy, she called it. It was why her breasts were firm and didn’t hang to the ground. The tissue was youthful and elastic. While not pert, for tits as titanic as hers, Marlene’s sincan escort rack was not all that affected by gravity. She said that since she had never been pregnant, her breasts had continued to grow, albeit very little over the years. She was 50 now.

Marlene told me what I had heard before, how hard it is for women with huge breasts to get bras. Marlene said hers were custom-made in New York City. She had no idea what cup size she might be. Triple-Z? I was getting the feeling, I might get to see Marlene’s amazing tits for the second time. Marlene said her bras were expensive. Then she asked how much she owed me for fixing the toilet. I started to see where we were heading. I told Marlene how simple the problem was. I couldn’t charge her for that. I took her into the bathroom and showed her what I did so she could fix it if it happened again. As I turned to face her in the confined quarters, my eyes were drawn down to Marlene’s prized possessions. Marlene lifted the sweater up and over her head and off. She told me to sit down. I sat on the closed toilet lid, face-to-bra. Marlene reached behind herself and I inspected the bra. It was unlike any I had ever seen. It looked built to contain, not to support. And when it slid to the floor, I saw another sight unlike any other.

Marlene said, “Remember the publicity handout with 48-24-38? I’ve kept in shape. Today I’m about 54-26-38? Not bad, huh?”

As I sat staring into the most expansive pair of tits I have ever imagined, Marlene moved closer until my face was as closed to buried in that flesh as possible without touching. “We’re not in the club any more, Stud. Touch all you want,” Marlene purred looking down at me as I inhaled the sweet fragrance of her cleavage and then plunged my face into it. My hands reached to contain as much pulchritude as I could to push around my head.

“Suck my nipples, Baby,” Marlene whispered.

I hefted one mam, her left, so her nipple was at my lips and sucked it long and slow and deep. Marlene moaned. I felt the nipple thicken, lengthen, and harden in my mouth. I moved to the other nipple, hoisting that tit up. I replaced my mouth with two fingers pinching the left nipple as my mouth devoured the right one. I felt it respond. Marlene was moaning loudly.

She dragged me into her bedroom and onto the bed. Clothes flew every which way until I naked laying on my back and Marlene was kneeling over me from the side feeding me those humongous jugs. I slid one hand up to her pussy and felt the warmth and slipped one finger into her soaking wet pussy. Marlene had a hand wrapped around my cock and a finger spreading the pre-cum all over my cockhead.

“Oh, my tits are so sensitive. When I get aroused, any touch just drives me crazy. Squeeze them. You can be a little rougher.”

I reached up and squeezed Marlene’s tits. I couldn’t wrap my hand around the whole of one tit, so I used two hands to squeeze sinop escort one. As I worked that giant, fleshy orb, Marlene moaned and ground her pussy onto my hand. I rubbed her g-spot and clit very gently, but then harder. Marlene jumped like she had been shocked, then moaned again. I massaged and kneaded that huge tit and then the other one. My mouth had given her nipples a workout. They stood out a full inch. My fingers twisted each nipple and Marlene jerked bodily again.

“Harder. Bite my nipples while you’re rubbing my clit,” Marlene whispered as if in a dream.

I sucked hard on her left nipple and bit down on it as my finger pushed against her g-spot. Marlene’s body spasmed. Then bit her right nipple harder while pinching her clit lightly in its hood. Her body spasmed and a jet of clear liquid squirted from Marlene’s pussy! I licked my fingers and tasted the tartness. Marlene held me down and moved one leg over me so that she was lined up with my rampant cock. She slid down onto it. Her pussy was volcanic. Wet, tight, and moving like it was possessed.

“Now, these big tits are all yours. Use ’em. Abuse ’em. Suck ’em. Bite ’em. Hurt ’em, Baby. Spank my big titties. Make me feel it. Don’t miss a spot!”

Marlene was a bitch in heat. She pumped her pussy up and down my rock-hard cock while rolling her hips. It was incredible. And I went crazy on those massive tits. I kneaded and bit the nipple of one and then tried to milk other twisting and slapping it. Remembering her reaction, I reached down to rub her clit with my thumb as I suckled like a baby going from one swollen nipple to the other. Marlene popped up and off my cock as her pussy exploded on a flood of her juices. Again and again the torrent pulsed from her. Marlene’s beautiful face was twisted in a mask of ecstasy.

A moment later, Marlene’s cunt was rooted on my cock again and I was not going to last much longer in this living real-life wet dream. We both knew she had pushed me past the point of no return. Marlene jumped off me and knelt beside the bed. I turned to face her.

“Come on, Stud, fuck my big, nasty titties!” Lay that cock, all wet with my juice and she-cum, between my mountains, Lover. Then make those mountains move and titfuck the biggest tits you’ll ever see.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. I barely had to move and she was between my legs as I sat at the edge of the mattress. I pumped my cock deep into the endless flesh. It was better than her pussy. Marlene held and massaged and worked her tits around my cock. She pumped those massive jugs up and down and twisted around my root. The feel and the sight had me straining to hold back and prolong the feeling.

“Blow your cumwad all over my tits, Stud. Give me all of it. Empty your balls on my titties. Unload on Mommie’s big titties.”

I leaned back a little and my cock exploded all over Marlene. It blasted her smiling face and splattered down her neck and onto her endless titflesh. I must have spurted huge gobs like that six or seven times. Marlene was covered in my jizz. She licked her lips and smiled.

“Clean me off and feed it to me,” Marlene said.

And that was just what I had wished for, thirty years ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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