Megan Does Daddy

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NOTE: This is a work of fiction and does not represent any real-life events.

Actors —

 Mr. Jordan Dailey, Megan’s father also known as “Daddy”.

 Megan, Mr. Dailey’s 18-year-old daughter also known as “Meg”.

 Darius, Megan’s boyfriend.

 Zahar, a friend of Darius.

Megan Does Daddy

She’s forbidden fruit but oh so sweet

It was a cool Friday evening just after nine PM as I drove down the tree-lined road toward my house.

I was on the way home after playing baseball with my local league team. Like myself, most of the players were middle-aged men so the league had a rule that ended a game after six innings when one team was ten runs ahead of the challenger. Tonight’s ball game had been a rout and, because of this rule, I found myself heading home early.

It seemed that lately, all I ever thought about was my relationship with my daughter. I had been doing mental gymnastics as I struggled to reevaluate my relationship with Megan. Things had been on shaky ground ever since her mother passed away almost a year ago from an aggressive form of cancer. Although my daughter had recently turned eighteen, she had started school late and was still a senior in high school.

Her acts of defiance were not that unusual for a teen on the cusp of womanhood but she seemed to be taking issue with any restrictions that I attempted to enforce. The only thing keeping her in check was the commitment that she made to her mother to finish high school.

She had recently been dating a young man that I found objectionable. It was a subject that we found ourselves discussing more and more often. Like any father, I was probably being overly protective of my daughter. Especially after losing her mother.

My daughter would argue, and with some validity, that she was a grown woman at eighteen and should be allowed to make her own choices. I was left with only one argument and I used it ruthlessly. As long as she lived in my home she would have to abide by my rules. I didn’t think that I would be able to hold the line on that position much longer.

Since our team had won I was in a pretty good mood, humming along with the radio as I headed home. That is until I spotted the car that my daughter’s boyfriend drove. Even though I had yet to meet Darius, I had seen his car when he picked her up for dates. He never came to the door like we did when I was dating her mother.

His car was tucked in between two other cars in front of a house just down the street from the modest two-bedroom home that I rented for my daughter and me.

Despite not having met Darius, I was finding that I did not appreciate the influence that he seemed to be exerting on Megan. Now it looked like we were going to have that talk sooner than later.

As if that wasn’t enough, I had one more problem that was even bigger than all the others combined. My daughter was the spitting image of her mother. Every time I looked at her I saw her mom and, to my shame, I wanted her and felt the same arousal that I had for her mother. Not good. Not good at all.

She was in full bloom racing to womanhood with long straight blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. She had modest breasts that I knew were 36C. You’re probably surprised that a father would know such intimate information. It’s no big deal. When her mother passed I took over all the parental duties and that included doing the wash. I mean, come on, the bra size is right there on the tag.

You couldn’t say that she was long-legged since she was only 5’6″ tall but she had legs to die for. All too often, she insisted on wearing very short cut-off jeans. Some of them were so short that sometimes, you could catch the bottom of her ass peeking out and it was quite a nice ass.

Back to her legs. Her thighs were firm, full, and well-rounded. My baby didn’t have skinny legs. Her calves weren’t skinny either but were also nicely shaped. All-in-all she was a real package. Unfortunately, she was a package that was becoming harder and harder for me to ignore and I kept having to remind myself that this was my daughter, not my wife.

Sorry. I guess I got sidetracked. Where was I? Oh yes. I was driving down my street when I saw my daughter’s boyfriend’s car parked a few doors down. My daughter knew that she was not supposed to have company in the house and certainly not this person nor this late at night.

After I parked the car I opened the front door to the house as quietly as I could. I admit it. I intended to spy on them. That’s what any good father would do, right? Of course, it is.

As soon as I locked the door I heard it. At first, I wasn’t sure I had even heard anything at all but a moment later I heard it again. It was a low moaning and it was becoming louder and more often. I knew that sound. It seems that my daughter not only looks like her mother but made the same noises when she was having sex.

I should have been mad and gone raging down the hall to confront the little bastard that was bursa escort defiling my lovely daughter. Instead, I proceeded as quietly as possible down the hall toward my daughter’s room.

By this time I knew exactly what was going on. Someone was fucking my daughter and that somebody was about to get seriously messed up. Still, I restrained myself long enough to quietly approach the bedroom door which was slightly ajar. Let’s face it. I could tell you that I just wanted to make sure I was right about what was happening, but I’d be lying.

That was certainly part of my reason for looking into the room but my prurient interests were what was driving me forward. I wanted to get a look at my lovely daughter au naturel even if it meant watching her being fucked in the process.

I looked into the room and it was as if the floor had dropped out from under me. My daughter was being fucked all right. Her glorious blonde hair was spread on the bed and her pale white naked body was being rocked back and forth as she was used by the male between her legs. That was shocking enough but what I saw as I looked into the room froze me in place. I had never met her new boyfriend and I was not prepared for the sight of a black man between my daughter Megan’s wide-spread thighs.

The shock of seeing my lovely daughter impaled on that black cock made me hesitate. I watched in awe as he pulled it out and then slid it smoothly between the distended lips of her pussy again.

I know that I should have rushed into the room and pulled him from on top of my daughter. That’s what any self-respecting father would do, isn’t it? But I didn’t. I stood there mesmerized, listening to my daughter moaning and begging for him to fuck her harder and, heaven help me, he did and I continued to watch.

Before I realized what I was doing I had my phone in my hands and began to record my daughter’s defilement. Subconsciously, I knew that I would want to see this again and again. As he shoved his long black pole deeply into my daughter I listened in surprise as she begged him to shove it in even deeper.

I was so mesmerized by what I was seeing that I was unaware of the man who had walked up behind me until he tapped me on the shoulder. I jumped and swung around to see yet another black guy holding one of the beers that I had in the refrigerator.

He simply smiled at me and asked if I was enjoying the show. What could I say? I was so engrossed in what was happening on my daughter’s bed that I simply nodded and turned back and continued taking video.

A few moments later the pace quickened and I gasped when I realized that my daughter’s pussy was being filled with cum from this black guy as I captured the moment on video.

When he finished, I watched as his limp dick slid from between the lips of my daughter’s pussy pumping one last spurt of cum onto her puckered ass hole.

Before I realized what was happening, the guy behind me reached around me and pushed the door open, shoving me into the room.

The guy who had been fucking my daughter turned toward the commotion as I was forced into the room. He looked at his friend and demanded an explanation.,Zhar, who the hell is this?”

“I don’t know,” Zahar replied. “I went into the kitchen to find something to drink while you took care of business with Meg. When I came back he was using his phone to take a video of the two of you.”

While they were having this debate I couldn’t help enjoying the view of my daughter laying there on the bed, her legs still spread obscenely and a drop of cum nestled between the lips of her pussy.

The question of my identity was answered moments later when My daughter’s eyes fluttered open as she came out of her sexually induced stupor. She looked at me and came crashing back to earth in a rush as she squealed, “Daddy!”

The two young black punks turned to me and the two of them said, “Daddy?” in unison. Then the one I assumed was Darius began to smile. “So,” he said. “You were taking a video? Why would you do that Daddy? Why were you watching me fuck your daughter and even taking a video instead of rushing in to save your daughter from the big bad black guy?”

I tore my attention from devouring Megan as she lay there and looked at the two black guys. My mouth opened and closed as I unsuccessfully tried to talk. I didn’t have a good answer to his question and he knew it.

I looked at Megan and back at them again and I still was unable to articulate an answer.

“I think I know why Daddy. You’ve got a thing for our sweet little Megan don’t you?”

I finally found my voice. “Now look here,” I said.

Before I could continue he said, “No! You look here. I’m sure that you’ve figured out that I’m Darius. This here’s my homie Zahar. And guess what Daddy? We aren’t through with your daughter just yet.”

“You’re quite through,” I bellowed. “I want the two of you out of here right now. I’m going to talk to Megan while I decide whether to call the cops. I’m sure bursa escort bayan you know that she’s eighteen but if she didn’t agree to this little sexual tryst then you’ve just committed rape.”

Darius bellowed right back at me. “You’re quite done Mr… what’s your name anyway?”

“Dailey! My last name’s Dailey.”

“Okay, Mr. Dailey. Here is what’s going to happen. Since you have started with a video we will keep on using your phone to record the rest of the action. When we are done with Megan we’ll make a copy of the video for Zahar and me and we will leave one for you and Megan to enjoy.”

My jaw dropped. “Are you crazy? Do you honestly think that I’m going to just make a video while you continue to fuck my daughter?”

“Mr, Dailey, it’s quite simple. Both Zahar and I are going to use this sweet white morsel quite thoroughly. You don’t have anything to say about it. I guess you could call the cops and have us trespassed from the property but that won’t stop us from having fun with Meg until the police arrive. Then, when they do arrive they will have the pleasure of seeing your baby naked and covered in black man’s cum. Do you want that to happen? Is that what you want?”

I looked over at Meg. She was still laying there legs splayed wide. It was hard to tell what she was thinking. I wanted her so bad and I realized that I might never have another chance like this. No! What was I thinking?

“No. I don’t want to embarrass or humiliate my daughter,” I replied.

“That’s good Mr. Dailey. There’s one more problem. We need to make sure that you can’t use the video that you took against us.”

“I promise that I wouldn’t do that,” I said. “It would humiliate Megan if I were to show this video anywhere. You have my word.”

“Yeah, right.” Zahar chimed in. “Like we gonna take your word on anything.”

Darius smiled and looked over at Megan. “She is a choice piece of ass. Here’s what we’re going to do Daddy. You’re going to participate in our little video. That way you would be humiliating yourself as much as you would humiliate Megan if you were to show it to anyone.”

“Oh no. I’m not going to help you use my daughter,” I said.

Darius got that sneering smile on his face and said, “I think you will. Let’s face it. I know that you lost your wife about a year ago. Have you gotten laid since then? I think not. But you must think that I am a fool not to have noticed how you look at your daughter. You have lust painted all over your face.”

“And let’s face it,” he said. “this way you can tell yourself that you were forced to participate even though we’ll all know the truth.”

“You can’t expect me to fuck my daughter!,” I exclaimed.

“Of course not,” Darius purred. “I want you to get down on your knees and lick her cunt clean. You don’t want her to have a black baby, do you? So get down there and use your tongue to get all of that nasty black man’s cum out of that pristine white pussy.” With that final statement, he pushed me towards my daughter.

I stumbled over to the end of the bed and looked at the cum still nestled between the lips of her pussy. Darius was right. I wanted Megan so badly but in my heart, I knew it was wrong. What if I refused to do what they said?

Looking back at Darius, I saw that Zahar now held my cell phone and was taking a video. As much as I willed my knees not to bend I suddenly found myself looking directly at Megan’s pussy. I couldn’t let her get pregnant could I?

Cursing my weakness I slowly lowered my head between my daughter’s thighs and placed my lips on her red swollen pussy. My reluctance dissipated when Megan jerked at my touch and then I heard her hiss “Yessssss.”

I stuck out my tongue and ran it slowly up and down in the slit formed by her distended pussy lips. It was a lovely pussy, I thought, covered as it was with a mat of almost invisible blonde hair. It was then that I tasted Darius’ cum on the tip of my tongue. It was a completely new and unusual taste but not objectionable.

I sucked his cum into my mouth and then drove my tongue into my daughter’s pussy as far as I could. I plastered my lips to her pussy lips and did my best to suck all of that cum from inside her. As I did so, I felt Megan squeezing her vagina which forced even more cum into my vacuuming mouth.

A movement to my left caught my eye and I turned to see what it was and found myself looking into the cell phone lens. The last cum Megan had forced from her pussy was still on my lips as my degradation was recorded.

Finally, it was done and I felt someone pulling me away from that delicious pussy. Reluctantly, I backed away and stood up. When I did I noticed that my baby was smiling at me.

“I’m glad that’s over,” I said.

Darius chuckled. “It’s not over. I was just getting my second wind. Now Zahar and I are going to teach our little Megan what it means to have a DP.”

“Wait,” I blurted. “You mean that you are Zahar and both going to fuck her at the same time?”

“That’s escort bursa exactly what I mean Daddy, and you are going to record it all, but first, I want you to get out of those clothes.”

“What for?,” I demanded. “I’m not going to fuck my daughter as much as I might want to.” It was out before I realized what I had said. I looked at Megan hoping that she hadn’t heard me but the smile on her face said all that I needed to know.

“Daddy I want you out of those clothes because you are going to show the world the tremendous hard-on that you are going to have as you record the ravishment of your daughter.”

“I thought you said that I was going to record it all. How can I do both things?”

“Not to worry. I’ve got it all worked out. We are going to set up the camera on this little tripod for a wide shot that will show all of the action. You are going to hold my cock and guide it into Megan’s tight little ass hole. Then you are going to hold Zahar’s cock as he pushes it into your daughter’s pussy.”

“Then, while we both fuck her you can get up and use the cell phone to record some close-up views of our black cocks violating both of your baby’s holes.”

“At some point, I may have you place the camera back on the tripod and enter the frame yourself to show that you were there all the time. If you feel the need you’re welcome to stroke your cock if what you see turns you on.”

“Finally you’ll need to retrieve the camera to take some close-up shots as we fill your baby with black seed. Do you understand?”

I didn’t like it but I understood so I nodded my head. Reluctantly, I removed my clothing and, for the first time all four of us were naked.

Darius took over the job of the director as he went and helped Megan to stand up, He took her place as he lay down on the bed his cock standing at attention.

He instructed me to sit beside him and then told my daughter to stand on the bed straddling him.

As Megan stood over him I held his cock and I watched my daughter lower herself toward him. As he had instructed, I guided his cock between Megan’s pussy lips at first to coat it with some lubrication. Then Megan raised herself again and I placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her brown puckered ass. I continued to hold his cock and watch as it disappeared into her ass until finally, she settled down onto him and his cock was buried to the hilt.

I watched as Megan slowly leaned back until she was laying on top of Darius and we all had a clear view of his black cock in her ass hole. I can assure you that I already had a raging hard-on that would be obvious to anyone watching the video.

Then Zahar stepped forward and knelt on the bed between their outspread legs. I took hold of his cock as he eased forward until I had guided the head of his dick between Megan’s pussy lips. Slowly he pushed forward until his shaft disappeared into her vagina.

Megan began to rock up and down and back and forth as the two men alternately rammed their black shafts into her pale white body. I got up to get the cell phone and became acutely aware of the painful hard-on that I had developed.

Damnit! Darius was right. The whole scene was so erotic that I was unable to ignore it despite, or maybe because it was my daughter being used so completely.

Using the phone I took a close-up video of each of them and then of the two black cocks pounding my daughter in both her holes.

I was startled when Darius yelled out, “Hey Daddy. You got a hard-on yet?”

“Yes damn it! I’ve got a hard-on.”

“Good! I want you to put the camera back on the tripod and come over here beside me. Let’s see if your daughter wants to suck her Daddy’s cock. If she does we’ll have her airtight.”

I had started to put the camera on the tripod when what he had said sunk in. He wanted to get a video of my baby Megan sucking my cock. Of course, I knew that I shouldn’t do it but I was so turned on that I had lost all my will to resist.

I knelt on the bed beside Darius’ head without saying a word. At least I would not encourage Megan to suck my cock. Despite the pounding that she was taking in her two holes, she must have felt the bed sag as I knelt beside them.

She turned her head toward me and I watched as my dick slid into her mouth. It is impossible to describe the feeling of doing something that is forbidden and yet felt so exquisite. I watched as she moved her lips up and down my shaft.

She probably had not taken me in more than two or three times before I felt my balls contract as they pumped a huge shot of hot milky cum into her mouth. Bless her, she swallowed it all and every drop that followed.

Before I could fully comprehend what had happened and enjoy the experience Darius was telling me to get the camera because he couldn’t hold on much longer.

I stumbled across the room just as Darius let out a loud moan. I got there just in time to see his cock slide out of my daughter’s ass. A dribble of cum followed shortly thereafter.

Immediately after that Zahar slammed his cock deep into Megan’s pussy and unloaded most of his cum deep inside her pussy. As he pulled his softening dick from inside her a last shot of cum spurted out and landed in her blonde snatch.

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