Mnemosyne’s Hand Ch. 02

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While Mnemosyne’s Hand, the original story published here on Literotica awhile back, didn’t receive many votes I did get a lot of women writing me about how they loved the story and masturbated to orgasm over it. Lots of them told me that they love getting off to reading about men masturbating, so I decided to write a new story on the similar theme. Just like the original story, this one is about real events that I’ve experienced as a healthy, masturbating man. So: all you girls out there, reading this, open your legs and run your fingers over that downy mons venus, teasing that wet lower valley without touching it, rubbing in circles, letting the need build in your pussy until she summons your fingers to her in a lustful dash for some sort of release…….Stop. Okay, now, we’re starting again, and, to keep your mind occupied, let me tell you some stories…

Mnemosyne’s Hand II

1/ Lisa

Lisa was a very pretty, light brunette girl with blue eyes, maybe a little too thin, but not so thin that she didn’t have curve. Her ass, well it was magnificent and tight—a beautiful housing, I thought, for my ever-needy cock and heavy balls.

We met at a party a friend of mine held. He knew her from work and she was single. But, initially, my friend was trying to hook me up with her. It was another friend of ours, who was very loud and obnoxious, especially with liquor in his system. She hated him from the get-go, so when he realized she was interested he began goofing off, playing the fool for everybody to laugh at (which was his way).

Lisa liked me and I don’t know why. Respectful to both my friends I didn’t say a word to her, or even acted like I noticed her. The only exchanges we made toward one another was during a Boggle game (very fun to watch drunk people play this game, always amuses me). After the games, however, and plenty of poker, the night got a little more out of control as we laughed too loud and people began to drift home or fall asleep somewhere. Finally, only Lisa, me and our main host were the only ones up, laughing, joking, wrestling, etc. And I wasn’t too drunk, knowing my limit and slowing down much earlier, but I drunk enough to have to take a piss in a major way.

The one thing I’ve learned about women is that they’re just as primal and sexual as men are, they just know how to hide it better. And the drink tends to do to them as it does for us guys: they get horny and loose about their sexuality. Knowing this, however, didn’t change how shocked I was when Lisa (who had tried to drag me back into the fray when I left to take a piss) threw open the bathroom door to ‘get a looksee’ at what I had below the belt: there I was, pelvis forward, my slightly darker-skinned dick pulled up from my pubic thatch, in my hand, as I finished emptying my bladder… Surprised at her sudden appearance, I stuffed him back in my boxers and tried to zip up as she giggled and started chanting at me: “I saw your dick! I saw your dick! I saw your—” And then she moved quickly for me, grabbing my arm and tried pulling me out of the bathroom. I let her win, where she tried tickling me, getting me to chase her.

I frolicked along, my inner pervert not letting go of the idea that she braved a voyeuristic play, winning with an eyeful of my ‘forbidden boy’—the very boy that was now lengthening down my left, inner thigh, feeling very, very good.

My friend snuck off to bed, though, and I didn’t want us to bother him, so I put ice down her pants and had her chase me into the back yard. She caught me, we rolled in the grass, her left leg going between mine and her inner thigh pressing against my aching, half-hard staff… which is when I let her roll on top of me.

“You’ve got a boner, Boy,” she said. I could smell her perfume and it was intoxicating my senses. Her hands undid my belt and zipper and she dragged my jeans off. My dick pushed up against the white, cotton fabric of my boxers, wanting her to touch him badly. She pulled down my boxers next… Released, my dick sprung up and slapped down to rest on my gut, my balls, laying over my perineum, felt the cool breeze of the night and made them prickle.

“You’re naughty,” I said, grinning. “Are you teasing me?”

Lisa looked at me, her mouth opening in a mock shock. “Me? Never…” And then she wrapped her fingers around the warm girth of Arnavutköy escort bayan my shaft, her other hand dragging soft, small fingers over my smooth, hirsute balls, back and forth. Her touch juiced the nerves in my genitals, jump-starting velvet joy through my balls, up my shaft to the ballooning head. As my mid-body buzzed in all the sensitive, naughty places, my sacks pulled up into a tight, double-orbed, doughy bundle and my shaft protruded and expanded to its largest, most rigid state—a large-veined staff of my lustful need.

Lisa delighted in my excitement, only heightening my desire. Her eyes shined by moonlight as she watched her hands knead, caress and stroke at my cock and balls—Like a cat playing with still-quickened prey, I thought as the rush of her play seized and glittered nerves all over my body as well as the fiendish target of her ministrations.

Suddenly, she went face down in my lap, her face rubbing against my organs and her nose drawing in deep breaths from my thatched groin. She told me that she loved the smell of men, their sex… the musky scent of their sweaty arousal. Lisa then went for more of my fevered, heady fragrance, her pretty face was buried in hair, the flesh of her pretty face sending more waves of pleasure through me.

Then, all at once, she let me go and told me that she wanted me to “…jerk that fucker off” for her. She pulled her pants down, opening her legs to show the well-groomed, brown down and puffed lips of her sex. She began to rub her puffy lips in circles, these pedals opening to show me some of her pink, juicy bits that inspired my own play. I grabbed the base of my stiffness, wagged it at her and began to stroke the soft skin over the hard shaft. I watched her fingers, the expressions on her face and she did the same toward me.

2/ The Strange House

When I was still in college I moved around a lot, meeting a lot of people. When I say I moved, I don’t mean to different states or anything, I mean I moved from apartment to apartment, house to house. Mostly because, let’s face it, people are volatile. Even me. I experimented with having my own place, but when I was that young it wasn’t as much fun. In my senior year of undergraduates, when I was 21, I was living alone, in fact, bored and looking for roommates. I met a girl at a gas station, also in college and married. They had a roommate moving out and they had a spare room, so they asked if I wanted to move in with them.

I’m weird and adventuresome, so, yeah, I decided to do it. And I didn’t even know them very well. Thinking back, oh, it was dumb, but, then, I wouldn’t have this story to tell. The girl’s name was Kim, who was married to David. My girlfriend at the time, Vanessa, didn’t mind since these two were married—besides, I was moving closer to her.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here, because I should first bring up my complaint about moving in with other people at the time, which was I liked to walk around shirtless, in my boxers, maybe even sometimes naked after I took showers. I told Vanessa this and she later brought it up to Kim in front of me (how embarrassing)… To which Kim replied: “That’s awesome… we should all do that, have a ‘Naked Saturday’ kind of thing.” Of course, I thought she was joking, but Vanessa, wholly into ‘innocent’ experimenting at the time, thought that was a great idea.

I didn’t, to be frank. I realized how modest I was and, so, I was a little frightened of the idea. I didn’t bring it up time and time again—it was Vanessa. Sometimes I thought I could have strangled her.

I moved in and I realized how ultra-modern hippy-like Kim and David were. Their house was right out of the 60’s, I thought—right down to everybody walking around bare-footed (a rule, nevertheless). And as Saturday showed, Kim and David actually stripped, Vanessa in suit, and I shook my head “no” so much, as they begged, I got neck aches.

Their friends were always coming over and Kim talked another girl, Danielle, into joining “Naked Saturday” to watch movies, drink some beer and chit-chat, even though I wasn’t participating. Danielle didn’t even seem to care that I wasn’t either. She was blond, petite, mid-eastern like eyes that shone blue and very nice in the nude. Even though my penis twitched in my pants, I looked away, Escort Avcılar trying to draw myself away from Danielle’s nakedness as my body began to respond in kind to the female nudity in the room.

By halfway through the second month of these special Saturdays, Danielle joined Vanessa, Kim and David in haranguing me about getting naked. The freedom of all the nudity even lent towards everybody flashing each other, flashing me, on any day of the week. And the girls began to talk openly in front of me about wondering what my dick looked like. Vanessa tried to describe it, used her fingers to show thickness, etc., and I’d always leave the room, abashed horribly.

About at the end of the second month I lived there, Danielle flashed me for the fun of it—a new one, pulling down the back of her jeans to show her beautiful ass to me in front of Vanessa (which always made me uncomfortable). Then she told Vanessa that she thought I had a nice bum. Vanessa agreed excitedly and told me to show her my butt. Of course, I didn’t want to and started walking off, but Vanessa grabbed my black p.j. bottoms, boxers and yanked them down to my horror! I was able to grab the front from pulling down over my genitals, but enough of the back went down and stayed down long enough for Danielle to get a nice view of my ass.

“Thanks,” I said, chuckling in embarrassment and walked off. I wasn’t mad, I just needed to get away.

Little did I know that the girls got together and hashed a plan the following day: Saturday. Which turned out really weird and voyeuristic anyway. When I got home after work at midday, I opened the door to find Kim straddling David, who was sitting in a chair, his dick red and standing up between his legs and Kim was holding it with a tight fist, stroking it up and down. Being caught sent David over the edge and I looked away when I first saw that he was splattering all over Kim. It was the first and hopefully the last time I saw a thing like that in real life.

They acted as if I didn’t even catch them. They asked me how my day was and I told them it went fine. Vanessa then called to tell me she’d be over soon. I went to my room, remembering that I have accidentally walked in on roommates before (and had been walked in on by roommates in similar fashion), just not to have witnessed another male release himself all over his girl. I worked on school work to get my mind away from it.

That night, David went out with some of his other guy friends I didn’t know, which I thought meant that Naked Saturday wasn’t going to happen. Boy, I was wrong. They told me that this time I was going to get naked and all three of them attacked. I gave them a fight, but they won… I ended up on my back, a girl sitting on my stomach, another holding my arms and the other pulling my sweats off. The excitement of it all had me already getting bigger, swollen to a hardness that I was suddenly embarrassed about. But they weren’t—Vanessa grabbed the shaft and stroked it, saying, “He won’t go anywhere without his dick and I got that.”

Kim pulled my shirt off and let go of my arms. Vanessa remained sitting on me and by this time I was overwhelmed with the attention. All of them were looking at me, taking me in. I was being stroked and the other two watched.

“You want to feel?” Vanessa asked Danielle, which surprised me. Danielle, grinning, knelt beside me and Vanessa got off my chest. “He’s pacified now. He won’t go anywhere.”

I laid there on the floor, Vanessa squatting on one side of me, Kim standing above me, Danielle on the other side of me, reaching, running her hand over my chest, down my stomach, taking my cock off my belly and squeezing it. Her other hand then reached for my balls and tugged at them a bit. I sighed in pleasure, nervous and excited. Part of me wanted to run, hide, but the other part of me wanted me to ravage all of them, lay my seed with every one of them until I was worn out. But I couldn’t make up my mind, so I just laid there, watching Danielle small hands: one cupping and squeezing my balls, the other rolling the skin of my shaft up and down over bulging veins.

“Fucking hot,” Danielle told me, not stopping, smiling at me for a moment before returning her eyes to her work. Kim came around and squatted over my calves and replaced Danielle’s hand on my balls. Bağcılar escort She started stroking them, kneading them and tugging, another finger of her other hand poking down between my cheeks and rubbing my asshole. I gasped, getting very tense with the pleasures, thinking they’re going to make me blow so fucking hard!

Vanessa watched, asking me how I liked it. I told her it was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had. Then I felt someone’s hot mouth on my cock and I looked down to see that Danielle was now leaning down, her lips sealing around my head and sucking. Heart racing, breathing heavy, I thought I had to be dreaming.

Kim grabbed me by the base of my cock while Danielle tried to suck as much of into her mouth as possible, her lips popping off it now and then to catch her breath. Danielle told me she tasted pre-cum and lightly pinched the slit on my head to make more run out before she went down and licked it off.

“Don’t cum,” Vanessa warned me. She then took off her shirt, her little tits bouncing somewhat before she stood and took off her pants. Then she told the girls that it was naked Saturday—they all had to get naked, too.

Danielle and Kim, to my dismay, let me go and started undressing. Vanessa helped me up and grabbed my stiff pole, leading me over to the couch. “You’re going to stroke that cock for us and cum, okay?”

I agreed. The girls, naked, sat down on the couch next to each other, spreading their legs. This was going to be a masturbation session! I had never before seen three naked girls next to each other, spread-legged, pussies exposed to me. I wanted to eat them all.

I watched them roll their pussies in their fingers, cramming fingers inside themselves as they watched me grab my cock and stand in front of them. I stroked my own balls, which were red—almost as red as my rigid meat, which looked so ready to blow that I was surprised I was able to last this long.

I made it last as long as I could, delighted to see their eyes watching me and being able to see their pussies getting wet around their working fingers. Danielle suggested we try timing our orgasms together. They’d try to cum when they saw me spurt.

But Danielle couldn’t keep her hands off my cock. She leaned up, her fingers of her other hand still inside her, and tugged on my balls. I couldn’t stand it…

3/ Oh God…

I’m sitting here, in my chair, and I’m remembering all of this so clearly, I ache, I hurt, I need to cum, my cock is so hard in my pants. I have to take him out now… I’ve got to stop writing, I need to stroke him…

Oh Jesus, it feels so good to touch him…

The tip is wet, and oh!… a clear drop formed and ran down the slope of the red, mirror-like helmet of the head…

I’m running my fingers over my bulging head, remembering how these stories ended, tugging on my balls now, oh jeezzzz…


I watched Lisa’s wet fingers rubbing her pussy, sitting in the grass, and the expressions on her face and she watched me, my balls bouncing, asshole clinching, as my body was about to shiver out that white, thick cum and electric pleasure. My cum shot toward Lisa, not reaching her, landing clearly white on blades of green grass…


I couldn’t stand it, watching Vanessa, Kim and Danielle play with their pussies, Danielle tugging on my balls as my hand quickened back and forth on my sturdy red shaft. My prickling balls and throbbing cock synchronized waves that began to wash through me. I gasped and held my breath… Danielle’s fingers and my stroking felt so good, they pushed me over the edge…

The purple, bloated head squirted my white seed out from the slit, landing on Danielle’s chest (she was sitting in the middle), another squirted on her lap as she leaned back and more came, leaving heavy dribbles to drop at my feet before the quake ended. But before I was through the girls started having orgasms. Kim was a little behind, but the air was filled with our smells, heavy breathing, moans… Danielle lifted her ass up, her stomach becoming a table, her fingers rushing in and out of her wet pussy… And as I drip cum at my feet I see her wet chest and thighs, strings of my white seed clinging to her…


Now I’m tugging on my cock, beating it just under the wet, puffed-up head…Stroking my balls, tugging them, they feel so heavy in my hands…I want a girl here…Pussy… Smell of female sex…

Oh Gaaaaaaaaawd…

Tugging out a big one, shit, jesus…oh jesus! Ah, from the wet slitted head my cum came up, boiled over, shot on my stomach and over onto the floor. God, I love cumming.

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