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A STORY BY THE BRAT       More Than He Bargained For A Small Tails Story About Nathan Tate           (b/MMM, oral, anal)

DISCLAIMER: This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, or sex between minors, do not continue. If reading this type of material is illegal in your location, proceed at your own risk. This work is the sole property of the author and may not be reposted or reproduce without the author”s written permission. This is a work of fiction. If any characters resemble the living or dead, or events are similar to actual events, it is purely coincidental.

Please contact the author via email, or visit the online forum to learn more about these stories and particiate in reader discussions with the author. I would love to hear from you!



Nathan “Nate” Tate was a cocky little chap. Intelligent and self-assured, Nate had a tendency to get an over-inflated ego. When not reined in by his parents, teachers, coaches or friends, it tended to get him into trouble.

His family would be described as “new money”. Both of his parents came from working class backgrounds and strove to put their two boys in a position to have better opportunities than they had growing up. Top-notch schools, travel sports teams, private music lessons, tutors — whatever it takes to give their boys every opportunity to get ahead in life. In addition to the life they tried to create for the boys, the Tate adults tried to live up to the image they created for themselves. It began simple enough — trying to impress their family and friends back home — but quickly turned into a case of trying to keep up with the Jones”. Strapped with student loans, they tried to keep up with their professional friends that got a jump start from trust funds. Now, the interest rate on their adjustable rate mortgage is creeping up, their stock portfolio isn”t growing as fast as they”d hoped, and neither received bonuses as large as they”d planned.

Tonight, Nate is home alone. His father is at a friend”s house. They have put together a small contracting business to earn some extra money on the weekends and evenings. His mother has a part-time job at the mall so she is also gone many weeknights and weekends, trying to pick up as many hours as she can. Though the King of Prussia mall was close by, she chose to drive all the way to northeast Philadelphia to work at the Roosevelt Mall in hopes of not being recognized.

Nights like this, Nick, Nate”s older brother, stays home to watch is 10-year-old brother. But the high school junior quickly tired of having to stay home with Nate all the time. It wasn”t long before Nick left Nate home alone, telling the little squirt that he”d only be a text message away. Nick held up his end of the deal. He never went far from home and always kept his phone handy in case Nate ever texted. So far, he never needed to.

No, Nate found ways to occupy his time. First it was YouTube and NetFlix, then he tried a site he”d heard some kids at school talking about, Omegle. It was fun video chatting, but the young boy”s curiosity got the better of him and claiming to be 18+, he ventured into the Unmoderated section. Nate quickly happened upon some men who wanted him to be naughty. The boy”s over confidence let him believe he was the one in control. A willing participating him some mild boybending, Nate soon set up a Venmo account and found other video chat platforms to meet his “friends”. In no time, he was counting his cash from taking payments to perform dares and sex acts online. This provided him with spending money his parents could no longer afford and funds he used to purchase dildos and other sex toys the men wanted to see him use.

He also appreciated the men that wanted to talk, too. He was lonely spending some much time home alone. It really made him feel important when they asked him questions about his interests and his life. Always careful to practice online safety, Nate was careful to never give the men he met online his last name or tell them where he lived, though he realized that they all could figure out he was American.

All of this activity made Nate think about his own sexuality. He taught himself to deep throat an average sized dildo and to easily take an even larger vibrator and dildo up his ass. The larger cash offers gave him all the enticement he needed to achieve these feats. He kind of enjoyed these activities and wondered if he was turning gay. At school, he started watching other boys — studying their bodies and wondering what their dicks looked like or what they”d done sexually. What he discovered was, beyond an intellectual curiosity, it was the girls (not the boys), particularly the older girls with their newly formed boobies, that brought Nate”s little soldier to attention. Most of time, it was those girls he imagined when he wanked his little peter for the men online, giving himself the most wonderful dry orgasms.

The clever boy wasn”t as clever as he thought. Over the week”s he”d been online doing inappropriate things with the computer and camera his parents purchased for him, the men had compared notes learned more about Nate than he told them. From clues found around his bedroom, like a school uniform draped across a chair, sports memorabilia, discussions about the day”s weather, and other subtle clues, the men figured out that Nate attended The Haverford School, west of Philadelphia, and lived close enough to the school that he could ride his bike. They knew the makeup of his family, what his parents were up to in the evenings, and that his brother would leave him home alone most nights when both parents were working their second jobs.

In chat rooms and message boards, in various comments left around the Internet, more and more men in Philadelphia area were learning about Nate and tracking him down online. While Nate was emboldened by his growing number of “fans”, it never occurred to him that the men had closed in on his location and his new patrons were a short car ride away.

Eventually, Nate received an offer sınırsız escort that he couldn”t refuse. He”d made friends with one of the men online. This man, John, suggested that instead of using a dildo, Nate should let someone fuck him. John was certain that the man who got the privilege of taking the boy”s cherry would pay top dollar, and so would all the men watching online. Nate pondered the idea and floated it out there and his “fans” all thought it was a great idea (pretending that the idea was a surprise to them). When Nate asked John how he would find someone close enough to where he lived, it just so happened that John lived nearby and was willing to help Nate with this task.

Now that Nick just left the house to spend the evening at his friend”s, Nate prepared for his big night. He stepped into the shower to clean up, and clean out, like he”d read online. He should have been worried about having a strange man come to the house to have sex, but he”d known John for what seemed like forever, but in reality, it had only been a couple months since Nate had begun his sex education. Instead of being nervous about a man coming to the house when he was all alone, Nate spent this his time worrying about how big John”s dick would be. He”d been smart enough to stand firm on John wearing a condom, but he forgot to ask the size of man”s dick or for photos.

Clean, Nate went to his room, picked up some clothes and books he”d left lying around, made the bed and set the camera up. Only wearing a pair of tighty-whities, at John”s request, and some blue and green striped ankle socks, Nate sat down at the computer and logged in. The online crowd gathered and as Nate greeted everyone, and the men clicked Record to ensure they had a keepsake of the evening”s events. As the online audience arrived, Nate kept tabs on Venmo using his iPhone to ensure promises were kept. He noticed the first deposit of the day was from John for the amount he expected. That made him smile.

A voice came from behind startling Nate. He knew John would be there any minute, but Nate hadn”t expected the man to let himself in and find his way to Nate”s room.

“Ummm… Hi,” said Nate. He hadn”t considered how awkward this moment would be. It just occurred to him that he”s getting naked with a man he just met in person for the first time.

John began unbuttoning his shirt while kicking off his shoes. “Damn, you”re sexier in person than you are on camera.” Then he addressed the online viewers. “You fuckers are missing out on this!”

Nate didn”t know what else to say, so he just fidgeted with the camera until it had the best view of his bed and then climbed atop his green and white animal print comforter. Laying on his back, he spread he legs so he could watch his guest. John laid his shirt on Nate”s desk chair and slipped off his jeans revealing his hairy ass to the boy. John came prepared. He went commando, only wearing a t-shirt, jean, and slip on sandals in case he needed to dress quickly for a fast getaway. When he turned to face Nate, the thirty-something man”s black hair matched the color of the thick pubic bush surrounding a long, fat cock that wasn”t even hard yet.

Nate gulped. The men online tittered in excitement. Luckily for Nate, John was a shower, not a grower. But John was still substantially fatter and longer than Nate”s largest dildo. Sweat broke out on the 10-year-old”s brow. Never one to quit or back down from a challenge, Nate was still committed to going through with this no matter what. He hated failure and more than that, he didn”t want the humiliation of having to return anyone”s money.

“Nate, could you get me a glass of water, please?” asked John.

That got Nate”s mind off what was coming. “Yeah, sure!” He hopped off the bed and made his way to the kitchen, filled a tumbler with ice from the dispenser, then poured water from the Brita pitcher.

As soon as Nate left the room, John retrieved a folded piece of notebook paper from his pocket. He quickly unfolded it and held it up to the camera. Written on the paper was a note asking “Who”s Next?” and providing Nate”s address and directions to the unlocked door at the side of the house.

Hearing Nate”s approach, John slipped the paper back into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a condom.

“Here,” said Nate, handing the water to John before climbing back onto his bed.

John took a sip to be polite then climbed onto the foot of the bed facing Nate. Scooting up and kneeling on the bed, he gazed down at the nervous boy. The most of the boy”s golden-blonde hair was swept to the side revealing the boy”s brown eyes. The unblemished skin of his face was made even more beautiful by the rosy cheeks of the blushing boy. Though Nate”s shoulders and chest were narrow, his sports activities provided muscle tone and definition that fit him perfectly. His six-pack was beginning to emerge as the last of his baby fat melted away, leading to a well-defined “v” that disappeared into the tight Hanes briefs, pointing to the snug little package held within. Knees splayed as he lay there with his head on his pillow, Nate provided a most alluring view.

“Come up here and suck your first cock to get it hard,” he ordered in a most polite way — a way that could have been mistaken as a request, especially by a nervous 10-year-old boy.

Nate gulped again — this is it. Changing position, he moved to his hands and knees facing John. The camera provided a perfect side view. Their audience spied Nate staring at the flaccid organ, then look up at John before returning his eyes to the cock as it began to plump on its own. With his right hand, he hefted the circumcised dick to his lips and sucked it into his mouth.

“Oh yeah, baby boy,” mumbled John, loud enough for the microphone to pick it up. “Show me what you can do.” Nate was tentative at first, but when he realized that the freshly showered man tasted about the same as his thumb after washing his hands, he started working with more enthusiasm. In a little blonde”s mouth, John quickly rose to the occasion.

Twisting his head this way and that as he bobbed his head up and down on the newly stiffened pole, Nate slathered the man”s cock use his tongue in every way he could imagine. The boy decided he much rather suck a dick than any of his dildos. Not only did it taste şırnak escort better, the man”s moans and groans let him know he was doing a good job. Nate also liked the man running his fingers though his golden locks and stroking his face as he sucked the larger than expected cock.

John gently cupped the back of Nate”s head and started to gently fuck the boy”s face. Nate gagged a few times before he realized that John wanted him to deepthroat. He adjusted the angle of his chin to line up the rod with his throat and relaxed to allow the man entry.

“Oh, fuck yes!” hissed John as he felt the head of his dick gain entry into the boy”s throat. He caught himself before making his back stroke, then carefully slid the rest of the way in. Nate thought it was neat having the man”s balls press against his chin, but the bushy pubs tickled his nose. Nate shook his head and tried to pull back to relieve his nose. John finally relented.

With a new level of confidence, Nate began bobbing his head on John”s dick again, this time deep throating the man”s cock on each down stroke. If there was a single member of the audience without his pants around his ankles and stiff cock in hand, John would have been shocked. The boy”s practice on the dildos was paying off — the young lad sucked like he”d been manning glory holes for years and was quickly brining John to the edge.

“It”s time to get you ready, baby boy,” said John, gently stroking Nate”s blond hair before sliding out of the boy”s mouth. Nate looked up at John, waiting for direction. “Lay back on the bed like you were.” Nate flopped around and repositioned himself on the bed. Though the little one had forgotten about the camera, John had not. With a glimpse, he noticed their positioning to the camera. He grabbed Nate”s feet and pulled the boy closer to him so the viewers could see more of the boy”s beautiful body — everything from the neck down.

“Now let”s get you ready, beautiful,” said John, with a lustful leer that caused Nate to question the sanity of inviting the man over. But when John made his next move, that thought escaped Nate”s mind. Starting at the boy”s collar bone, he licked, kissed and nibbled his way around the boy”s body. Reaching Nate”s belly button, John spent a little more time nipping and tonguing that area, taking a moment to look up at Nate. Tilting his head, the first thing John noticed was the boy”s two and a half incher was hard as a steel rod and poking him in the throat. “That”s a good sign,” thought John. When his eyes reached the boy”s face, the child”s look was priceless. He wished he could take a photo and frame it for his bedroom wall. Nate”s first sexual encounter had the boy on sensory overload. Slack-jawed and eyes closed, Nate”s head swayed left and right as he made little mewing noises indicating his sexual pleasure, and need. While John felt pride in his work — his belief he once again was turning a straight boy gay – Nate had other things on his mind. Under that mop of blonde hair, Nate was imagining Madison Hoyer, with her perky little bobbies exposed, working her way down to Nate”s dick to suck her first dick.

Removing his tongue from Nate”s navel, John grabbed the waist band of the Hanes and in one swift motion, slipped them up and off the boy”s tanned legs, tossing the bright white size 10s towards the desk chair for retrieval later. Nate opened his eyes and gazed at his little pink cock pointing straight up to the fat, dark piece of man meat pointing straight at his face. Nate had no time to think before John grabbed his ankles and folded the boy in half, presenting the stretched, yet virgin, boy pussy.

Worried the man would try to spear him dry, Nate said, “The lube is in the OH MY GAWD!” When he turned his head and pointed to the drawer on his night stand, the place all of his followers knew he kept his lube — they”d seen him retrieve the tube numerous times — John dove in tongue first.

Nate”s eyes rolled back in his head and the heels of his blue and green striped socks dug into John”s shoulders as the young boy searched for leverage to lift his ass to the man”s face in hopes of driving the flicking tongue deeper into his being.

The men watching online couldn”t see Nate”s face since it was out of frame, nor could they see much of the action because John”s face was planted firmly between Nate”s buns. But what they witnessed filled in all the gaps. Nate”s soft mews, barely audible over the microphone, had turned to high pitched grunts and squeaks. The boy”s fists clinched the bedsheets and his body twitched when the man”s tongue hit just the right spots. They watched as the muscles in the boy”s legs flexed each attempt to press his hole tighter to John”s mouth.

Then it happened. Nate had his first anal induced, no hands orgasm. With a screech, the boy”s body convulsed uncontrollably as he endured an orgasm that was magnitudes more intense than any he”d experienced before. John, for his part, clutched the boy”s hips to prevent his mouth from being unseated from Nate”s pleasure hole.

Nate felt his feet drop to the bed and his chest rise and fall as he came down from his orgasm. Coming to his senses, he opened his eyes to John rolling a green condom on the last inches of his cock. Nate thought he should be scared, but after such an intense orgasm, he just couldn”t find the energy. John lubed up with a bottle of something he brought with him then grabbed Nate”s ankles and returned them to his shoulders.

From the camera angle, the men couldn”t see Nate”s hole or the penetration of John”s lubed fingers into the inner sanctum each of the men desired to fill. Even though they couldn”t see it, they knew John”s fingers were going somewhere and into Nate”s ass was the only logical conclusion.

The new attention to his ass cleared Nate”s head and brought his little pecker back to life. John worked the hole until the boy was moaning with pleasure. Scooting forward, he removed his fingers from Nate”s hole and lined up his cock. Everyone held their breath in anticipation, including Nate and John. Leaning forward, John applied pressure and the camera showed their bodies move closer and closer together while the silhouette of John”s cock provided the evidence that it still pointed straight ahead — right into Nate”s boy pussy.

The most convincing evidence of John”s penetration didn”t taksim escort come from John or the sight of his cock penetrating the boy”s most private place, but from Nate himself. When the head popped in, Nate shouted “OH!”. The boy”s legs straightened as he reflexively attempted to escape the intruder. John”s cock was much fatter than his thickest dildo and his ass burned from being stretched so much. But John held the boy by the top of his thighs, preventing disengagement. As the man sank deeper and deeper into the clenching ass, the men could hear Nate”s whimpers and his toes point and flex as he tried to find some comfort as his body adjusted to accommodate the large invader.

Once he bottomed out, John paused for a few moments. The men watching assumed he was giving Nate a chance to get used to being fucked by a larger object, but in reality, John was just luxuriating in the tight, virginal passage. Nate finally relaxed and his grip on John”s cock loosened up indicating to the man he was ready to be fucked.

Starting slowly, the man began to piston in and out of the 10-year-old. Popping cherries was one of John”s greatest pleasures in life and from past experience, he knew this wasn”t going to last long. He measured Nate”s comfort and when the boy was ready for some real fucking, John slipped out.

“Hands and knees,” he ordered.

The boy rolled over, rose to his hands and knees and returned to his place in front of John. “Stack your pillows and put them under your head and chest so you”re comfortable and relaxed.”

As Nate took his two pillows and placed them under his head and shoulders, John covertly removed the condom and held it up for the men online to see. The condom was tossed on the floor and John lubed up and slid his bare cock into the boy”s gaping hole.

“Awww, fuck,” hissed John, feeling Nate ass, flesh on flesh, for the first time. The men could see that Nate had his arms wrapped around his pillows, but still couldn”t see the boy”s head or face. But the could see his toes point and lift off the bed as John slid home in one shove.

The man grabbed Nate by the shoulders and showed no mercy. Being so much taller than the young boy had its advantages. The first being he had the leverage and reach to hold the boy in place while he pounded the small ass. Second, it forced him to enter at a downward angle, causing his cock to slide delightfully across Nate”s immature prostate going in and coming out.

John went about the business of bringing on his own orgasm without regard to anything else. His pace. His angle. His pleasure. That”s all that mattered as he silently worked his cock in and out of the tight little hole. Nate, on the other hand, was at the mercy of the larger man and the victim of the great pleasure this fucking was giving him. His vocalizations grew louder and louder as his pointed toes rose higher and higher paralleling the boy”s climbed towards another earth-shattering orgasm.

Nearing his own orgasm, John moved his hands to Nate”s hips to make sure that ass was right where it was supposed to be for each thrust. Close, John shifted into high gear, sending Nate over the edge.

“Ah fuck!” shouted the potty-mouthed little fifth grader. His small body shook and jerked through another hands-free orgasm, this one fueled by the man”s cock pounding his prostate relentlessly. When the online viewers saw the boy”s go rigid and heard the boy”s shout, there was no doubt that Nate”s mind was being blown by another incredible orgasm.

“Yeah you little bitch, you like this don”t you?” snarled John. “You like having a man”s cock up your slutty little ass.” All Nate knew was he liked having orgasms and from his limited experience, orgasms were much better when induced by someone else.

Just as Nate”s orgasm waned, John”s hit. “Here you go you little faggot. You”re getting your ass bred just like it was made to be.”

Nate felt the cock swell with each shot as the man had his own orgasm. Even though John”s words should have given him a clue, Nate never considered that John had taken off the condom. Instead, the boy buried his face in his pillow and waited for John to pull out. Smiling to himself, Nate was proud he”d taken an adult cock and pleased everyone had come through with the promised payments.

Movement on the bed startled Nate from his day dream about how he”d spend the money. It felt like someone was moving around on the bed, but John was between his knees with his softening cock still in his ass.

“Here,” he heard John say. Then Nate ass felt empty as John plopped out and stepped off the bed.

More movement on the bed made Nate look over his shoulder.

“Oh yesssss,” said the black man taking his position between Nate”s knees, cock lubed and read for action. Before Nate could escape, the man grabbed him by the hips and pulled him down the bed towards his waiting ass buster. The men online could now see Nate”s whole body, including the panicked look on the young lad”s face.

“You need to be more careful, kid,” said John, picking up the condom off the floor and tossing it on the bed in front of Nate. Nate dropped his gaze to the empty condom before him. As his brain registered what that meant, he felt a slightly fatter cock enter his ass.

“Nooo…oooohhhh…” moaned the boy. The new man made a point to punish the lad”s love nugget upon entry.

Movement from the other side of the bed drew Nate”s attention. An older white man, probably in his 50s, crawled over and presented a hard five inches to Nate.

“Open up, boy,” the man commanded in a cold, authoritative voice. When Nate didn”t immediately comply, the man hefted his cock to Nate”s lips and used his other hand to pinch the boy”s nose. Nate knew it was a losing battle. He surrendered and opened his mouth. The older man slid his cock into Nate”s mouth then tightly gripped the boy”s head with both hands.

John finished dressing and watched the men fucking Nate from both ends. “Men, enjoy yourselves. No one should be home until after 10 o”clock tonight if they hold to their usual schedule. Pass that on to whoever else shows up.” The man, ready to make a quick escape from the scene of the crime, paused at the door for just a moment. He turned back to the boy and said, “Good luck, Nate.”


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