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Caught Naked

I was out on a date with Mike, my boyfriend. We had dinner and saw a movie afterwards. Well, we saw some of the movie, anyway. After we left the picture theatre Mike suggested we go back to his place. His father wasn’t home and we could get comfortable for a while.

I wasn’t totally averse to this, although I knew what Mike meant by getting comfortable. Their front room had a very nice couch, ideal for snuggling on. I did make it clear that the front room was as far as I was going. Unspoken was the intention that there would be some petting going on. Flatly stated was the fact that I had no intention of sleeping with him. Not yet, anyway, although I could see it happening soon.

So there we were, happily ensconced on the couch, exchanging a few kisses. I’ll give Mike full marks for his kissing ability. He was first rate. I just wanted him to be a little more forceful over all. I’m fairly sure that if he’d been just a little more dynamic, a bit more macho, I guess, I’d probably already have finished up in bed with him. It just seemed to me that he accepted the word no too easily, when I really mean ‘no, unless you persuade me otherwise’.

So we were snuggling together and hands were wandering about. He managed to get my blouse open but actually asked before he undid my bra. Damn it, he should have just snapped it open and then apologised if I protested. After all, even if I protested it wasn’t as though I’d rush to do it up again.

He did edge my hand towards his open fly, a suggestion I took full advantage of, my hand slipping in and finding the interesting things concealed therein. I didn’t ask when I hauled them out into the light and I didn’t notice him objecting.

He finally got up the nerve to slide his hand up my dress and fiddle with my panties. Again, instead of just hauling them down and out of the way he fiddled around, fingers sneaking under the edges to play with me. Eventually he got around to suggesting that he should lower them, the sort of suggestion to which I, naturally, had to demur. I did so, cautiously, and he, finally sensing my heart wasn’t in it, pressed the issue, finding that I reluctantly and nervously let them go.

Things were quite fun for a while after that. His kissing was a lot more practised than his groping but he had potential. He was getting me quite aroused and excited. If he’d jumped to his eryaman escort resimleri feet and started dragging me to the nearest bedroom I might even have gone.

Unfortunately, all Mike did was make a few tentative suggestions about going further, suggestions that I was able to ignore or redirect. I didn’t actually say no, I just didn’t agree, which he took as a refusal. You see what I mean about him needing to be a bit more forceful. Really, he couldn’t expect me to suggest we go to bed.

Feeling slightly frustrated I started making noises about it being time for me to go. Mike sighed and backed off a little and I started to straighten my clothes, wondering how to push him that little bit further. Not tonight, but another time.

“Fucking hell, Mike,” roared a voice. “You really are stupid at times.”

The main light flicked on. We’d had a small lamp on in the corner of the room, giving us enough light to see what we were doing without it being too bright. Now Rob, Mike’s father, was barging into the room, turning on the light as he came.

There was Mike, still zipping up, he having put his erection away as soon as I suggested it was time to go. There was me, boobs still hanging out, panties down around my ankles, face going bright red.

“What Rachel has been trying to tell you is that you need to take advantage of the situation,” Rob stated. “Let me show you what I mean and what she expects.”

Mike had jumped to his feet when his father came crashing into the room. This left me a sitting duck on the couch. Rob was undoing his belt even as he crossed the room towards me. Reaching me he grabbed my ankles and lifted them up and out, flipping me flat on my back at the same time.

His trousers went sliding down and I found myself staring at his erection. Quite pronounced, it was, jutting proudly up, and it seemed to me that it had a lot to be proud of. The next moment Rob had climbed onto the couch, kneeling between my thighs, my legs still spread high and wide.

He let go my legs and they dropped somewhat, but only somewhat. He was in the way, stopping me from bringing them right down and onto the couch. He wasn’t just posing there, either. He was already leaning over me, his cock approaching my pussy with what seemed to be great speed and deliberate intent.

He barely slowed down when his cock bumped etimesgut escort bayan against my pussy, pushing past my lips and driving firmly home. Mike’s heavy petting had got me all worked up and aroused and my passage was wet and ready, giving not a scintilla of resistance to this invader. Quite frankly if those particular lips could talk they’d have been shouting, “Yes! About time.”

That wasn’t what I was saying, of course. I shrieked, and started on him.

“Rob, what do you think you’re doing? You can’t do this to me. How dare you. What do you think you’re playing at? You stop this immediately.”

Mind you, I’d have died if he did stop. Either that or killed him. It wasn’t going to happen, though. He just happily plunged into me, driving forward and sliding rapidly down my passage, distending and filling it, driving fully home with that first thrust.

“There you go, girl,” he said softly. “Doesn’t this feel a lot better?”

Why yes, yes it did, but there was no way I could admit it.

“Oh my god,” I wailed, “you’re fucking me. How can you?”

“Quite easily,” he said with a soft laugh. And then very softly he added something that Mike couldn’t hear. “And you’re fucking me right back and enjoying it, aren’t you!”

Again it was a case of, why yes, yes I was, but what else could I do? His cock was already fully inside me and he was bouncing up and down quite energetically. It just seemed reasonable that I should move with him. It would be rude to just lie there doing nothing while he worked overtime.

He very quickly established a nice rhythm, giving my pussy a nice exciting pounding, working on the arousal that Mike had started. I was catching fire internally, feeling the heat deep in my groin getting hotter and slowly spreading, warming my whole body. I was going, “Oh, oh, oh,” as he drove into me, the exclamations forced from me by the force of his thrusts. Mike probably heard them as words of protest and dismay. Rob certainly didn’t consider them such. He grinned at me and winked, driving harder than ever.

Did I mention that his hands had landed on my breasts about one micro-second after his cock made its initial thrust? He was rubbing them quite roughly, squeezing and massaging, pinching at my nipples and rolling them about with his thumbs.

The pleasure he sincan escort was giving me was all too much. I was twisting and writhing, pleading softly, not wanting him to stop. Powerful sensations were building up in my loins while smaller ripples of excitement flowed down from my breasts to join them. Slowly but surely I was being turned into a single mass of need, wanting him to take me ever harder.

I didn’t have to ask him. He knew exactly what he was doing, driving in harder and faster, his own needs demanding that he should. He drove repeatedly into me, his thrusts building up speed as he neared his limit. I didn’t mind. I was pretty sure that I’d already passed mine and was only hanging on by a single thread.

When he decided to finish off with a grand finale that thread snapped and I screamed and convulsed under him as my climax just came crashing over me.

I damn near fainted from that climax. It was marvellous. By the time I had got my wits together Rob had disengaged and was standing up doing up his trousers. Mike was yelling at him. How dare he take such cruel advantage of a sweet young girl? Sweet young girl? Was he talking about me? I was twenty and not exactly a virgin, as Mike would have found if he’d been a little more pushy.

Rob just seemed amused. OK, technically it was rape, but we both knew that there was no way I’d complain about it. I might have complained if he’d been a crappy lover but he had demonstrated considerable expertise. I slid out of the room to visit the bathroom to tidy up.

Mike was still yelling when I got back while Rob was just standing there, listening. On second thoughts, Rob was probably standing there NOT listening. In his mind he’d just done what I wanted so why should he worry about it?

Mike saw me returning from the bathroom and swung around to face me.

“I’m terribly sorry about this, Rachel,” he said. “Listen, I’ll run you home right away. Are you all right?”

“I’ll survive,” I said bravely, “but I’d rather be alone right now. Can you call me a taxi?”

“Of course. Not a problem,” he said quickly. “My father will pay for it,” he added, at which Rob just grinned.

We were all quiet while we waited for the taxi. Rob was amused. Mike was worried and fretting. I was trying to decide what to do. I was going to have to give Mike his conge. There was no way I could see myself sleeping with him after screwing his father, albeit reluctantly. I didn’t think Mike would be too surprised when I said goodbye. What was troubling me was what he would say if Rob decided he wanted seconds and decided to be my new boyfriend? That, I suspected, was a very real possibility.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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