Pippa and Kimberly – BBFs

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Kimberley and Pippa were the best of friends. They were both eighteen years old, and had known each other for as long as they could both remember. Kimberly, or Kim as she preferred to be called, was a gregarious girl with a fun loving personality. She was a buxom, full figured, long haired red headed beauty who, although some would call her “big boned,” had a grace about her that few could match.

Pippa too was extremely attractive and had just started attending the local junior college. She, like Kim, was a popular student with excellent grades and they both seemed to get along with everyone. Pippa was tall, but not too tall: 5’7,” slender, but not skinny: 115 pounds, with a great figure: 32C breasts, a narrow waist: 24 inches and nice round hips: 32 inches. She had a “peaches and cream” complexion and twinkling green eyes that complimented her ready smile. All this framed by her thick, shoulder length strawberry-blond hair.

Kim was spending the night at Pippa’s house for a sleepover. They had the entire house to themselves as Pippa’s parents were traveling together on one of her Dad’s out-of-town business trips.

While gorging themselves on pizza they chatted away. Pippa asked Kim if she had plans to start seeing anybody.

“No interesting men in your life?” She teased.

“Pip, you know me better than that! You KNOW I prefer oysters to sausages.” she said with a grin.

“Well, had any good oysters lately?”

“No,” she said with a resigned voice. “but I have been having a pretty torrid 3-way with a yellow squash and a zucchini!”

“Whoa! I always pictured you as a banana girl!” Pippa laughed.

“Actually, I’m very fond of bananas, I even keep a picture of one in my “favorites” on my phone, but I found that if they’re too ripe, they can squish up pretty fast…just like the boys I’ve known.” She joked, “What about you?”

“No, me neither… sausages or oysters.”

They settled down to watch some old movies on TV. Just as the first movie was starting Pippa said “Say, I’ve got an idea, why don’t we go upstairs and watch this in my parents room? They’ve got a big screen TV AND, a king sized bed! It will be very comfy.”

“That definitely works for me!”

As they walked down the hall towards Pippa’s parents’ bedroom, Kim stopped in front of Pippa’s room, “I left my stuff in your room, let me change into my jammies before we get settled.”

Kim rummaged through her bag and pulled out a VERY sheer negligée. As she was undressing to slip it on, Pippa commented, “Wow, now that looks pretty hot! I certainly don’t have anything that’s half as sexy as that! I don’t know that I’d refer to that as ‘jammies’! Shouldn’t you be saving that for someone special?”

“Who says I’m not?” Kim said with a smile. “What do you usually wear to bed?” She asked.

“Well, in our family, as a rule, we don’t wear much of anything at all, we mostly sleep in the nude. If it’s cold, or I just feel like putting something on, I’ll usually wear one of my Dad’s tee shirts.”

“His tee shirt?” Kim looked puzzled.

“I know, it probably sounds weird, or that I’ve got some sort of “Daddy Thing,” going, but it’s nice and soft and very roomy…it’s just comfortable.”

“Oh my! This all sounds so fun!” Kim chuckled.

“Well we don’t sleep together!” Pippa added.

“Ohhh, I know, but I just can’t keep my mind from wandering…” Kim said with a snicker.

As she stood there naked before her friend, Kim raised her arms over her head as she slipped on the short, sexy negligee. Pippa marveled at Kim’s large, pendulous breasts. As she stood there in her sheer, totally see thru, nightie, she looked so incredibly sexy.

“Well, aren’t you going to change?” Kim asked “Is it going to be tee shirt or au natural tonight?” “Do you have a preference? I could put on a pair of sweats.” Pippa said.

“If you put on sweats, I’m going home, as for the other options, whatever works for you works for me.”

Pippa went over to her dresser, took off her clothes, and kicked them into her open closet. She pulled out an over sized tee shirt and held it up in front of herself. “This?” and then dropping it to her side, “Or this?” She asked holding up her hands with a questioning gesture.

“Well, if you’re asking me, I like that one.”

“I like this one too,” Pippa said with a smile.

They ran down the hallway and jumped onto the big comfy bed. Pippa grabbed the remote off the nightstand and turned on the movie. They arranged the pillows and settled in cuddling together.

They quietly held each other. Kim nonchalantly laid her hand on Pippa’s thigh as she tenderly stroked her smooth skin. As she worked her way up to Pippa’s stomach, it seemed that her interest in the movie was beginning to fade. The whole time this was going on, Pippa was lightly tracing her finger tips along Kim’s side and down along her lower back. Pippa was still staring at the television, but had long since stopped Beylikdüzü escort watching.

Finally, Kim rolled over on to her left side and started kissing Pippa’s right breast. Pulling herself up, she took Pippa’s nipple in her mouth, gently sucking it, as she reached over with her right hand and began gently rolling her left nipple and tugging on it between her fingers. Pippa reached down and squeezed Kim’s smooth butt cheek. The next thing Pippa knew, Kim was nuzzling and lightly kissing her neck. Doing this with her best friend felt safe and very comfortable. Then, sitting up, Kim kissed Pippa on the cheek, and before Pippa realized what was happening, Kim leaned in and kissed her square on the mouth. Pippa could feel Kim’s lips part and felt her tongue trying to work it’s way into her mouth. Pippa had never been kissed by another woman before, but she was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt and how much she was enjoying it. Without giving it a second thought, Pippa was opening her lips meeting Kim’s tongue with her own. As their tongues intertwined, Kim raised herself up over Pippa, straddling her as Pippa wrapped her arms around Kim pulling her down on top of her. They seemed to lie there forever with their bodies intertwined. Kim eventually slid off to Pippa’s side as she worked her hand down, kneading her breasts, and then was working her way south toward her patch of pubic hair. It felt so nice combing her fingers thru that wiry yet soft hair as she continued to slide deep into the lips of her labia. Kim buried her fingers deep into the furrow of Pippa’s pussy and oh so slowly worked her fingers back up towards Pippa’s clitoris.

Pippa held her head back, eyes closed, thoroughly adrift in a feeling of euphoric pleasure. She felt Kim slide down her side and then position herself between her legs. Pippa spread her legs as far apart as she physically could and raised up her pelvis, eager for her sopping pussy to meet Kim’s hot mouth. Kim buried her tongue deep inside Pippa’s vulva in a futile attempt to lick and suck up all her juices. Kim worked her mouth up onto Pippa’s hard erect clit and started to suck on it as hard as she could.

Pippa felt the jolt of an electric shock shoot straight up from her clitoris, through her nipples and deep into her brain. “Oooohhh KIMMMY, AARRGH, aaah, aaahhhhh!!!” Pippa screamed as she clamped her thighs, just like a nut-cracker, tightly around Kim’s head. They both laid still as though time had stopped, catching their breaths. Gradually, Pippa opened her legs, unlocking her friend’s head. It took all of Kim’s strength and effort to crawl back up and lay down along Pippa’s side. They were both flushed and covered in a light coat of perspiration.

After a while Pippa said “WOW! I REALLY like that negligee!”

Kim just smiled, and Pippa continued, “That was my first time ever with another woman.”

“Me too.” Kim replied “but I’ve fantasized about this forever. I’m just glad it was with you.” With that, Pippa leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. “Me too.” She whispered.

Pippa cupped one of Kim’s breasts in her hand and lightly squeezed. “I really want to return the favor, but I’ve ever done anything like this, especially with a girl. I don’t want to dork it up. Any tips?”

“Pip, I’m not experienced with this stuff either. This is my first time too. I just went with how I was feeling and did to you what I thought would feel good to me.”

Before moving down to give Kim some oral attention, Pippa got up and straddled her friend taking the time to squeeze, massage and kiss Kim’s big gorgeous breasts. She then snaked her hand down and started fingering Kim’s pussy. Kim started squirming and moaning like she was a woman possessed. She was going crazy with passion as she grabbed ahold of her sheer negligee ripping it wide open. That seemed to get them both really excited and without waiting another second Pippa scooted down between Kim’s legs burying her nose and mouth into Kim’s gooey pussy. The whole time she was working her tongue, Pippa marveled at, and was exhilarated by, Kim’s musky scented juices. Pippa was also excited as she looked up at Kim’s wobbly boobs. Kim was squeezing her breasts together and tugging on her swollen nipples. Pippa took her time running her tongue up along the creases of Kim’s vaginal lips. Kim’s clit was protruding out from under it’s fleshy hood like a miniature erection, and Pippa wasted no time concentrating all her attention on kissing, licking and sucking on her friend’s little penis looking appendage.

As Pippa focused most of her attention on Kim’s clit, Kim became more and more excited. She was thrashing her hips as though she were trying to buck Pippa’s face off, and yet, she had put her hand on top of Pippa’s head and kept her pressed into her so she couldn’t move her face away, even if she wanted to. Her breathing and moaning were getting louder and louder. In an exasperated halting moan she kept demanding “DON’T Beylikdüzü escort STOP!! DON’T STOP!!” over and over again. Then, as had happened to Pippa, Kim locked her legs together into a tight grip on Pippa’s head while thrusting her pelvis up as high as she possibly could. After she orgasmed,

Kim’s clit was now too sensitive to even touch and she opened her legs, releasing Pippa from her vice like grip.

As she crawled up next to Kim and they laid there in their post orgasmic glow, Pippa sighed, “Well, looks like we need to go shopping for some new jammies.”

The next morning Pippa woke up and dragging herself out of bed, and went in to use the bathroom. As she stood at the sink brushing her teeth, Kim came stumbling in behind her still wearing her ripped open negligee.

“You look sexy as hell in that torn nightie,” Pippa observed.

“Yeah, we’ll I’m a little torqued at myself for that little stunt! This is, correction, was, my best and favorite negligee, and it was pretty expensive to boot!” Kim responded.

“Well, don’t worry, we’ll get you another one. Besides, it was sooo hot and sexy when you did that, I almost got off then and there! It might be kinda fun shopping for one anyway. Say, let me take a picture of you like that! With that just woke up look, mussed-up hair and torn negligee you look incredibly erotic!”

“Yeah, right, I look a mess,” Kim said.

“No you don’t,” Pippa responded, “Let me get my camera and we can go out into the backyard. The morning light out there is always terrific.”

“Okay,” Kim responded, “but let me pee first.”

They met on the backyard patio. “Our yard is pretty secluded. We sunbath nude out here all time. Don’t worry, it’s nice and and private.

“We?!?” Kim asked.

“Yeah, “we,” my family and I. We don’t make a habit of it, and it’s not like it’s a family “thing,” but if any of us happen to be out here, say sunbathing, or even gardening, if it’s a nice day, we feel free to go “au natural. It’s just no big deal.”

Pippa started snapping away with her camera, and as Kim started to relax, she began to pose in a variety of provocative and suggestive poses. Kim then took the camera and took a whole slew of photos of Pippa.

Unbeknownst to them Betty and Bill Ferguson, Pippa’s next door neighbors, were upstairs, intently watching Pippa and Kim’s photo session. The Fergusons were an older, retired couple who Pippa was very friendly with and she would occasionally help them with projects around their house. Pippa knew that they were voyeurs, as she had, unbeknownst to the Ferguson’s, caught them watching her on several occasions. Pippa never said anything and in fact, got a thrill knowing that her neighbors got off watching her.

As they were finishing up their photo session, they heard Betty Ferguson call out from the other side of the hedge, “Is that you over there, Pippa?”

“Yes Betty, it’s me. I’m over here with my friend Kimberly. We’re just goofing around with my new camera.”

“That’s nice dear, say the only reason I’m bothering you is that today is suppose to be another roaster. I just want to let you know that if you and your friend want to come over and take a dip in our pool, feel free. We’re going to be out most of the day, and you can have it all to yourselves.”

Thanks Betty, that sounds great! Kim and I have some things planned today, but can we come over and use the pool tonight?”

“Darlin,’ I want you to consider that pool as yours. Feel free t use it at 2:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning! Whatever and whenever you want!”

“Gee thanks! You guys really are the best!” Pippa said.

Now that their relationship had evolved to a new level, Pippa and Kim spent the day just hanging out, making out and reveling in each other’s company. Later that evening, they fixed themselves a light dinner and split a bottle of wine.

“Do you still want to go swimming next door.” Pippa asked.

“Well, I would, but I didn’t bring swim suit, and I don’t think any of yours would fit.”

“I’m pretty sure my mom has one that you could probably wear, but I don’t think you’ll even need one! I plan on skinny dipping myself!”

“What about your neighbors?”

“Oh, don’t worry about them, they’re pretty cool, and besides, we’ll go over there late. They’ll probably be asleep, and we will be quiet.”

Kim excused herself and when she came back into the room, she was holding up a couple of joints.

“Where on earth did you get those?” Pippa asked looking shocked.

“Believe it or not, my Dad grows a few plants in our backyard every year. He uses this stuff for medical reasons, and believe it or not, it really helps him quite a bit. He always has extra, and he doesn’t mind if I occasionally help myself. Just thought it might be fun for us to partake,” Kim said.

“I’ve never really tried this stuff, but if you’re going to, I’ll give it a try,”

They opened up a Escort Beylikdüzü second bottle of wine and as they started to drink, Kim lit up a joint, passing it to Pippa to try. Pippa took a deep drag but instantly started coughing. Kim showed her how to take in a smaller puff of smoke and hold it in for as long as she could. Pippa eventually got the hang of it and before too long was beginning to feel the euphoric effects.

It was just passed midnight as they finished their second joint. Feeling the full effect of two bottles of wine and two joints from the evenings activities, the two young women grabbed a couple of towels and swaggered over to use the Ferguson’s pool.

It was still warm outside and pitch black. Thankfully, as they passed through the gate that linked the two backyards the Ferguson’s had a few solar powered lights around the pool’s perimeter to guide their way. As they neared the pool, they dropped their towels and quietly slipped into the water. They stroked their way back and forth across the pool and then spent what seemed like forever with their arms and legs intertwined locked in a never-ending deep wet kiss. As their hands groped and fondled each other’s bodies, Kim eventually broke their embrace and pulled herself up to sit on the edge of the pool. Pippa stroked her way over, and without any resistance, spread Kim’s legs apart as she buried her face in Kim’s pussy. “Oh Kimmy, you taste so good to me. You have no idea how good this tastes to me,” she moaned.

Kim laid back spreading her legs apart as wide as she possibly could while bringing her feet up to rest on Pippa’s shoulders. Pippa opened her mouth in an attempt to cover Kim’s entire vulva while sticking her tongue deep inside her. In an attempt to achieve better purchase, Kim brought her feet back onto the edge of the pool and raised up her pelvis in order to help Pippa drive her tongue deeper inside herself.

As Kim raised herself up, she in turn lifted Pippa’s face and her gaze was automatically redirected upward. Looking up, she could vaguely see two faces staring down at them.

Betty Ferguson was standing, naked, in an upstairs bedroom window, leaning forward, bracing herself with both hands on either side of the window. Bill, also naked, was standing behind his wife, cupping and squeezing her full breasts as he was rubbing his hard penis up and down the crack of her big round ass. They were both staring intently at the two young women frolicking in their swimming pool. Bill leaned forward nuzzling Betty’s ear and neck. As he did, Betty widened her stance and pushed back with her butt. Bill took the hint and slid his erection between her legs. Betty used her hand to guide Bill’s hard cock up inside herself. Once there, Bill slowly drove in as deep as he could letting it rest there as they both savored the feeling of their coupling.

Pippa, looking up, could not resist the urge to give the couple a real show. Deep in her heart she knew that this was the whole reason they were invited over here to begin with. While sucking on Kim’s clit she looked up at her lover who was laying back, eyes closed, in a trance of her own making.

“Kimmy, I need you to do something for me.”

Kim, who was deep in an alcohol, THC, orgasm laden stupor just grunted.

“Kimmy! Kimmy! Listen to me. Roll over onto your stomach and lower your legs back down into the water. Do you understand me? I need your butt hanging out over the edge of the pool.” She explained as she tried rolling and pushing her over with her hands. With a lot of groaning from both of them, Pippa finally had Kim positioned as she wanted her, and using both hands, Pippa spread Kim’s legs and separated her butt cheeks as wide apart as she possibly could. She drove her hot, wet tongue up and down the entire length of Kim’s crack, from her clit all the way up to her tail bone. Each time she traversed to the top of Kim’s ass, Pippa looked directly up into the Ferguson’s window. Their eyes seemed to lock with each glance.

Oblivious to the show she was providing, Kim was moaning and gyrating her hips in response to Pippa’s attentions. Then suddenly she yelped and drove herself straight up and back as she felt Pippa drive her tongue deep into her anus. Pippa had found Kim’s tight, wrinkled, puckered orifice too inviting. She pointed her tongue and pushed it through it’s tight elastic grip. By doing so, she sent a ground swell of spasms through Kim’s entire body.

As Kim was at the height of her orgasmic convulsions Pippa stared up at Betty and Bill. Through the window they again locked eyes. She could see Bill’s arms wrapped around Betty as she leaned back against her husband’s body. She too appeared to be in the throws of her own sexual bliss as she arched her back pressing her round full boobs against the window glass.

Pippa hauled herself up out of the pool and looking up, waved to the Ferguson’s. She then helped Kim back to her feet and retrieving their towels they headed for the gate.

Author’s Note – Thank you for reading this story. This was my very first attempt at writing a story with a girl-girl theme, so I hope I’ve done it justice. I would appreciate your thoughts (or suggestions) and please VOTE! — Cheers

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