Playing Doctor with Student Escort

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This is the seventh instalment of an 18-year-old music student’s, Clare’s, sexual journey. In the first instalment, a husband and wife team, who owned an escort agency, when she was still a virgin, hired her. In the second, she sets out in a limo to her first appointment with her new escort name, “Celeste”, to a man who has outbid other men for the privilege of taking her cherry. There is an erotic adventure in the limo. In the third instalment, she loses her cherry to an experienced client. The fourth instalment found the young lass fucked by a client known as the “High Hippie” on the altar of the Earth Goddess at an orgy at midnight of Summer Solstice in Central Park. The fifth had Clare at a party for a friend of the escort agency owner that turns into an orgy. The sixth has her fulfilling a crush she had with her ex-music teacher who was visiting New York. She lured him to her room, slowly stripped and made him an “offer he could not refuse”. Then in the seventh instalment, she has a lesbian session with a female boxing champ who has paid a big bonus to be the first to remove the pubic hair from her never shaven pussy. This instalment has her being exploited by her doctor.

Doctor and His Drinking Buddy Hatch a Plan

Dr. Kevin Hardy knew he shouldn’t be saying anything about his patients to his buddy Sam but they had drunk quite a few beers at the local pub and this had loosened his tongue.

Sam, Kevin’s next-door neighbour, was a fishing and hunting kind of a dude that had done well in the landscaping business. They both had gorgeous wives who were great friends. He was quite a bit different from Kevin, an opera and fine art kind of guy, but they got on well together and liked to get a bit pissed every once in a while and troll for women in bars. Those nights were a lot more fun than a bowling night out. The thing they had in common was that they were horny, good-looking men in their early thirties that lonely New York women loved to have one-night stands with. Almost every week, they notched up new conquests. Usually, they would each score a girl but they had a rule that if they could only find one suitable babe; she must agree to fuck both of them. All for one and one for all, like good swordsmen.

“Sam, I am going to tell you something about one of my patients but you have to swear not to say anything; patient confidentiality and all.” Sam nodded yes. “Last month, this young student came in for a routine pelvic exam and blood tests needed for a New York State escort licence. I cannot get her out of my mind. She was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Her body was perfect and she had a sweet personality. She said she was a music student at the Julliard School of Music studying the cello. She must be paying for her tuition by being an escort but let me tell you Sam, if you see her on the street, you would never in a million years think she would be having sex with men for money.”

Sam had been looking around the bar for a good female prospect but upon hearing this, turned his total attention to his buddy. He envisioned a nude teen lying on an examination table and it gave him an immediate woody.

“Doc, you have a sweet job sometimes. Give me some details man, the details.”

The doctor went on, “She has beautiful long curly auburn hair with a gorgeous face with dimples on her cheeks when she smiles. I couldn’t see her breasts because she had a smock on but..”

Sam broke in, “My god man, why didn’t you get her to take off the smock and check out the tits? Are you crazy?”

Kevin replied, “I hear you man but there was a nurse in the room. That’s a rule nowadays when you are examining a woman’s private parts. Not like the old days.”

“Bummer,” Sam said.

“Well, I got her up on the examination table and told her to put her feet up in the stirrups. Well it was a vision that took my breath away as I looked down at a perfect teen torso and pussy. You could tell she was a normal girl because she still had her unshaved light brown pubic hair. She was talking nervously and I could hardly speak. I got an immediate stiff erection. I am talking titanium. I had to ask the nurse to get me a tissue so I could readjust myself in my pants, it was that painful. But even so, when she returned I saw my nurse look down at the tent in my trousers and smile knowingly at me. Must fuck that bitch one of these days. But getting back to the young girl and her pussy, I asked the nurse to pass me the speculum. That’s the plastic thing we put up the vagina to look up for problems. I parted the lips of her pussy. Unfortunately I was wearing gloves. And I saw something you would NOT believe.” The doctor put his hands over his face and took a deep breath.

Sam pleaded, “What. WHAT. Tell me for fuck sake!”

Kevin looked him in the eyes, “She was a fucking virgin!”

“No fucking way.”

“Yes, way.”

Kevin continued, “Here she was, a normal girl from the New Hampshire back country, a VIRGIN, who was getting a licence to be an eryaman escort escort. Wow. What a world.” Sam nodded in agreement but seemed to be deep in thought. “Of course, this was a month ago so she has lost her cherry by now to some escort client. I should have found out where she worked so I could have been the lucky guy but all the blood had rushed from my brain to my cock”

Sam said, “How did you know she was from New Hampshire?”

“Well she filled out all her medical history and her previous family doctor was in northern New Hampshire,” Kevin replied.

Sam grabbed Kevin by the shoulder and shouted, “I have a great idea! Why don’t we get this delicious girl back in for a follow up examination and I will be Doctor Sam assisting you. I have got to see this girl. You have high standards, so if you say she is the most beautiful you have seen she must be fucking epic.”

Kevin quickly replied, “No way man. There is a nurse and receptionist at my office all the time. And even if I have a male student doctor in, the nurse has to be there when a woman is being examined. Plus, I do not want to lose my licence.”

Sam went on, “I thought about all that. Hell, I have been fantasizing about examining a woman in your office for a long time. It is one of my key fantasies when I am fucking my wife. That and fantasizing about fucking YOUR gorgeous wife, you lucky fucker.”

Kevin smiled and shot back, “I do a lot of fantasizing about your horny wife when I am pumping my meat into my Susan, you super lucky fucker.” They slapped themselves on their backs and laughed loudly at this frequent joke of theirs.

Sam continued, “No, we use your office on a Saturday when it is normally closed. Plus, the girl is obviously becoming an escort without her family knowing about it. Is she going to be saying anything to anybody when she knows you have all her background information? “

Kevin was still not convinced, “I don’t know, Sam. I don’t want anything to fuck up this nice life I am having here.”

But Sam went on emphatically, “No, Kevin, remember this girl is out there fucking guys for money right now. What’s a little “examination” compared to that? Plus, she might even like it and want us to give her the full “physical” like that horny society bitch that begged for our “professional treatment” last week. Tell me you are going to call her.”

Maybe it was the beer but Doctor Kevin Hardy caved in, “OK my friend, I will”

Clare Gets a Call from the Doctor.

Clare heard her cell phone ring when she was out shopping. She saw the caller ID read Dr. Hardy and put it to her ear.

“Hello. This is Clare,” she said sweetly.

A firm voice replied, “Hello. This is Doctor Hardy calling. You had an examination and testing in my office last month. The lab had messed up and there was a delay on getting some of your results back. It is important that we have you come back in for a follow up appointment.”

“Sure doctor. I hope it’s not something bad,” Clare said nervously.

“I am not at liberty to discuss these matters over the phone, Miss. I have an opening at 12pm this Saturday. Can you make it?” The doctor continued.

“Yes, Doctor, I will be there.”

“OK. Miss. I look forward to it.” Dr. Hardy finished, disconnected and immediately thought, “Why the hell did I say I am looking forward to it. Shit, that was dumb but guess what? I am looking very forward to her appointment.”

As Clare continued shopping, she thought about what the doctor had said. “Hmmm. That was strange that he said he was looking forward to the appointment. Well, maybe it means there is no bad news.” She also remembered that Dr. Hardy was quite handsome and that he carried himself in the very confident manner that always impressed her in a man.

The Doctor’s Appointment

Clare came into the doctor’s office a little before noon and saw Dr. Hardy standing with another doctor in the reception area. There were no other patients or staff around and both men were wearing white doctors uniforms with stethoscopes. Dr. Hardy was just as good looking as she remembered and his colleague was pretty dreamy as well.

The nice Dr. Hardy said, “Hello, Miss, I am glad to see that you are on time. This is Doctor Casey. He will be assisting me today. The rest of the staff has gone to lunch. Please, come in to the examination room.” The two men led the way into the room, shutting the examining room door after.

As Clare remembered, the room was fairly large and well lit. It had a padded examination table extending from the middle of the far wall and a row of cabinets along the wall to the right. There were large pictures of human bodies showing exposed muscles and skeletons along the other wall with three chairs and a weighing scale below.

Both men picked up clipboards and pens. Dr. Hardy spoke, “The results from the blood test show that you may have a health condition that needs immediate attention. We are going to have to find the source of the problem by giving sincan escort you a complete examination.”

As his buddy Kevin was talking, Sam was drinking in this vision of perfect teen beauty before him. The girl’s face was stunning in its innocent young beauty with full sensual lips. Her long brunette hair fell in large curls over the thin straps of her sundress onto her bare shoulders with a broad orange belt wrapped around her slim waist. The dress was white with yellow flowers imprinted all over it. The top dipped in the front to show the tops of her full breasts and a tantalizing modest amount of cleavage. The skirt was flared in a retro style and ended just above the knees. She had slim calves below that ended with white platform sandals with cute pink painted toenails peeking through. Sam was thinking that Kevin was totally right; she is one of the most beautiful girls in this city. His cock was getting hard just fantasizing about what was under that pretty dress and how that sensuous mouth would look wrapped around his dick. He was in a reverie as Kevin was talking to her.

Suddenly Kevin broke him out of his trance, “Dr. Casey, what do you think?”

Sam didn’t know what the hell to say so he just said as professionally sounding as possible, “Whatever you think, Doctor.”

Dr. Hardy continued, “OK, Miss. Why don’t you take off your clothes so that we can find out the source of the problem?”

Clare looked back at the two men with a worried look. Clare was still a bit shy about undressing in front of men even if they were doctors. Especially two very attractive men.

Sam smiled and said, “Don’t worry young lady, we see nude bodies all the time. Not let’s get along and get those clothes off. We have other patients coming in soon.”

Clare obediently undid her belt and took it off and placed it on a chair and then reached around her back and pulled down the long zipper from her shoulder to her waist. She slipped her dress straps off her shoulders and pulled her top down exposing her white lacy bra, which was straining to hold in her full breasts. She bent at the waist and pulled the dress down and stepped out of it and gently placed it on the chair. Then she stood up straight and looked over at the two men whose eyes were greedily eyeing her body up and down. Clare felt her face get totally hot and she knew she must be blushing.

Sam could hardly breathe as he looked at the half naked music student. She was stunning. Her body was fit and very feminine with full breasts, a slim waist and the hips of a young woman, not boyish. She was wearing a matching pair of lacy white thong panties that showed the distinctive shape of her camel toe notch. Sam’s erection was the same hardness of titanium that his buddy had told him about. It was throbbing so much it was uncomfortable as if it wanted to be let loose from the confines of his underwear. “Don’t worry big guy,” he thought, “We have lots of time before you are balls deep in the sweet teen pussy under those nice panties.”

To regain his composure he looked down at his clipboard and said, “The Escort Licensing Board has us do a follow up session with new escorts. So I will be asking you a few questions. Do you understand?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“Very good, young lady. Now, are you taking birth control medicine?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“Now, I see on your chart that you were a virgin when Dr. Hardy examined you last. Are you still a virgin?” Clare looked down and nodded her head no. “Now, how many men have you had sexual relations with?”

This made Clare very uncomfortable and she said, “Doctor, is it really necessary to answer all these questions?”

“Well my dear, if you feel more at ease with your mother or family doctor asking these questions, we can certainly notify them in New Hampshire and they can ask you. But we need a third party verifying this.”

Clare was mortified to hear that anyone from back home would know that she was an escort in New York City, it would ruin her. “No, No. Ask me anything, doctor. Please don’t contact them,” she pleaded.

Both men knew that they could now ask or do whatever they wanted to. They looked at each other and broke out into big shit-ass grins.

“Good, I am please to hear that. Now, once again, how many men have you had sex with?”

Clare was thinking back at her past. “There was the gentleman that took her cherry, the hippie leader, the black businessman at the party, her former music teacher and the boxing champ. That is five. No wait, he said men so that leaves out the lesbian boxer.”

“I have had sex with four men, doctor.” Clare felt a new surge of heat come to her cheeks as she said this. When she looked over at the doctors, she noticed Dr. Hardy adjust his stiff penis in the tent at the front of his pants. “Oh, my goodness,” she thought, “This is turning the doctor on.” Up to this point she had not thought of the handsome doctors in that way. But now, she felt her pussy starting to moisten batıkent escort as a sexual tension entered the room.

Sam turned to Kevin, “Do you have any questions of the patient?”

“Yes, I do Doctor Casey. ” He looked down at his clipboard and then at Clare and said, “Miss, did you have an orgasm with any of these men?”

Clare was thinking back to the pleasurable times she had experienced over the last month and her pussy was getting very wet. “Yes, sir.”

Dr. Hardy snapped, “Please address me as Dr. Hardy and my colleague as Dr. Casey.”

“I am sorry, Dr. Hardy. Yes, I had an orgasm with each of them.” Clare’s body was beginning to betray her again. She was really turned on by a man who was firm with her. Her pussy was really starting to flow and Clare was embarrassed to think that maybe the doctors could see her arousal if there was a wet spot on her panties. She shifted her weight from one leg to another and she felt the friction in her girly parts send a flash of pleasure to her brain.

Sam could certainly see the wet stain spreading around the camel toe of her panties. He interjected, “We have to check to see if you have been physically mistreated by anyone in the sex trade. Please take off your bra so that we can examine you. We find that many clients of escorts hurt their breasts.”

Clare said, “No, doctor. Nobody has hurt me.”

Sam went on, “Well my dear, we have to check because sometimes girls are intimidated by their employers or pimps into not saying what really happens. Now, take off that bra and let us do our job.”

Kevin was thinking, “Boy, that Sam is one piece of work. He has all the angles thought out. Ummm, I can’t wait to see those beautiful breasts.”

Clare reached behind her and undid the hooks, cupping the front, before revealing herself slowly.

Sam had never seen such firm perky, perfect tits with small light brown areolas and eraser size nipples. He told her, “OK, please reach your hands high over your head. We have to check your upper torso,” Clare complied. Sam could see the hardening nipples point even higher and extend out from the areola. “Holy fuck, I think this girl is getting turned on by this,” he thought. “OK, now please turn around so we can see the back.” Clare turned and Sam looked over at Kevin who gave him a big smile and a wink. The white lacy thong disappeared down the crack of Clare’s buttocks, which were fully exposed and firm and high just as he preferred. “OK, now turn back around.”

Sam yearned to touch those perfect globes and then realized he was the doctor here and why the hell couldn’t he? “Miss, please come over here I need to check something.” Clare walked over to him. Sam reached down with his right hand and cupped Clare’s left breast. He massaged it gently and rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Clare felt her heart beat faster, closed her eyes and enjoyed the wave of pleasure coming from her breast.

Sam continued feeling the right breast as he took his left hand to massage the other one. He could feel her nipples become as hard as bullets, hinting that she was obviously getting very aroused.

Sam turned to his buddy who was mesmerized watching him play with those spectacular tits. “Dr. Hardy, please check these out for any lumps. I am not sure about the situation. Miss, please go over to the good doctor.” She stepped over in front of Kevin and he massaged the firm breasts and gave the nipples a hard tweak, making the teen student moan in pleasure.

Kevin looked down at the girl and said, “There is a new city by-law that says all escorts must have a clean shaven pubic area. I remember you had quite a thick bush when I saw you last. Please pull down your panties so I can check if you have complied.”

“Yes, doctor. I am clean-shaven now.” Clare said as she shyly put her knees together and turned in her toes.

“Sorry, but the rules state that I have to personally check this out. Now down with those panties. You don’t have to take them totally off; just down to your knees is fine. Is that OK with you, Dr. Casey?” Kevin nodded yes with a big smile and a wink.

Clare was mortified that the doctors would see the soaking wet crotch of her thong since she had been turned on so much from the doctors playing with her boobies but she pulled the white silken panties down to just above her knees.

Kevin gave her crotch a good look and turned to Sam. “I don’t know Dr. Casey. Do you think that is clean-shaven? Why don’t you run your hand over that to see if the little lady has done an adequate job? Miss, step over to my colleague. “

Clare stepped over obediently and Sam slid his hand over the teen’s smooth pubic mound and down to the camel-toe notch where her legs were together. The doctor’s touch sent an electric shock of pleasurable sensations to the primal parts of her being. She gave off an audible moan and lost her balance a bit and had to steady herself using his arm.

“I’m sorry Miss,” Sam said, “But you are going to have to open your legs so that I can make a full examination. In fact, why don’t you take off those panties entirely? My, my what do we have here, Dr. Hardy, these panties are soaking wet. What kind of naughty young lady do we have here?”

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