Quickie ~ Under the Pier

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“No” she said forcefully pushing my hand away from the snap on her jeans, talking around my lips that were attempting to silence her. “No, no, no, no” she objected as I tried again a little more forcefully. “Stop” she said exasperated as my assault on her continued. “Someone is going to see us!” she said in alarm as she looked around to see if anyone could see us in our position under the pier in Deerfield Beach.

I had chosen my spot well though. We were back against some of the pilings and the shadow’s made it hard to see what I was doing to her. I continued to kiss her. Deeply, passionately, lovingly. She didn’t resist that. She didn’t resist as I caressed her arms, her sides, her belly, and even ‘brushed’ against the nipples of her breasts. I could tell she was enjoying this. The beautiful lamp lit beach, the nice walk we had had holding hands, even my sneaking here under the pier and leaning her against one of the pilings. It was so romantic, it was so exciting, but the reality unfortunately was making her nervous.

“Shhh, no one can see us” I kissed her again and again “even if they could they can’t see what we are doing besides kissing.” I kissed her again to prove my point as my hands slid around her jeans to cup her ass so I could grind slightly at the V.

I could tell her resistance was weakening. I could tell that the arguments in her head that said playing around like this on a public beach could lead to an indecent exposure, public lewdness or indecency, or who knew what charge if we were caught. It was that phrase though ‘if we were caught’ that kept going around in her head. It was exciting to be fondled like this in public, it was exciting to be together after weeks apart, this vacation was what we both had needed desperately. Touching each other was an outlet for all that pent up frustration of being apart. Every opportunity should be taken, captured, indulged.

Sure, I could have put a stop to this. Our hotel was only a few hundred feet up the sandy beach, the entrance and an elevator ride and we would be in our private room. The titillation though of knowing what I was doing to her, how I was affecting her, what my hands and body could do for her was wearing her down. She was excited, I could definitely tell, her breathing was coming deep and fast, her body told me in countless ways her secret longings. I was excited because Beylikdüzü escort I knew I was taking her down this forbidden path, I was causing her body to war with her conscience. Public places were not on the agenda but the impulsiveness of it was very appealing to us both. I could see the good girl battling the bad girl, I even glanced to see if I could see the angel and the devil on her shoulders. I wanted so desperately to pull down her pants and plaster my mouth between her legs to decide it for her but it had to be her decision, her capitulation, it would only be sweeter from her lips.

The feel of her solid body against mine between me and the piling, the feel of my body rubbing irresistibly against hers, it’s a memory I cannot lose. Sure she had a few extra pounds, I did too but she was sexy to me, she tasted like ambrosia. I wanted her desperately and I didn’t want to wait until we made it back to the hotel room. It wasn’t as though I didn’t like the hotel room, it was a nice room, but she was here, she was hot, and if I worked long enough at it, willing.

“Come on babe, who’s it gonna hurt, there is no one around” I looked up and down the beach to emphasize my words, as if I cared if anyone could see us at this moment. The only people I saw were a couple with a young child far in the distance. “I can make you feel so good” I breathed in her ear and then caressed it with my tongue for good measure.

“Mmmm,” she groaned arching into me.

I smiled knowing what I was doing to her, she did it to me all the time when we were together. I never wanted to leave the bed when we were together. This was all her fault, we apparently had to go out to eat occasionally in between massive bouts of sex in our hotel room. But this was new, this was exciting, this was unexpected. Not that the hotel room marathon sex games were boring either of us, but this, this was so open, so surprising, so forbidden.

My hand started rubbing her jeans on the outside. I could tell it was affecting her and I could tell exactly where her clit was from the way she moved her body as I rubbed over a certain spot. I could hear her breathing coming harder as I kissed her over and over, licking and sucking at her lips, her neck, those wonderfully sensitive spots under the ears. I gently bit at her shoulder, that tiny indent of the collar bone capturing my interest as my hand’s played havoc with her body.

I wasn’t playing fair, I knew that. But when you only have a certain number of hours with your girl for a few days out of every month, you save up for these moments.

Her breath was coming hoarser and deeper as she gasped for the oxygen that was missing from her arousal. Beylikdüzü escort I have to admit, if we were naked she would have had no choice at this point, my body would have pushed her to the ground. As it was I had started a deliberate slide of both of our bodies to the sand, in the guise of ‘relaxing’ us, my legs were having trouble holding up as she slid with me, I think her legs too were having a some ‘trouble.’ I think she wanted to wrap them around my waist. I could tell those thighs and knees wanted to in the worst way as I felt them tremble under my roving hands.

I so wasn’t done with her though. On her butt on the sand hid her further from public view. My body and my hand that was rubbing her crotch through her jeans were blocking the view, no one could see what I was doing to my baby. She must have realized that at the same time I did because I increased the welcomed assault on her body.

“Mommy, what are those ladies doing” we both heard the small voice at the same time and froze. Me with my face in hers and my hand about to reach in her jeans. Her with a deer in the headlights look. I looked deeply into her eyes, amused and yet worried that she would be angry at being caught so publicly.

I glanced over my shoulder so I could see, moving enough so my girl could see as well. I saw the family of three hurrying down the beach, distracting the little boy. They didn’t answer him. The mom I saw her looking over her shoulder repeatedly at us. I couldn’t tell if she was merely curious or outraged or what but I was tempted to call out to her ‘want to join us’ but knew how inappropriate it would be with her son there, funny as it would have been.

“See” she hissed trying to get back to her earlier point, “we almost got caught!”

“Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades” I grinned at my own wit.

She shook her head in resignation as I pressed against her again with my lips and my body. My hand through her jeans felt so good and so naughty, but not enough. She took my hand and slid it into the waistband of her jeans, to me this was as good as her shouting her consent!

My fingers slid in so easily despite her prone position. I think it may be the fact that she was arching a little to make it easier, she was eager for my fingers to touch her on the inside of her jeans. I made a move to undo the snap of her jeans but she beat me too it. I peeked to see that she was looking around making sure no one was coming down the beach to surprise us. Her diligence made me more determined to distract her. Once I made my way inside her jeans though, I knew I had her. I immediately encountered a flood of fluids coming from my girls body Escort Beylikdüzü in response to what I had started here on the beach. The moment I brushed her clit she moaned in my ear. I covered her mouth with mine, my one hand moved to massage her breasts through her blouse and to tweak the nipples I could make out that her bra could not contain, my other hand though held the pot of gold, the honey wetness that was soon coating my hand felt warm and satisfying. I knew she wanted me, I knew she wanted this…

I coated her pussy with her own juices, playing adroitly, my fingers going everywhere her jeans would let me. Her body rose to accommodate me, knowing that I would give her a release from the tension that was in her body, from the arousal that was plaguing her at this moment.

The cool ocean breeze of the Atlantic played over both of us. Our hair lifted and fell as we played. I glanced right and left but saw no one of any immediate danger of discovering us. We could both hear the people on the pier above us walking out into the night, unknowing of what we were doing right under their feet.

I wanted desperately to taste what I was doing to her, to plunge my face between her legs but I knew that kind of intimacy would have to wait for another opportunity. This was enough nautiness for her to handle for one day.

I felt a difference in her body as I plunged my fingers slightly inside, a hooking action that allowed my palm to squeeze her clit against her own body, the pressure unyielding between them. She gasped as her body rose up in orgasm. I wished her blouse wasn’t in the way of my mouth, I desperately wanted to lick those engorged nipples.

“Ah ah ah” her voice started rising in crescendo and I lifted my mouth from the outside of her blouse where I had made a wet mark and covered her mouth so I could hear the echoes of her orgasm in my ear. Her body bucked against mine, mine hovering to protect her, to warm her, to arouse her. I felt a new burst of wetness between her legs as she came arching into my hand, trying to take it deeper, harder. I didn’t release her until the curve of her spine was back on the sands. I gently kissed her down from the intensity of her orgasm. My hand felt slick as I slowly pulled it from her jeans. I knew her panties were soused, her jeans would have to air out if she intended to wear them again this trip. My fingers were pruny but I brought them to my mouth to lick them clean. My girl looked at me from under half closed eyes at my actions.

“That was…” she began and I was sure I was going to be castigated and then she must have changed her mind as she finished with “incredible.” She gave me her incredible smile as she recovered before pouncing on me and bearing me backwards to the sands with a triumphant look before saying “your turn!” The wrestling that ensued under the pier in Deerfield Beach would have drawn crowds if there was anyone around to see it.

~The End~

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