Quiet Times

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The lights were all off in the room except for the flickering candlelight and the illumination of the Christmas tree. The fresh pine scent of the tree filled the air. She sat cuddled under her lavender quilt sipping a glass of wine as she read the latest Anne Rice novel. She was so intent in her reading that she didn’t hear him come up behind her and was unaware of his presence until she felt his gentle kisses on her neck. She tilted her head back to receive his tender kiss on her lips.

He had just come from the shower and had on nothing but a towel wrapped around his middle. His skin was still slightly damp and he smelled of musk soap. He walked around to the front of the couch she sat on and took a sip from her wineglass.

“Why don’t you come join me under the quilt?” she smiled at him coyly.

“What an excellent idea.” he laughed as the towel dropped to the floor and his already erect cock sprang into view.

Before he sat down on the couch he pulled at her gown until it released from her body and fell to keep his towel company. He slid under the quilt pulling her into his arms.

“Mmmm, looks like Mrs. Santa is under my tree tonight,” he said as he continued his kisses on her neck and face. His hands moved over her to touch the soft freckled skin he knew so well. He felt the roundness of her stomach, the fullness of each of her breasts as he held one then the other in his hands, kneading them firmly and toying with her nipples. She moaned as she felt his lips encircle the left nipple and he ankara escort nipped at the bud until it stood straight up before sucking it hard into his mouth.

Her hands where moving up and down his back as she leaned into his caresses. She saw the fire of passion burning in his eyes as let her hands travel from his back to stroke his balls. Her lips found his and her tongue opened his mouth and snaked its way in. Tongues probing, lips pressing against each other, she could feel the heat of his body as they continued their kisses and explorations of each others bodies.

“Open you legs for me sugar, let me eat that sweet pussy of yours” he breathed into her ear. She reclined on the couch opening her legs and spreading them wide apart for him. He could see the neatly trimmed red pubic hairs covering her pussy lips, parting ever so slightly to show her swollen clit peeking through. He began licking her slit from front to back, her pussy already running wet with lust.

“Oh, yeah darlin, more, use your fingers on me, God I need something inside of me too.” she moaned.

He grinned as he continued licking and sucking on her clit, she was never one to let him wonder what would pleasure her. Her hips grinded against his face as his mouth greedily sucked her pussy. His fingers opened her and he put two of them inside her and began slowly moving them in and out of her. She purred like a kitten under his touch, still rotating her hips to encourage him to move his fingers faster. He did. He could feel her body start elvankent escort to tighten. The walls of her pussy tightened around his moving fingers, his tongue lapped her wetness into his mouth and then he felt her whole body shudder as she came to climax in his mouth. He licked at her softly then not wanting the sensations to be to intense for her but still wanting her taste in his mouth.

She twisted around until she was on top of him. Grinding her pussy on his hard cock. His pulse raced with anticipation as she took control of their lovemaking. She lowered herself to the floor in front of him. Her tongue felt like a piece of warm velvet as she took the head of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue flicked a bit around the underside, but she knew he liked the steady pressure of her mouth sucking him. She used one hand to stroke the shaft of his cock and the other to fondle his balls as she continued to suck the sensitive head of his cock first hard then softer. She could feel him getting larger inside her mouth and knew that soon he would cum if she didn’t slow down. Her mouth left his cock to suck on his balls. Her hands continuing to move on him. He arched his back and groaned as he felt her tongue move to his ass. He lifted his legs high in the air and held them there to give her access to his asshole. Her tongue probed him sending waves of pleasure all over his body

“Oh my God, Sugar, that feels wonderful.” He told her. Her tongue continued to lick him and he felt a tiny pressure otele gelen escort against his ass as she inserted on of her fingers inside it. He opened easily for her and his hand moved to his cock while she fingered and sucked on him. He could feel the cum building in him again, and he knew that he wanted to release his load into her hot pussy. He wiggled away from her touches and helped her to stand.

He placed on of her legs on the back of the couch and then bent her over so her pussy was open to him as he stood behind her. He licked her pussy, just to make sure she was still wet, rubbed her clit between his thumb and finger.

“Fuck me”, he heard her say. She was wet, hot and tight.

He held his cock in his hand, it was a hard as a rock as he guided it inside her hot love canal. Her muscles gripped at him, began milking his cock before he could make the first thrust inside her. His hands were on her tits rubbing her nibbles as he began to slowly move in and out of her. He pulled his cock out until just the head was inside of her then rammed it back hard and fast. She screamed out as her orgasms began, he knew she could cum at least ten times while he fucked her and that excited him even more.

He couldn’t hold himself back any longer he rammed into time after time feeling the walls of her pussy massaging his cock as she came against him. One final thrust and he exploded inside of her. It seemed like the world stopped turning for a minute as his hot cum squirted inside of her, and she reached the peak of her orgasm at the same time.

When they could breath again they curled up together under the quilt on the couch dozing in each others arms. Skin touching skin, a fire subsided, waiting for the heat of their passion to burn again when they awoke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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