Sex Slave Story Ch. 9

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Chapter 9: The Orgasm Machine

My sex slaves had enjoyed themselves all week and each day I had introduced them to another level of sexual awareness. The ultimate test of this awareness I had been planning for months and now my orgasmic machine was ready to be tried out in practice.

The design of the machine is based on all the erotic zones of a woman from lips to pussy and all points in between. It operates by stimulating these zones by both pain and pleasure pulsed electricity charges – vacuum suction combined with insertion stretching.

It can be controlled remotely by either the recipient or the giver depending on the wishes of the Master I have not worked out which I like better – watching or doing.

The machine is shaped like a contoured hammock with broad support straps which do not hinder the free access to all parts of the body. It is fully adjustable to lift a body in many positions and straps to bind the ankles which allow the legs to be opened very wide and also back towards the head if required. Attached around the frame adjacent to the erotic zones are various devices of various shapes and sizes.

I have told both Renee and Teddi about the machine but not how it works and now it is time for them to find out. I had left them in Renees room and I knew that Renee would be playing with Teddi and also that she would be so hot and wet. Just the heightened sexual frame of mind she needed to get full benefit from my machine. Before disturbing them I swithched on a monitor and there on the screen were my two slaves in all there naked glory. Teddi had her head buried in between Renee’s legs and Renee had her head between Teddi’s in a classic “69”. I touched the remote and the camera zoomed in on Teddi’s mouth and tongue licking and sucking at Renee’s pussy with one lubricated finger buried deep in Renee’s ass. I turned up the sound to here the moans and groans of both slaves as they came closer to climaxing. çapa escort I could see Teddi’s tongue and finger speding up as Renee bucked hard against her.

They screamed in unison as both shuddered and came together collapsing and sliding on their side – now I could Renee’s flushed face. I spoke in the microphone “Renee and Teddi that was very nice and I can see you are both nice and hot so come down to the playroom at once ” They both started at the sound of my voice and looked at each other blushing prettily. I switched off the monitor and waited for them to arrive and thinking of the evening ahead. I opened the bottle of champagne – not iced as usual – this champagne was not for drinking. Renee and Teddi arrived holding hands and both with their leather slave collars on I clipped on my leads to both of them and then took them over to the enema area. This area was setup to be able to deliver 2 enemas at a time from the one container. I ordered Renee to lube and insert the enema tube in Teddi and for Tedi to do the same for Renee. Both did as requested and lay down holding and kissing each other as I filled the container with champagne and when it was full I bent down to fondle both my slaves. “Relax now both of you and allow the champagne bubbles to excite you as well as clean you all out” I said as I opened the valve , allowing the champagne to flow into their asses.

“Oooohhhh yesss mmmmmm” murmurred Renee as the champagne bubbled inside her. Teddi was squirming just as much as the unfamiliar feelings excited her. I caressed both their pussies and stomachs as I made sure the enema tubes stayed in position until all the champagne had drained into them. Removing the tubes I pushed both slaves legs higher to allow the champagne to go deeper inside them. “Hold on tight and go to the toilets and shower and come back here all empty and clean for me” I said as I smacked both asses playfully. “Yes Master ” both giggled fatih escort as they left.

I walked over to my machine to make sure all would be ready for their return checking and adjusting til I was satisfied. After about 10 minutes both returned and I explained some of the features of the machine and asked which one wanted to try it out. Renee decided for us by quickly lying down in the chair her legs wide apart. Teddi and I strapped her ankles in place as I worked the remote control. The first control allowed perfumed massage oil to be sprayed on Renee’s body as the massage pads gently rotated over her breasts and stomach. Teddi was deep kissing Renee and their tongues were dancing in each others mouth. When Renee was nice and relaxed I attached the suction cups to her now aroused nipples and pressed a contorl and started the pulsed sucking action and could see her nipples growing larger through the clear cups. The small lubricated butt plug entered her ass as she wriggled deliciously to accommodate it. A soft tongue shaped vibrator pushed open her pussy lips as it circled around her pussy and up to her clit making her pussy wet straight away. Renee was moaning and I knew she wasclose to her first of many climaxes I altered the setting on the vibrator and directed it to her clit and sent her over the top as she bucked against it and came in a huge shudder and loud moan. I switched off the tongue vibrator and left it pressed hard against her clit until she calmed down. The butt plug moved out of her ass and was replaced by a long medium sized dildo with a couple of extra attachments which vibrated the outside of her ass as the dildo went in and out deeply in her ass.

I pushed the remote and another dildo entered Renee’s pussy as she relaxed and allowed it to enter her fully The pussy dildo was a super special design and could be enlarged as required up to the size of a man’s fist- it also had a pulse control which sarıyer escort bayan allowed an electric pulse to be switched – The pulse caused the muscles inside the pussy to contract and realx and can be set to different speeds. I set it to slow and renee gasped as she felt the pulse and the muscles deep inside her contracted around the dildo. I speeded it up and soon she was being fucked in her pussy and ass as I timed the pulse to the dildo going into her ass. She started to moan as she was reaching another climax and I turned on the tongue vibrator and increased the suction on the breast suckers. Renee was moaning louder and Teddi was kissing her deeply.

“Ahhhhhhh oooooohhhhhhh yesssssss” she screamed as she started cumming and bucking so hard agaist the straps. I turned the pulse and vibrator off and stopped the ass dildo from fucking her and gave her another dildo to suck on which she eagerly accepted – as she sucked a salty /honey tasting creamy liquid started out of the end of this dildo and she greedily sucked it harder and shared it with Teddi. I motioned to Teddi and she pusshed the dildo from Renee’s mouth and climbed on to the chair so her hot wet pussy was in reach of Renee’s tongue and mouth.

I enlarged the pussy dildo to maximum size and allowed it to start in and out of Renees pussy as Renee started to suck and lick Teddi hungrily I commenced the ass dildo again going in and out and sqirted more oil deep inside Renee’s ass as I started the vibrating tongue again Renee was almost cumming straight away and Teddi was close as well Just as Renee started to cum I turned on the electric pulse and her contraction were enormous as she came and Teddi’s pussy exploded all over her face. Renee passed out and I turned everything off lifted her down from the chair and held her in my arms tightly kissing her face and lips as she twitched with climaxes still occurring inside her body.

After a while she opened her eyes and smiled at me “Master that so intense and I am still cumming, thankyou so much” she breathlessly whispered.

I held her and kissed her deeply with Teddi holding us both. “Your pleasure is my pleasure, Renee my love,” I said.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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