Southern Nights Ch. 10

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Southern Nights 10 – Angela.

Finally! After almost a week of agonizing waiting! Mary sat in her car a few hundred feet up the street from Linda’s school, as they had agreed. Her heart thumped heavily in her chest as she waited impatiently, trying to sort out Linda’s silhouette in the group of young people that squirmed about all over the campus-like courtyard in front of the distinguished old building.

She almost jumped when she suddenly saw the familiar profile of her little pet coming sneaking up from the opposite direction, showing up only a few feet from her car. She almost threw herself over to help open the door to her. The girl slumped down in the seat beside her with a beaming smile and the most wonderful ‘hello’ you can ever imagine, and bent over to hug and kiss her beloved lady with the most open and natural of shifts. Mary grabbed her and held her tight for a long moment, carelessly forgetting everything around them, until she noticed Linda started struggling to get free. One of the teachers came walking by, and they just barely managed to get composed before their heated embrace would be spotted. Mary smiled a little clumsily and turned back to start up the car. Definitely better to find some place else. She really wouldn’t like to see their first meeting end up with her little darling struggling to get away from her! They took off down towards the beach boulevard, heading the shortest possible way to her flat over in Dexter.

Mary was still frustrated beyond words. Circumstances had made it impossible for them to meet up as planned the last couple of days. Linda’s mother had insisted that her daughter pick up quite a bit on her studies, and besides they had had relatives visiting from out of town, something that obviously demanded even the daughter’s undivided attention for several days. Linda had been asked to tell them everything about her exciting stay in Alvarez, and the possibilities it left her to have a part-time job as a tourist guide the following years. She found it surprisingly easy to put together a long story with continuous lies that would make her crumple in pain under any normal circumstances. Maybe because the truth was so totally beyond anything that would be possible to tell anybody. Anyway, she had lied continuously for several hours, and she didn’t even feel bad about it. Picture that!

So this would be their first real afternoon together since the return. And they didn’t have much time. Later Mary had scheduled for them to meet with Angela at La Campona down town, where they were going to sit down for a proper dinner and some serious talking. Right now Mary bitterly regretted that she had agreed to set it up so soon. She would gladly give her right arm for a full, undisturbed night with her little darling girl. But she never thought it would be so long until they would be able to enjoy each other’s heated company again.

There was a clear lesson to be learned from this; Linda was still in school, and that obviously came first. Case closed. They simply had to get used to the fact that she was in no position to run off and do whatever she liked any time she liked. Mary couldn’t either, of course, but still her position was a lot more free anyhow, only limited by the flexible working hours, and left her with plenty of possibilities to sneak away to have her needs looked after.

As soon as they were clear off the school courtyard, Linda leaned over again to plant a wet kiss on her mistress’ lightly rouged cheekbone. Then she went over to let the tip of her tongue play moistly in her ear as she let her hand find the surface of an incredibly soft and silky thigh under the edge of the skirt.

As they crossed the corner at Wellman, they saw that the shortcut at the other side of the bridge was jammed to full stop. And there was no other way to get through on a fast track at this time.

Mary cursed between clenched teeth, a bit out of ideas about what to do next. She was so horny her hands were shaking on the wheel, and she couldn’t stand even the thought of waiting in line for more than an hour to get there.

They sat in silence for a moment, with Anne’s face still nudged down into Mary’s neck, her lips and tongue-tip playing games with the sensitive skin and the dangling ear-ring. Then she suddenly lifted her head.


“Yes, precious?”

“Why don’t we… uh… go up to Milton Park? I mean… it’s probably deserted up there right now…”

Mary was confused for a moment. Then she felt a glowing wave rush along her spine as the meaning hit her.

“You mean… yeah?!?”

“Mmmmm” Linda nodded, sinking her face back in her neck and taking a deep breath to enjoy the scent of her mistress’ silky hair.

Mary was out and around in no time, and soon they passed by the memorable mall at Sandy Bay and headed up the steep road to the top of the rugged hills overlooking the city from the north.

By the time they turned into the huge parking lot on the top, Linda had peeled open the two upper buttons of her lady’s bahçeşehir escort blouse, and her hand was all the way up under the skirt, gently tickling a pair of throbbing pussy lips through the now totally soaked texture of her panties. As expected, the lot was completely empty, and they got over to the opposite end, right at the solid rail at the cliff. As soon as the break was on, Linda was on her knees in the narrow space, urgently tugging at the lacy material of the panties. Mary helped along the best she could, somehow lifting her butt off the seat as her feet slipped noisily off the pedals under her. She couldn’t understand why she had got the idea to wear panties on this occasion anyway. If the thing was to avoid getting her skirt stained, a huge Pampers Baby Dry would have been a better idea!

Somehow she even managed to get the shoe off her right foot to put it up on the seat as the girl’s dark head plunged in to finally get the long yearned-for contact. In a few seconds the effect of the penetrating tongue got to her with such force that she drew in a series of short, sharp breaths without a chance of exhaling. Desperately she fumbled with the handles to get the seatback further down as she prepared for a trip to paradise that was likely to be a very short and intensive one! It finally came down with a tug, making her pelvis jump instinctively, impaling her even firmer on the already hard-working tongue.

“Oooohhh Linda! Oh Yesssss!!”


Mary thought she had been prepared for the sensations that washed in over her. That the memories from those endless hours of unparalleled bliss down in Alvarez were still alive and fiddling in the back of her mind. All ready to rock n’ roll once again. But she was wrong. Desperately wrong!

Despite the rather uncomfortable position, with the steering wheel digging painfully into her left thigh and no support of her lower back, she felt the intense pleasure like a paralysing glow, numbing her entire body as she strove to draw her breath.

Luckily they had reached a kind of consensus about this being just a short intermezzo on the way to a deeper and more thorough satisfaction as soon as they finally reached the privacy of Mary’s comfortable flat. Or at least as thorough as time would allow until they’d have to split for the appointment with Angela.

After a short bout of light fucking in the sweet folds of her vagina, the girl’s clever tongue quickly found the shaft of her clit, and started a rhythmic, relentless flicking back and forth that had the woman shaking like a leaf in a matter of minutes. Mary instinctively grasped the bobbing head with both hand and pressed herself relentlessly against the hard working mouth, feeling the last grain of control flowing out of her along with her rich quantities of pussy juice.

The next moment the shaking and the grip on the dark head drastically intensified, until a violent jerk signalled the arrival of an orgasm more deliric than any of them had ever experienced before. Two weeks of pent-up passion to be released in one, violent eruption!

Mary threw her head back against the neck-support as she screamed wildly, almost blowing their eardrums in the tight confinement of the car.

The bouncing and trashing got so wild that Linda’s cheek was kicked painfully against the wheel several times. But she managed to stay in place and keep her focus on the pulsing clit and the generous spurts of sweet pussy cream that splashed all over her tongue. The ecstasy was so incredibly wet that she for a moment feared the liquid flowing at her would be more than just passion of her orgasm. But the flavor remained sweet and musky, nothing of the briny, salty taste she’d expect if that unthinkable thing would happen.

Still it was much wetter than what she remembered, almost drowning her in the unremitting pursuit of the last, exhilarating waves of pleasure. Seeking her submission in ways that made the flame of love just as strong as that of passion in her body. She was more convinced than ever that this lady deserved nothing but the absolute best that could be given to her. The best service, the most avid worship, the most dedicated oral pleasure that any mortal person could possibly provide.

Yes, she really was in love. In love with Mary Gardner. In love with her passion, her almost demonic dominance. The dive of passion that struck exactly the right emotional cords in her own searching soul. Yes, the untamed, all-consuming passion. Created by her own well-trained stimulation. That’s probably the reason why she had reacted with shudder of desire when her ‘old friend Angela something’ had been mentioned when they talked on the phone. Somehow she was certain that she would represent a firework of dominant desires just as intensive as Mary. Somehow even the name told her so. Angela. Angela. Synonymous with relentless, even merciless desire… for sure. Despite of its chaste tone! She felt it in every nerve of her body. Especially now as she bakırköy escort sagged down powerlessly, resting her cheek on the edge of the seat as they both slipped down into the sweet aftermath of the lady’s violent eruption. The first – but certainly not the last – in some wonderful days to come.

– – –

“Welcome, darling!”

“Thank you miss.” Linda looked bravely back into Angela’s blue eyes as she raised her glass to accept the greeting. Mary had prepared her for the meeting the best she could, and it really helped to get her self-confidence up for this crucial event.

“I’m so very delighted to meet you, finally. Mary has spoken so warmly about you and how good you are!”

Down to the point. Linda felt her cheeks starting blushing, although she had mobilized all her strength to take this situation calmly and relaxed. From Mary’s warnings she had felt well prepared. Still this first remark brought her completely out of balance before the fight ever got started.

‘How good you are’ Next Mary might go ahead and put up her hard-earned capabilities on a billboard down at Sandy Bay Mall! She looked over at Mary, her eyes reflecting a mixture of light embarrassment and annoyance. She knew she had told her best friend about their relationship, and she had explained her why she had done so. Still there had to be some kind of cotyme about how, and exactly what was told. After all it was quite a personal thing, wasn’t it? How much more personal can you possibly get!

Mary looked back at her with a big smile, almost completely hiding her own annoyance about her friend’s careless words. Still Linda knew her so well she was able to recognize the inconspicuous twinkle in the corner of her eye. She did agree, undoubtedly, a thing to give her back the momentarily lost feeling of her being on her side in this face-off.

She roamed through her brain for a sensible way to respond. How on earth do you react to the innuendos behind these words? Suggestions of things so outrageous that any decent person would back out in horror? If they wouldn’t happen to be an insider in her and Mary’s beautiful world of pleasure, that is!

And what an insider she was. Linda had felt almost lame since the moment she laid her eyes on her! The classical blond beauty made her body tingle. Not only because of her looks as such. Also from the fact that she knew she was in on their little secret from Alvarez. And what all that could mean for the action to come.

Right now she could just admire the lady’s style. She wore a dark blue blazer-like jacket with an even darker blue knee-long skirt. Underneath she wore a high-cut light blue shirt with an open white scarf around her neck. Belt, arm rings and handbag matched her shoes with an undeterminable golden brownish tone that brought an almost magical totality of taste and style to her entire personality. And then it was her incredible body. Her tits protruded lusciously under the shirt, and the bottom – although she got just a short glimpse as she sat down – looked good enough too eat; even without ketchup! And even the lady’s light movement with her hand over it, stroking the skirt in place as she moved to sit down, revealed a combination of something that to Linda felt like appetite and strength. Something like that!

“Well, my dear girl,” Angela smiled, getting even further down to the business at hand. “Mary told med that you’re a passionate lover of female desire, and that you certainly know how to indulge in it. Is that so?”

The girl got even redder, but managed to fight her strong desire to look down once again. Instead she took a deep breath and a shaky sip from her glass.

“I – I think so… I… uh … I love it… very much!”

“From what I’ve heard you certainly do.” Angela coughed and threw a quick glance over at Mary before she continued. “Mary told me a lot about it. But still I’d like to hear it from your own lips. I need to understand it fully in order to know if we can get into this together… If you’d like to do so, of course! From what I’ve been hearing, I certainly would!”

Before Linda could respond, she was interrupted by Mary.

“Linda, uh… before we go on, I think I have a bit of explaining to do!” She put a relaxing hand over Linda’s tensed one.

“Like I told you, Angela is like my best girlfriend ever. What happened is that we used to come together every now and then to sit down and frown over our male colleagues at work. There’s always some frustration to vent in that area, I can tell you! We used to get really drunk on some of those occasions, and once I told her about my dream about sometimes finding a young girl for love and pleasure; something very different from what we have to deal with in our normal everyday life. We’ve been teasing each other about this regularly ever since, and it was just plain impossible to keep this to myself after I met you.

As soon as she learned about it, she hasn’t left me alone for a minute, and she has insisted to meet başakşehir escort you!”

Mary locked her eyes with Linda’s.

“Linda, you know me well enough to know that I don’t run around advertising this to everybody. Angela is the only one to know, and the only one who’ll ever know, I guarantee you!”

There was a short moment of embarrassing silence. Then Angela’s joyful laughter broke the ice again.

“You really shouldn’t feel annoyed about Mary. She’s just a plain good person. That’s it! Down to the core. She cannot help sharing wonderful experiences she has on her way. And this experience clearly was too wonderful to hold back. No problem to see that. She just had to tell somebody. And that somebody couldn’t be anybody but me!”

A short, joyful giggle again. “You should be as glad as I am. You know; I get a share in your secret, and nobody else does!

Linda felt a little more relaxed. She had to admit that she was a bit upset about the whole situation, even though she had had some hints that should have told her this might happen. She had felt that the relationship with Mary had been so incredibly fulfilling, and definitely had no need to share it with somebody else. Or to be shared with somebody else, which was probably a more correct way to put it.

Still, Catherine was an overwhelmingly elegant and beautiful lady. So if it should be like that; if that’s what her beloved lady really wanted, then she knew she could go with it. Why not, in fact? Before they met – back when she decided to put out her little ad – she had just wanted somebody. Somebody to please and worship. Somebody to be there for, even to live for, in a way.

And she had probably gotten even more than she bargained for. At least Mary had been like the visualization of her deepest passions and desires. A dream come true in a way she had never even considered the possibility of experiencing.

So – actually – why not have two wonderful lovers instead of one?

Angela locked her smiling eyes with the girl’s as she bent a little forward, straining the upper buttons of her shirt as she did. “So, dear Linda; why not have two lovers instead of one?” She held in just a short moment. “I would sooo very much like to explore your talents!”

Linda looked over at Mary. She could see a mixture of pleading and embarrassment in her eyes, like she really wanted her to help her out. For a split second she thought she saw a touch of weakness in those gorgeous eyes, sending a little trickle of frustration down her spine. Was the whole situation just a result of her lady simply just talking too much? Plumping out with their precious little secret to anybody? After all?

She looked back at Angela. Met those heaven-blue eyes again. That spellbinding cleft between the full tits. ‘Explore your talents…’ No doubt everybody around the table had a clear perception on the name of the game.

She had to smile… after all. Whether it was this way or that, she knew what would be expected of her. And that very moment she felt absolutely sure about it too. Definitely. No matter if the situation just happened to come out of a clumsy remark or not. How could she come to believe that her mistress was perfect anyway? Of course she could expect her to say something like this to her best friend. It had been a truly wonderful experience to her, after all, hadn’t it?

The two ladies visually relaxed and sat back in another, almost childish giggle. Mary realized that they had been more or less holding their breath for who knows how long, and they sighed deeply several times; just as much out of sheer lack of oxygen as from the renewed passion of clarification.

“Oh my dear girls,” Angela sighed excitedly, “I think we’ll have some wonderful times together. I just can’t wait for the three of us to get down to Alvarez. I’ll start reworking my schedules first thing in the morning!”

Mary put her other hand on Linda’s shoulder and smiled seductively at her. “I’m sure we will. Linda’s going to have a hard time keeping both of us satisfied all that time!”

Angela laughed wholeheartedly. “No chance, dear friend. After all she will have to sleep at night, won’t you darling?” She looked at Linda as she took a deep sip of the champagne that they had but completely forgotten in the dense atmosphere of the conversation. Then she took a deep breath before she continued.

“Honestly young lady, I think I’d explode like a bomb the moment I got your lips on my pussy!” Angela laughed warmly as she lifted a hand to rub the girl’s tensed shoulder. “You’re so incredibly hot, even much more than what I imagined from Mary’s description, and what I saw from your pictures.”

She looked over at Mary again. “Mary, with all due respect, you just have to let me have a go right away. Right away! Linda dear… would you be so kind and let me have that one. I have to admit I’m so worked up I can’t stand it another minute!”

Linda’s last grain of resistance evaporated. Her annoyance had transferred into a heart-pounding excitement that made her cheeks glow. As the prospect and actual imminence of sex with this super-hot woman steam-rolled all over her mind, she could hardly sit still on her chair. Instinctively she started looking around, just as though there would be a place to hide away right there in the restaurant.

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