Step Daughter Comes Home

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I’m not sure yet if I’m going to continue down this path or not, but I hope you enjoy it.

Ben hung up the phone and leaned back into the couch. It was his step-daughter Ashley who had called and tearfully informed him her employer had been bought out, and the new business owner had abruptly released almost the entire staff. She was jobless, and with an already limited income, was probably going to be homeless. She really didn’t have anywhere else to turn. Her own daughter was away at college, and she had no significant other. Her biological father had been out of the picture since she was a teenager (she is 39 now).

Her mother had passed away unexpectedly several years ago, leaving Ben a widower. The three of them, Ashley, Ben and her daughter Emily, still spent holidays together, but between those the contact was not much more than an occasional phone call. Ashley and Ben had casually talked about her moving in someday when they were both ‘old’, platonic of course. They had always joked about it, not taking the idea seriously, but now after that call Ben started to think about that again. The reality was she didn’t have much of a career and didn’t make a lot of money. Ben had helped her when he could, buying groceries and dropping them off, though she would never ask for it and protested when he did. His wife’s life insurance he had put into a trust for Emily to go to college, so that at least was paid for. He owned his home, and was a few years away from retiring. He really couldn’t think of a good reason why she shouldn’t just move in. She could have the entire lower level to herself if she wanted, and she could get a different job and not have to worry about making rent. He picked up the phone and called her back.

Ashley answered. “H-hi Ben.” He knew by the soft shudder of her answer she’d been crying.

“Hey Ash. Look, I know you’re upset and this may not be the best time to talk about this, but I have something I’d like you to consider.”

“No time like the present.” she answered.

He laughed softly. That was something he said all the time.

“Very true. Anyway, here goes. We’ve joked in the past about living together when we both get old and crippled up. I’ve been thinking about it, and I really can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t just move in here. You could have the entire basement to yourself, the house is paid for so the costs are cheap. And you get the house anyway when I croak, so it’ll save you from having to move then.”

He chuckled, and she did too softly.

“Don’t go getting any ideas about that Ben. I need you around for a long time, and so does Em.”

“You know I’m kidding. I’m like a bad habit, never going away.”

She laughed again. It was good to hear.

“Ben, I appreciate it, I really do. Let me think about it and talk to Emily OK?”

The move would be to a neighboring town, so that made sense, and Emily had grown up in the little house Ashley had rented for years.

“Of course, just let me know when you make up your mind. And don’t worry about things kid, I’m always here for you.”

“I know Ben. Love you.”

“Love you too Ash. Talk to you later.”

It was several days later when he got the text message from Ashley.

‘Hey Ben, can you call me when you aren’t busy?’

‘Sure. Give me an hour, I have a client coming in and it shouldn’t take too long.’

It was a little more than an hour later when he finally got a chance to call. The phone rang a couple times and Ashley picked up.

“Hey you, how are you doing?” She sounded a lot happier than she did the last time they talked.

“I’m good, just busy. Can’t complain though. What’s up?”

“Not much. Well really a lot is up I guess. I talked to Em about me moving in with you, and she thinks it’s a great idea. I was worried that she would be upset about not coming home to our house, but she said she always thought of you and Mom’s place as home. I always have too since I grew up there. Anyway, what I’m saying is if you really are serious about it, I would love to move in.”

Ben smiled, that was wonderful news!

“Ash I’m so happy to hear that. It’ll be great to have someone else around honestly. The place is just too big and too quiet without your Mom there.”

“I know, I miss her too. This will be good I think, and I’m pretty excited about it.”

“Me too.” he replied. “So when do you want to get started?”

“Well, I’ve been month to month for years, and I’m paid through the end of this month. I can give notice and we can start moving things any time. I don’t think I’ll have too much though. Your house is furnished, and I don’t have anything all that nice, just our bedroom sets, clothes, TV’s. I think I’ll just sell the rest unless there’s anything you want?”

“I can’t think of anything, but we can look it over. How about I come over Friday – I’m off work, and we can take a look at things and figure out whether I’m moving you or hiring someone.”

Ashley giggled. “As long as the movers are young and handsome, I’m in.”

Ben laughed. “Alright, if old and slow can’t do it, I’ll see if I can find some movers who at least have most of their teeth. asyabahis yeni giriş Deal?”

“Deal. And Friday sounds great. I’ll order a pizza and we can hang out.”

He smiled. “How about we load up my truck and bring some stuff to my…um, our house, and order pizza here. My TV is bigger.”

She laughed. “Alright, that sounds wonderful. And Ben, really thank you for this. I don’t know what else to say except I’m really grateful you’ve been such a huge part of my life.”

“Aw, don’t go getting mushy on me. Remember, my house and my rules. No staying out late, no going out until your homework is done. You know the drill.”

She chuckled. “Geeze, are we still doing that? OK, have to go. See you Friday!”

Ben was happy, but it had just been him in the house for several years now, and he knew it would take some adjusting. Before Friday came, he cleared out the garage to make room for her car. He also cleaned out the her old bedroom on the main floor of the ranch house. He figured she would eventually move downstairs, but for now that would work.

Friday finally came, and he arrived at her rental house at 9:00 am to find her in the driveway arguing with the landlord.

‘Fuck.’ he thought to himself and got out of his truck and walked up to them.

He stuck out his hand and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Ben. What’s going on here?” He figured better to stay calm.

Ashley stared at him a moment and started to speak when she was interrupted by the landlord. “She has to give me 2 months notice, otherwise she has to pay for the two months.”

Ben sighed. OK, it was going to be more of a pain in the ass than he figured. “Ashley, is that true – is it in the contract?”

“No it isn’t true. I’ve been month to month for eleven years, and we never had a contract!” She was visibly upset.

Ben turned back to the landlord. “What did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t say. It’s Rick.”

“OK Rick, do you have a month to month lease signed?”

Rick looked nervous. “Well, no. But we agreed a long time ago to this. Verbally I mean.”

Ben looked at him thoughtfully. “OK, so in reality there is nothing on paper. No obligation, just your word versus hers. And I understand she is paid up through the end of this month, right?”

“Yes, but..”

“So you’re looking for another month’s rent, from someone who just lost her job. Why?” Ben was getting a little pissed now, and glared at the landlord.

Rick sighed. “Fine, I get your point. I’m not trying to screw her over, she’s been a great tenant. But I need the cash to do some fixing up before I rent the place out again. And Ashley might not remember it, but we really did agree to the two months way back when she went month to month.”

“Ash, do you remember that?” Ben asked.

“Oh hell, I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t have that cash right now though, it’s going to be a while before I can get a job and pay it.”

Ben turned back to Rick. “Rick, what kind of work do you need done here? It’s a pretty nice place as it is.”

“Well, I want to hire painters for the inside, change out all the door locks, and put in a new counter top in the kitchen. Other than that, just a good cleaning, but I have people who do that for me.”

Ben nodded. “OK, how about this. I’m a pretty handy guy, and Ashley is a good worker. Why don’t you buy the materials, let us know what goes where, and let her work off that second month? That will save you the time and work, plus the labor cost.”

Rick thought about it a moment. “Yeah, I guess I could work. The materials are cheap enough, it’s the time and labor that really gets me. When would you be able to do it?”

“We’ll start moving things out today. Did Ashley mention anything about leaving behind some furniture?”

“No. You’re not taking everything out?”

Ashley, much calmer now, responded. “No. Well I don’t need all of the furniture anymore, so was going to leave the living room stuff, kitchen table and chairs. Just taking the bedroom furniture and all our personal things.”

“What about your TV?”

“Oh yeah. I’ll take that, I’ll need one at least for my new room.”

Rick nodded. “OK, well your stuff is in decent shape, so I can leave it and advertise partially furnished. Around here, that will rent it quicker too. Thanks, that will help me out, and really that would make up for the second month.”

Ben spoke up. “OK, that’s settled, but I really meant it about working this off so we’ll still come in and get it done. How about we plan two weeks from now, we’ll get here early Saturday morning, and work through the weekend. Just have the supplies ready?”

Rick stuck out his hand. “Thanks Ben, that sounds great to me and more than generous with the furniture and all.” He turned to Ashley and said “Ashley, I’m sorry if I came across harsh. You’ve been a great tenant here, and I’ll miss you. Good luck with everything.”

Ashley smiled. “It’s OK Rick. I’m just an emotional mess right now. We’ll do a great job for you fixing this place up. And who knows, maybe you can hire me to work on your other rentals.” She laughed.

Rick scratched his asyabahis giriş chin and said “Yeah, you know I might just take you up on that. The wife sure wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have to do this stuff every weekend, and if you can paint, well, that would be great. Let’s see how this goes, and we’ll talk about it later?”

“Sounds great!” Ashley beamed.

Rick left, and they went inside. Ben was happy to see that she’d already boxed up a lot of things that would fit in his truck and her car. The rest was just light furniture and they could get that over the weekend. They got started, and an hour later were on their way back to the house. By early evening, they’d unloaded everything into the garage and basement, and Ashley had set up her old room. She’d decided she’d rather stay upstairs.

Finally finished for the night, Ashley ordered a pizza. They hadn’t really stopped for food and were famished. The pizza and a couple beers were gone in no time, and having worked all day, they both went to bed early.

Over the next couple weeks, they finished moving everything, and true to their arrangement with Rick, they worked over the weekend and had the old rental house looking great. Rick was thrilled with their work, and had already started talking to Ashley about projects at his other rentals. All in all, it looked like that was going to be a good working relationship, and would let Ashley make a little extra money on the side. She’d been interviewing too, and with the extra work she’d get from Rick, had decided to take a part time job that offered insurance benefits.

Over the next few months Ben and Ashley settled into their new lives together. Emily came home for a visit and helped set up her own space in the basement which she loved. Neither Ben or Ashley had any interest in dating, so except for her occasionally going out with friends for a drink and his golfing, they spent most of their time together. It was one of those Friday nights where she’d gone out with a few friends that changed their relationship forever.

Ashley came in late, having spent most of the evening with her friends and a couple pitchers of margaritas. She wasn’t drunk, but tipsy enough that she’d taken an Uber home. It was late, nearly midnight, and she knew Ben would be asleep, so she came into the house as quietly as she could and started down the hall to her room. It was dark, but she noticed Ben’s door was partly open and there was a soft glowing light coming from within. Figuring he’d fallen asleep with a light on she walked quietly up to the door and peeked in. What she saw almost made her fall to the floor.

Ben was definitely NOT asleep. She stared, mouth open in shock as a very naked Ben lie on his back staring at his phone. His long, thick cock was pointing straight up above his stomach and bobbed slightly. Every now and then he reached down and gave it a few strokes, then stopped, body lurching slightly. She couldn’t pull her eyes away, and unconsciously licked her lips, feeling a flush of warmth wash through her inner core. She slowly slipped her hand under the band of her leggings and pushed down into the stubble that covered her mound, then lower, squeezing firmly and letting her middle finger slip between the soft folds. He stroked himself again a few times and stopped with a gasp, and she realized he was edging himself. Her finger slipped next to her clit and she rubbed up and down beside it, shocked at how turned on she was watching him.

She wished she could see what he was watching on his phone, but the site of him getting himself off was more than enough to send little shivering jolts of pleasure through her. Her finger dipped and pushed upward inside and she quickly added another finger and plunging oth deep into her already wet hole. She almost gasped out loud but caught herself, and suddenly felt a pang of guilt for watching him. Still, she couldn’t NOT watch now. Her fingers slowly pushing in and out, palm brushing over her clit. She was surprised that she felt so close to cumming already. She didn’t realize she’d closed her eyes, but opened them with a jolt when she heard him moan softly. He was lightly stroking all the way down the shaft then back up over the big, purple head. She watched as his other hand manipulated his phone, and then heard soft sounds emanating from it. He must be watching porn she thought.

She nearly fell over again when he turned the volume a bit louder and she heard the very obvious sounds of fucking coming from it. It made her shiver softly and she stopped her fingers, wanting to prolong her orgasm. Whatever he was watching was having quite an effect on him too. He tugged gently at the head of his impressive cock.

The woman in the video started talking, encouraging the man. “Yesssss….fuck me…fuck my ass!” Ben groaned louder and grasped his erection, stroking faster. “You like fucking my asshole Daddy?” the woman in the video spoke in a strained moan. “You like watching that big cock opening me? Oh fuuuuck I’m gonna cum Daddy…fuck me hard and give me your cum in my ass! Promise me you’ll fill your little girl’s tight little asshole up…do it now Daddy!”

Ben asyabahis güvenilirmi jerked and grunted, “Fuuuck…Daddy’s cumming!” Ashley covered her mouth as his hand pulled down tight against his enormous, swollen balls and he came, shooting stream after stream of thick cum into the air and up his stomach and chest. It slowed to smaller spurts that coated part of his hand as he convulsed and grunted softly, and Ashley shook gently, wondering if it was going to stop.

The shock of hearing the words and watching more cum than she thought was even possible spraying from his huge, twitching cock was too much her. Ashley put her hand over her mouth to try to stop herself from crying out as her own orgasm ripped through her, but her effort was stopped abruptly when her legs buckled, sending her head knocking into the door, and she stumbled forward into the room. She reached for the door frame and caught herself, hand still down her pants with two fingers deep inside her convulsing pussy. She gasped out loud and stared at Ben who still held his only slightly softened cock in his hand, puddles of semen on his stomach and chest shining in the soft light. He didn’t move, and for several long moments they just stared at each other, him a mess and her panting and shaking softly as her orgasm crested.

It seemed like too long a time had passed before Ben started sitting up. He tried to speak “Ash…I. I thought you were out?”

She looked at him a moment before the reality of what just happened slapped her back into consciousness. She jerked her hand from her stretch pants, and he thought he could see glistening wetness on her fingers. She stammered “Ben…wha…Oh my God!” And she turned, fleeing his room. He heard her door slam and muttered to himself “Oh God, what have I done?”

It was almost half an hour later when Ben emerged from the shower. He couldn’t think. Couldn’t get the image of Ashley out of his head, her so obviously having an orgasm and catching him jerking off. “Fuck.” he muttered to himself. He thought the long shower would help. It didn’t, the gravity of everything couldn’t be washed away. Had she heard everything too?

He wasn’t the type of person to run and hide. He needed to talk to her, see if she was OK. Try to apologize maybe. He dressed, sweat pants and a t-shirt, and walked to his door…he’d hastily closed it before getting in the shower. He opened it quietly and stepped into the hall and down to her closed door. He paused…did he dare knock? There was no light coming from under the door, maybe she was asleep? He had started to turn, not wanting to wake her after everything, when he heard a soft moan. He moved closer, putting his head near the door. She moaned again, and he thought he could hear a soft buzzing noise now and then. It donned on him slowly that what he was hearing was his step-daughter in her room masturbating.

He blinked in disbelief. After everything, her stumbling in on him after she watched him jerking off, she was masturbating? He started to harden and grasped himself, squeezing as his pulsing heart pumped blood into his cock. Whatever he thought her reaction was going to be, this was certainly not it! He continued listening, hearing her breathing getting more erratic as she panted softly. He absentmindedly stroked himself and briefly thought about opening her door before coming to his senses. As much as he wanted to stay, to hear her getting off behind the closed door, he carefully and quietly walked back to his room and closed the door. Whatever the fallout was going to be, it would have to wait for morning.

Ashley made it back to her room, in a mixture of post-orgasm high and complete shock and embarrassment He’d seen her, hand in her pants. How long did he know she was there? And what she’d watched him do… stroking his long, thick tool. She’d never seen him nude before and had no idea he was so big! And all that cum… She licked her lips and grasped her breasts, squeezing them firmly. She was still turned on and regardless of everything that just happened, she needed to get off again. She opened her dresser drawer and reached into the bottom of it, finding the realistic looking vibrator and hoping the batteries were still good. Her clothes were off in seconds and she turned the light off. Her eyes closed and she replayed what she’d seen over and over and over, him fondling and stroking himself, his balls swelling up and then pulsing as he shot his seed. She plunged the vibrator inside her wet hole and slowly slid it in and out, pausing only to turn the base and start the soft buzzing. She pulled it out and stroked it up and down her wet slit, brushing across her engorged clit before slipping it inside again.

She moaned softly…getting closer. She watched him cum over and over in her mind, this time imagining the thick streams were splattering across her body, then in her mouth, spilling out over her lips and chin. She pulled one hand up and cupped her breast, pulling it hard toward her mouth and licked her hard nipple, imagining she was licking off the cum he shot there in her fantasy. Then she heard the words from the video, over and over. “Fuck my ass Daddy…” She pictured Ben’s cock…would it even fit? “Fill my asshole with your cum Daddy…” Ashley rocked her hips in rhythm to her thrusts. She reached down with her other hand and rubbed her wetness into her puckered opening before slowly easing a finger inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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