Step-Daughter in Need Ch. 01

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My name is Daniel. After my first marriage ended with my wife fucking my best friend I thought I would never get married again. Hell for that matter I thought I would never fall in love again.

For a couple of years I dated off and on, but once I felt a woman attempting to lock me down I ran. If I suspected them of being untrustworthy I dumped them immediately. To say I was a dick headed asshole would be an understatement and I really did not give two shits.

Then one evening I ran into the woman of my dreams, Beverly. She too had been through a rough divorce caused by infidelity. As we got to know each other that evening we both let our guards down and experienced happiness for the first time in a long time. At the end of the night we went our separate ways, but exchanged contact information and made a dinner date for the next day.

Before going much further I need to tell you I had a girl Bethany 8 and a boy Jonathon 6 from my first marriage and Beverly had a daughter Erica 10. My children lived with their mother and visited every other weekend. Erica lived with Beverly and rarely saw her biological father, truth be told he was just a sperm donor and had no idea what it meant to be a father.

As Beverly and I started to date the children slowly grew accustomed to each other. After about 8 months my lease was due to terminate and Beverly’s was due a couple of months later. We decided to move in together. We found a four bedroom house to rent, so we would have enough room for everyone.

Beverly and I got married a year later and have never looked back. That was 17 years ago. As we raised our children things were hectic, having three teenagers all near the same age made for very interesting times. Bethany and Jonathon adjusted fairly well, they had their issues but since they had both their mom and dad in their lives they did not have an empty feeling that needed filled.

Erica on the other hand was always troubled as to why her father was not there for her. On many occasions she would grow resentful of the relationship I had with my children. Life was tense during those initial teen years.

Many fights erupted over her jealousy towards Bethany and Jonathon. Once she turned 18 she headed out on her own to start her own life. Shortly after which she met the so called man of her dreams and got married. My children grew and left the house as well and now all three have families of their own.

About a year ago Erica started stopping by a lot with our grandson Kyle. Beverly and I both noticed something was bothering her but she would never talk about it, we would ask and she would just shrug us off stating she missed us and wanted to spend time with us. One day she stopped by and was visibly upset.

I took Kyle to get an ice cream at Cold Stone so Beverly and she could talk.

After an hour I returned and Beverly was red faced with anger. Erica had walked in on her husband Tim and her best friend having sex. Needless to say that marriage was over. Since the house they were living in was a rental Erica and Kyle moved in with us. After a couple of months we all adjusted to being under the same roof again.

Not long afterward Beverly got a call from her sister asking if she would mind helping her clean out their elderly father’s house, they had recently had to put him in an elderly assisted care facility. Beverly agreed and since her niece’s son would be there she decided to take Kyle with her as they loved to play together.

Since it was about 300 miles away she would be gone for the week. Erica and I had to stay behind due to work.

The first couple of evenings at home were peaceful, Erica made it home before I usually did and started preparing dinner. Once I arrived home I would help out with whatever was left. We would eat; both help clean up, and then retire to the living room and watch TV. Our conversations were light hearted and never really pointed in any direction.

Beverly called after the 3rd day and informed us she would need to stay the weekend as some things had come up with the estate that needed her attention. When I told Erica she laughed and asked if I was going to be ok not having my bed partner. Since Beverly and I had been together we had not spent more than a couple of days apart. We both have high sex drives and do not like to go long periods without a good old fashion release.

I should take a moment to describe my lovely ladies. Beverly 49 is 5’3″ around 130lbs, dark skinned, brown eyes, black hair, and a beautiful tear dropped ass, and full 36 C natural breasts. Erica while looking like her mother in face is built differently. She has light brown hair, light complexioned skin, green eyes, 28 years old, 5’5″, a full figure woman weighing 150lbs, and very full 38 DD natural breasts.

I told Erica since we had the weekend together we should plan a night out. Dinner, cocktails or whatever she felt like doing. She had not been out of the house since she moved back in. Her life was centered on Kyle and work. She laughed illegal bahis and agreed it would be nice to get out. I told her to plan on heading out to dinner around 8pm Friday evening and from there it was her call.

Friday came and Erica was late arriving home. At 6pm I started to worry and then I heard her car pull into the driveway. She had been shopping and the load of bags on her arm suggested she had been to several places. I looked at her quizzically and she stated she had not treated herself in a long time and she wanted to look good on our date.

I asked, “So this is a date?”

She stated, “Well to me it is, I have not been out in so long, especially with a man, I am treating it as one.”

“Well then I had better look through the closet for something to wear to match my lovely date.” I said flirting with her.

“Dan you would look great in anything,” Erica stood there for a second staring hard at me, her eyes twinkled and her face flushed. The look turned to one of lustful desire and then she quickly turned and headed toward her room.

I was left perplexed by the way she had looked at me. Was Erica flirting back with me? Was she sexually aroused at that moment? Was my mind playing tricks on me? While I had always noticed her beauty and sexiness, I had never thought of her in a sexual manner. I had never once in our relationship felt as if she looked at me that way either. I summed it up as her being locked up for the past months with no release and she had thought of someone at that moment. There was no way she was thinking of my old ass.

I showered, got dressed, and stepped out on the Lanai to smoke a cigar a have a drink. It was a cool fall night and the alcohol was helping fight the chill. I was lost in thought and did not notice Erica open the door and step out. She placed her hand on my shoulder and asked, “So how do I look?”

I snapped from my day dream and turned toward her to see what she had bought. I was floored by the vision of absolute beauty standing before me. She had purchased a figure forming black dress that stopped just above the knees. The collar was not to low but enough to notice ample amounts of cleavage. She had on black hose and sexy black high heels that were at least 5 inches. Her hair was down and cascaded over her shoulders. Her makeup was perfect. When she spun I noticed the dress had no back to it and was cut down to the top of her ass.

Since she obviously had no bra on the cool air and the thin material had the natural affect on her nipples and they were pushing through the dress as if they were going to rip it open. I stood there transfixed on the vision in front of me. I am sure my mouth was gapped open and my eyes glassed over. I could not take my eyes of her breasts and nipples.

Through the awe induced fog I hear Erica say, “Hey I am up here.”

I shake my head and look at her face, she is beaming. She smiled and said, “Well I take it from the look on your face and the fact you can’t stop staring at my tits you approve of the new outfit.”

I grinned, apologized for staring so intently and told her how beautiful she made the outfit look. She flashed a big smile and through her arms around my neck and gave me strong powerful hug.

As she broke the hug she pulled back and said, “It feels so nice to be made to feel sexy again. Tim stopped making me feel that way about a year ago.”

Before I thought about what I was saying I spurted out, “Tim is a fool honey. Any man that would turn their back on someone as beautiful as you is an idiot. If I was a younger single man I would take you in my arms, shower you with compliments every day, and ensure you was so satisfied you would never be unhappy.”

With a smile on her face she replied, “Thanks Dan, you have always been there for me. I know I can always count on you when I need a shoulder to cry on and you always make me feel better about life. I am envious of Mom; she found the guy of my dreams.”

We both took a breath in and stared at each other. Was that an invite I was thinking to myself? No she was just saying she would like to have someone like me, that’s all. Quit thinking more into this you dirty old man. But as I continued to look at her I noticed a twinkle in her eyes, she was pondering a deep thought and from the look on her face she was enjoying it.

I decided it was time to move away from such a risky topic and told her it was time we got headed to dinner. She snapped out of her thought and agreed. On the way to the restaurant we chatted innocently about Kyle and how much work her mother had to be doing with her father’s estate. At no time did we approach a topic as on the Lanai. But I found myself not being able to keep my eyes on the road. Every chance I got I looked over at her beautiful and shapely legs and images that I had never entertained started dancing through my head.

At one point we both sat quiet in the vehicle, I was thinking of how beautiful she was and what it would be like to be young again and to hold her, make love illegal bahis siteleri to her. I stole a quick glance at her and she was looking at me with an intense look on her face. We made eye contact briefly, the air was thick and my mind was racing. I grinned at her and told how much I loved her. She told me she loved me more than I knew and always will.

The rest of the ride was uneventful as was the dinner. After a couple of after dinner cocktails Erica requested we go somewhere with music and dancing. A new bar had opened not from the house that had a live band on the weekends. Erica quickly agreed that was the place to go.

The place was a little crowded but we managed to find a table. We danced a few songs and my age started showing, I had to rest. Erica decided to stay on the dance floor and enjoy herself. I excused myself and proceeded to the restroom.

When I returned to our table I noticed a young man crowding Erica’s space on the dance floor.

The young man was intent on impressing Erica, but she was not having any of it. He repeatedly attempted to pull her close to him, but she would push away. I could tell she was getting disturbed by his persistence and decided to go rescue her.

I made my way to the dance and approached her from behind. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if everything was alright. She spun around threw her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. It was a full passionate kiss; I was caught off guard and froze at first. She pulled me closer, all the while continuing to passionately kiss me.

Finally she broke our kiss and stated, “There you are, I thought you had left me. ” She turned the young man she had been having the trouble with and introduced me as her boy friend. I shook the man’s hand; he was clearly disturbed and not happy that she was with a man my age. I grinned at him and winked just to add an additional touch.

Erica took my hand and led us to our seats. Once there she turned and apologized for kissing me like she had. She explained she had told the guy she was there with someone, but he was persistent. When she turned and saw me standing behind her she said she just reacted.

I told her it was all good. The alcohol I had consumed was making me a little adventurous, so I told her I would have to rescue her more often if the reward was a kiss like that each time.

She grinned and in a flirty manner said, “Well I guess I am going to have to look for more instances to get in trouble.”

We stayed and danced for another hour, consuming two more drinks. I knew I should not drink anymore since I needed to drive and suggested we head back home. Erica agreed, she was getting tired and her feet were starting to hurt from all the dancing and her new heels.

On the way home Erica said she had a surprise for me when we get to the house. I looked quizzically at her and she laughed and asked if I was scared. I laughed and told her no but I was curious. She said, “Then get us home and you will see.”

When we arrived at the house Erica went straight to her room. After a couple of minutes she entered the living room and had changed into a pair of pajama pants, a t-shirt, and a robe. I laughed and told her she wasted no time in getting comfortable.

She grinned and then pulled a joint from her pocket and said, “Told you I had a surprise, why don’t you go get more comfy yourself and then help me with this. I could use a good relaxing high and I know you could as well.”

It had been a couple of weeks since I had smoked and the offer was more than I could turn down. I jumped up and went to my room. I decided a pair of pajama pants and t-shirt was good for me as well. As I undressed I started recalling the kiss Erica had given me at the bar. The warmth, the passion, she either really needed a kiss or she was selling it hard to get that guy to leave her alone. Either way, it was incredible.

Once I had removed all my clothes I looked in the mirror at myself. Yes I had a little extra weight on me, yes my hair was more salt than pepper, and yes I had a few lines in the face that was not there just 5 years ago. I started to wonder what Erica thought of me; did she see an old man or did she see an attractive middle aged man with many things to offer?

As I stood there I started to envision what she would look like naked, she was so similar to her mother I could only imagine things had to be just as similar under her clothing. As I mentally drew each part of her body in my mind I immediately grew a tremendous hard-on. It got so hard it ached, now it had been a couple of weeks since Beverly and I had done anything so I was more than ready. But I had to force the thoughts I was having out of my head, for god’s sake I was fantasying about my Step Daughter.

I dressed quickly and returned to the living room. Erica had just taken a long hit from the joint, smiled as I entered, and asked what took so long. I laughed and told her I was admiring myself in the mirror, just like women do. She laughed and canlı bahis siteleri asked if I liked what I was looking at.

I curled up my nose and said I looked old and worn out. She smiled up at me and lovingly said, “I don’t think you look old and worn out. For a man your age you still have it going on. Like I said I am envious of Mom.”

Once again I saw a twinkle in her eye as she looked me up and down. She was checking me out and not being coy about it at all. It had to be the weed causing her to look at me this way. As I took the joint from her I told her, “Girly you do not want a broken down old man like me in your life. You need to find a young energized man to take care of you.”

As I took a deep inhale she told me, “Dan, I would love to find a man like you. You have always been the one man in my life I could count on. Dad left me, Time left me, but you have never left me. “

I sat beside her took her in my arms; she laid her head on my shoulder and started to cry. After a couple of minutes she looked up at me and asked why she always gets hurt. Why is that men run out on her?

I took her tear streaked face in my hands and told her, “Honey, I will never leave you. You can count on that. I promise to always take care of you and do whatever I can to make you happy.”

The look on her face is indescribable, part anguish, part desire, and part restraint. The affects of the weed was starting to hit me as I started to become mesmerized by looking at her.

She, like me, was feeling the effects as well. I could tell she was processing through all her emotions, but one kept winning out….DESIRE.

With my hands still holding her face I could not help myself, the look she had was drawing me in, she wanted to be loved to be held. I leaned forward and gently kissed her lips.

She immediately responded in kind. Before I knew it her arms were around my neck and mine had slipped down to her side. We were locked by our mouths, our tongues searching for each other. The passion was so strong, the desire uncontrollable.

I knew what was happening was wrong, but it felt so right at the same time. I mustered all the strength I had and pushed slowly away. Erica was battling with the same conflict. I was the first to speak, “Honey, we are traveling on a dangerous path. I love you with all my heart and want to make you so happy, but to go any further might cause more pain than pleasure.”

Her face saddened and slowly dropped. I could tell she felt rejected, yet again. I felt like a complete asshole. As I was beating myself for being so stupid Erica snapped her head back up and with a determined look on her face started to tell me things I never would have dreamed.

“Dan, you have always been there for me and have always been a father role to me. But you are not my father in blood. You are my mother’s husband and I am sorry to her for the feelings I have always had for you and that are growing each day. But I must admit that my love for you is more than as a step father. I am in love with you and have been since I was a teenager. I used to pretend you were my husband, that you would come home each day and kiss me all over. As I grew older I began to fantasize of having a sexual relationship with you, and I still do. When Mom said she was not coming home this weekend part of me was worried but part of me said finally I get him all to myself.”

“Well now I have you all to myself, you know how I feel about you, and if you have not figured it out yet I have been trying to give you hints I wanted you sexually all night. I would fully understand you saying no, but I really want you to think about it before you just refuse me. I do not want to break you and Mom up; I just want to have a weekend of passion with the one man I love more than any other.”

Her face was flush, her breathing fast, I could see anticipation written all over her. Here my beautiful Step Daughter was all but begging for me to spend a romantic weekend with her. I knew it would be wrong, I knew it would be risky, but the look on her face was so hard to say no to. I so wanted to make her happy, but the risk was huge. If things went wrong I would lose Erica and Beverly.

As I contemplated my next move, I noticed a change in Erica’s look. It went from one of anticipation to one of disappointment. She must have felt my not moving toward her as a sign of rejection. The look, be it on purpose to push me or sincere, was the thing that made my decision. I realized at that moment that she was not the only one in love. I loved her and I wanted to spend a romantic weekend with her.

As she started to sit back I stopped her, pulled her into my arms, and passionately kissed her, exploring her mouth with a lust driven from deep within. She responded instantly, throwing her arms around my neck and darting her tongue toward mine. We feverishly explored each other’s lust and desire.

I finally broke our embrace, stood, and reached out for her hand. She offered it quickly and I guided her to my bedroom. I turned to her and without saying a word slowly started kissing the side of her neck. Nibbling, kissing, and sucking gently. She responded with pressing her neck into my face, each nibble and suck I would be rewarded with a soft low moan.

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