Summer with C Ch. 05

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On the way back downtown we talked a bit about the way things were going.

“I never ever would have thought a couple weeks ago that I would be strolling around out in public wearing nothing more than a skimpy little thong. For that matter I’d never worn a thong at all before yesterday.”

“You seem to have taken to it well.”

“I’d never have dreamed of doing this if you weren’t in the drivers seat.”

“That’s my role here. I’m the master of ceremonies, the guide, just as we discussed during the interview.”

“Yes and I love it. I need someone to tell me to do these things otherwise I never would. Now I’m wondering what comes next and as I try to guess I get excited. On the other hand I’m beginning to get sexually frustrated. I want to have sex so badly right now. You’re tormenting me like this.”

“That’s a part of the plan. Once you’ve experienced sexual frustration you’ll be amazed at just how wanton you can become and all the boundaries that come down as a result.”

She was quiet, watching me as we drove along.

I broke the silence. “You really looked stunning on the beach today.”

She blushed but said no more all the way back to her office. Before she slid out of the car I told her that she should come to my office the next day.

“Are we going to the beach again?”

“No we will be staying in. Knock when you arrive, but then let yourself in once you do.”

When C arrived at my door the next day, she found a note taped to the door that read “Strip before you enter but leave your shoes on.” The corridors of the building that my office was in were not highly travelled but someone still could have come along as she undressed. It must have been a bit unnerving to her.

Sitting behind my desk waiting I heard the knock and her entry followed. A black and white frock of some sort was draped across her arm and it didn’t appear that there were any undergarments that accompanied it. Excellent.

“There’s a hook on the back of the door.”

She turned and hung the dress there. Definitely no bra or panties. The shoes were shiny black leather fuckmepumps with higher heels than I’d yet seen her in. I motioned for her to approach and they made a wonderful sound against the wooden floor: click, click, click … mesmerizing as it bounced escort bostancı around the high ceilinged room.

She stood behind the guest chairs, waiting for me to tell her to sit. Instead I pointed to a small box on the desk.

“For you.”

Bending over the chairs to reach for it her tits dangled ever so slightly and her little triangle of pussyfur rubbed against the back of a chair. Once opened the box revealed a black velvet blindfold with an elastic strap.

“I’m guessing this is for me to wear?”

“Yes. I’d like you to put it on now.”

Once it was in place I pushed my chair back from the desk and rose. What she had not known through all this was that all I was wearing was a shirt which I then unbuttoned and removed. My cock was at full attention, dying for contact. But not yet – there were other things to do first.

“Walk around for me,” I said, “I’ll tell you when to turn or stop.”

Timidly she took a few steps to her right.

“Stop. Now turn ninety degrees and take ten steps.”

Carefully she did as instructed, heels click-click-clicking as she progressed. I steered her all over the large space in that manner and eventually back to right in front of the desk again.

“Do you know where you are?”

“No idea.” was her reply. Now she was properly disoriented.

From the desk I picked up one of my devices, a good sized white plume that had originally come from a feather duster. Delicately, I ran it under her chin then down her back, across her breasts and finally up the inside of her thighs and against her pussy. She shuddered slightly as I drew it backwards along the crack between her asscheeks.

“Bend over and touch your toes.”

Carefully she did as told, in the process exposing herself in a most unladylike but provocative manner. Her vulvae beckoned enticingly, begging to be enjoyed. I flicked the feather against them, mostly just to confirm for her that she was so lewdly on display for me.


I reached for the next implement. Lifting the cover of a small ice bucket, I silently removed a single ice cube then returned to alongside her. My swollen cock was mere inches from her thigh and she had no idea. Holding the ice in three fingers I brought it to rest on a rigid nipple, initiating ümraniye escort another involuntary shudder. Moving it in a small circle, I watched the nipple get even stiffer as a small rivulet of water dribbled down her breast and abdomen.

Next I reached for an insulated coffee cup filled with piping hot brew. I sipped it, allowing my mouth to warm significantly then gingerly brought my face to the breast that had not received ice, kissed that nipple, then drew it into my mouth.

She moaned and I sucked harder before pulling away a bit and blowing on it. My breath evaporated the moisture cooling it in the process. She gasped in disappointment as I drew away.

From the sofa at the end of the room, I removed a cushion and lay it down on the floor. “Come here.” I barked and then guided her vocally until she stood with it at her feet.


C lowered herself, visibly relieved when she felt her knees met the soft pillow instead of the hard floor she was expecting.

“Hands behind your back.” I continued with the instructions “Now keep them there.”

Positioning myself right in front of her I brought the head of my penis to within fractions of an inch of her face, so close that I felt her warm moist breath grazing it. I touched the tip to her lips.

I don’t believe she realized what had made contact with her at first. Her lips parted ever so slightly then paused as she suddenly grasped what was going on.

“Open wider.” I commanded and she complied, opening her mouth enough that I was able to insert my fat mushroom head in. I waited for a moment then pushed in more so that roughly three inches of the shaft disappeared into the warm wetness. She started to suck slightly and I began a back and forth movement, fucking her face for the very first time.

We went on like that for ten or fifteen minutes. A couple times I tested her to find out how much she could take but her gag reflex was too strong for me to get more that about four inches of my shaft inside her mouth. Never mind, it felt wonderful and she was beginning to roll her tongue around as I continued my back and forth and back and forth and then she too was moving in unison. Eventually I just stood still and let her suck me in and out, in and out.

I reached that euphoric peak kartal escort bayan and my cock and balls pulsed violently, blasting jizz into her mouth, throb after throb after throb. The release was wonderful and was heightened by the knowledge that this was the first time she was receiving my seed.

I withdrew from the warmth and wetness of her. She knelt there with her mouth filled with my hot white spunk until I instructed her to swallow. Hesitantly she did.

“Have you ever swallowed cum before?” I asked.

“I’ve never had anyone ejaculate in my mouth before.” was her reply, “So, no.”

I helped her to her feet and led her by hand back to the desk where I pulled on my pants and shirt, then lifted the blindfold from her head. She blinked and squinted at first as her eyes accustomed themselves to the bright sunlight pouring in that she had been deprived of for the last half hour. We stared at each other for a few moments before I embraced her, kissed the nape of her neck, and suggested that she get dressed. “I’ll walk you back to your office.” I said after she had slipped back into her dress.

She smiled demurely and replied “Okay, if you insist.”

I reached down and lifted the hemline of the short dress then ran my hand along the inside of her right thigh, up ’til I touched her soft pubic fur and then her sex itself. She was moist and warm. It was obvious she’d enjoyed today’s activity. I probed at the entrance to her vagina just enough to get the very tip of my middle finger wet then withdrew it and brought it to my lips and licked the wetness. I offered the finger to her and she took it in her mouth just like she had my cock and sucked on it.

When I felt she’d had enough I pulled it from her mouth and motioned to the door. We headed out and down to the street then on toward her office. On the way we talked about the upcoming concert in the park and agreed that we should try to go. As we approached her building I issued the next instructions.

“Tomorrow evening I have a social event I’d like you to accompany me to. Your attire for the event will be delivered to your apartment this afternoon. I’ll swing by and pick you up at 6:30.”

Again, she smiled and again “Okay.” She gave me a quick peck on the lips but instead of heading into the building she paused for a moment.

“I really enjoyed having you in my mouth today and although I was very surprised when you climaxed, I liked that as well. I only wish that I could have seen what I was sucking on.”

“In due time,” was my reply “In due time.”

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