Supermarket Encounter

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This is a true story that I just wanted to relate to you and to enjoy reliving through the telling. I am writing this about 12 hours later. I’m really horny recalling it. I hope you enjoy it.


I was up and about early this morning, around 7.30 am. It’s been a busy week and I needed to get some essentials, milk, orange juice and tea bags and some pastries. So I headed out to the supermarket. As I parked up and headed to the shop I spotted a really cute woman ahead of me. I love legs and I noticed that she had nice shapely ankles and calves. I also noticed the sway of her bum in her floaty summer dress as she sashayed towards the entrance pushing a trolley. I wanted to see if the front view lived up to the rear.

I could see that she had black hair, which she wore short. I don’t know the name for the style but the look was soft and uneven, a spiky shaggy look that seemed to wrap around her face. I could see the sky blue frames of her glasses through the hair and as she turned I could see modern straight heavy frames that gave her a serious heavy browed look. Seriously sexy; I guessed that she was in her late thirties.

The rest of her petite, shapely body was revealed to me as she turned left and right, reaching and filling her trolley. Her dress had a scooped back line that revealed a semi-circle of milky smooth skin. Her arms were also bare almost to the shoulder. From the front the neckline was high, so no cleavage. But it was obvious from the proud profile that she had nice boobs. Not too big, just a couple of good apple sized tits.

I followed her up and down the aisles picking up my few provisions as I went, but always watching how she moved. Her dress came down to just above her knee. Her slender legs looked gorgeous. I am a total sucker for legs and I watched keenly as the dress swirled around offering tantalising glimpses of thigh. She was sensual and sexy but the flat canvas shoes revealed that her allure was a casual accident. She had just slipped on comfortable cool clothes on this hot morning. The unstudied sexiness was very appealing. She managed to create a sexual magnetism without being slutty. It was all so natural.

It was also having a natural effect on me as I could feel my cock start to harden. Not a full on boner, but just that good hot semi hardness you get as you anticipate your next encounter.

I must have been staring a little too obviously as I was suddenly aware of her looking back at me. My eyes moved up her body and met hers, looking piercingly at me through her stern spectacles. I was busted, but decided to be bold and just smile. She smiled back thinly and then shook her head as if to say, “Typical man!” She then moved off to continue shopping.

Undeterred I continued my pursuit walking far enough behind her not to raise suspicion. But she was obviously alerted to the pervy man staring at her and kept glancing back at me. I tried to smile whenever I caught her eye and slowly her returned smiles seemed to defrost her demeanour. I decided to be even bolder and slowly moved closer to her, reducing the yards between us. In the next aisle she was stopped half way up and I stopped right next to her. I could see the fine hairs on the back of her neck, soft downy-white hairs that gradually merged with her close cut hairline.

It was taking a risk being this close. But she just looked at me without seeming to care and then reached for a box of cereal. I reached out too and managed to ‘accidentally’ brush against her arm. She looked at me sharply and tossed the box in her trolley and moved off quickly. She glanced back once as she made her way towards the check out. I was worried that she might complain about me. But I was reassured as she looked round as she turned the corner. Our eyes met and she gave the warmest smile yet and a little shake of her head. She might have thought I was a pratt, but at least she didn’t seem to be angry.

I headed for the check out too. She was already loading her stuff onto the belt. The place wasn’t busy that time of the morning. I resisted the temptation to stand behind her and went to one of the automated checkouts. Ordinarily I hate those things, but I wanted to be done by the time she was leaving. I quickly paid for my few things then waited by the newsstand for her to come out.

After several minutes she came by. I stayed the opposite side of the stand from her and so I was able to come escort bostancı around behind her and follow her out. I walked behind her for a bit but decided to be brave. Seize the day!

I drew up along side her and spoke, “Hi!”

“He speaks!”

“Can I help you to your car?”

“Oh so you’re a gentleman now. I thought you were just a creep following me around, staring at my ass.”

“Sorry, I suppose I wasn’t very subtle.”

“No you weren’t,” she stopped by a sporty coupe and flipped the boot open. I helped load her shopping in and she said, “Thank you.”

“Sorry for staring at your ass. But it is a gorgeous specimen.”

“Maybe I should report you.”

I was braver all of a sudden, “I don’t think you want to.”


“Yes, I think you might be curious.”

“Curious about what?”

“Well why don’t you just follow me home and see?”

“Are you mad? Why should I follow you home? You could be dangerous.”

“I think you know I’m not,” I moved closer to her almost whispering in her ear, “Come home with me and I can give you something you can’t get from your husband.”

“What might that be?” she spoke slightly throatily.

“A good hard fucking. You have turned me on so much; I want to show you how hard you’ve made me. I’ll kiss and lick you all over, fuck you and make you cum hard. Get in your car.” I threw my shopping into her boot.

Almost robotically she closed the boot and walked to the driver side, as she got in I got into the passenger seat. Nothing was said and I just slid across and leaned over. She just sat back into her seat but couldn’t get away as I closed my mouth on hers and kissed her. At first her lips stayed closed but she didn’t push me back. I was gentle and ran my lips and the tip of my tongue along her lips.

She was breathing heavily and I moved to kiss her neck. I heard her gasp and so I whispered in her ear, “You are so fucking hot. I’m hard as rock and I want you.”

I took her hand and pulled it to my crotch. She tried to resist, “feel my cock,” I ordered. She relaxed enough for me to press her hand onto the thick, hard ridge of my swollen cock. Another gasp.

“You see how you make me,” I whispered. My lips found hers again and this time she opened her mouth and invited me in. Our tongues fenced as we kissed deeply.

I ran my hand down over her breasts, gently squeezing each one, and then on down. I reached her knee and doubled back up her thigh. Immediately her thighs snapped shut and her free hand grabbed my wandering hand by the wrist stopping its progress.

“Let go, I know you want this. I want to feel your pussy. I bet you’re wet already.” I forced my way past her hand, along her smooth, warm thigh. I could feel the heat of her pussy. My fingers reached her panties and I could feel the damp heat, “God I bet you are getting so wet. Tell me you want this.”

There was a long pause; we stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. My fingers pressed her gusset. I could feel the twin ridges of her lips and slid up to find the little bulge of her clit. I pressed harder and she gave a little moan.

“I’m going to fuck you, now drive!”

I sat back and she looked at me but didn’t move. “Start the car,” I quietly instructed.

She did, then for the first time in a while she spoke, “Where?” just one word uttered in a weak croaky voice. But it was enough to let me know she was on board.

We drove the mile or so to my house, me guiding her but saying nothing more. We parked and I told her to follow me. We walked to my door and I noticed her looking around, perhaps nervous in case someone she knew spotted her.

Once inside I showed her through to the living room. The curtains were still drawn from the night before, which was good I thought, no prying eyes. “Make yourself comfortable.”

I went to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of water. She had sat on the edge of the sofa and took the glass from me and drank a little. I took a drink and then set the glass down.

Without any further delay I stepped out of my trainers and pulled my T-shirt over my head. Even if I do say so myself, I have a good body for a forty something. I run and work out so no beer belly and some good muscle definition. As she sat and looked up at me I started to unbutton my jeans.

“So…” she faltered, “you’re just, I mean… here?”

By now my jeans were ümraniye escort coming off my legs. And I pulled off my socks too. Always the perfect gentleman, you know.

My cock was hard and made a large ridge in my trunks. I don’t want to boast but I have a great cock. Ok I am boasting, but it is long and thick and women have complimented me on its nice shape. I pulled my trunks down and off. I now stood in front of her naked and stroking my very erect cock.

“Jesus,” she hissed, “I can’t believe I’m sitting here. Twenty minutes a go I didn’t even know you existed. And now you’re naked, and…” she trailed off.

“And I’m going to fuck you.” I took the glass from her and set it beside mine. ‘Stand up.”

She didn’t move. No matter I thought. I bent over and kissed her again. She responded pushing her tongue out to meet mine. It was a passionate kiss. Her mouth felt hot and inviting. I had a thought. I stood up and offered my cock to her face. She pulled back a little but I pulled her head gently to me and she allowed my cock to pass between her lips. At first she was a little timid but soon got in to the swing of it and was sucking like a professional. My cock was soon wet and shiny with her saliva. She grasped my shaft with one had and wanked me as she sucked.

“Steady on, you want to make this last.” She just looked up at me and continued to slowly stroke me. I pushed her hand away and reached down. She went to stand but I said no and pushed her back. I lifted her legs up and pushed her back on the sofa. I removed her little canvas shoes, revealing her soft pedicured feet. As I say I love legs but I love cute feet even more, and hers were cute as hell. Pale and creamy, with a high arch and perfectly formed, pedicured toes. Her red toe nails giving a hint of her brazen side.

“You have great feet,” I commented kissing her toes and soles.

Her legs were up and wide apart and her dress fell back. I looked down at her white, satiny panties stretched over her pussy. I bent down and pressed my mouth against the smooth fabric. She groaned and I felt her hips move rhythmically with me as I massaged her mound with my lips and tongue.

I could feel the heat of her arousal and smell the aroma of her juices. I wanted to taste her properly so I found the waistband of her knickers and pulled them up and off her legs. She was now spread out in front of me. Her sex exposed to me.

She kept herself neatly trimmed. Her mound was crowned with a perfect triangle of dark pubic hair that was cut short and seemed to flow down to point the way to her clit.

“Neat pussy, I like a bit of hair.”

“You have that in common with my husband,” her voice was unsteady.

Her labia were blushed and slightly parted. I could see the slight sheen of wetness on her pussy. If there had still been any doubt it was clear now that she was giving herself up to me. I could do anything I wanted to her.

I bent to her face and kissed her again deeply, “I’ll soon have something else in common with your husband. I’m going to fuck you and then I’m going to send you back to him with my spunk inside your pussy, understand?”

She just nodded and looked at me with an expression that signalled her submission. I set about giving her the best fuck of her life. I held the backs of her knees and spread her legs wide, exposing everything. I pressed my tongue flat against her anus and licked slowly up across her pussy. I then sucked her clit into my mouth and vibrated my tongue against it. She squirmed and moaned. So I repeated the whole move, and then did it again and again. Each time I licked all the way from her ass to her clit then concentrated on her clit for a few moments. Each time she reacted with groans and writhed around under me. I increased the pace and then started to focus on her pussy. Licking up and down and in circles. Sucking her whole clit and hood into my mouth and holding it firmly between my lips and tongue. She now started to hump against my mouth. Becoming more frantic with each passing moment.

I broke away to ask, “Do you want my cock inside you?”

She just nodded.

“Say it!” I commanded, “Say you want me to fuck you.”

“I want you to fuck me,” her voice was weak.

“Say it!” I demanded.

She looked up at me and hissed, “I want your cock, fuck me, please.”

I moved up and pushed my large cockhead against her open pussy. I slipped kartal escort bayan into her slowly, feeling her vagina grip me tightly. I started to move back and forth, riding her faster and faster. She gasped with each thrust as I buried my cock deep into her then withdrew again, ready to repeat. I fucked her hard and steadily. Each time she rose up slightly in time with my movements.

My thumb found her clit and I gently circled it as I moved in and out of her pussy. She moaned, her eyes closed, relishing the dual sensations of being so utterly filled and having her clit stimulated. I could tell she was building to a nice climax and I kept thrusting into her pussy and working her clit. Her breathing quickened and I guessed her climax was approaching. But then I pulled out of her. Her eyes opened in surprise but I just smiled at her and pushed back into her. She sighed in pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you?”

She said nothing.

“I’m going to make you cum, then I’m going to fill your pussy with my spunk. “

“Do it she hissed.”

I fucked her hard and fast now. Pounding her body with each thrust. I held her ankles and leaned into her to push harder and further inside her on each thrust. I have to be honest; at this point I was hoping she would cum soon. She was so hot and this was so intense I knew I would blow my stack soon. I really wanted to fill her cunt, but she had to come first. I was hammering away, but trying to distract myself in any way I could. It was hard, she was so gorgeous. Her mop of black hair was now a mess, wrapping around her face. Her head was pushed back into the corner of the sofa and her glasses had fallen back on her head; their blue frames peeking through the strands of her black hair. She looked beautifully dishevelled.

Her dress was still demurely covering her shoulders and upper body. I hadn’t seen those tits, but it was too late now. Besides I didn’t need any extra stimulation.

Her right hand had strayed to her clit and she played with herself as I fucked her. I was glad of the help. It seemed to be working too. Her eyes were closed tight and she was moaning and panting, her hips jerking. She was obviously close. I willed her over the edge. I was thrusting hard and concentrating like the devil to hold on to my load. The sweat was running down my back and I could see a band of perspiration darkening her dress across her midriff. Fuck, I needed this woman to come soon.

My wish was granted. Suddenly her upper body jerked repeatedly and she groaned and made repeated but unintelligible sounds. Her orgasm was a big one. It surged through her body causing her to jerk and tremble, gasp and curse under her breath, “Fuck… oh… fuck, fuck…ugh… ughhh… uuuggghhhh.” She gave herself totally to the orgasm that seared through her petite convulsing body.

As she came I had continued to pump hard into her contracting pussy. And now I passed the point of no return. As her body surrendered to her climax, I slammed one final time deep into her sex as I lost control and felt my cock twitch and jerk as it spewed my thick, copious spunk into her body. We writhed and jerked together through the waves of pleasure. I fell on her and we kissed deeply and passionately as our connected bodies drew the last helpings of pleasure from each other, two strangers, who were now intimately coupled in mutual gratification.

I lay on top of her panting hard. I could feel her heaving body beneath me as she worked to recover her breath too. There was silence for several minutes as we lay entwined, hot, and breathless. Eventually she broke the silence.

“Your spunk is running down my bum.” We both laughed, “Get off me,” she heaved up to push me off, “Seriously, that’s some load you delivered.”

I rolled off and smiled at my wife, “Well you really turned me on this morning.”

This was our game. About once a month we’d play out a fantasy. We’d take it in turns to define the fantasy. Once it starts we have to stay in character until the one whose fantasy it is breaks it. This was her fantasy. She wanted to meet a stranger and get fucked within just minutes of meeting. Next month it would be my turn. There are no rules and few limits. I’d have to think about what I wanted to do. Mind you the one we’d just acted out was pretty hot. More than I expected when she described it to me. I’d really have to think for next month.

My wife stood up with one hand cupping her pussy and the other sliding her glasses back on, “I’m going to have a shower, you can bring in the shopping.” She skipped off and I watched her ass disappear thinking what a lucky guy I am to be married to such an adventurous woman.

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