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Double Penetration

Before proceeding, I’m offering a caveat that this may be too extreme, in the taboo sex and sexuality sense for some, as it contains descriptions of graphic sex between adult siblings. If that is offensive or disturbing, consider hitting the “back” button and skipping this post.

My wife KK was in a super-weird, tense, and horny mood for more than a week – and now I know why.

Monday night, a week before Christmas Eve, we were in the den, cuddled on the sofa together. I was reading, occasionally glancing at the TV, while KK was channel surfing. She finally settled on something, some movie, and I kept reading. At some point, I became aware of her hand in my crotch, squeezing and groping me, and in a couple of seconds, she had my jeans undone, and my cock and balls free – she was watching some scene on TV, and I took a second to see what had her worked up. I recognized the actor in the scene as Alan Rickman, but that was about it.

She had my cock hard from all the fondling and teasing, and finally KK pushed the book out of my hands, and got on her knees in front of me, and started sucking me.

Eventually, we were both naked on the sofa, with KK on my cock, fucking herself and diddling her clit until she had a nice orgasm, and had me cum inside her. We made a little small talk after, and she told me that she was feeling really tired, and was going to have a glass of wine, go read, and perhaps sleep. She went on her way, leaving me on the sofa, naked and wound up.

I pulled my boxers back on, and went for a glass of wine, then down the hall to check on KK. I peeked in the partly opened master bedroom door, and saw that KK was masturbating, talking softly on her phone! I watched for a few minutes, but I couldn’t hear who she was talking to, and clearly she was building toward orgasm, so I watched as my wife made herself cum, so intensely she dropped the phone. I was hard again, facing the decision to intrude, and fuck her, or mind my own business. I decided to do the latter, and see what she might disclose the following day.

I ended up in my home-office/den, jacking off to short video clips of KK masturbating.

The next morning over coffee, out of the clear blue, KK said, “I might need to tell you a secret. But, I don’t know – it’s a dirty, awful secret…”

I replied, my interest peaking, “What could be so dirty and awful that it needs to be a secret? I’m listening.” She responded, “I just don’t know – you might be so angry, or you might hate me or think your wife is a terrible, perverted dirty slut. I just don’t know…”

We volleyed back and forth on the topic for a few minutes, until it was clear to me that KK wouldn’t tell me whatever her deep, dark, secret might be, at least not in the moment. It seemed her intent was to tease and arouse me. The closing shot was, “I’ll think about it, and maybe we can talk when you get home from work. You’re going to be late.”

It was a long day, and I was distracted with thoughts of what might be up and obsessed with hearing her confession, if it were going to come, and what it might be.

When I got home, there was just more teasing – after dinner I tried to coax more from KK, but other than little comments about “dirty slut,” “naughty girl,” and such there was no detail to be had. We did have a really hot fuck session, starting in the playroom, in the shower first, with lots of wet, soapy fun, followed by an excellent doggie-style fuck on the bathroom floor, and a face-sitting session, in which KK used the queening chair to have me clean her out. She really seemed to relish having me lick my cum from her gaping pussy, while dirty-talking the whole of the time.

Later, before we went to bed for the night, KK reminded me that her younger brother was coming in Wednesday night, and that I was to pick him up at the airport. She told me that she put it on my calendar, and would send me a text midday with an update on his flight.

In context, KK’s younger brother, David lives overseas – he’s an expat for a firm that has operations in the Middle East, and we’ve seen him maybe a half-dozen times since our wedding. He’s rarely in the U.S., and this visit was a pre-holiday event, with him stopping through at our house, to visit with KK, before he headed out to see his kids (now adult) for the Christmas holiday itself. He’s divorced, and about 16-months younger than my wife.

I had almost forgotten about the visit, but I reassured her that I’d be there on time to pick her brother up, and not to worry.

Wednesday morning I woke up to a horny wife, and a nice morning blowjob – KK swallowed every drop, and out of the norm, didn’t expect satisfaction in return. She hopped out of bed, and said she was going to burn off some energy doing housework. She reminded me again of my afternoon obligation to pick up her brother. I showered, and dressed, then headed out for a short workday.

I got a text about midday from KK, telling me her brother’s flight was on time, and I left the office pendik escort in plenty of time in case traffic was bad, to go meet him at the airport. He’d already cleared customs on the international leg of his flight, so he was at the exit gate escalator pretty much on time. We greeted on another, collected his luggage, and made it to the house by dinner time.

KK looked fabulous – almost overdone for a family visit, but I didn’t really think about it in the moment. She had on a very fashionable sort of vintage looking dress, red pumps, and I assumed pantyhose, her pearls, and her hair and makeup were perfect. She had dinner ready, and her brother excused himself to freshen up after his flight, and then joined us at the table.

I also took note that KK was a little “lubricated,” apparently having enjoyed a couple of martinis earlier. After dinner, we went to the den, and spent a couple of hours catching up, talking about family stuff, current U.S. events, a little politics and economics. KK had prepared one of her famous Mexican Martini’s for me, and I noted it was heavy on the tequila. She ended up serving me two, and the shakers full of tequila we’re taking a toll on me after a long day. Eventually David excused himself, to get some sleep.

KK and I went to bed about 45-minutes later. Once again, she was extra horny; I presumed from the martini buzz. She asked me to undress her, which I gladly did, and found her in pantyhose, sans panties, and a lacy bra underneath that dress. KK undressed me, and ended up on her knees, with my cock in her mouth. From there, it was to the bed, with KK still in her bra, pantyhose and heels, and we enjoyed a nice session – I was super-hard, despite feeling almost blitzed from the booze. I tried a few times to press her on the prior topic of her deep, dark secret, and she just continued the tease, telling me she was still considering whether, or not to tell me. We ended up with me having a hot mutual masturbation session, with her rubbing one out through the crotch of her pantyhose, and me stroking my hard cock on her nylon covered thigh until I blew a cum load all over her. After that, I pretty much went lights out – I don’t even remember falling asleep that night.

In the wee hours, I was awakened with this odd feeling, intensely aroused, but so groggy it took me a while to figure out what was going on. KK was buck-naked, squatting on my cock, riding it, and diddling her clit with the fingers of one hand, and pinching her nipples and playing with her boobs with the fingers of the other. She was simply pleasuring herself, using my cock as a tool. It seemed very odd, and in a sense it was as if I weren’t really in bed with her, she was just riding, fucking, and diddling almost as though I was inanimate, like a dildo or something. I feigned being still asleep, and just let her grind away. Her pussy was amazingly wet, soaking, and the juices were running down my balls and thighs making the bed wet. Finally she came, with spasms of orgasm, and just dismounted me, leaving my boner curving up – I had not cum, and my balls felt full and sort of aching with the lack of relief. After I heard KK snoring a little, I tried jacking off for relief, visualizing her hot pussy, the sight of her big tits, and how my cock looked as she rode on it. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t make myself cum – I was rock hard, but I sort of felt drugged or somehow desensitized – eventually, I gave up and fell back to sleep.

Thursday morning was routine, other than having David as a houseguest – KK got up early and made breakfast, we all chatted, then I went to work. It was busy, and I ended up home a little later than planned. David and KK were already at the dinner table, and had started without me. I joined them, and after finishing up, we had a slow, lazy evening. There was a lot of brother-sister banter, and what I presumed were inside jokes that had some odd innuendo, and they even got into a short tickle fight, which I thought in the moment was a little odd, and even a little out of character for KK, but the odd feeling passed. Eventually, David suggested he was still feeling a little jet-lagged, and went to bed.

I had a couple of work things to do, email mostly, and went to deal with that leaving KK to her phone messages, and other mundane stuff. It took me about two hours to catch up, and I finally went back to the den, expecting to find my wife on the sofa, but the den was dark and empty. I found her in bed, conked out – sound asleep, but I didn’t think much of it. She was wearing one of my football jerseys, sheets kicked off, and it had hiked up, exposing her crotch. I thought about it for a second, and decided to try for a quickie pussy licking session, and maybe a fuck.

I went for it, parting KK’s legs, to get her wet, open, and bring her to orgasm before sticking my cock in her. KK resisted just a little, but gave in, She was already wet, and seemed a bit muskier down there than usual. I succeeded in bringing her to an orgasm with my tongue. escort pendik When I repositioned to fuck her, she closed her legs and rolled over, saying, “I’m really tired – let’s just go to sleep…” leaving me hard and unsatisfied. The musky scent, and slightly bitter, off-taste of her was lingering. I pressed further, “What have you been up to today? Have you been fucking around with one of your buddies while your brother’s here? That seems kind of rude…” KK’s reply was stiff, “Well, if it’s any of your business, I am a very, very naughty girl after all. A gentleman doesn’t ask, and ladies don’t tell. Now leave me alone, and go to sleep. We’ll talk about it some other time, if you’re good…”

Friday morning was pretty much a minor variation on the same theme, and I bugged her about “telling me her secret” as we were going through the morning routine – no dice, just more of that teasing chatter, which was kind of beginning to annoy me. I also hinted around about a quickie in the shower, but no joy on that either – KK said, “We don’t want to be rude to David – I’ve got to go make breakfast!” After the morning routine and breakfast, I asked KK what she and David had planned, and she replied, “Oh, not much. He’s leaving Sunday, so we’re just going to spend the day chatting and catching up on family stuff. Why don’t we have steak for dinner tonight, since the weather’s nice – you can grill for us, OK?” I acknowledged, and told her I’d be home between 6:30pm and 7:00pm, and asked her if she’d mind prepping a salad. She was good with all that, and I went to work.

As holidays go, things had pretty much ground to a halt before noon that Friday, and since there was nothing pressing, I figured I’d go home early. I called the house before leaving the office – I wanted KK to check the propane tank on the grill for me – I got no answer, which I thought was a little odd, given her earlier comment about being around the house. Right as I was leaving, a call came in that delayed me about 30 more minutes, but by noon-ish, I was on my way. I decided to stop by the house and check the grills propane supply before making other plans, so I headed home.

I backed into the driveway, leaving the truck running and the driver’s door open, then went around back through the side yard gate to the grill deck. As I was rounding the corner of the house, I noted that the den windows had the blinds open, which usually meant someone was home.

I paused for a moment, because there was movement visible through the plate glass of the window, which struck me as strange, given KK hadn’t answered the phone earlier – I assumed she’d gone out to lunch with her brother or some other errand. I paused and watched for a moment, and saw that it was David, with a bottle of tequila in one hand, shirtless, wearing what appeared to be just boxers, returning to the sofa.

I was blocked from a direct view by the stone structure that forms the grill deck columns, bar, and counter, and I continued to watch. It wasn’t a great view, but it looked like someone was on the sofa next to David. I walked around to the corner of the main deck, where the window-wall forms a sort of an “L-shape” to get a closer view – I wondered if David might have gotten an intro to one of KK’s hot friends, or perhaps new someone in town and had decided to hook up for some afternoon delight.

When I finally saw what was going on inside, I nearly collapsed. KK was on the sofa next to David. It was still not a great view, but I could see she had on one of her short silk kimonos. The sash was loose, and it was hanging down the edge of the sofa to the floor. She had one barefoot on the cocktail table opposite the sofa, and I could see that the two of them were doing tequila shots. They did a shot together, then cuddled up next to each other on the sofa!

The two of them were staring at something intently, in the direction of the flat screen TV, but there was no way I could see what they were watching. Within a minute, KK had her hand on David’s crotch, and had his cock, and balls pulled out of the waistband of his boxers. I felt like I would pass out – simultaneously from disbelief, and because it felt like all the blood was rushing to my cock, which had gotten intensely hard.

I simply couldn’t absorb what I was seeing – my wife was stroking her brother’s cock! Although the view wasn’t great, I could see he was pretty well hung – at a point, KK had both hands wrapped around the shaft of his penis, and there was still cock sticking up.

The stroking continued, and a while later, KK shifted around onto the sofa, on her knees. The kimono rode up and sort of slid to the back of the sofa, exposing my wife’s panty-covered ass – she was wearing a pair of white panties, and they had a distinct wet spot in the crotch. She kneeled down and although I couldn’t see, I knew what was happening – my wife was sucking her brother’s cock… I saw his hand appear between her thighs, and David was rubbing her pussy through the crotch of her pendik escort bayan panties. My cock felt like it was going to explode.

As I was watching this sordid scene, my phone buzzed, which nearly made me jump in alarm. I answered it, muffling my voice, my face feeling flushed and hot – it was the next-door neighbor, asking me why my truck was running with the driver’s door opened. I got my wits, and managed to sneak back away from the window, around to the side yard, and told the neighbor I was getting the propane tank to go for a refill. After hanging up, I sorted myself out – I still had a raging hard-on, and I stuck one hand down my slacks to sort of rearrange things, and felt a blob of wet pre-cum that had formed.

I felt wobbly, and it was hard to catch my breath. I had just seen my wife, and her brother engaged in sex together!

It took me a bit to form a plan, essentially to go for propane, then to the butcher shop for steaks, and call KK’s cell phone to tell her that I was on the way home. My mind was racing – I began to suspect what KK’s deep, dark secret might be, and I was thinking about the events of the last several days – how horny she’d been that musky, bitter, familiar taste I’d gotten while kissing her pussy Thursday night, her sexual tension, all of it – my wife and her brother – sex partners!

I went back around to the truck, and got in. The drive to the hardware store was filled with distractions – the overwhelming experience I’d just had was all I could concentrate on. My cock was still hard, and it felt like I was leaking or dribbling, but there was no wet stain, so it was either my imagination, or it was being absorbed by my boxers. I managed to pick up the propane, and get to the butcher shop for the steaks. I made the first call to KK’s cell from the parking lot when I pulled up, and got no answer. I sent her a text, then went inside to pick out the steaks. When that was done, I could see that she still hadn’t read the text, so I called again – still no answer.

I was uncertain about what to do, but I made the decision to go on home, and hope that she’d gotten my texts and voicemail. I made as much racket as I could manage, raising and lowering the garage door a couple of times before finally pulling in, “accidentally” beeping the truck’s horn, and more or less slamming the interior garage entry door on my way to the kitchen. The den was empty, and the only evidence of anyone being there were bunches of lime wedges in a pile atop a napkin on the cocktail table. I put the steaks in the refrigerator, and went to look around for KK and David.

I went to our bedroom, which was empty, and from there, to the playroom door. It was open, and I could hear what I thought was water running. I went in, and found the bathroom door ajar, so I peeked inside.

KK and her brother David were in the walk-in shower together – naked, wet, with KK squatting over David’s erection, pissing on him! I thought my knees were going to buckle.

KK’s stream weakened, and she reached for the bottle of tequila which was on the shower bench, took a big swig of it straight out of the bottle, then poured some into David’s mouth. Then it happened – my wife sank down, engulfing David’s massive hard-on, enveloping it with her pussy.

I watched her bounce on her brother’s cock – feeling shock, lust, disbelief, not really absorbing what I was seeing. My wife was fucking her own brother – she was doing the fucking, the active aggressor, taking pleasure from being filled with his big cock.

She had an orgasm, nearly falling out of the shower in the process, and when she got her bearings, KK made David get on his hands and knees on the shower floor, with his legs apart. What I saw next was overwhelming – KK started rimming him, and finger-fucking David’s ass while tugging on his hard cock. It was erotically dirty – nasty, and raw!

KK did him that way for a few minutes, and then they sort of swapped roles, with David fingering KK’s ass, alternating with his tongue, and jamming his fingers into her pussy. My wife had another orgasm, and collapsed onto her tummy on the shower floor. I could hear her say, “I want you to cum in me – I want your cum inside my pussy! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy with that big beautiful cock!”

I watched David position his sister for better access, and then slather his raging boner with bath oil, along with pouring about half of it on my wife’s upturned ass and exposed pussy. Then he sank his cock into her, balls deep in a single hard thrust – with his hands on her hips, he started fucking her. KK’s big tits were swaying, and she was almost screaming while her brother fucked her deep and hard, ramming his cock in and out of her.

He finally lost it, and blew his load inside KK, buried in her cunt all the way to his balls. I had a spontaneous orgasm as I saw David collapse forward onto KK there in the shower, unloading his cum into his sister – my wife!

I slightly lost my balance in the moment, and fell into the door, causing it to open inward into the bathroom. KK turned to the doorway, and said in a drunken, hoarse exclamation, “I guessh my dirty secrets out! You fucker, how long have you been watchin’ us?” I was speechless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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