Taboo Hypnosis 02

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This story shares a theme with the first one but it does not involve the same characters, again all characters are at least eighteen years of age and it should be treated as a fantasy.


Sabina was a wife and mother of two, eighteen and nineteen, she had just turned forty, and she was frustrated, sexually. Her husband Colin was a wonderful man in every respect, loving, kind, thoughtful, able to compromise, but could stick to his guns when necessary and provided a good living, except for one thing in the past five years his interest in sex had decreased alarmingly. They hadn’t been screwing like rabbits, but it was good sex and usually when she wanted. Suddenly five years ago something changed and it became only when he felt up to it, once or twice during the week, weekends and special occasions, but she adapted to it. Later it became once during the week and other off times, later still only on weekends and special occasions. A year ago it had become once a month and sometimes special occasions, it was driving her nuts.

Sabina couldn’t figure out what had changed, it couldn’t be her, she thought as she looked in the mirror. She was forty but she had long lustrous blonde hair, deep blue eyes, medium sized breasts that had only a slight sag and as for her figure, she actually looked better than she had five years ago. Hours at the gym and a well-planned diet had seen to that and twenty-two pounds later she was happy with what she saw. But what then, had he changed as he had gotten older, however she was still deeply in love with him. She considered, he hasn’t gotten a new secretary in almost ten years and it seems more like he’s lost interest in sex rather than her.

Her phone alarm went off and she remembered her class was starting soon and she had to leave or be late. Sabina was taking classes at the local community college, but this wasn’t one of them, this was a course on hypnotism given privately in a separate building. Sabina didn’t really have an interest in hypnotism, but the woman giving the class, whom she had met at the college, gave such a good pitch that she couldn’t resist and had now been taking the course for months and was thoroughly enjoying herself. Especially as she found that she had a knack hypnotizing for people. Sabina sat in the front as usual as she didn’t want to miss anything, however throughout the class her mind wandered and she just couldn’t focus, before she knew it the class was over. As she was collecting her stuff someone approached her and she hoped it wasn’t one the guys in the class trying to hypnotize her, the last one wasn’t attractive and had ended up hypnotizing himself. However to her relief it was just the teacher.

“Hi, Miss Collier, how are you?” Miss Collier smiled and sat on the table.

“Sabina you’re normally one of my most attentive students, what’s wrong?” Sabina sat eyes wide for a moment before answering.

“It’s fine just busy, busy.” She tried to stand, but Miss Collier put a gently hand on her shoulder and made eye contact. Sabina knew that Miss Collier was the type to get what she wanted, without hypnotism. “I’m just having some communication problems with my husband, that’s all.” The hand was unwavering and Sabina knew she wasn’t leaving until she answered fully. “It started about five years ago we’ve been…having less and less sex, it’s been almost a month and it’s driving me nuts.” Sabina couldn’t believe that she had just told a near stranger such an intimate detail of her personal life, but she had been bursting to tell someone. Miss Collier showed no reticence to give her opinion.

“Hypnotize him, he’ll tell you what’s wrong and then you can get him to give you what you want, because clearly there’s nothing wrong with you.” Miss Collier smiled at Sabina’s blushing face.

“Hypnotize my husband? I can’t hypnotize him.” Miss Collier shook her head.

“You can, you are a very good student, and if you’re worried that you can’t do that to him, then you think about how you could help him sleep better, manage stress better or improve his memory.” Sabina sat quietly thinking about this, when she realized that Miss Collier had stood and was walking to her desk. Sabina was lost in thought as she stood to leave. When she arrived back home, she was alone, the rest of her family would be home throughout the day. Sabina sat in her room and thought about what she had discussed with Miss Collier. She realized that Miss Collier was right, hypnotism was the answer, but she was not so confident that she could hypnotize her husband. While she wondered what to do, she heard the front door, meaning her son had come home and her mind realized a plan. Hypnotize her son as practice for hypnotizing her husband. Sabina felt better than she had in some time as she walked to her son’s room and knocked. There was some shuffling before he responded.

“Yes?” His voice sounded a bit strained. Sabina smiled as she realized that he was probably masturbating.

“Aden, ataşehir escort bayan can I come in? There’s something I would like to talk to you about.” Again more shuffling as he hesitated. “Aden, honey I need to talk to you, I’m coming in.” Sabina entered his room to find him covered in a blanket and blushing furiously.

“Yes, mom?” He flinched when she sat down on the bed.

“I know telling you not to be embarrassed won’t help, but I am concerned about your grades dropping. You had a fight with Leann didn’t you?” He nodded. “Honey, I can help you, with hypnosis, will you let me?”

“Can you mom, really?” Sabina nodded. “Yes, mom, what do I do?”

“Just relax and listen to the sound of my voice.” Aden lay back although clearly nervous. “Feel yourself going deeper and deeper, at peace.” Soon she heard his breathing become smooth and even, shallower than it had been, with a start she realized that he wasn’t asleep, but rather in a hypnotic trance. “Aden, why are you so stressed?”

“Because I don’t want to disappoint you or dad and Leann isn’t very sympathetic, she thinks all I want is sex and I just want to listen.”

“From now on just concentrate on doing your best and don’t worry about disappointing us, we are very proud of you.” Sabina was about to bring him out of his trance when she caught herself looking at the blanket and what she realized was a bulge, not a wrinkle. Feeling unusually naught and very horny Sabina decided to take the plunge. “Aden, remove the blanket.” He did so without hesitation, revealing that he had his shirt on and his shorts were askew as if he had hastily pulled them up, but the bulge was apparent. “Take off your clothes.” Again he did so without hesitation revealing a fit eighteen year old body that had good definition and skin that was just lighter than medium. Her eyes quickly went to his groin, he was fully erect, with a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip. The cock was at least seven inches, larger than his father. Sabina couldn’t help herself as she leaned down to taste his pre-cum, it was delicious. To hell with it, she thought, as long as I don’t actually have sex it’s okay.

“From now on when I put my hand on your shoulder and call you “sugar”, you will return to this trance state, do you understand?” Aden’s response was in a monotone that momentarily startled her.

“Yes, mommy.” Sabina felt herself reconsidering ever hypnotizing him, when she was his laptop became curious about what he watched to get off. The page didn’t look even risqué much less pornographic, then she realized that he must have moved another window in the way. She minimized the window and she saw that underneath was a page with a paused video, it showed two women, mostly dressed and kissing. Sabina was momentarily shocked, but decided to watch the video anyway. The women continued their kissing as Sabina activated full-screen, now with a better view she realized that one looked barely legal, the same age as her daughter Adria, but the other looked about her age. Sabina checked the title and realized that it referred to women her age seducing teenage girls for sex. Her first thought was to stop watching, but the wat the two were kissing was strangely compelling and she realized, arousing as well.

The two women were clearly into each other and highly aroused giving a franticness to their kissing, however they didn’t seem in much of a hurry. At last they broke the kiss to finish taking their shirts off only to get right back to their kissing. However they continued to undress without stopping the kiss, it was clear to Sabina that they were probing each other’s mouths with their tongues. At last they were naked and the older woman directed the younger woman to lean back on the couch and the older woman got down on her hand and knees to lick the other’s pussy. Sabina put a hand to her mouth to stifle a gasp. The older woman was patient as she licked the younger woman’s lips and even spared a lick for her clit. Time passed and the younger woman’s moaning got louder, her breathing faster, until she seemed to cum. The older woman, very much dominating the situation, but in a sensual way, directed the younger woman to the floor and she sat on the couch with her legs open. The younger woman on her knees, began to return the favor on the older woman. When the older woman seemed to cum, Sabina though it was over when she realized the video still had about half left and wondered what would happen next. After a moment to recover the older woman stood up, told the teen to stay put and left the room.

When she returned, Sabina’s eyes felt as if they would pop out of her head, the woman had a cock. On closer examination it turned out to be strapped to her, but it looked fairly real. The older woman approached the teen who was still on her knees and pushed the fake cock into her mouth. The action switched back and forth between the teen giving a sensual blowjob and the older woman fucking her escort kadıköy mouth as if it were a pussy. After a little while the older woman directed the younger woman to bend over the couch and the older woman thrust the cock into her pussy. The older woman began to thrust harder and harder as the teen moaned. The final act was for the older woman to pull out, remove the strapon and to bend slightly and spread her ass cheeks. The teen returned to her knees, licking the older woman’s pussy and even up to her anus. The scene ended with the two women sitting on the couch kissing once again. Sabina was now so wet she didn’t care anymore.

“Sugar you will call me mistress while in this trance. Now on your knees.” Aden complied, cock still hard and pointing to the ceiling. Sabina sat on the bed facing him and spread her legs. “Use your tongue and lips to pleasure me until I cum, stroke yourself, but don’t cum until I say.” Aden scooted into position and lowered his head into position. Aden was enthusiastic as soon as his tongue tasted her, licking with energy if not skill. Sabina didn’t care, her husband had never gone down on her and few boyfriends before him had either. She found herself moaning softly as his tongue occasionally found a sensitive place and she even whimpered a bit when he sucked her clit. She was amazed, but guessed that watching porn had probably shown where things were if not how sex really worked. At last she found herself feeling like she would explode and came loudly.

After her breathing had returned to normal she looked down at Aden’s face covered in her juices and a thought struck her. Sabina leaned down to lick some of the juices off his face and liked the taste, she had soon cleaned his face, even his lips, and wanted more. Sabina scooped up the juices from between her lips, but soon this was too awkward and she was becoming quite sensitive. Her attention returned to Aden, still stroking his cock and looking increasingly uncomfortable. “Cum for me, sugar.” He let out a loud moan as he seemed to explode and the cum seemed to be everywhere. Sabina tasted some, but resisted the urge to clean him with her tongue. “Clean up and get dressed, you will only remember what happened when you are in a trance, also remember that regardless of what I get up to, you act completely normal and ignore me.” Sabina left, shocked at her behavior, but feeling better than she had in months. Sabina returned to her room to wait for her husband, however she found her thoughts turning to the video she had watched. Her thoughts were also starting to include her daughter. What would it be like to do those things with her daughter? Now feeling really wet Sabina decided that she would do it, she would hypnotize her daughter for sex. She waited until her daughter came home and went to her room. Sabina knocked softly.


“Can I come in Adria?”

“Sure mom.” Sabina entered to find her daughter sitting at her desk, brow furrowed, books on the desk and tension in her shoulders. Sabina walked over to her daughter putting her hand on her shoulder.

“Still struggling with psych.” Adria nodded. “I could hypnotize you, I used it to help Aden. What do you think?” Adria sat back and considered before turning back to her mom.

“Can you really, mom? Please I have a test on Monday and I’m scared I’ll fail it.” Sabina nodded and gestured to the bed.

“It will be easier if you relax on the bed.” Adria nodded and lay on the bed. “Now listen to my voice, it’s not important what I say, just listen to the sound and don’t fight just go with it.” Sabina continued until Adria’s breathing became shallow and she now knew this meant that Adria was in a trance. “From now on you will carefully study for psych and when you need it, you will remember the information accurately. Whenever I put my hand on your shoulder and call you my “sweet honey” you will return to this trance state and call me mistress. While in this trance state you will remember, but when you are not in this trance you will not remember what happens in the trance. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good, undress honey.” Adria quickly undressed revealing her tight teen body with breasts that were a bit small, but would probably grow larger in time. When Adria removed her panties Sabina got a shock as she saw that her daughter was hairless between her legs, at first she thought there just wasn’t much hair and what hair was there was merely faint due to its light color. However a closer look revealed that Adria was in fact shaved. “Honey, how long have you been shaving between your legs?”

“Since I was fifteen, I saw one of Aden’s porn magazines and decided to try it and when I touch myself it feels amazing, so I kept it.” Sabina smiled, all the things that she was learning about her children.

“Get on your knees and pleasure me, honey.” Sabina sat on the bed with her legs spread as Adria kneeled on the floor and started to pleasure her. Her bostancı escort tongue was like an electric shock, Aden may have had enthusiasm, but Adria had skill, Sabina momentarily wondered whether it was from experience or if it was because Adria was a woman. Adria’s tongue varied its speed and angle and stopped occasionally on her clit. Sabina couldn’t believe what she had been missing, first by not having anyone go down on her and second by not having another woman go down on her. Sabina was riding higher and higher as Adria’s tongue moved all over her pussy, the clit, on the lips, between them and all around. At last she couldn’t take it anymore and moaned as she came all over her daughter’s face. Sabina felt herself struggling not to pass out from the force of the orgasm. When at last her breathing returned to normal, Sabina looked down at her daughter.

“That was wonderful honey, now up on the bed on your hands and knees.” Now, thought Sabina, I think it’s time to try another woman and see how she tastes. Sabina climbed onto the bed behind her daughter on her knees. She lowered her head and found that her daughter was already wet as she extended her tongue to have a taste. It was similar to her own taste, but it was actually sweeter and she eagerly began to lick it up, searching the folds and crevices for more. Adria’s response was to moan with increasing volume as Sabina continued and to thrust her hips back into Sabina’s tongue. Soon she began to tense up and Sabina realized that she about to cum and she stopped. Adria whimpered in disappointment, but didn’t say anything. “Honey do you have any sex toys?”

“Yes, mistress.” Sabina didn’t know if she should be shocked or not.

“Get them and lay them on the bed.” Adria went to her closet and laid three items on the bed. One was obviously a vibrator about six inches and not too thick, the second to Sabina’s surprise was a strapon, the kind with a dildo on both sides so that the wearer also has one in her pussy, however the third item was a mystery. It looked like a dildo, but was smaller than the vibrator and was flat at the base. “Honey, what is this?” Sabina held up the curious object to her daughter.

“A butt plug, for opening up the ass for anal sex.” Sabina’s eyes went wide.

“Have you used it?”

“Yes, I always use it when I masturbated, I leave it in until I cum.” Shocked as she was Sabina was also feeling wet.

“Have you had anal sex?” Adria shook her head.

“No, I haven’t found a guy worth giving that virginity to.” Sabina handed the plug to Adria.

“Show me.” Adria took the plug and slid it slowly into her mouth as she stroked her pussy. When she was satisfied she leaned back and pressed it to her anus. Slowly it entered and Adria moaned as she continued to stroke her pussy. When it was all the way in Sabina picked up the strapon.

“Don’t cum. Now, honey show me how to put this on, I’m going to fuck you.” Saying this caused a tremor to go through Sabina. Again Adria whimpered at not being able to cum, but helped Sabina to insert the dildo into her pussy and tightened the straps. Once it was tight Sabina marveled at how she almost felt as if she had her own cock.

“Bend over.” Adria got into position and Sabina slid the strapon over her pussy, moaning as this produced reactions in the dildo inserted into her own pussy. Sabina soon inserted into Adria’s pussy and moved slowly until she was all the way in, when she started thrusting. They were now both moaning and Sabina felt as if she almost had a real cock inside a tight teen pussy. Sabina continued thrusting until both tensed up moaning harder than before. Sabina gave one final thrust as both came loudly, Sabina leaned over Adria’s back as both panted hard and tried to recover from her orgasm. Standing up slowly Sabina began to undo the straps and removed the strapon. Sabina was about to leave, but now that she was breathing normally, she was still horny. Leaning over the bed she turned to Adria.

“Honey, on your knees, lick me until I cum.” Adria moved to the floor, although slowly due to the plug in her ass, then she put her mouth to Sabina’s pussy. Sabina felt herself gushing as Adria licked her, but Sabina decided to try something else. “Honey, move up to my butthole and tongue that too.” Adria’s tongue licked up Sabina’s pussy until she reached her anus, where her tongue licked across, around it and pushed to enter it. Sabina felt as if she was entering a new realm of pleasure and moaned. Soon Sabina felt Adria’s tongue entering her ass and she couldn’t hold it in anymore, she came hard. Sabina lay forward on the bed for a moment, before standing up and turning to Adria.

“Honey, have you used that strapon?”

“Yes, mistress, my friend Yuki has let me use it on her twice and she loved it.”

“Is she the reason that you’re so good at licking pussy?”

“Yes, we usually take turns, but we have tried a sixty-nine.” Sabina was about to leave it at that when a naughty idea struck her.

“Honey, have you ever left the plug in after you were done?”

“A couple of times I’ve inserted it in the morning and left it in ally day, I feel so naughty when I do.” Sabina smiled at the idea forming in her mind.

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