Taken, Not Asked Ch. 01

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I’ve washed the dishes, prepped my briefs for tomorrow, had a bath, got into bed, read my book and switched the lights off – thinking that sleep will come…but it doesn’t.

I lie on my stomach, open my legs slightly and tilt my pelvis back and forth…enjoying the slight resistance of the firm mattress against my pubic mound. Rolling over, I run my hands over my full breasts, my rib cage, down my hips and rest them on my hip-bones — before repeating the slow, and tantalising experience.

Knowing that my state of arousal will not be ignored and demands satisfaction, I switch the lights on again and get out of bed. I stand before the wall near the foot of my bed.

My warm skin naked except for the residue of bath oil, I lean against the cool plaster…delighting in the sensation of my heavy breasts being squashed against the hard surface. I pull back ever so slightly, and rotate my torso so my nipples brush agonisingly against the wall’s texture. I then move my feet a bit further back…giving the little extra space needed to move my body not sideways anymore, but rather up and down…savouring the friction of my nipples, now aching with pleasure, against the wall…allowing me to raise my bum with each downward motion.

I separate my legs slightly further apart, and delight at looking over my shoulder at my ripe arse cheeks. With each movement, I tilt my pelvis to match…so poker oyna that as I go down, my warm cunt is exposed to the night air…

I can now actually feel and not just sense my juices flowing down from my pussy walls, to flood its swollen folds. I grab two items before moving back onto my bed. A man’s suit tie and my silicone vibrator. Placing these items within reach, I again climb on my bed. I move to the head of my bed and get up on my knees. Again pressing myself against the wall.

This time I raise my arms up, allowing me to press more firmly against the hardness. I bend my elbows, and let my hands grab the hair from the nape of my neck. Twirling the hair around my fingers, so I can pull. I turn my head, mouth open to the soft flesh of my arm. This simple act, arousing me even more. I bite myself, gently at first, and run my tongue along my skin, before sinking my teeth in.

Enraptured by the sensations I am experiencing, enjoying the pressure of my body against the wall, the subtle pain of my hair being pulled, the pinch of my teeth – awakening every cell of my body to the experience.

Dropping down from my position I get onto my hands and knees…for the delicious feeling of my warm, wet self being displayed in the air. I lift my arms, just enough to raise my breasts so that my nipples are brushing against the sheets. And in this position, one that I was made to be canlı poker oyna in, I rock my body forward and back.

Each manoeuvre teasing my nipples and reminding me that they are joined, seemingly directly, to my throbbing clit. And with each movement back, my swollen, slippery cunt is pushed closer towards where I want you to be. Moaning now like the animals whose position I am imitating- as my sex is thrust out- offering itself, wanting more than my body has wanted anything, to be taken, right there, right then.

Denying myself the pleasure in favour of extending my excruciating state. I reach for the tie, using my teeth to assist, I bind my hands together, and grip my toy at its base. My head moves forward…my tongue slithers out to touch, only for a moment, the tip. I then lean in to lick from the base all the way to the head…my mouth watering even at this simulated experience of licking your cock.

I then, with a firmer tongue, lick around the entire head, encircling it with my warm wet flesh…before pursing my lips in a soft pout and then kissing the very tip. Slowly I open my lips, and gradually inch by glorious inch, I suck what I wish was you, in. After a few inches I move my head back up…not releasing the suction…but allowing my tongue the pleasure of running along the shaft as I lower it again.

This time, I relax my throat and take all of it in me…lips internet casino sphincter like around the base when I reach it…before moving my mouth back up. Using one hand to manipulate the lower half; my mouth — bobbing now — cheeks hollow and tongue running along the hardness with each movement of my mouth. I would like to feel my hair being pulled again, or a slap on my creamy skin, but do not have the hands to indulge myself.

By now, my dripping cunt is screamingly jealous of my mouth…demanding satisfaction too. I let the phallus reluctantly out of my mouth, my tongue the last part to leave. Sitting up on my knees, using my teeth to free my hands, I place the vibrator in position — base against the mattress, and hold it there…Slowly I allow my hips to lower my inflamed self onto the tip. Once the first inch is inside I remove my hands, and try very hard to make penetration as gradual a process as possible. And then allowing myself to slip down the pole, all the way. Moving my knees further apart so I can get all of it in…practically flattening my cunt against the sheets.

Stopping. Forcing myself to stop. Wanting my pleasure to last. Reaching for a pillow…a good firm, plump feather pillow.

Putting this length ways between my legs and placing the toy in position. And then sinking again, up to the hilt. But now the pillow holds it in place for me….now I can use my hands… I realise I can push the front of the pillow towards me….creating delicious pressure for my clit. Raising my hips as I rotate them. Basking in the unadulterated joy of being able to fuck myself (close to) properly…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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