The Anniversary Vacation Ch. 03

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If you have ideas for something you want to see comment or message me and I’ll see if there is a way to work it in. All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you Enjoy!


I wake up, face to face with Kenzie, our noses almost touching. Her beautiful brown hair spread behind her face in a tangled mess on the sheets. I can see she is looking at me, probably waiting for me to wake up. “Good morning!” Kenzie says sitting up.

“Morning.” I say, still partly asleep. “How long were you looking at me like that?”

“Just a few minutes. If you were asleep for another few… well I was going to wake you up.” Kenzie answers.

“Why?” I ask.

Kenzie says, “Mom and Dad want us to meet them for breakfast in their room. They got room service.”

I nod, reaching for my shirt that I placed on the bedside table. I pull it over my head, and I am wearing a blue stripped tank top and basketball shorts, while Kenzie puts on a long white tee shirt and black gym shorts that stop just after her ass. Kenzie then goes to the bathroom to sort out the mess that is her hair.

When we are both finished dressing, I ask “You ready to go over?” Kenzie nods back at me. I grab my key and hold the door open for her. Kenzie goes and knocks on door 210. I close our door and follow her there. Mom comes to the door in a bathrobe, her blonde hair cascading down her shoulders to her back, disheveled from either sleeping or sex.

She smiles at us, “Good morning! Food just got here so come eat up!”

Kenzie and I both say “Good morning.” to her and head into the room. We hear water hitting the floor in the shower and I know that Dad is in there, taking his morning shower. On the table in the room, there is a platter with eggs and bacon on it. Kenzie, Mom and I both take some of them, leaving the rest for Dad. Mom turns and begins to open the blinds. When she lifts her arms up, her bathrobe slides up, reveling the bottom half of her ass. Kenzie notices me looking and smirks. I’m grateful for my loose shorts, as I am now fully erect.

Mom turns back to face us and says, “Looks like a crappy day. We probably won’t be going to the beach today.” I turn and look, seeing dark clouds carrying rain slowly moving from the ocean inland. Damn! No Mom and Kenzie at the beach… wait… I’m going to be alone in the room with Kenzie all day! These thoughts race through my head as I begin to eat, several plans forming in my head.

Just then, Dad comes into the room. He is wearing gym shorts similar to mine and a white tee shirt. “How did the two of you sleep?” Dad asks Kenzie and I.

“Good. Right after dinner we just fell asleep. Long day at the beach made us tired.” I say.

Dad laughs, “Can’t agree more! Your Mom and I did the same thing. Well, maybe we did wake up at one point…”

“So it’s a shame about this rain!” I interrupt, not really interested in Mom and Dad fucking. That’s weird, because I’ve seen both of them naked. An old habit I guess I think.

Mom turns and looks at it, “Yeah it really is. But there’s plenty of other stuff to do around the resort! Massages, the indoor pool, just relax in our rooms or we could head into the town.”

Kenzie perked up at massages, “What kind of massage?”

Mom smiles, “Couples massage. So I guess you can either pretend you have a boyfriend or come with me.”

Kenzie thinks for a second, “I guess… me and you…”

Mom smiles, “Great! Let me get ready and we can go down.” With that, Mom heads into the bathroom, leaving Dad, Kenzie and I in the room. Dad looks at me, “Tom, what do you want to do while they get massages?”

I think for several seconds, “We could just relax here. I’m not sure what else there is do really do.”

Dad laughs, “Relaxing here sounds fine to me.” We finish eating as Mom comes out of the bathroom. She is now wearing jean shorts and a tight fitting pink shirt.

Mom asks, “You ready Kenzie?”

Kenzie looks down at her clothes then back up at Mom, “Do I have to wear something nice?”

Mom shakes her head, “You take it off and cover up with a towel so it really doesn’t matter.”

Kenzie nods, “Okay, then let’s go.” Mom grabs a key off of the nightstand and leads the way out of the room. Kenzie follows her out of the room, leaving Dad and I alone together.

I look at him as he looks out over the ocean. After looking for a minute, he turns back to me and asks, “So how was it? With Mom?”

I think for a second, worried I say the wrong thing “Ummm…. Good…”

Dad laughs, “I know this might seem weird to you and well… for most people it is. But understand that me and your mom are sexual people. We just have a different type of relationship than most people.”

I nod, very interested in Dad’s words. I ask, “How did you and Mom get into it? The open relationship.”

Dad pauses for a minute thinking, “She didn’t tell you? Well for a couple of years after Kenzie was born your Mom wasn’t interested in sex. We would only do it once or twice a month and I started to get a bit frustrated pendik escort and she could tell why. One day she tells me her sister; your Aunt Anne is staying with us for a few days.”

I nod, “I remember. She was going through a divorce and wanted to get out of her ex-husbands home.”

It’s Dad’s turn to nod, “That’s right. Only your Mom had other plans. You see… she told me Anne was incredibly horny and I should go for it.”

“Did you?” I interrupt. Aunt Anne is two years younger than Mom and has a very similar body.

Dad smiles, “I’m getting to that. Your Mom wanted one thing in exchange for me doing this. She wanted me to show her either pictures of it happening, or she would listen from outside. I was hesitant at first, thinking it would just make her mad. But eventually I gave in. I think she believed that hearing her husband fucking another woman would bring back the spark in our love life.”

“So?” I ask, genuinely curious.

“Your mother listened to me fuck her sister from inside the closet in the guest bedroom. When Aunt Anne left to go clean up, your Mom had dropped her pants and was fingering her very wet pussy. We found what we were missing, variety. We decided then and there that we would try the open relationship and see where that took us. Now here we are in a better relationship than ever before.”

“So how do I fit into all this?” I ask.

“Your Mom wanted something even kinkier… more taboo. Well your… erection… the first day at the beach signified that you were at least sort of open to the idea of the ultimate taboo. The sunscreen rubbing gave her and I a much better idea. The grotto with your mom confirmed that you are open to it. She told me that you owe her by the way.” Dad says that last part with a smile.

“I know I do and I’m going to get to that. What about Kenzie?” I ask, not knowing if he knows about me and her.

“Your Mom said she was planning something with her so I have no idea. Baby steps was the term she used. You know anything about that?”

“No.” I lie, not wanting to tell him how things really are. There is no reason not to tell him, one part of me thinks.

Dad just nods, “Well Kenzie can get into it if she wants to. She did decide to join the rest of us at the beach so she might have some interest.”

I say, “I think I understand a lot more than I did before. About you, Mom and this whole vacation.”

Dad smiles, “I’m glad. Now I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell Mom about the Aunt Anne thing. She didn’t want anyone to find out. Now want to find something on TV?”

I nod and Dad picks up the remote and begins to flip through channels. He eventually settles on the sports channel and we watch football highlights from last season and talk about which teams we think are good and bad. However, most of the time, my mind wanders, thinking about Mom, Dad, Aunt Anne and everything Dad told me.

“So…” I begin to ask after a long period of silence, before the door opens and Mom and Kenzie walk into the room.

Dad gives me a we can talk later look, before asking, “Hey ladies! How was it?”

Mom and Kenzie both smile before Mom says, “Amazing. I feel so relaxed now. Hey Tom and Kenzie, can you give me and your Dad some alone time? We have to talk.”

“Sure… okay.” I say, standing up as Kenzie leads the way back to our room. We go inside and I open the blinds to watch the rain pour into the ocean.

“Well, that was abrupt.” I say to Kenzie.

Kenzie joins me by the glass door and watches the ocean with me. After a short silence she says, “Well… Mom and her masseuse, who was this pretty redhead about her age started talking and… well after my masseuse finished… Mom and this redhead woman started touching. I lay there pretending not to notice.”

I look at her confused, “Mom and this woman had sex?”

“Not really. It was more teasing that actual sex.” Kenzie says.

“Was it weird?” I ask, honestly wondering what Mom and another woman would be like.

Kenzie gives me a teasing smile at me, “No weirder that her sucking you off.” She sees the expression of shock on my face before she continues, “Don’t worry, I already figured the two of you did something in that cave. You and her were there for a while after me.”

“Kenzie I’m so sorry…” I start to say, unsure of how she feels about everything.

Kenzie laughs, “No worries. The thought of it turned me on a bit, just like seeing you at the beach does. It’s something that’s… different.”

I move closer to her, putting my arm around her waist, “Different in a good way?” I ask, leaning close to her, able to smell her shampoo in her hair.

Kenzie puts one hand on my stomach, just above my crotch. I feel my cock begin to grow hard. She says, “Different in a very good way.” With that, I pull her face in close and we kiss. More passionately than siblings are supposed to. I begin to feel her body through her clothes, running my hands over her most sensitive areas. Her hand rubs over my stiff cock, maltepe escort feeling its length through my shorts. I pull away from her mouth and look into her eyes. She is staring back at me.

“Do you want this?” I ask, knowing what we do here and now will change the way we interact permanently.

Kenzie nods, a look of lust in her eyes. I grab the bottom of her shirt and lift it over her head, reveling a black lacy bra covering her nipples. Then I remove my own shirt as I once again pull her close to me. Our bare stomach’s touch as our tongues explore each other’s mouths. Her hands travel to the waistband of my shorts as she gives a gentle push, reveling my black boxers underneath. I reach under her shorts and slide them down slightly, running my hand over her black panties, feeling her warm mound. Kenzie lets out a soft sigh as I do this.

Kenzie pulls away from me, “Lay on the bed!” I smile and don’t say a word. I walk towards the bed and lay down on it. Kenzie kicks off her shorts and unclips her bra. Both fall to the ground, leaving her skimpy black panties as the only thing left on her body. Her c-cups are exposed to the air, swaying slightly as she slowly walks towards the bed. She climbs on the bed next to me and I lift my hips in the air slightly as I remove my boxers. Kenzie crawls over my torso and looks down at me. I meet her eyes as I put my hands on her hips and drop her panties. She pushes them down and tosses them on the ground.

Her wonderful pussy is revealed in fill to me. Her outer lips cover a majority of her inner lips, with the tips just sticking out beyond them. Her mound is totally shaven as she lowers it to just above my face. I shift my hands from her hips to her toned thighs and run my thumb over her sex. She shudders at my touch and I feel she is already fairly wet. I use my hands on her thighs to guide her pussy right above my mouth. Then I run my tongue the length of her opening, tasting her forbidden juices. Doing this makes a soft moan escape Kenzie’s mouth. I then intensify my licking, running my tongue over her clit. As time passes, Kenzie’s breathing becomes harder and her moans become more frequent.

I continue to taste and rub her pussy for a few more minutes before Kenzie cries out, “Oh fuck!” and I feel a rush of wetness as she cums. I look up at her pretty face and sexy body, her legs quivering from her orgasm. I think, Holy shit! I just made my little sister cum!

Kenzie slowly stops shaking and begins to come down from her orgasm. When she stops moaning, she says, out of breath, “Wow Tom! That was amazing! Can I be on top?”

I smile, excited that she wants more, “Of course Kenzie.” With that, she steps off of my and puts my cock in her mouth, lubricating it with her spit by swallowing the tip and then rubbing it the rest of my length with her hand. Kenzie puts herself in position, squatting above my cock, ready to push it inside her. She hesitates for several seconds.

“What’s wrong? We need a condom or do you not want to do this?” I ask her.

Kenzie hesitates for a second then says, “I’m on birth control so no condoms and I want this with you. But… it’s a lot bigger than Luke’s was so…”

I look at her face, “Listen Kenzie, I’ll just lay here and you do your thing.”

Kenzie smiles, clearly pleased with what I told her, “Thanks Tom.” With that, she lowers herself so she is on her knees above my cock and rubs the tip over her wet pussy. Both of us shudder from the new contact. Then she aims my cock at her pussy and slowly lowers herself onto it. My tip spreads her outer lips wide, reveling her delicate inner lips, dripping with her cum and juices. She gasps as she pushes my cock into herself and she takes much more of my cock than I expect. She takes about 4 inches of my total 8 on her first go. Then she slowly raises her body, moaning as my cock is partially removed from her pussy, as she only leaves the head in. Then she lowers herself again, taking slightly more of my cock, moaning as I slide deeper inside her wet pussy. She repeats this process, both the amount of my cock she takes and the speed she moves up and down increase as well.

Soon, Kenzie’s breathing is once again hard and her moans fill the room. I feel my own orgasm coming and say, “I’m gonna cum!”

Kenzie gasps out, “Hold on… a little… longer!” Then she throws herself down on my cock, taking about 6.5 inches of it and cries out. She leans forward onto my chest, her face right above mine. Her eyes are closed and her face is contorted in pleasure. I feel her vaginal muscles clamp on my cock and a rush of her warm, wet cum. This sets me over the edge and I cum as well. I feel my cock pulse inside her as I fill my little sister with my cum.

Kenzie’s whole body is trembling from her powerful orgasm as she breathes heavily and sweats slightly. I can feel both her trembling and sweat because her body collapsed on top of my chest. Soon, she recovers from her orgasm and weakly pushes herself up. Kenzie looks me in the eyes, some of her brown kartal escort hair, wet from sweat falls in her face. She pushes it back and gets off of my limp cock. She lays next to me and says, “That was the best sex I ever had.”

I turn and look at her, “Same here! I’m glad we could… experience this with each other.

Kenzie laughs at this and says, “That was an interesting way to phrase that. Now shut up and hold me here.” I smile and wrap my arms around the back of her neck and pull her so she’s laying on her side facing me. We lay and enjoy each other’s company for a bit, talking sometimes and watching the storm outside.

Finally, I say, “Want to get cleaned up?”

Kenzie sighs and pushes herself up into a sitting position, “Yeah. Maybe after we can see about round two…”

Then she freezes as we hear a knock at the door.

“Oh fuck!” Kenzie says quietly to me, turning to look at the door.

“Get in the bathroom and I’ll go check it out!” I say.

I throw on my gym shorts as Kenzie silently but quickly goes to the bathroom and turns on the shower. I hope I don’t smell like sex as I go to the door and look through the peephole. On the other side, I see Mom and Dad standing there, waiting. Mom is wearing black leggings and a tight blue shirt and Dad is wearing jeans and a red collared shirt. I open the door and say, “What’s up guys?”

Mom and Dad both look at me. Mom gives me a smile and answers, “We are going to go grab some lunch, do you and Kenzie want to come?”

Shit I think before saying, “Kenzie and I just got back from the gym so… meet you guys there?”

Mom nods, “Alright. We’re going to where we ate breakfast the other day. See you two in a bit.” Then I close the door, not really knowing why I lied to her. She knew about Kenzie and I but Dad probably didn’t. Fuck… that was close I think as I walk into the bathroom. Kenzie is still in the shower, and I see her through the sliding glass door as she washes away the smell of sex. Kenzie finishes up quickly after seeing me and leaves the water on for me as she gets out.

I pass her as I go into the shower and say, “Mom and Dad want to meet us for lunch soon so get ready quickly.” Kenzie nods as she towels herself off. I quickly shower as Kenzie leaves the room to get dressed. When I finish, I put on a pair of jeans and a tan collared shirt, while Kenzie is in leggings and a v cut shirt.

When we are both ready, we leave the room, making sure to grab keys and head to meet our parents for lunch. We head downstairs, mostly in silence while we walk to The Sea’s Bounty, flanked by the mermaid statues covering their breasts with their arms. I see Mom and Dad at a table and lead Kenzie there. Mom and Dad are sitting across from each other, so Kenzie goes and sits next to Dad, while I take a seat next to Mom.

“How was the gym, you two?” Mom asks both Kenzie and I.

“Pretty good.” I answer. It would feel weird to tell Mom and Dad what we were really doing I think.

Mom nods, “That’s good. Your Dad checked the weather and it looks like the storm should roll out of here tonight at some point.”

Kenzie nods, “That should be good. We can go to the beach tomorrow.”

Dad chimes in, “The weather should be nice tomorrow so the beach is looking good.” The waiter comes and the four of us order lunch.

Dad continues after the waiter goes to put the orders in, “I have some business to take care of tonight so I’m going to be leaving around 5:00 pm and I should be back by midnight or so.”

Mom nods, like she was expecting this, “I’m sure Kenzie, Tom and I can find somewhere to eat. Right guys?” Kenzie and I both nod in agreement. Then the family sits and enjoy each other’s company over lunch. The various sexual activities and tension forgotten for the time being.

After lunch, it is about 3:00 pm and Dad leaves in about two hours. Mom and Dad return to their room and Kenzie and I head to ours. We stand on the balcony overlooking the ocean and watch the rain fall onto the beach, talking about nothing in particular. Finally, Kenzie asks me, “Why did you tell Mom and Dad we went to the gym?”

I answer, “It would feel weird to tell them we had sex. You know?”

Kenzie laughs at this, “Trust me Tom, I know that it’s weird. But I really liked it.”

I smile at her, “So did I.” Then I lean in and kiss her lips. Kenzie hesitates slightly, but soon she is kissing me back, just as passionately. I peel back her leggings, dropping them to her ankles and reveling her black panties. I feel her warm pussy through her panties as she unzips my jeans and rubs the length of my cock through my boxers. We pull our shirts over our heads at the same time and I pull Kenzie close again. As we kiss, I reach behind her back and undo her bra. Her erect nipples push into my body as I pull her close to me. I slide my boxers down to my ankles and my hard cock pushes into her thigh. I reach two fingers inside her panties as our lips lock and rub her warm mound. I can feel her wetness growing as I slide my pointer finger into her. Her pussy hugs my finger tightly as I slide it half way in before sliding it back out. I pull away from her mouth and hold my finger up. Kenzie surprises me by sucking her juices off of it, making a mmmmhhhhh noise.

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