The Best Concert of My Life

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A month of anxiousness was coming to its end…I’ve been waiting for this day so full of thoughts and agony. All my friends thought I was crazy and acting as a teenager, but I didn’t really care. I only wanted to live it as intensively as possible and what really mattered to me was that night, nothing more…nothing less.

I had woken up that morning full of energy and being in a continuous urge. I counted hours and was looking at the time that seemed to pass so slowly. Silly me! Time always flows the same but when we ‘re waiting for something important for us to happen, well…we tend to think that someone is making fool of us and time runs slower than usual.

At noon I hardly touched my food and only hurried to get into the shower and start preparing. I made myself looking the way I liked the most. I wore my favorite tight jeans, the relevant black girlie with the band logo and the usual jewelry that accompanied me everywhere. The truth is that I didn’t look any different than any metal girl. I spent only a few minutes making up and I put the last touch wearing my favorite perfume. By 6 o’clock I was ready to get into my car and head for the best gig of my life.

The news had been spread one month ago in the relevant sites and magazines. My most favorite band ever was coming to my town and to be honest I was among the first who run to buy the ticket. I wouldn’t lose it for anything in the world.

The concert would start at 20.00 but knowing what happens in these cases, I had been prepared to stand and wait 1,30 hour earlier. I wanted to make sure that I would watch them being in the first lines, and so I did.

When doors opened I managed to get inside and be with the first ones, right under the scene. If I spread my hand, I could even touch them. What a dream. I loved this band for more than 10 years and to me they seemed like my personal heroes. Such a childish attitude!! everybody told me. But who could understand what I felt inside listening to every song they wrote? All their music and lyrics seemed to reflect my entire life. It could have been me making them.

Most of all I had a special appreciation for their singer. Not only I considered him as a great voice but one of the most handsome men on earth. He had exactly the looks I liked: black long hair that reached the end of his back, beautiful emerald eyes and a body that had been the spark in my fantasies so many nights. I had imagined doing everything with him and I would do that if I ever had the chance…but these happened only in my fantasies.

Time hit 19.40 and the support band left the stage. People were talking since all of them were in groups. I must have been the only one who was there alone, just smoking and being in my own private world. But once again, I didn’t really care. I was standing there waiting for the big event to start.

Time was passing and the crew was on stage making the final arrangements for the band’s appearance. It was all set on place and in less than 5 minutes I would start having the greatest time of my life.

Time hit 20.00 and lights went down while smoke filled the scene making the proper atmosphere for their appearance. The first tones echoed in the theatre and people started applauding….The band was there and I was in the beginning of my little adventure.

My idols were on stage and I absorbed every little sound and every single picture of them while they played. It was all recorded in my mind like the most precious thing I could get. I was like stoned, lost in their music, lost in my world. The singer, the man I adored for so many years, the one who haunted my dreams so very often, was right before my eyes giving his best to the people who watched. Many times he came so close to me that I could feel his eyes in mine. He kept coming back to this position and was really looking at me while singing. All I can say to describe it, was that it felt like heaven. But I wasn’t aware of what would follow and what would be the real heaven afterwards.

The gig was going on and I kept looking at him and being under his charm more and İstanbul Escort more. I couldn’t believe that such a man could exist. He was the absolutely perfect creature for me and I wished I could just talk to him even for a while after the end. That thought kept building in my mind and by the end of the concert I had decided to give it a try to achieve my purpose.

When the last encore ended, the band hailed the fans and that was the time when I saw him looking me deep in the eyes like asking me to do something….or was it just my fantasy?

People started walking to the exit but I didn’t follow them. In fact I just climbed on the scene and headed for the backstage. I was more than anxious and my adrenaline was so high that could kill me! It seems that some others had seen me and followed. We must have been around 20 people there now heading for the backstage, but it was ok. Who would stop us? All had been well till now and nobody would care for a bunch of fanatics that wanted to reach the band. In any case these guys were so cool and never had rejected anyone who approached them.

We went back there and entered the dressing room. All others were asking for autographs and stuff, but I must have been the only one who just wanted to talk to them.

I took a deep breath and went near him. The other members were signing photos and cds and he was sitting in a coach looking exhausted but still so beautiful to my eyes. I spread my hand to greet him and he gifted me with the most amazing smile. I introduced myself and asked him if I could sit next to him. He seemed so friendly and his eyes had a sparkle that made him look even more beautiful. We started talking for the band, my appreciation to their art, because what they made was art for me, and all relevant things. We were strangers but yet the discussion was flowing like we’ve known each other for years. This went on for about an hour. All fans had left, the other members to whom he had also introduced me were packing their things and we were still sitting there smoking and discussing. My anxiousness seemed to loosen and I was feeling so very well being there with him. What I thanked my parents for that moment, was for sending me to the English courses.

The rest were ready to head for their hotel and he was still at the same position without caring at all what was happening around and the truth is that I felt so very flattered by all this. The others were pressing him to get ready and leave with them but he seemed not wanting that and I offered to take him to his hotel later with my car. I knew I may have never again the chance to be with him and I wanted to live it for as long as possible. He seemed happy for my offer and so we were left alone. Of course we had to leave the place and so we took his things and headed for my car. I suggested to go for a long ride and show him a bit of our city at night. I couldn’t have been happier when he accepted with a smile painted on his face.

It was now 23.00 and dark was all around. The lights were on all over the city and I was in my car, sitting next to the man I dreamt….unbelievable yet true.

I drove the seaside avenue while my mind was really on fire, flashing me and him in so private moments. I could feel his eyes on me while driving and I started believing that it was not only me flashing these moments.

At midnight and while we had reached to the end of the seaside avenue, I parked my car and suggested to go to the beach just a few meters further. He had no objection to this and I took the blanket I had in the car for such cases and walked with him to the shore. We sat down and we stayed there in the darkness that only a few street lights broke, smoking and breathing the night aura. Even in this darkness I could feel his eyes on me…I don’t know if he was looking or just feeling my presence beside him. The fact is that I felt such warmth and it all seemed right and well.

Discussion was going on from time to time since we were enjoying the scent of the sea and the silence of the night. In a break of all this I suddenly Anadolu Yakası Escort felt his hand reaching for my thigh. To me this was like an electric wave that rolled all over my body making me shiver. He moved closer and I could now feel his breathing on the back part of my neck. This was absolutely magic and made my spine stretch. I just let him move on and next I felt his lips brushing my neck and then reaching for mine. That kiss must have been my lifetime dream and it was now realized out of nowhere. At first it was like a proposal. He touched my lips, then moved back to see my reaction and when he felt my acceptance he became more demanding, using his tongue to explore my mouth and caress mine in a beautiful dance. I felt my body being on fire and I started feeling extremely horny. Good thing was that our reactions were alike.

His hands were now moving eagerly from my breasts to my thighs and between them and I had started moaning by the sexual awakening he had caused me, which this time was for real. How could I ever believe that this was really happening? It was all so unexpected that for moments I felt like I was just watching someone else living it.

He kept kissing me altering his tender velvet touching on my lips with sinking his tongue hungrily to meet mine. My heart was beating so fast and my breath was getting faster and faster. My arousal was obvious and so was his. I couldn’t help myself but starting to touch him the way he did that to me. My hands just like they knew what to do, were wandering from his neck, down to his back, then down to his waist and to his thighs. I was teasing him slowly enjoying his reactions and the way I felt him getting as aroused as I was. All was flowing so naturally, like we knew each other for years. With slow sensual movements he took off my girlie and then my bra exposing my breasts to his hands. He cupped them both like caressing my soul that moment and like holding my heart to his hands. Painting a trail with his tongue from my neck to my right nipple he started sucking and licking it in a way that made me leave a moan of pure pleasure. He continued that little torture that was sending me straight to heaven’s garden. His hands were now unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans and soon he was feeling my skin under his fingers. He made me lift my hips to take off the jeans and my underwear and made me lay down on the blanket fully naked under him. Although it was dark, it felt like he stood there for some time looking at me under the slight moonlight that seemed enough to let us see each other. Even the way he was looking at me made me feel more and more aroused. All this was so magic to me and I was drinking each minute that was passing. He then lowered his head down to my belly licking each cm of my skin. His tongue was like a feather gently touching me and the shivering I felt was getting more and more intense. He was going more and more down and he was now between my legs licking the inner part of my thighs. I wanted so much to feel him sucking and licking my pussy lips, my clit and taste all the wetness he had caused me. Like he knew what I wanted he spread my legs more and started sucking me with an intense that led me so close to cumming. I think that my moans were now loud enough but of course we were all alone there and there was nobody to listen or see us. The moment he sunk his tongue inside me was like my body left the ground and flew to the skies. My orgasm hit my door so suddenly that my back arched like trying to reach my heaven. The sensation was unbelievable and I let out a scream calling his name.

He stayed there looking at me, admiring me under the half light but all I wanted now was to pay back the pleasure he had offered me. Standing on my knees I helped him take off his trousers and shirt and his naked body was now in full exposure to my eyes. To me he was the most beautiful man I’ve even seen.

I started kissing him all over, leaving small kisses to his neck, then down to his bare chest and passing my tongue from his nipples. He was there under me, with Kartal Escort his black hair spread and his beautiful body left to me to handle it the way I wanted. My hand was stroking him all this time and I could feel his cock becoming harder than a rock while his pre-cum had come out. Lowering my head I started touching his head with my tongue, then going deeper down to his balls and sucking them. This must have been really intensive for him cause now I could hear his moaning that echoed so erotic to my ears. When I took him in my mouth he reacted like he was hit by electric waves and my way of taking him in and out made him cum a minute later. The way his orgasm hit him was so sensual to me. I’ve always thought of such a moment when this man would cum by my treating.

His breathing was now coming back to normal and we were laying there, me with my head on his chest and his hand on my back, naked under the stars. Nobody was talking and we were only feeling the unbelievable atmosphere around us and the relaxation that took over our bodies. But this would not last for long. I couldn’t stop myself from letting my hand wander once again to his sensitive area and soon his arousal was obvious. He used his free hand to touch my right nipple and begin rubbing it slowly. Not five minutes had passed before we were embraced once again, him over me crawling on my body. I was feeling his once again hard cock on my belly first, then between my legs and I was eager to feel him inside me. Spreading my legs wide I felt his shaft rubbing my clit and my juices flowing down my thighs. With a simple move he lifted my legs over his shoulders and slid inside me with all his length. He started moving slowly, making love to me so tenderly. His rhythm was the way I wanted it to be and our bodies were moving in their own unique dance. His eyes were like penetrating mine while he gave me little kisses from time to time and his black hair were caressing my face. Soon his thrusts became harder, faster and deeper and he encouraged me to cum for him. Moments later I felt my inner muscles twitching and my orgasm striking me once again. Right after that he reached my ear, with his breath taken away and his voice sinking in his pleasure while he said: “I’m cumming….oh God….I’m cumming…”

Both of us exhausted yet so pleased, laid there looking at the starlit sky. If someone could shoot a picture of us the legend under that would be “Lost in pleasure, found in heaven”, I was thinking. I don’t know what was in his mind but his smile was genuine and showed a man full and pleased. All I wanted now was to sleep in his sweet embrace and wake up in the morning under the sun rays that would warm us, but I knew we couldn’t stay there for long.

We got up, dressed and headed for my car to take our way back to his hotel. We got inside the car and I tried to start the engine but the car seemed dead. I tried it once more but nothing happened. It was passed 03.00 and there was no car on the street. Moreover it was too late to call anyone and not even a taxi could be found at this time. I knew that he had to be in the airport early in the morning since he would return to his country, but I had no way to get him back. We stayed there with no idea of what we could do. We maybe could call the others in the band and ask them to find a way to reach us or …..I really felt so awful for this. I didn’t know this night to end like this and my mind wasn’t able to think of any solution. I was trying to think but I felt like I had no brain inside my head….


I opened my eyes trying to understand, trying to figure out what was real and where I was. Looking around me I saw the band’s poster on the wall opposite my bed and the well known things of mine around the room. “Damn, it was a dream!!!” was my first thought and disappointment took me over. I wish it was reality, I wish I had this night with him, I just wish….Then my mind came back to normal and realizing that it was the concert’s day I let a smile rise. Maybe my dream would come true after all. Life is always so unexpected, who could ever be sure that the scenes I saw last night would be a dream forever and not become true? Tonight I had a chance to find out….All was possible….All was a matter of luck…Time to get ready!!! Time to explore my possibilities, I thought and my smile became bigger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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