The Collector 04

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When I first started this journal, I was wondering if I should include anything from previous relationships. Yes, believe it or not, a jerk like me has actually had a few serious ones. I was thinking I might take a favorite or two from each and include them, even though they occurred before I began my collection. I might still do that, I don’t know. But I do have a journal entry for one of those women that definitely belongs in here.

Now I’ve never been one to make booty calls to ex-girlfriends, but I’m not one for burning bridges either. And if there’s anything better than sex with an ex, it’s getting your cock sucked by an ex. Especially when she’s good at it, as Cheri most definitely is.

Cheri was quite a bit older than me. In fact, she’s largely responsible for my older woman fetish, because she told me that it was much easier for her to go to bed with a man than give him head. She also told me during our two year relationship that she had given me more head than any other man she had ever been with. And that included quite a few serious relationships and a ten year marriage, so it wasn’t like she was inexperienced. That’s a bit of an ego booster, even if you’re ordinarily modest.

Cheri was tall, big breasted and had incredible legs. Great hips too. Her auburn hair fell straight to her shoulder. One of the things I appreciated most about her is that, even though she was comfortable wearing sweats or jeans, she was equally at ease in skirts and dresses. She had a collection of skirts that were deliciously tight around her ass that fell temptingly above her knees. She liked wearing high heels, too, which made her ass look even better.

Our sex life had been pretty awesome for most of our relationship. It wasn’t uncommon for us to spend an entire Saturday in bed, licking, sucking and humping each others brains out. She was a great lay and no matter how many times we did it, she always seemed to want it one more time.

Cheri was also a terrific at giving head. She had told me once that she didn’t like to give head to most men. Not because she didn’t like the act itself–which she did–but because she was a very proud woman and men often made her feel cheap and degraded afterward. She didn’t have that problem with me and so she lavished her oral skills on me frequently. There was a stretch of several months that she stayed over almost every night and most weekdays she would blow me before I left for work in the morning.

While things in the bedroom were great for us, we had plenty of issues outside of it that even awesome sex couldn’t overcome. We split up after a couple years, but managed to remain friends. Most of our contact was through email or a phone call, but occasionally we’d get together for lunch or drinks. For the most part we kept it platonic. For the most part, anyway.

On her birthday I was going to take her out for dinner, but our plans got changed. Cheri’s a part owner in an artsy little boutique and one of her employees called out sick, and she got stuck working until closing. So I brought sandwiches and a cupcake with a candle in it to her just before closing time.

We sat in the back of the shop, ate and talked for a bit. Then she had to go to the front to lock up and make sure the girl working the register cleaned and ran the vacuum before going home. When she returned to the back room, Cheri had a devilish look in her eye. It was a look I’d seen many times before and I knew at the very least, we’d wind up making out before I left.

There was Anadolu Yakası Escort soft muzak playing in the shop and she coaxed me to my feet to dance with her. Actually, it wasn’t dancing as much as it was pressing our bodies together and swaying to the beat. We kissed a few times, each one a little more passionate than the last until our tongues were dancing between each others mouths. Then our hands started running up and down each others bodies. I slowly ran my hands up from her hips to her waist to her shoulders, gently brushing the sides of her ample breasts on the way.

“Mmmmm…” she purred, running her own hands over my back. The kisses got deeper and wetter and our hands started roaming to more erogenous areas. When we heard the vacuum cleaner go on in the front of the store, Cheri slipped a hand down my pants and grabbed my stiff member.

“Does Santa want to come out and play?” she whispered in my ear. That was our euphemism for a blow job. I don’t remember exactly how it started, but it had to do with a punch line to a dirty joke about Santa coming down the chimney. Now you might think she meant we’d go to her place or mine, or at least wait until the girl out front finished and went home. But I knew Cheri and I knew she meant right now.

Cheri was squeezing and stroking me in my pants, waiting for me to answer. She loved making me tell her that I wanted it. I could hear the vacuum running out front and I could feel how hard I was getting just thinking about Cheri’s mouth closing over me. It was a pretty easy decision.

“Yes,” I breathed. “Yes.” That she would go down on me when someone was in the next room, could look in back at any moment and catch us, had me pretty wound up. Almost too wound up… I didn’t want to cum quickly and ruin it. But my cock felt ready to explode in her hand as she slowly squatted down in front of me.

Cheri deftly unzipped my fly and pulled my pulsing shaft out. There was already a bead of precum on my head which she deliberately licked away.

“Mmmm… you taste as good as I remember,” she murmured and then slipped the head of my cock into her mouth. She probably realized how turned on I was and wanted to savor it. At the very least, she didn’t want me to cum quickly and spoil the fun. So she went very slowly up and down my rod a few times and then paused.

“I’ve been good this year, Santa. What are you going to give me?” She took me in her mouth again and bobbed a few more times. “Gonna cum down my chimney?” Cheri was killing me and she knew it. She gently licked each of my balls in turn, then she grasped my shaft and squeezed. Another drop of precum glistened on my head which she once again licked away.

Looking up into my eyes, she opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue beneath my shaft. She raised herself up under it and took it into her mouth, keeping her eyes on mine the whole time. There was always something magical about Cheri’s eyes looking into mine while giving me head. It was a look that somehow conveyed her intense pride and self-confidence and at the same time said she would do anything to please me. I guess what made it magical is that she was a woman who didn’t crave attention or need acceptance. Whatever she did for me was because she wanted to.

Cheri’s lips closed around my cock and she started bobbing on it. She was squatting in front of me in her high heels, her hands grasping the outsides of my thighs as she slid her lips up and down on me. I was about to push her away because Bostancı Escort I was too close to losing it, when the vacuum cleaner suddenly shut off.

“Cheri,” the girl from the front called. Her voice was very close. I quickly turned away from Cheri and tried hurriedly to tuck myself back into my pants, which isn’t easy when it’s hard and throbbing. I think I was still zipping my pants with my back toward the doorway when the girl walked into the back room. Cheri was pretending to look for something on the shelf next to where she was squatting, but I don’t know if the girl bought it. Think about it: you walk into a room and a guy has his back to you as he’s zipping up his pants and a woman is squatting on the floor a few feet from him. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Cheri got up and answered the girl’s questions and sent her back to the front to finish her cleaning.

“That was close,” she laughed.

“Close?” I replied. “I think we were pretty much busted!”

“So where did we leave off?” Cheri asked as she came back over to me. I wasn’t surprised. We had almost been caught in the act but Cheri wasn’t so easily discouraged.

“Shouldn’t we wait until she leaves?” I asked, nodding toward the front of the shop.

“Nope. Can’t wait that long,” Cheri replied with a laugh and started tugging at my zipper again. She squatted in front of me again as she slipped my cock from my pants and into her mouth. The close call had taken some of the wind out of my sails, but Cheri brought me back to full staff in just a couple of sucks. Yeah, I was nervous about getting caught, but I have to admit, it made everything much more exciting.

Cheri took several long deep sucks before pausing to run her tongue over my shaft and head. If my balls hadn’t been still tucked in my pants, I have no doubt she would have licked and sucked them too. Her hand was wrapped around me, milking my cock as her tongue slithered over it.

As she looked up at me, I took a step backward. She knew why I did it. She knew all about my little fetishes. It was a hard, cold tile floor and I shouldn’t have done it. But that woman always looked so incredible on her knees that I just couldn’t help myself.

“Horny bastard!” Cheri laughed. But she didn’t deny me. In fact, she gave me the full treatment by standing up first then lowering herself to her knees before me. When she got down on her knees and wrapped her lips around my cock, it was all I could do not to cum in her mouth right then. She gripped me firmly in her hand and took me deep into her mouth while looking up at me the whole time. I felt my body quiver involuntarily. Damn, Cheri could get me worked up.

Cheri sucked me slowly for only a minute or two before I had to push her away.

“Whoa, getting too close,” I breathed. Cheri gave me a moment to catch my breath, kissing and licking me. I managed to hold back, but I was still too close for her to start sucking on me again.

As I looked around for something to distract me, I realized I could still hear the vacuum cleaner still running up front. Funny how a moment ago we had nearly been caught and already I had forgotten about the vacuum cleaner and the girl up front using it. I looked toward the doorway that led to the front of the shop. I realized there was a mirror hanging just beyond it in which I could actually see the vacuum cleaner going back and forth. I couldn’t see the girl running it because of the angle the mirror was hanging at. A moment Erenköy Escort later Cheri started sucking on me again and I forgot all about it.

Now Cheri had given me a lot of blow jobs, so she knew if she started bobbing seriously on me right then, it would have been all over. Instead, she went slowly down my shaft, taking me deep into the warmth of her mouth then gliding her lips just as leisurely back up again. Her steady sucking drove me wild. I plunged my hands into her hair, careful not to disrupt her. My cock felt so good in her mouth that my knees almost buckled a couple of times. Little gasps and grunts were escaping from me, but I was only distantly aware of them.

Still Cheri’s lips caressed my cock, covering my shaft with her saliva, building me toward crescendo. I had to reach for the counter beside me to steady myself as I felt myself pass the point of no return. My balls got tighter, my shaft throbbed.

Cheri obviously felt it too. She had certainly had my cock in her mouth enough times to know when I was about to blow my top. She quickened her pace a little bit. That was enough to finish me off. My hips bucked and my back arched toward her as I exploded in her mouth. I tried to watch her face as I came, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I felt two or three big spurts shoot out of me, filling Cheri’s mouth.

She never slowed down though. She continued sucking at the same pace for at least another minute or two. Her eyes were closed as she continued to savor my fading erection, her lips sliding up and down my cock even as I faded. When she stopped sucking, Cheri still didn’t take me from her mouth. She squeezed me with her hand, wringing every last drop from me before tucking me back into my pants and sitting back on her heels.

One thing about Cheri: when she finished sucking me, I was always drained dry. She took pride in the fact that I could zip up my pants when she was done and there would be nothing dripping from me. No snail tracks, as she called them.

And not only did she drain me, she always swallowed it all too. While it was a pretty good sized load I had shot in her mouth that night, it certainly wasn’t the biggest. No matter how much I squirted into her mouth, she never hesitated, gagged or let a drop spill and she always swallowed it all down. I admit, I don’t know why that should matter, but it does. And it always turns me on to think about Cheri blowing me so many times; to think about how many of my loads, how much of my cum she’s swallowed.

We never really talked about it directly, but Cheri made it clear that she didn’t swallow because she liked the taste. She said once that she did like the way sperm made her mouth tingle, but that she would have experienced whether she swallowed or not. So why did she swallow? I don’t know, but I do wish more women were like her.

As I was zipping up, I noticed that the vacuum was still visible in the mirror by the doorway. Had the girl up front been able to see us? Had she lingered there watching? I didn’t really care and I doubted Cheri would either, so I didn’t mention it. But when I think back that another woman might have been watching as Cheri sucked me off, it gives me a little rush.

Ok, to the score card. A perfect ten. Yeah, maybe I’m biased because Cheri and I had a lot of good sex together, but I can’t think of anything she could have done better. She was dressed in a skirt and blouse and wearing high heels. She sucked my cock on her knees and sucked it so well I nearly fell over. She continued sucking me long after I came in her mouth and then swallowed every drop of my cum. Cheri sucked me off so well so many times I can’t remember then all, but I think that night in her shop was the most perfect one she ever gave me. Plain and simple: a ten.

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