The Conference

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This is an erotic story of seduction, lust, and yes, cheating. It does involve cuckolding. If you are not open to a story of fantasy and seduction, please click a different story to read. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this latest story!


Erica stood in the kitchen, saying her goodbye’s to her husband and kids. She was leaving for a 2-day trip for a women’s conference in Richmond. She was excited to go, but somewhat trepidatious. She so longed for two days away but would miss her kids and husband.

It was a very “dry” time in their relationship. Life had gotten in the way. Date nights were farther and farther in between. Her husband seemed distant, engrossing himself in his work. It was almost as if their marriage had become a business relationship. Make money, raise the kids, pay the mortgage…

She put the thoughts out of her mind. They had, after all, been married over 20 years. This was the way it was supposed to go, right? Kids, jobs, sports…it consumed their life. Her husband had asked her to buy some sexy underwear and lingerie, but she always demurred.

They made love maybe once a month. Good by some standards, but it was usually the standard missionary. He felt her up, maybe got her wet, got on top, fucked her, then came, then it was off to their respective books. Her husband had asked for some variety…her on top, reverse cowgirl, doggie…but again, like the lingerie, she said always said no.

“I’m too tired… too busy…too whatever…”, she thought.

So, it was missionary…

No matter. She had a conference to attend, and like so much in their relationship, it was another mission to be accomplished. She hugged and kissed her kids good-bye and gave her husband a cursory peck on the lips.

Erica was now in her early 40’s. However, she still maintained a fantastic body due to her training for marathons and half-marathons despite having children. Her light brown/dirty blonde hair cascaded to just over her shoulders. Despite her running, she had kept her beautiful 36C tits and her ass was to die for! At 5’8″, she was taller than many women, but she always exuded grace and beauty.

She told her kids and husband bye once more and then got in the car and drove towards Richmond. As the miles drifted by so did her concerns. She was looking forward to this conference. Maybe she would learn something new and was looking forward to hanging out with her fellow ladies.

She reached the conference center without much problem (for once, I-95 wasn’t a mess!) and pulled into a parking space. Erica grabbed her bags and walked to the hotel entrance. Her mind was totally into the conference as she walked into the lobby when she saw him. He was a nicely dressed man wearing slacks and a button-down shirt, probably in his mid-30s, animatedly talking to a few folks as she walked in. He was tall, well over 6 feet, with a lanky, yet muscular build, and had dark brown hair, brown eyes and a totally charming smile.

“Hmmm”, she thought as she looked him over, gazing longer than she should have, “He looks like he totally has it together.”

She gave him one last glance and then approached the check-in counter. She politely interacted with the clerk and got her room, 312. She went to the elevators and pushed “3” and went up. Her room was nice…nothing fancy, but a nice king bed and mini fridge with microwave. She was going to enjoy sleeping alone…all that room just for her.

After relaxing a bit, she looked at her watch and realized it was time to head downstairs to the conference for the Friday night session. It was a large conference hall with round tables and a stage. People mingled until close to start time and then began to move to their tables. Her table filled up with six other women, but the man she had seen in the lobby also came to her table.

He introduced himself as “Mark”.

He was going to be the moderator, or team leader, for their table. When they had small group activities to do, he was to act as moderator and helper for their table. They all introduced themselves politely and she watched as Mark introduced himself to the other attendees. They all sat down as the first speaker started. The evening was good. She took many notes and they only had one small group activity, which was more of an “ice breaker” activity… such as “what’s your name, where’re you from, family, etc.” She noticed Mark spoke with ease and seemed to mitigate everyone’s shyness. His smile was captivating.

The Friday evening portion began to wrap up and people gathered their notebooks and guidebooks. Mark looked around the table and said, “I’m going to the hotel bar to unwind. If anyone wants to join me to talk about this evening, please feel free”. He smiled a disarming smile, and many of the ladies nodded as if to say yes. Erica did not say anything but gathered her stuff and headed to the elevators.

Erica got back to her room and put her stuff down. She plopped down on the bed and turned on the TV. This was nice… her channels, Göztepe Escort her bed, her time. After about 20 minutes of watching drivel on the TV, she began to think of Mark’s offer. She thought about it for a moment.

“I paid for this conference. Might as well get my money’s worth.”

She got up and went to the bathroom to check her makeup and straightened her outfit.

It was about 9:30 when she got to the hotel bar. It was rather quiet. This was a conservative women’s conference after all. There were a few attendees chatting and drinking wine or beer.

She became uncomfortable as she entered the bar, feeling very alone. Erica scanned the bar, and not seeing Mark, turned to leave. However, as she turned around, she bumped into Mark right behind her.

“Hi Erica!” he said, almost too enthusiastically.

“H..H…Hi”, Erica stammered back, somewhat startled.

“Not going so soon, I hope?”

“No, I just didn’t see anyone I knew.” answered Erica.

“I’m over here.” he said, pointing to a booth with two other ladies from her table.

He took her hand, which felt awkward to Erica, and led her to the booth. She sat down on the same side as Mark. They chatted and talked about some of the things they heard tonight. They laughed at some of the lame parts and listened as he gave additional details on some of the other parts. A waitress came over and Erica ordered red wine. Erica began to relax as they chatted and got to know each other better. Soon Erica’s wine glass was empty and Mark offered to get her another.

“I insist!” he smiled, and turned with her wine glass and walked to the bar.

Erica could not help but watch him as he walked away. Once she broke her gaze, she looked back at the other ladies at the table and they were staring at her. Once they made eye contact, one lady quickly looked down but the other gave Erica a knowing smile. Erica could feel herself start to blush.

The wine helped them all relax and their conversation become more animated, punctuated with giggles and laughter. Mark even put his hand on Erica’s knee once as they laughed. Erica drew back instinctively, and Mark just smiled at her. His charming smile gave her an unnatural flutter in her tummy.

They talked and laughed until about 11PM. The other two ladies began to excuse themselves and Erica started likewise. The other two ladies were giggling loudly, and Mark whispered into Erica’s ear that maybe they had too much wine. Erica stifled a laugh, covering her mouth. The other two ladies left, and Erica began to excuse herself. Mark put his hand on her arm and asked her to stay.

“The night is young.” Mark said with a smile.

Erica thought for a moment, her mind racing at being left alone with Mark, but his smile relaxed her and she said, “OK”, sitting back down.

Ordering another glass of wine, they talked about the conference and learned more about each other.

Mark was a married man of 11 years with 3 beautiful kids. He showed Erica his kids pics on his smart phone and talked about them. Erica said she could one up him and that she was married for 20 years and had 4 kids. Mark gasped and said he could not believe she had 4 kids. He claimed that she looked too nice for that. Erica blushed and thanked him for the compliment. They talked for quite a time afterward, and soon it got to be around mid-night and Erica insisted she needed to get back. Mark said that he was headed up too and that he would walk her to the elevators.

Erica agreed and stood up. She immediately started to sway, the wine now giving its full effect by her standing. Mark immediately put his arm around her waist and laughed, “Steady girl!”

Erica laughed at herself and replied, “I guess that wine was more potent than I thought! Sorry about that!”

“No worries!” replied Mark. “Here, let me help you.”

With a guiding arm around her waist, he helped her to the elevator bank. Erica shivered as his arm held her steady. She could not help but notice his arm was maybe a little too low for what she expected, as it was riding right below the waist band of her panties.

He pressed the up button and they waited for a few uncomfortable moments as the elevator arrived. They both got into the empty elevator and Erica pressed “3”.

Mark started to press a number then said, “Oh, you got my floor already. Thanks!”

They made the quick ride up to three and got out. They walked down the hallway chatting until they got to 310.

“This is my room”, said Mark. “Good night!”

“Good night!”, said Erica. “My room is right next to yours…312”.

“Nice! Almost like being roommates!” said Mark with a disarming grin. They both clicked their key cards in and entered their rooms.

Erica got ready for bed, taking off her bra, putting her thin, blue sleep dress on and plopped down in the bed, turning the TV on. Her head was slightly spinning. There was nothing on but mindless dribble and her mind turned to Mark. He was handsome, funny and engaging. She enjoyed İstanbul Escort spending time with him and thought about him for some time before mentally telling herself to stop. It was going to be an early morning and she wanted to be ready. As she reached for the wall lamp to turn it off, there was a knock at her door.

Getting out of bed, she walked to the door and checked the peep hole. It was Mark.

Erica held the door open a crack.

“Hi”, he said.

“Hi…What’s up?” asked Erica.

“Nothing”, he said. “It’s just that I noticed you had several glasses of wine, and I’ve got an extra pack of bottled waters. The water that can come out of hotel taps can be nasty. I figured you might want some so you don’t have a nasty headache in the morning.”

Erica opened the door and let him in. “Thanks…that’s really thoughtful of you.”

Mark stepped inside with the 6-pack of bottled water and walked to the counter where the microwave and mini-fridge are.

“I was just getting ready for bed when you knocked.”

“Oh, I’m sorry”, said Mark, starting to leave.

Mark turned around after putting the water on the counter. Erica was standing behind him in her sleep dress, which did nothing to hide the curves of her breasts and her nipples, though not aroused, clearly poked through the thin material. Erica caught him looking at her nipples sticking out from the dress.

“No…it’s ok. I appreciate you bringing the water over.” said Erica, walking to the counter and grabbing a bottle.

“Would you like one?” she asked.

“You know, that actually would be great…thanks.” Mark replied

Erica got another bottle of water and gave it to him.

Erica sat on the edge of the bed and Mark leaned against the counter. They chatted a little bit and then both took a swig of water. Erica noticed Mark’s eyes had again gravitated to her chest. She knew her nipples clearly protruded through the thin material.

Mark looked back up and saw that Erica had caught him staring at her breasts.

“I’m sorry”, he said sheepishly, glancing down to the floor, “I should be going”.

He stood up and walked to the door. Erica walked behind him, not able to resist admiring his backside… especially his ass. She had to admit, it was kind of flattering that he was ogling her breasts. He got to the door and turned around.

“Thanks for the water, good night…again.” he smiled.

Erica said nothing as she stood in front of him, taking in the scent of his cologne. Mark looked her in the eyes, trying to perceive her emotions. Seeing her glazed eyes, he moved his face in, paused a short moment, and then moved his mouth to hers. Their lips met and he kissed her. Despite alarm bells going off in her brain, Erica did not move away and began to return the kiss.

His lips were soft and oh-so-kissable.

Mark, feeling bolder, moved his hand up to cup one of Erica’s breasts, feeling her nipple hardening beneath the thin fabric of her pajamas while parting his mouth slightly and letting his tongue slip though, licking Erica’s lips.

At this, Erica’s mind clicked in gear and her eyes opened wide. She put her hands on his chest and pushed Mark back.

“I’m s…s…sorry…you should go now.” She told him hurriedly, blushing bright red and looking away.

He looked at her for a moment and said, “I’m sorry too…I shouldn’t have come.”

The double entendre was not lost on Erica.

They looked at each other a moment when Mark spoke, “Ok…Good night then.”

“Good night…”, replied Erica.

After locking the door, she collapsed on the bed and thought about what had just happened. She was wracked with guilt that she had let that happen. She had just kissed another man, and he had felt up her tits. As she struggled with the emotions going through her mind, she realized she needed to go to the bathroom.

“How could I have let that happen!” she berated herself walking to the toilet.

Finishing her business, she took some toilet paper and wiped herself. It was then she noticed how wet she was, and not just from pee. A string of clear shiny liquid extended from her sex to the paper. She looked at her panties around her ankles and there was a clear wet spot in the crotch of her underwear. Erica was shocked at how her body had naturally reacted. Even though she cut him off quickly, her body was already preparing itself for sex. Intellectually she knew it was a natural reaction of her body, but emotionally she was frustrated her body had betrayed her.

Feeling exhausted, she collapsed into her bed. Her mind was swirling with emotions, feeling guilty, but also her mind wondered to the kiss.

He was a good kisser.

She finally calmed her mind down and sleep overtook her.

The next day’s session started early, with a continental breakfast in the foyer. After showering and getting ready, she headed down to the first floor. The area was loud with chatter as Erica grabbed some coffee and some fruit. As Erica turned from the food Anadolu Yakası Escort table, she bumped into Mark, almost spilling her coffee.

“Sorry!” she said before realizing it was Mark.

“No worries…”, said Mark with a confident smile.

He seemed so perky for so early. She was jealous. She needed her coffee. They shared a long glance, but he did not seem to let on about last night. She started to say something, but then an announcement for the starting session began.

The conference began again with more speakers and various small group activities. Mark guided her table effortlessly through the activities. He was certainly the charmer. Soon, the conference broke for lunch, then reconvened. Mark was busy during lunch, meeting and greeting.

Erica was almost disappointed, maybe even jealous, as Mark made his rounds talking to the other ladies. But the conference reconvened, and Mark took his place at the table next to Erica.

The afternoon speaker was fun and entertaining. She made timely jokes and had the audience laughing. Mark laughed and from time to time would lean over to speak into Erica’s ear about a comment and put his hand on her elbow or knee. Erica again felt a spark that should not be there, but it was unmistakable. She did not draw back from his touch.

The conference began to wrap up in late evening, around 6PM. Erica had already planned to stay the night. Sure, she could get home that night, but this was a rare luxury to have a room to herself. She looked forward to climbing in bed, watching TV, reading…whatever came to mind with zero responsibilities. As she gathered her belongings, Mark spoke up to the table and said he was going to dinner at a local restaurant and asked if anyone wanted to join him. The ladies at the table demurred and said they had to get going.

But Erica did not.

She thought for a moment, then said to herself, “I’m hungry…I got to eat something…might as well have some company. And, we can talk about last night and clear the air.”

She looked at Mark and said she’d go.

He smiled back with an ear to ear grin and said, “Excellent!”

They decided to meet up around 7PM to go out. Erica went back to her room and cleaned up. She did not take a shower but washed her face and re-did her make up. She had on a nice blue and white dress that came to her knees. It hugged her figure nicely while not being immodest.

She thought a moment about her underwear. She began to wish she had on something skimpier than her bikini panties, but then caught herself.

“Why?!” she scolded herself. “This is only dinner, nothing more! Last night was an aberration. Certainly, it will not happen again.”

She smoothed her dress, brushed her hair and did some final touches to her make up. Perhaps subconsciously, she made her eyes a little smokier than usual, and put on a darker shade of red lipstick.

She arrived in the lobby and Mark was already there. He had on nice button-down shirt and slacks. His clothes complimented his thin form nicely. He is quite attractive thought Erica. Mark smiled when he saw her and walked up to her and said, “You look beautiful!”

“Thank you.” Erica blushed. It had been so long since someone other than her husband complimented her. She liked it…a lot. They decided to take his car and went to the restaurant.

The restaurant was nice. Lit by candles with linen napkins with mahogany paneling on the walls. The waiter took their orders, but Erica barely seemed to notice, her attention focused on Mark. She and Mark chatted and the waiter brought a bottle of wine and poured each a glass.

Mark offered up his glass and said, “Cheers!”

Erica clinked her glass to his. They both took a long sip and then chatted and began to laugh and giggle more as they had more wine. The wine began to have its effect, and both became more relaxed. Almost unconsciously, their chairs seemed to move closer as they chatted. His arm fell on her arm and hers did the same. They whispered funny and wicked observations about other patrons into each other’s ears.

“I wonder if that 20-something blonde over there is really that old dude’s wife?” Mark playfully asked Erica.

Erica looked over and sure enough, there was a nice-looking man, probably 50-ish, with close cropped salt and pepper hair. Across from him was a striking blonde woman who couldn’t have been more than 30 wearing a low-cut, form fitting red dress that showed almost too much cleavage for a classy place like this. They were staring into each other’s eyes and talking quietly while smiling at each other.

“I don’t think so”, Erica replied, “They both have wedding rings on, but something tells me that they did not give those rings to each other.” She gave Mark a knowing smile.

Soon, it was close to 9:30PM. They had a wonderful meal and a bottle and a half of wine. Mark asked for the check and the waiter asked if he wanted to take the bottle with him, since it was only half drunk. Mark looked at Erica and her eyes smiled at him as she gave him a nod.

He told the waiter yes and the waiter said “Of course” and hurried off. Erica offered to pay her part, but Mark would have nothing of it. They decided to Uber back to the hotel since they both had several glasses of wine.

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