The Judge

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“Docket number R8J69, Courtroom 2.”

The loudspeaker startled me from my daydreams. I got up and walked out of the waiting area and down the hall. Down the hall, last door on the left, there was a large stained oak “2” in the center of a door.

I pushed the handle and walked in. I would have taken a moment to look around but the room was small enough that I took it all in with a glance. It was only about 10 feet wide and 15 feet long. There was wood paneling on the lower portion of the walls and bright, white paint on the upper part. There was a tall desk at the far end of the room that was a couple feet shy of spanning the width of the room. Behind the gap between the desk and the left wall a door.

Just then that door opened and in walked a woman wearing a long, black robe. Her hair was gathered in a bun on the back of her head and a pair of glasses was perched on the bridge of her nose. “She must be the judge,” he thought. Without looking at him she walked behind the desk, sat down and shuffled some papers. Her hand rose and fell and the sharp crack of a gavel echoed through the room.

“Docket R8J69. How do you plead?” Only then did she look up. She stared at him hard, as if she could see through him.

“Um, not guilty?” He wasn’t even sure what the charge was.

“You sound unsure of your innocence.”

“Actually, I’m unsure as to why I am here.” He shifted his feet nervously.

“You’re here, sir,” she leaned forward to emphasize the importance of her words., “because you were stopped by an Officer of the Fly Police and were found to be without a button on the fly of your boxers.”

“Fly Police? I’ve never heard of the Fly Police.”

“Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. Now I’ll ask you again. How do you plead?”

“Not guilty.”

“Your plea has been entered in the court records. Now,” she paused as she shuffled some papers. “I’ve read the Officer’s report. Tell me your side of the story.”

“There’s not much to tell. I was pulled over by the Officer, she, uh, found I was missing my, um, button and she… she tried to find it.”

“Did she succeed?”

That question caught him off guard. “Excuse me?”

“With the button, sir. Did she find the button?”

“Oh, the button. I thought you said suck… oh nevermind. No. She did not find the button.”

“So she gave you one of hers to replace it, right?”

“Uh… she tried.” He was getting very nervous now. He didn’t want to have to tell her what had happened that night.

“What do you mean ‘she tried’?”

“Well she had one to give me but I swallowed it.”

“You swallowed it? Why was it in your mouth?”

He had no choice now. She was ordering him to tell her what happened. “Well, your Honor, after she had me get out of my car, she told me she had to inspect my boxers. When she didn’t see the button, she started searching for it. She reached inside my boxers and rubbed my manhood to erection and caressed my balls. Then she li… licked my erection and before I canlı bahis knew it, she slid me into her mouth and started sucking me.”

“Are you ok, sir? You’re looking a little flushed.”

“I’m ok. It’s just that remembering what happened causes my heart to race.”

“I’m sure. Please. Go on.”

“I couldn’t believe what was happening. Her tongue was caressing me in places I had never felt a tongue before.” He shuddered at the remembrance. “Then I heard a slurp and she stood up. She removed my boxers and unbuttoned my shirt. She stood right up against me. I could feel her nipples pushing against my chest. The ventilation access of her uniform allowed her… her womanhood to touch my manhood. She said she had to search everywhere for the button. She was moving against me in such a way that, before I knew it, my manhood slid inside her hot… wet… woman place.”

“Excuse me, your Honor. May I remove my tie? It’s getting a little warm in here.”

“By all means.” She replied. The judge was already fanning herself with a piece of paper. He folded his tie and hung it on a hook set into the paneling. “Now, please continue, sir.”

“She stuck her tongue in my ear. She licked behind my ear. Then she put her tongue in my mouth and moved it all around. And all this time she was moving up and down on her tiptoes so that my erection was sliding in and out of her. She kept going. She wouldn’t stop. I thought that if she didn’t stop I was going to… to cum inside her.”

“Did you?” The judge asked.

“No, your Honor. She came first. Are you all right, your Honor? You’re looking a little flushed.”

“I’m fine. It’s just rather warm in here. “

“Yes. Do you mind if I remove my shirt?”

“Not at all. That sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll remove my robe, too.” His back was turned as he was hanging his shirt on another hook. He didn’t see the black, nylon lace that covered her shoulders, or notice how her nipples were already swollen from arousal so that they were straining against the lace as she stood up to remove her robe.. She sat back down before he turned around.

“Please continue.”

“Like I said, she came before I could. She was nearly jumping up and down as she orgasmed right in front of me. I held her as she moaned into my shoulder. She withdrew herself from on top of me and, to her credit, she went right back to trying to find the button. She dropped to her knees in front of me again. She grasped my manhood to hold it out of the way. She didn’t really need to because it was standing up out of the way itself. But she held onto it and while her other hand searched, she would move it up and down. It was well lubricated from her cum explosion and it felt really good. “

“I’m sure it did.” Said the judge as she fingered her gavel.

“With her other hand, she started looking for the button. She touched and caressed my balls. She said the button sometimes got stuck up behind there. Her hand started moving up and down faster as she slowly slid her finger bahis siteleri up behind my ball pouch. She had a big smile on her face as she looked up at me, still pressing her finger back. The farther back her finger went the faster her hand moved. Just when I thought I wouldn’t take any more, her finger reached my… my anus and she did a little flick of her finger and I… I just exploded. It was too much stimulation all at once and I exploded. I don’t know if she knew it was going to happen but I shot cum allover her face.”

“Yes!” The judge said in a breathy voice.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I was just following along in my notes.”

“Oh. Well, the first shot hit her on the cheek. As she jerked in reflex, the second one hit her right on the lips and the third caught her on the chin. But she didn’t stop or get upset. She licked her lips and what she could reach on her cheek and chin and kept right on pumping. And I kept right on covering her hand and arm with cum. She even giggled a couple times. She kept pumping with her hand until I was empty. Then she licked her hand, used her finger to wipe her cheek and licked that. And she even put me into her mouth and sucked me clean. It was wonderful! Um, I mean, uh, It was wonderful that she took her job so seriously that she would take the time and energy to find my button.”

“I’m sure she enjoys her job. But you still haven’t told me how you came to swallow the button she gave you.”

“I’m getting to that part. Ok. She stood up after she was done with her licking and told me she didn’t find the button and that she would have to write me a citation and she turned to walk back to her car. She returned with her ticket book but didn’t have anything written. That’s when she told me she had a spare button she would give me. But there was a catch. I had to find it. She said it was hidden somewhere on her person, and if I found it I wouldn’t get a ticket.

“Well, I didn’t want a ticket so I started searching. I started looking in her hair. When I looked behind her ears she told me I might have better luck if I use my tongue. It’s more sensitive, she said. So I licked behind her ear. Then I licked the front of her ear and pushed my tongue inside. She moaned a little and shuddered. Yeah, just like you just did. So I did the same to the other ear. She moaned again so I decided to check under her tongue. As I moved my mouth towards hers she grabbed my head with her hands and pulled me to her. My tongue was frantically looking for that button. And it seemed like hers was, too. Though she had already looked once and didn’t find anything.

“My searching was in vain, though. The button was not in her mouth. She turned around and leaned forward, putting her hands on the trunk of her car, and told me to frisk her. So I placed my hands on her shoulders and felt down each of her arms. Nothing. I slid my hands around her waist. Still nothing. Then I slid my hands up her chest. Aha! I thought I had found it… or them. Thee were two little bahis şirketleri hard things pressing against my palms. When I tried to pull them out, she jumped. That’s when I realized they weren’t buttons. I had been concentrating so hard on finding buttons I didn’t realize I had pinched her nipples.

“They felt nice, though, and she didn’t seem to mind. So I played with them a little more. While I was teasing her nipples and massaging her breasts, she kept moaning and rubbing her butt against me. She worked herself onto me again. She was still so hot inside. She was sliding me in and out, moaning all the while. I was feeling so good inside her that I almost missed it. I felt a light scratching against my shaft head whenever she pressed herself back against me.

“I let go of her breasts, pulled my self out and spun her around. Dropping to my knees, I pushed a finger up inside her. I just knew I had felt a button. She told me I was scratching her with my fingernail and that I should use something softer, like my tongue. I thought it was a great idea. I stuck my tongue out then stuck it in her. I pushed it in as far as it would go. She kept making noises and rubbing her clitoris against my nose. I had a hard time trying to find the button.

“She suggested something that might make it easier. She opened the back door of her car and crawled in. She laid down on the back seat and put one foot over top of the back seat and one foot over top of the front seat. Then she patted her womanhood and said this should be better. I crawled in on top of her and sank my tongue into her again. She moaned, as I was able to push my tongue deeper. But I still couldn’t quite reach it. I tried sucking it out. I sucked and I licked. And I licked and I sucked. She was moving around a lot. Her clitoris was making my nose all wet, but I think she was enjoying herself. She started moaning louder and moving more. I couldn’t keep my tongue inside her but I tried. She started breathing real fast. Then she grabbed my head and shoved my mouth into her wet sex. ‘Suck it,’ she said. ”Suck it some more.’ So I did. I sucked hard trying to get that button. I had my mouth covering all of her womanhood and giving her one good, big suck when she squealed and wrapped her thighs around my head. I tasted the gush of her fluid as I sucked it all down.. She was bucking against my face when I choked. And before I could stop myself I had swallowed the button with a mouthful of her sex fluid.

“And that’s how I swallowed the button, your Honor. Your Honor? Hello?” I must’ve been looking at the floor while telling my story, because as I looked up I saw an empty desk. I heard sounds coming from behind the desk. I walked over to the corner of the desk and peeked around. There, to my surprise, was the judge lying on the floor with her hand between her legs. But she was different. Then I realized what it was. She had taken off her glasses and let her hair down. And now, lying on the floor, in a bodystocking with an open crotch, I saw that she was the Officer who gave me the citation.

That’s when she noticed I was watching her. She smiled up at me. “If you don’t drop your pants and get down here, right now, I’m going to have to write you another citation.”

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