VP of Sexual Fulfillment Ch. 03

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The next day’s seminar was insanely boring, so I snuck out of the morning session early to call Gary and spill the beans, or at least some of them.

I called him at his office and he answered on the first ring.

“Gary Walsh”

“Hey baby. Do you miss me?”

“You know it. Shouldn’t you be in class or something, you bad wife?”

“Oh honey, I am a bad wife. I am just too bored with all the rehash and I am way too tired from last night.”

I put a big emphasis on the word “am” and I laid on the sexy tone. He knew something was up.

“Well well well, what did we get into last night?”

“Oh babe, I was a very bad girl.”

“Were you now”

“I really was, Honey.”

“I want to know everything.”

“It’s really hot honey. Do you want to hear about it now or should we wait until we’re together?”

“Tell me now, babe. I’m about to burst over here.”

“Ok, well, I met a guy and it turns out he’s the President of Weatherton Paper.”

“No way.”

“Way! I found my way into being alone with him and we ended up naked in his hot tub. I blew him and swallowed a huge load of his cum.”

“Oh my.”

“Then he fucked the hell out of me baby and he was really well hung. I’d never been with a man that big before.”


“Well, not until later on, when his friend fucked me.”

I let out a little giggle as I said it.

“Holy shit! You did two men?”

“Well, I think they did me, babe, but yeah.”

“And they were both bigger than me?”

“Yes, honey. Are you mad?”

“Mad? Not unless you don’t want me anymore.”

“Oh dear, no. I love you with all my heart.”

“Good. Well that’s a relief. So, was it good? Did you enjoy all that cock?”

“Oh god yes. I had more orgasms than I can count and did things that I never thought I’d do.”

“Oh man, hold on.”

He was gone about thirty seconds.

“Ok, I locked my door. Tell me what you did with them.”

“Well, I let both of them fuck my ass.”

He groaned.

“And I let them fuck me in both of my little holes at the same time.”

“Holy shit! You did DP with the President of Weatherton Paper?”

“Baby, I did SERIOUS DP with Nick and Tommy. They both were all the way inside me at the same time. They totally owned me, Honey.”

“Jesus.” I could here him working himself and I knew he was close. I continued.

“I came harder than I ever thought I could. I’m so sorry, but I just loved their huge cocks so much and I was so turned on, that I let them do anything they wanted. They were so far inside me, honey. It was so dirty. I let them fuck me for four hours straight. They totally dominated me.”

“Oh my god…Ahhh” He groaned as he came.

“I feel like such a slut. I’m so sorry, but it was just so incredible. I’m probably going to let them do it to me again tonight unless you don’t want me to.”



“Uh, sorry. This is just an awful lot to process. You feel comfortable with these men?”

“Oh yeah. I could have left at any time. They were both complete gentlemen. That is, when they weren’t stuffing my holes with their huge cocks.”

“Oh my.”

“Honey, maybe I shouldn’t.

“No, I want you to do what you want to do. So it was good enough where you want it again?”

“Oh hell yeah, babe. It was amazing. I’m used to being with a big man, but to have two huge cocks inside of me made me come like nothing I’ve even experienced. I really can’t wait to do it again!”

“Then go get your brains fucked out all over again and free yourself of all guilt. I want you to do it and I want you to love it. I also want to hear about all if it when you get home.”

“Thanks, baby. I love you so much.”

“Your welcome, baby. I love you too.”

I went back to the rest of the seminar, but I left during the second intermission and went up to my room for some much needed rest. I hit my bathtub and had a nice soak. Then I took a little cat nap.

At 4:30 my alarm went off and I knew my two men were expecting me. I was in a completely new place. Talking to Gary had removed my guilt and that had emboldened me even more.

Last night, I left my room with the intent of grabbing a quick obligatory drink and heading home. What happened after that drink was a wild ride and I didn’t regret my actions. The men were incredible and my orgasms alone made it a worthwhile experience, but tonight was a very different deal. Tonight I was a married woman heading to another man’s hotel room for the expressed purpose of getting fucked hardcore by two ridiculously well hung men.

What to wear?

I went with the flimsiest outfit I had. I picked out a loose-fitting silk blouse and a short skirt. I wore no panties or bra, but I did throw some heels on. I jumped in the elevator and hit floor 24.

I was already totally randy and wet between my legs.

When I got to their room, Tommy answered the door naked with his massive tool dangling and bouncing as he moved. I dropped straight to my knees in avcılar rus escort the open doorway and started sucking his giant cock–taking it as deep as I could. If anybody walked down the hallway, they would have seen me on my knees worshiping his enormous cock.

“Damn, Beverly. Are you ready to be our slut today? It sure looks that way”

I took his cock out of my mouth to speak.

“Oh god yes. You guys own all my holes. I here to be used.”

He groaned as I went right back to stuffing his cock into my throat. He slowly backed up out of the doorway and I crawled with him but without letting his cock leave my mouth.

I was definitely going to be a slut today. I wasn’t going to hesitate or judge my actions. I was going to have completely wild sex with my new men and I was going to give them whatever they wanted. The idea of doing this was making me even hornier than I was yesterday. My pussy’s juices were running down my leg. That might sound like poetic license, but I assure you, I was as wet as a woman can get.

I was also sober, so I was feeling even naughtier with all of my wits about me.

I’d have some champagne later, but I loved the idea of doing them both sober. Last night was a bit of a blur, but the beginning of tonight would not be.

After Tommy got the door closed, he kept backing towards the room with the hot tub and I kept crawling on my hands and knees like an animal while giving him oral worship. He stopped about half way there and worked my skirt over my hips so I could crawl out of it. A few feet later, I was naked from the waist down. Then he stopped and undid the buttons of my blouse. When we got to the doorway, he announced us.

“Hey guys”, said Tommy.

Guys? I quickly thought to myself.

“Look what I found in the hallway” said Tommy.

“Wow, Bev’s ready!” Said Nick.

Nick was in the hot tub with a third man.

“Bev, we have a friend over and we hope you don’t mind. He’s gifted like Tommy and I so we figured you’d be ok with it.”

Tommy pulled me off his cock and took me by the hand. He walked me over to the hot tub and pulled my blouse off of me leaving me totally exposed to the three men, one of whom, I had not met before.

It was exciting. I had on nothing but my heels, and, unlike the night before, I was totally sober.

“Bill, this is the horny little slut we spent last night with. If you sit up on the ledge, Bev will show you her amazing oral skills and she loves swallowing cum, don’t you, slut?”

Nick’s cold tone and harsh language caught me off-guard at first, but it also made my pussy gush. I didn’t miss a beat. After all, I was there to be their slut.

“Yes Sir, I love swallowing hot cum” I said with a growing grin.

Bill sat up on the ledge and produced a very hard and very long cock. It was decision time again. Do I expand my vision of what tonight was going to be like? Will my husband understand me with three men as well as he seemed to understand two? This was a gangbang now. Was this something I wanted?

Yes, it was.

Nick, sensing my internal dialogue, took control.

“Beverly, you are going to be our slut tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Tell us what you want, slut.”

“I want to swallow … as many loads … as you guys can give me.”

“That’s a good slut. Now show Gary how well you suck cock.”

Every time he called me slut, it sent a tingle through my pussy and ass. It was scratching an itch I had deep inside. I’d fantasized about being taken by a group for a long long time. Wearing a sexy smile, I kicked off my high heels and slipped into the water on the opposite side of the Jacuzzi. As I swam the seven feet to Bill’s cock, I knew my fantasy was about to be realized.

I submerged as I swam over and I came up right in front of his cock and grasped it with both hands.

Oh my.

With two hands on Bill’s monster, I only had about half of his cock covered. This was going to be crazy.

I looked up into his eyes and said “hi.” He laughed and asked me if I liked what I saw. I said that it made me hungry. He told me that he liked feeding the hungry. I stood up and the water dripping off my body must have looked erotic as I bent slightly to take his member into my willing mouth.

I worked hard on the head and sucked with all my might. I heard him groaning and felt his rod twitching. I wanted to impress him, so I tried to take him deep like I did with the boys yesterday. I had about two thirds of him down and I was working the end of him with my throat muscles. I had a few mild gag reflexes, but I just dealt with them and I didn’t purge. My deep massage on his cock combined with my struggles must have excited him as he announced his load.

I pulled off of him and asked him how he wanted to mark me. He wanted to blow in my face. I stayed down with my mouth wide open and he rose above me. He jacked himself and sprayed my upturned face. The first shot hit my nose and splattered everywhere. The second avcılar türbanlı escort burst hit me right in the middle of the forehead. He then pumped a few right into my open mouth and I tasted him before swallowing.

I loved it.

Then I scooped up the rest and slid it into my mouth and savored it before swallowing.

I dunked myself down into the water and came up feeling fresh.

I asked Bill if he was done for the night and he told me he had at least two more big loads for me. I smiled a sexy smile and licked my lips before swimming over to Tommy and Nick.

I wanted to drain them and then take a little break for dinner. I got up between Nick’s legs and went to work on him.

“That’s it Beverly. Take my cock, baby. Do you want more, you little slut?”

I nodded and moaned with my lips wrapped around his length. Then I felt Tommy’s huge tool being pushed into my already throbbing pussy. He eased his whole manhood into me and then started to pound me with deep strokes. It excited me so much that I really turned up the heat on my servicing of Nick.

Then Tommy pulled out of me and told me to suck all of my pussy off his cock. Nick thought that was a great idea as he would be able to fuck me. Try to imagine how much of my own pussy I tasted as I licked and suck myself off of Tommy’s foot long monster. I was getting lost on the thing.

Nick was giving me a deep fucking from behind, but then he mixed it up and started to give me just the head and a few inches as he raked the ridge of his cockhead over my g-spot. He had me and he just abused my inner button. I was having an orgasm every minute or so as he went back and forth between deep shag and g-spot. He did this to me for a good fifteen minutes until they switched places again.

I began to suck my cum off of Nick as Tommy started to continue the method that Nick had established.

Tommy started hammering me like a stallion as he held my tail in place and then he’d work his huge plum-like cockhead on my g-spot. I started to shake with a climax and as it hit me, Nick dumped a big hot load into my mouth with no notice. I was suddenly overflowing with sperm and I pulled off of him so I could choke it down. It was hot and my pussy gushed a little more as he told me to swallow his whole load.

“That’s it, Bev. Drink my nut, baby. Are you our little cockslut tonight?”

I swallowed and answered before I could even catch my breath.

“Oh yes! I am your little cockslut. I want to fuck all of you over and over again. I need it so bad. Show me no respect. Treat me like the slut that I am”

I started cumming and quivering uncontrollably. Tommy was obviously turned on by my display and he pushed all the way into me. He held himself there for a few seconds and then grunted deeply as he shot his wad right into the back wall of my womanhood. It felt incredible as I came and came with him.

I was cumming so hard and with so much of my body that it just continued and continued. My whole body was jerking around as if I was being given electric shock. I was now pretty out of it. It was as if I was sedated but I could still experience pleasure to the nth degree. Tommy and Nick had to help me into the water as my legs were literally jello. They had literally fucked me intoa state of helplessness.

They both sort of held me as I slowly calmed down and came back to this planet.

“Well that was a nice little warm up wasn’t it,” said Nick with a smile.

Both men laughed and agreed and so did I. Nick grabbed the phone and placed a large dinner order through room service. He also ordered six bottles of champagne and a case of beer. The night was obviously young and I was up for anything.

Tommy opened a bottle of bubbly and we all had a glass while we waited for dinner. The men asked me about my marriage and I told them about my special relationship with my husband. They thought the whole concept was awesome and they all wanted to meet Gary as they thought he sounded like a great guy. Of course, Gary is all of that and more. If it wasn’t for him, I’d never be able to have this kind of experience. Even if I did, it would be steeped in guilt and lies. As it was, I was more sexually alive than I’d ever been before and I felt no shame or guilt.

I was the luckiest girl I knew, and I was in cock heaven.

We ended up having a very nice surf and turf dinner though I ate light to keep myself spry. The men ate more than I but they also avoided pigging out. The booze was flowing freely and I was now getting a very good buzz on. I excused myself and took a quick shower and came back out nude and clean. I wanted to stay fresh and all the cum leaking from my pussy was annoying me. Tommy must have shot a gallon up there.

The feeling of another man’s seed running down my legs was a huge turn on, but I knew I’d have plenty more.

Bill loved my ass and he kept making comments. He asked me if I’d ever had a good licking and I told him that my Hubby did that for me on avcılar ucuz escort occasion. Bill then told me to bend over the arm of the sofa and to spread myself open. I did as I was told and I got my legs as far apart as they would go with my feet on the ground. Then I used my hands to hold my ass open for him.

Bill went to work on my little rosebud. He licked me all over and it was really getting me aroused. Nick and Tommy were making comments.

“Bev, is Bill turning you on with his tongue on your ass?”

I was so into it that I was moaning the answers.

“Ohhh yes. My ass is getting really horny for you guys now. Ohh yeah. Mmmmm.”

Tommy asked Bill if he could try and then he lapped away at my back door. I was really enjoying being pampered by their tongues and when I made eye contact with Nick, I gave him a look that said “not you?”

He came over and asked for a turn. He went at my little hole and rimmed me good. I was now totally ready to be fucked in the ass and I asked for it loudly.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. That is so nice. Who is going to take my little ass for a ride?”

Bill had lubed himself up and he stepped in to take me first. His manhood had plenty of length, but it wasn’t as wide as Nick’s or Tommy’s. He eased himself into my ass and started fucking me slowly at half depth with me bent over the arm of the sofa.

Over the next twenty minutes, all three men took turns fucking me in the ass while I rubbed my clit with my left hand. It was so nasty as they kept talking about my body the whole time and how tight my ass was and how my body was made for gangbanging. I felt like such a slut and when I came, it was a big one.

After my climax, the men led me into a bedroom. Tommy laid me down on the bed and spread my legs as wide as they would go. He then gave me two orgasms in five minutes as he worked my pussy with his tongue. As my climax subsided, he told me to get on all fours and he slid under me. We got into a sixty-nine. I sucked his cock as he worked my pussy, which was now in over-drive. After a minute, I felt another tongue and it was working my ass.

Only the very luckiest of women will ever get oral on both holes simultaneously.

It was simply out of this world! I had an orgasm that was probably heard in the casino. My whole body shook uncontrollably. It lasted for almost a minute! I just shook and shook and shook. The men had to hold me down so I wouldn’t hurt myself.

“This is what a gangbang should be like,” I thought to myself.

After I calmed down, Tommy sat on the edge of the bed and told me to come ride him. I mounted him and slid down onto his huge penis. I was now in heaven as he moved me up and down for a few minutes and told me what a slut I was. I could feel his cock as it moved in and out of my depths and it was like nothing I’d ever felt.

It was perfect.

I was in a state of orgasmic bliss—my head swaying from side to side as I moaned and came and came and came. I looked back at Nick and saw him putting more lube on his cock and I knew a DP was coming.

Tommy told me to to be a good slut and to sit down on his cock as deep as I could. I was so excited that I took him balls deep. He then leaned back and now my ass was pointing up. Nick stepped in and eased his length into my back door.

I took my DP a lot easier than the day before and once I was in a good position, they started to fuck me for real. Tommy gave me short strokes and he was bumping into my cervix at the end of each thrust. Nick was fucking my ass with long controlled strokes.

They went at me this was for a long while with Bill standing next to us stroking his cock and giving us encouragement.

“That’s it boys. Fuck our little slut. Make her cum. Are you going to cum again slut? Do you like those huge cocks in your married pussy?”

His words took me over the edge.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!”

It was intense. They both pounded me harder as it hit and that made it last even longer. Two cocks is an amazing experience and it changes the way I cum. I just love it.

My orgasm was so wild that Nick blew his nut right up my ass. When he pulled out, Bill took his place and I was back to getting double-stuffed. Bill was even longer than Nick and he went slow and tried to work his stick deep into my ass. Once he got around the curve inside me, he was able to get balls deep. I was now fully impaled on two huge cocks. They started grinding into me without really pulling out more than an inch or two. This gave me sensations all through my ass and pussy. It was like a carnival for my genitals.

They just ground themselves into my depths and they didn’t let up until I started bucking and shaking in orgasm. As soon as it hit me, they lengthened their strokes and quickened their pace. I was whimpering and wailing in climax as both men shoved in all the way and coated my inner walls with their cum.

Their orgasms felt so warm and so deep that my orgasm lingered out of sheer excitement.

It was now 10pm. It was still early, but all my men had blown multiple loads and they were going to need some time. As it turns out, time is exactly what Nick wanted.

He asked me if I wanted to go and relax with them in the hot tub while they recharged for a final go with me. I thought that sounded great and we took a few bottles with us and slipped back into the water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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