A Busy Weekend Pt. 08

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Saoirse felt Pia shift four parts into a series of historical documentaries. The wind had calmed down outside, and the low hum of the heater would have lulled Saoirse to sleep if it hadn’t been for all the cups of tea keeping her caffeinated and Pia’s body heat. Pia had fallen asleep on Saoirse’s chest when the room was still cold and they’d piled all the blankets on top of themselves. It had been at least two hours, and Saoirse was sweating. She also needed to pee, and was just starting to consider disturbing Pia to get up when Pia sat up herself.

Fighting a yawn, Pia said, “I’ve really got to pee.”

Both of them got up and plodded into the bathroom, but instead of sitting on the toilet, Pia shuffled over to the shower drain, raising her long nightshirt. Saoirse knew that Pia wasn’t wearing anything beneath, and her clitoris throbbed when Pia’s green pubic hair peeked out under the shirt’s hem, the same color as her straight waist-length hair. Pia seemed to hesitate, and looked up at Saoirse.

“Are you gonna use the toilet?” yawned Pia, starting to drip onto the tile floor.

“I was uh…” Saoirse yawned. It pushed on her bladder and she exhaled, pressing her legs together to prevent a leak. “I was going to use the shower so you could have the toilet.”

“We can both use it,” said Pia sleepily. She sank into a crouch with practiced ease, pulled the lips of her labia apart, and let go as Saoirse approached. Pia’s urine was clear, only mostly hitting the drain and the tile around it. Warm droplets splashed Saoirse’s bare feet.

“You awake, Sersh?” asked Pia.

Saoirse jumped a little. “Yeah, just enjoying the view.” Her face was already pink, and she felt it redden as she pulled her nightshirt up. Saoirse’s clitoris was flaccid, but quickly beginning to grow. She spread her legs, pushed out her hips like Pia was doing, and released a drippy spray that soaked her foot. Saoirse instinctively pulled up her tail and tried to angle her hips, but all it did was move the spray mostly onto the other foot.

“May I help?” Pia’s voice wavered a little, and when Saoirse looked up, Pia was blushing.

“Of course,” replied Saoirse.

Pia reached over with one hand and grasped Saoirse’s clitoris, aiming it while leaving her own stream free to splash the tiles around the shower drain. Saoirse could feel a goofy grin forming on her face as her clit swelled in Pia’s hand.

“You’ve stopped peeing,” yawned Pia. “Would you like some assistance?”

Saoirse moaned, “Would I ever.” It was loud enough to echo in the bathroom, but she was too into it for the embarrassment to stick. Pia began stroking Saoirse’s clitoris delicately.

“Do you still want to try penetration with your vibrator?” asked Pia. “How does it work, exactly?”

“It’s tricky for me,” Saoirse panted. “Especially in my uh…current state. I’m up for it, but you’ll need to stop for at least an hour so I can concentrate.” Saoirse was half renoige, and though she looked mostly human she’s inherited the catlike ears, fluffy tail, and the renoige pseudopenis. Renoige women had enlarged clitorises, much like hyenas, and though they could be inverted for penetrative sex and served as the birth canal, they normally looked and functioned very much like a penis.

Pia grinned up at Saoirse. bursa escort “Would you like me to stop?”

“Please no,” squeaked Saoirse. Her hips were moving against Pia’s hand and her heart was racing. Pia tightened her grip, and Saoirse was vaguely aware of her own voice echoing off the bathroom walls.

“We can do it later,” said Pia. “How often do you normally do penetration?”

Saoirse had to catch her breath to reply: “About…ten percent of the time. I really have to get myself in the mood for it.”

Pia stretched up and kissed Saoirse. It made Saoirse’s stomach do a backflip, and her clit throbbed in Pia’s hand. “Let’s do it next time then.”

Saoirse laughed breathlessly. “I warn you, I’ll need to be relaxed and pampered all day to get it to retract properly.”

“I think I’m up for the challenge,” said Pia. She sped up her strokes and Saoirse couldn’t help cupping her own small breasts and stimulating her nipples. They always got so swollen and sensitive whenever she-

“Pia,” Saoirse intoned, squirting a jet of clear urine when she came. Pia kept moving, trying to rock with Saoirse’s hips until her body relaxed. Saoirse’s knees wobbled and she felt Pia steady her with her free hand.

“I think I need to sit down after that,” gasped Saoirse, and Pia maneuvered her over to the toilet.

Saoirse’s pee stream seemed to pick up right where it left off, and thundered into the bowl for what felt like an hour. Saoirse’s face was at the perfect height to bury in Pia’s cleavage, and she did.

“What’s up, Sersh?” yawned Pia, stroking Saoirse’s ear.

Saoirse purred, “Have you ever seen that movie where that wizard gets his face stuck in a pair of giant tree boobs?”

“No, but I get the visual,” Pia chortled, letting Saoirse nuzzle between her breasts.

When Saoirse finished peeing they cleaned up in the shower. Saoirse searched for the movie she’d told Pia about while Pia made them breakfast. She also made more tea in the meantime, and brought Saoirse’s out to her.

“So,” said Pia, setting Saoirse’s mug down on the side table. “You said you need to be pampered, now how shall we go about it?”

“Can I have an extra egg with breakfast?”

It didn’t take Saoirse long to find the movie, and they watched it while they ate. Pia had added ham, eggs, and chives to bowls of ramen, which they’d both finished halfway into the movie. Pia let Saoirse use her breasts as a pillow while they watched. Full and happy, Saoirse dozed off until the end of the movie.

Pia woke her by stretching during the movie’s credits, reaching over, and gulping down the rest of her tea.

“Is there anything you’d like to do?” asked Pia. “Facials? More ramen?”

Saoirse’s lip curled in a mischievous grin. “Something like that.” She ran a finger along Pia’s inner thigh. Pia shivered and squirmed.

“Watch it, I need to pee again,” Pia warned.

“Is that a promise?” asked Saoirse. She slid her hand further up Pia’s thigh over her nightshirt, stopping right before her crotch. “May I?”

Pia nodded, whimpering. Saoirse used one finger to trace down the middle of Pia’s pussy over the fabric. Pia closed her eyes and lay back. She was wet, and it soaked through quickly. Soon, Pia’s body undulated and she gave a series bursa escort bayan of quiet grunts. Saoirse kept going until Pia gasped.

“Wait!” Pia panted. “I…I don’t want to pee on the couch.”

Saoirse grinned wickedly. “I have an idea, if you feel up to it.

Saoirse and Pia put coats on over their nightshirts, and Saoirse borrowed a pair of Pia’s work boots.

“Ready?” said Saoirse, unlatching the front door.

Pia pressed her legs together. “I hope it isn’t far.”

The day was slightly warmer than expected, and the show around them dripped as it melted.

“This is making me need to pee even worse,” said Pia, tromping down the small set of stairs. Snow had piled up around the shed and walkway. The small opening under the walkway was visible from Pia’s front door, just large enough to duck through.

The ground was dry and dusty under the walkway, and Pia sat down, spreading her legs. The walls of snow enclosing the sides let a diffused, soft light into the space.

“So, do you really like giving oral?” asked Pia. Her vulva quivered as Saoirse lifted her nightshirt.

“I don’t like it, Pia. I love it,” Saoirse laughed, lying down on her stomach. She was careful to breathe on Pia’s pussy when her face was close enough. Pia gave another one of her little grunts, and Saoirse wondered if she could hear them when she went down on Pia.

Pia’s pussy was as wet with both her natural lubricants and urine, and Saoirse took in her specific scent, poking her nose just under Pia’s clitoris before licking upward. The pheromones in Pia’s piss were almost overpowering, and didn’t tell Saoirse anything she didn’t already know.

“S-Saoirse-” Pia whispered. A set of heavy footsteps stumped around somewhere on the boardwalk above. It formed the ceiling of the low cavelike corridor around them, stretching off in both directions. Saoirse paused and listened, and the footsteps drew nearer, bringing with them a murmur of voices. Saoirse didn’t pay any attention to them and focused on pleasing Pia. She licked lazy circles around Pia’s vagina, fluttering her tongue lightly over the urethral opening.

Pia exploded in Saoirse’s face with a strangled cry that stopped the footsteps.

“Hello?” called a high-pitched but androgynous voice. “Everything okay over there?”

“We’re fine,” replied Pia loudly. Saoirse jumped, but continued licking into the desperate, loudly hissing flow. “Th-thanks!”

“Any time,” the voice said nervously. The footsteps receded again, and Saoirse couldn’t help laughing under her breath. The vibration made Pia arch her back and part her legs further.

Pia slowed to an inconsistent trickle, and her breath hitched up as she tried to relax. Saoirse used the tip of her nose to trace slow circles around Pia’s clitoris while her tongue explored the rest of Pia’s pussy. She could taste the tea in Pia’s urine and remembered Pia drinking it, but she also got that distinct andyne scent again. It occurred to Saoirse that as many times as she’d seen Pia naked, she didn’t remember ever looking at Pia’s back-

Pia’s hips shifted, and it was all Saoirse could do to hold on. Saoirse sat up and switched to using her fingers to tweak Pia’s clit. Pia finished with a muffled, long moan and dropped back, gasping.

Saoirse escort bursa paused and listened for the footsteps again, but they never came. “I can’t believe you replied to them,” Saoirse giggled.

Saoirse helped Pia sit up. Pia’s face was pink, and she was shaking. “I can’t either.”

On the way back to Pia’s air skiff, Saoirse noted three sets of footprints on the boardwalk. The people Pia spoke to had gotten about two blocks away on the grid.

The hum of the heater greeted them when they returned. Shockingly, Saoirse wasn’t soaked; she’d worn one of Pia’s waterproof coats. By contrast, Pia had soaked the entire back of her coat and nightshirt, all the way up to her hood. Saoirse volunteered to put them in the wash, and they were heavy and saturated.

“You really had to go,” commented Saoirse. Pia’s already-pink face reddened, and one hand self-consciously shielded her crotch. She opened her mouth to apologize and Saoirse cut in: “No apologizing. Your giant bladder is sexy as fuck.”

A long, droning tone punctured the moment, and Pia gave Saoirse a brief peck on the lips before she skittered off to answer the call. It finally gave Saoirse a good look at Pia’s naked back: a diamond-shaped patch of skin stretched from the nape of her neck down to her shoulder blades, ending in a blunt point at the small of her back. The tone was slightly paler and less pink than Pia’s surrounding skin, and fused with her skin in strange swirling patterns that reminded Saoirse of metal welding.

Pia disappeared around the corner and picked up the receiver. “Hey, Miss May.”

Saoirse had some tea left on the side table, so she sat down and sipped it while she waited for Pia. She could clearly hear Mayra’s half of the conversation: her deep, normally melodious greeting was thick with suppressed laughter.

“So um…our only guests asked me to check in on you, and they told me that they heard the huge water leak next to the shed.”

“Would you like me to check on it?” asked Pia.

“Oh I saw from your footprints that you already did,” said Mayra. Another voice hummed somewhere in the background. “So uh…thanks for fixing it. Very diligent of you.”

“Anytime,” said Pia, dazed.

“How is everything else? Going well? Staying warm?”

“Oh yeah,” said Pia. “I’m pampering my girlfriend today.”

“That sounds lovely,” said Mayra, somewhat theatrically. She turned away from the receiver and called, “She’s taken care of the leak and she’s back home.” A voice murmured in the background. “They’re glad you’re okay. It’s cold out there.”

“It sure is,” Pia gulped.

“Speaking of that,” Mayra’s tone changed. “Let’s reschedule our lunch today for, say, dinner tomorrow? We have a blizzard coming in this afternoon. I don’t want you to get caught in it, or even the cat girl.”

“Sounds good,” replied Pia. “And thanks. I’ll tell Saoirse you like her.”

“And keep your line open tomorrow morning. If it’s too cold, I might ask you to stay in.”

Pia curled up on the couch next to Saoirse after she hung up. “Good news: we’re free for the rest of the day,” she said sleepily.

Saoirse put an arm around Pia’s shoulders, and Pia buried her face in Saoirse’s chest. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” yawned Pia. “I’m just really tired after that.”

Pia insisted on making more tea before snuggling up with Saoirse for a nap. She fell asleep while Saoirse browsed a selection of classic horror films. Under the blankets, Saoirse absently traced her fingers along the scar on Pia’s back.

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