A First For Sly

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This has turned out to be a most unforgettable weekend with Sly, Eddie thought to himself. It started with an incredible fuck session in the pool last night and them both doing well in the swim meet. Eddie still could not get the sight of watching the other couple having sex out of his mind. “A penny for your thoughts?” Sly whispered as they relaxed in the hotel room. “Oh I was just thinking about how much fun we have had this weekend,” Eddie replied. “Well, I hungry,” Sly chirped. “Let’s go down to the restaurant for a bite and maybe a couple drinks in the lounge.”

Eddie watched as Sly slipped into a light sundress without bra and panties. The thought of her naked under this flimsy dress was so erotic. The fullness of her breast was visible as she walked and standing beside her allowed a most remarkable view. As she stood in the door, the light from the hall showed through her dress allowing an almost unobstructed view. They walked arm in arm to the elevator and soon found themselves in the crowded restaurant “Damn,” Eddie gruffed, “The place is packed.” They both stood in the doorway straining to find an empty table. “Hello there,” came a call from the far side of the room. Eddie looked to see a hand being waved from a table near the rear of the restaurant. “Come join us,” the voice called out. Eddie noticed the couple setting at a table with two empty seats. Eddie led Sly to the table at the rear. As they moved closer, Sly soon realized who had offered them the invitation. He looked at Sly and she was grinning a soft coy smile. It was the couple from the previous evening in the pool. The gentleman motioned for the two to join them.

Hi there, I’m Pete and this lovely lady is my wife Pam. “With all the swimmers here, there is no wonder this place is packed,” Pete continued. “Speaking of swimming,” Eddie smiling,” I hope you two did well in the meet?” Sly took her seat directly across the seat from Pete setting next to Pam. Eddie offered his hand to Pete,” I am Edward, but my friends call me Eddie and my sweet love is Sly.” Sly reached across and shook Pete’s then Pam’s hand. “Well, we did not do that well in the meet,” Pete said the laughed softly, “But, we did have a most intriguing swim last night, as I am sure you two did as well.” Both Sly and Pam turned a bit red and smiled. “Yes, we are looking forward to another swim soon,” Sly chuckled.

The remainder of the evening was delightful. Pete & Pam were retired teachers and travel a bit just meeting new friends and swimming. Pete and Pam were in their late 40’s and swimming had kept them in good shape. It was Pam’s fiery red hair that had caught Eddie’s attention. Eddie could not help notice that Pete smile was bigger each time Sly bent down and he caught a nice view of her tits. Eddie had also noted Pam’s interest in Sly’s movements as well. After the meal, Pete and Pam excused themselves to get drinks from the bar.

“Baby,” Eddie whispered, “You seem to be the center of attention this evening.” Sly blushed. “Yes I know,” she cooed, “You ALL are checking out my tits.” Eddie slipped his hand under Sly’s dress and raised it to her lap, exposing her pussy. He was delighted to find how aroused she güvenilir bahis was. “Eddie, they are coming back,” Sly snipped as she started to lower her skirt that Eddie had pulled up. “No,” Eddie chuckled, “let’s have a bit of fun. We are far enough back that no one else can see. Let’s see what happens.” Eddie returned his fingers to pinching and teasing Sly’s now hard clit.

The two returned to the table drinks in hand and took their seats. Eddie kept his hand in Sly’s lap stroking her pussy. She was nervous at first, but soon she was setting there legs open with Eddies fingers slipping in and out her cunt as they chatted with Pete & Pam. It soon became obvious to all at the table that Sly was becoming very aroused. She was now bucking against his hand to meet his thrusting into her snatch. The conversation was light, but then a strange thing happened. Eddie felt Pam’s hand in Sly’s thigh, stroking and rubbing it gently. Sly looked at Pam and gave her a reassuring smile, as she attempted to carry on with the conversation. Soon Pam’s fingers joined Eddies helping him tease Sly’s pussy. It was the most erotic sight Eddie had seen. The sight of Pam stroking and teasing Sly’s now dripping cunt. Pam paused for a moment to lick her fingers clean before returning them to Sly’s cunt. Sly opened her legs wider as Pam returned to fingering her. “Baby,” Eddie asked, “would you like a drink?” Sly could not reply but the nod of her chin gave her answer. As Eddie left to get the drinks, he could see Pam moving her chair closer beside Sly, and Pete slipping into the other chair beside Sly.

As Eddie neared the table, he could see Sly’s head moving from side to side. Sly was in another world. He knew she was being finger fucked by both Pam and Pete. As Eddie passed behind Sly’s chair he could see both her legs draped over Pete and Pam’s thighs. They both were hammering hard into Sly’s open cunt with their fingers. With each plunge, Sly would gasp a bit harder. He also could now see that Pam’s skirt was up abound her waist and his sweet love Sly had two fingers buried to the hilt into Pam’s fiery bush. Eddie found the empty seat and continued to watch his sweet love being well fingered by their newly found friends. Sly gasped and bit her lip, not wanting all to hear the scream of the orgasm she had at the fingers of our dinner guests. Both Pete and Pam withdrew their fingers from Sly’s pussy. Pam offered Eddie a lick while Sly licked Pete’s fingers clean. “I think we should continue this upstairs,” Eddie whispered, as he took Pam’s hand and led her from the restaurant, she barely having a chance to pull her skirt down. Pete followed with the giggling Sly in tow. Inside the evaluator passions continued to build. Sly and Pete were in a deep passionate kiss and Pam was stroking Eddie’s hard cock through his pants. They all soon found their way to Pete and Pam’s room.

Pam took Eddie to the edge of the king size bed and while setting on the side of the bed took out his cock and starting sucking it slowly. Her lips were full and soft and they felt so hot as his cock shack rode in and out of her mouth. Pete had Sly lay back on the couch and slip her top down. Her breast sprung from her türkçe bahis dress and had soon Pete had found the object of his desire, her big hard nipples. He was licking and sucking them pulling each nipple deep into his mouth. Eddie could hear Sly as she moaned with each suck of Pete. Pam was also quickening her pace on his cock, taking time to lick and suck his balls. Eddie’s attention was divided between watching Pam engulf his cock and watching Pete devouring Sly’s nipples.

“Pam darling, ” Pete called, “You will have to sample Sly’s breasts. Her nipples are so nice and hard.” Pam laughed, ” I have something nice and HARD in my mouth now.” They all chucked. Eddie looked down and whispered, “I’d love to see you sucking Sly’s tits.” Pam smiled and eased Eddies cock from her mouth. With Eddie’s cock in hand, she took him with her to the couch. Pam settled in besides Sly on the couch. Soon both Pete and Pam were taking their pleasure from Sly’s tits. Eddie was having the time of his life, watching this pair enjoy his lover. Both had her legs opened wide and her dress up to her waist fingers buried deep into her wet cunt. The room echoed as Sly gave them her next cum. This time there was no holding back her passion. Sly’s cum flowed hot and steady from her well-fucked cunt. She had a wanton sex crazed look in her eye. As the waves from her orgasm subsided, Sly paused long enough to slip off her dress and help Pam out of hers. The guys followed the lead and hurriedly undressed.

The two girls were now naked and exploring each other’s bodies. Sly found Pam’s pink nipples and was teasing them with her tongue, first one then the other. Pam pulled Sly’s chin to her breast, feeding her each of them in turn. Pete had made his way between Sly’s legs and was lapping at her dripping cunt. Eddie had found Pam’s fire bush and was sucking her clit deep into his mouth. Both girls were panting at the workout being given to their pussy. Pete sucking and biting on Sly’s cunt, driving his tongue as far as possible. Eddie was lapping at the flow of juices from Pam as she was grinding his face into her own cunt. Both girls lunged and paused as they covered each face with hot oozing cum.

Pete and Eddie brought the girls to the bed. Quickly each girl was gulping down on rock hard cock. Sly was being face fucked by Pete, his balls raking her chin with each hard stroke. Pam alternated between licking Eddies cock and teasing his ass hole. Eddie positioned himself so he could watch Sly. Pete was hammering hard into her mouth with his cock. Eddie liked watching Sly raking her teeth across Pet’s shaft. Sly kept up the pace as she tickled Pete’s ass hole with her finger. Pam now was tongue fucking Eddie’s ass, pull his cheeks wider to gain deeper access. Eddie noticed the sweet contented smile from Sly as she engulfed Pete’s entire shaft. Pete slipped his cock of Sly’s mouth and moved her to lie down on the bed. Pam stopped her sucking to reposition herself, setting on Eddie’s lap. Pam took Eddie’s cock and was stoking her pussy with the head.

Eddie and Sly now laid beside each other as Pete slipped his twitching cock into Sly’s waiting snatch and Pam mounted Eddies engorged cock. Sly reached güvenilir bahis siteleri over to hold Eddie’s hand as Pete quickened his fucking. Eddie loved to see the lust in Sly’s eyes as Pete was pounding hard into her gaping cunt. Eddie’s cock was being grind hard and deep by Pam. With each thrust Pam moaned loader, tweaking her nipples and tossing back her head.

Pete was fucking Sly with all he could. The bed squeaked with each thrust. Sly was arching her back to meet his pounding. Pam was also riding hard and deep on Eddie’s cock. The room echoed with the grunts and groans of extreme fucking. As Pam rode Eddie hard and fast, Sly looked deeply into Eddie’s eyes and whispered “I Love You Always, Eddie.” As she spoke the words, she released once more a screaming orgasm. Pete lunged too as he joined Sly, dumping his load of hot semen into Sly’s snatch. For a moment the room went silent as Pete and Sly savored the moment of their cumming. Pam leaned over to deeply kiss her mate. Pete leaned down to kiss Sly deeply, resting with his cock stilled buried inside Sly. “Thank you,” Pete muttered, ” for an exceptional fucking.” Sly smiled, “Your most welcome.”

Sly moved closer to Eddie and whispered, “Eddie, my love, cum hard inside Pam’s sweet pussy for me.” Eddie nodding and bucked hard against Pam, matching each of her thrusts onto his shaft. “Fuck him hard baby,” Pete called to Pam, “I want to see Eddie cum inside your cunt.” Pete’s words excited Pam even more and now she was slamming down hard, impaling her pussy with Eddie’s cock. Eddie reached up pinch and pull Pam’s nipples. As the two were fucking wildly, Sly and Pete were cuddling, watching the fuck show beside them. Sly moved her hand down to hold Eddies cock as Pam continued her fucking. Eddie screamed as Pam’s grinding cunt drove him over the edge. His cum flowed in spurts as he emptied his juices deep into Pam’s cunt. Pam matched Eddie’s scream as she too exploded onto his cock. Sly returned her hand to lick the juices from her fingers. “Oh baby,” Sly purred, “I have to have more of this sweetness.”

Sly then did the most unbelievable thing. “Pam,” Sly whispered, ” would you mind if I could savor the cum from you and Eddie?” Pam smiled, nodded and moved to straddle Sly’s face. “Sure, darling,” Pam purred, ” you can have all you would like.” Pam pulled open the cunt lips as cum oozed from inside. Sly buried her tongue quickly into Pam’s cum-filled pussy holding her ass cheeks in both hands. “Mmmmm, Pam,” Sly purred, ” Eddie’s cum mixed with yours is delicious.” Eddie turned on his side and watched as his lover sucked the sticky hot cum from Pam’s cunt. Sly’s face was now glazed covered as once more Pam was nearing a climax. “Oh God,” Pam stuttered, “I’m going to cum.” Pete lay on the other side and enjoyed the show as Sly took her delight in sucking and licking the cum from Pam’s pussy. Pam rocked and ground her pussy onto Sly’s face. Pam moaned then reached down to hold Sly’s head, her cum flowed from her cunt as she emptied another orgasm into Sly’s mouth.

Sly finished her treat and the two gals gave each other deep soul kisses. They all exchanged hugs and kisses as they dressed and made their farewell’s. In the evaluator, Sly deeply kissed Eddie and asked, “Do you still taste her baby? That was the first, and I can assure you not the last.” A coy smile crossed her face as they made their way back to their room.

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