The Gift of Commitment

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Once upon a sexy simple Christmas, two men were sharing a hot cup of tea and a plate of fresh pancakes at a local diner.

“So, my place or yours?” Griffin asked with a wide smirk on his face.

“Is your home completely empty?” Chase asked. “I really don’t feel like pretending to be some kind of worker or whatever just to pass your wife or, even worse, your kids.”

They were a couple. Griffin had been gay all his life but instead of admitting his lifestyle to his family, he married a women and had three kids with her. He loved her deeply but there was absolutely no attraction there. It was a friendship only kind of love. If he could make her cum while having sex, that’s all he needed from it.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Griffin replied.

Chase had been his boyfriend for the last six months. He knew of the situation and their requirements and didn’t mind it all it. It had its annoyances but every kiss, every fuck and every minute they spent together made it worth it.

“I left your Christmas present at my house, so we have to go there and get it anyway.”

“Okay,” Chase said, rolling his eyes as he got up from the seat. He assumed the present was just sex. He found himself excited to have it but it wasn’t something that he’d call different from any other time they spent together.

30 minutes later…

“I’ve been craving you for days,” Griffin said as he got on his knees, rubbing his hands over Chase’s bare ass.

His finger was poking at the tight little hole and sliding in and out of it. His mind was wandering as he stuck his tongue out and began to lick the small hole.

“Fuck, you taste so good,” Griffin bursa escort said as he took his hand and pulled Chase’s dick behind him and licked the tip of it.

Chase was breathless as Griffin began to show his affection. It was something they only did once or twice a week as needed. Their affection wasn’t just based on sex. They would do things like go get coffee and make out in the car before they got back to their work.

“Lick me good, baby,” Chase hummed quickly. “My tight little ass is all yours.”

In response, Griffin probed Chase’s ass with his tongue. He took his left hand and began to spank and spread his ass cheeks even more. Soon his tongue was deep inside and nearly tongue fucking him.

“You ready for my manhood?” Griffin asked, getting up from the floor.

They were in the living room of his home. Pictures and toys surrounded their fuck-space. His mind wasn’t on that. His mind was on fucking Chase as hard as possible.

“Oh yeah!” Chase got up and found that Griffin had placed a thin condom over his cock. “Can I ride it first?” Chase begged softly, with a look of hunger on his face. Griffin stroked his cock and nodded.

“All yours,” Griffin said.

His widened ass didn’t take much effort to fit on top of Griffin’s extra long and thick cock. The feeling of his cock nearly breaking him was the most perfect feeling. Both their eyes were in a haze of lust as Chase began to bounce up and down the thick tool.

“I’ve missed this,” Chase hummed, leaning back and locking lips as they began to make out while actively fucking.

After a few minutes of Chase being on top in the living room chair, he climbed off and began to suck on Griffin’s cock. He quickly removed the condom and began to work his tongue over every inch of his thickness. Griffin’s eyes closed and his head tilted back as his mind wandered and his orgasm grew. His desire to cum was growing bigger and faster than it had ever before.

“Bend over, baby,” he hummed, breathlessly. The words were a mere whisper but loud enough for Chase to hear and follow his demand.

“No protection,” Chase begged. Griffin nodded and began to toy with the small hole again with his tongue. The moans of approval was all he needed to point his cock at his lover’s entrance.

Condoms were their thing. This was their first time without one. They trusted each other. They cared for each other and more importantly they were building a true relationship together. It was a Christmas gift for both of them.

They fucked in the living room slowly. Griffin stroked softly at Chase’s cock while pushing and pulling his cock in and out of his ass. The men shared sweet words with each other as their orgasms grew and their affection for each other continued to expand.

“Oh… I’m going to cum.” Griffin’s eyes closed tightly and a roar escaped from the bottom of his chest as his hot cum shot directly into Chase for the very first time. The warm feeling of the cream falling down his leg and pooling inside his body was all Chase needed to follow Griffin’s lead and cum directly onto both their hands.

Leaning back, the two men kissed tenderly.

“Messy,” Griffin said, laughing to himself as he pulled his cock from Chase and saw the pool of cum below them. He thought for a moment how görükle escort bayan happy he was that he changed the carpet for hardwood floors only last month.

“You think she’ll notice?” Chase asked as he stood up and began to dress.

Griffin smiled but didn’t answer the question. Instead, he got up still naked and went to the nearby cabinet and took out a small box.

“I have a gift for you.”

“But you are my gift,” Chase said as he took the small box and opened it. Inside were two different keys and a small ring.

“What’s this?” Chase didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

“First, the ring is a promise ring,” Griffin said as he took the small ring from the box and placed it onto Chase’s finger. “The keys are to my new place. I want you to move in with me as soon as you can.”

“But what about your wife?”

The room was spinning and his mind was wondering if this was all for real.

“I told her last month that I couldn’t pretend anymore. I told her about us and how I saw a future and something amazing that she couldn’t compete with. Instead of being upset, she understood. She helped me explain things to our kids and even helped find a place that you and I can call home.”

“So, there is a true us now?”

“Yes, baby,” Griffin pulled his face close and placed a tender kiss upon his lips.

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone the way I love you,” Griffin said.

They kissed and hugged and cuddled with each other on the living room floor for what seemed like hours.

“So…when do we move?” Chase asked, leaning forward and beginning their make out session again.

Griffin didn’t pull away to answer the question. By the time the kiss ended, he didn’t even have a chance to respond before Chase said excitedly, “Best Christmas gift ever!”

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