A Foreign Affair Ch. 02

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I sat straight up in bed. Had I just heard Mom right? Daddy and Rachael? My big sister? Oh my god.

From the other side of the bed Jason moaned too but whether it was from disbelief, shock, or the fact that Marie was nursing on the head of his cock, I couldn’t be sure.

“Well,” Mom continued, “it was about three years ago I guess. Rachael was just eighteen and you were about fifteen. At your age three years is a huge difference and you and her were never really close. You never knew what was going on and Jason was always too involved with sports to pay much attention to anything here at home.” She glanced over at her son and smiled as she watched Marie lovingly lick his still shrunken cock. Apparently two loads of cum in the last half hour was his limit.

“I worked late a lot those days and cliché as it may sound, one night I came home and found Rachael and your father together. I came upstairs and I thought I heard strange noises coming from her bedroom. I looked in and there they were. Rachael was riding her father’s cock for all she was worth. I was shocked to say the least but oddly enough the first thought that entered my mind was that this had to have been going on for a while. I don’t know, the way they were going at it, well it was obvious that this was not the first time.

I did what you might have expected me or anyone else to do. I stormed into the room and started screaming at your father. You rapist this, you dirty old man that, blah, blah blah. He never tried to defend himself. He just looked shocked. How could you take advantage of your own daughter I wanted to know? She’s only eighteen and who knows what kind of psychological damage you’ve done to her. Then a funny thing happened.

Rachael started laughing. “Oh Christ Mother, don’t be so melodramatic. When you walked in here did you really think he was raping me? Come on, couldn’t you see how much I was enjoying it?”

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. My mouth must have dropped open. I couldn’t believe my ears.

She looked right at me and said, “I know why you married him Mommy. His cock is fucking wonderful! Don’t look so surprised. Did you think that you were the only one around here with needs? Shit, I’ve wanted to fuck him forever but it wasn’t till you started working nights that I had the chance. He didn’t rape me, if anything it was the other way around.”

Your father started to say something but Rachael cut him off.

“Let me handle this Daddy. Mom, don’t blame Daddy for this. After all, he’s only a man. You can’t really expect him to resist can you?” She laughed. “After you would go to work I would dress up all slutty and rub up against him and show off my ass and stuff. I could tell he had a hard on. I wanted him and it wasn’t long before he wanted me. Then, I just let nature take its course.”

I sat down on the bed and tried to make sense of what she was telling me. Somehow my oldest daughter had turned into a sex maniac right in front of my eyes. Your father begged me to forgive him but as much as told me that he was helpless when she was around. I knew men well enough to see that he was telling the truth.

To top it off Rachael went on to tell me that she had no intention of stopping. She was kind of giggling and talking about how there was enough cock there for the both of us and how sweet it would be to share him. Maybe, she suggested, I could teach her some tricks.

I had to get out of there at that point. It was just too much to absorb at one time. Later your father and I had a very long talk. We agreed that there would be no divorce or anything like that. The main thing was to keep the family together. I made him promise never to touch you like that and as far as I know he never has.

Rachael however was a different story. Now that I knew what was going on she made no attempt to hide what she was doing. In fact just the opposite, she seemed to delight in flaunting it.

The three of us would be having breakfast or something and she would suddenly ask me if I liked it when Daddy licked my pussy. I was shocked at first but she did stuff like that all the time and I guess I got used to it as hard as that may be to believe.

One day she lifted her t-shirt and said, “Look Mommy at the hickey Daddy gave me on my titty. Want to kiss it and make it better?” She liked to rub her foot on daddy’s crotch under the kitchen table and tell me how hard his cock was getting. She would grab his hand and practically pull him upstairs. “Mommy,” she’d say, ” Want to come up and watch Daddy fuck his little girl?”

What was I going to do? I refused to let her dominate me and set the terms of our existence. It was like a war between the two of us. The more I ignored her outrageous behavior, the wilder she became.

One morning she climbed right up on the breakfast table, spread her legs wide open and asked Daddy if he wanted some “cunt juice” for breakfast. She grabbed his head and pushed his face into her crotch. I just kept reading the paper as if nothing was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri happening. Every ounce of my being just wanted to slap her face but things had gone too far at that point.

The next morning she came downstairs and announced that she was very tired and needed a protein shake to get her going.

“Mommy, you don’t mind if I suck Daddy off do you? I really think some cum would make me feel much better.”

“No dear, go ahead.” I must have ripped that newspaper as tight as I was gripping it.

“Oh good! Climb up on the table Daddy and let me at your yummy cock.”

I swear I tried my best not to peek at them but they were on the table not two feet away from me and I couldn’t help myself. Rachael purposely made loud slurping noises to draw my attention and it worked.

She was already an accomplished cocksucker. She used her tongue and lips to bring Daddy to a boiling point and it wasn’t but a moment before he erupted. His cum shot up into her eager mouth and I could see her throat working furiously as she swallowed it. She must have swallowed a gallon of it, I swear. Finally with a huge smile she raised up and licking her lips like a cat after a saucer of milk she thanked Daddy for her “protein shake” and walked out the door to school.

Your father and I stopped having any sex together at that point. How could I? Maybe I didn’t think it was right what with him fucking your sister all the time but maybe I was scared that Rachael was better than I was in bed. I don’t think I could have stood that.

Anyway we managed to keep any of this from you kids. As far as you were concerned everything was the way it always was. Finally Rachael went away to school. Your father would visit her from time to time and it was always an overnight trip. I knew he was still fucking her but at least it wasn’t happening here in our home.

We haven’t been together since. I’ve been frustrated as hell but I guess I just didn’t realize how much. That’s why I had such a strong reaction when I woke up and Jason was doing me. I guess I finally figured out that if you can’t beat them, fuck them.” She smiled.

“Now Lisa honey, bring that little pussy of yours over here and let your Mother show you how good she can eat it out for you.”

I had been in a kind of trance or something listening to Mom tell her story. I had no idea that anything had been going on between Dad and Rachael. How blind I must have been. I imagined Rachael and Dad together, right on the kitchen table as Mom looked on. I almost didn’t notice at first as Mom spread my thighs apart and gently kissed my pussy lips.

“Oh honey, your pussy is so sweet.” Her tongue began an exploration of my pussy and clit. An electric feeling passed through me as I realized that I was lying on my brother’s bed getting my pussy sucked by my Mother. Jason rose up on his elbows to watch and Marie continued to suck on his now growing cock

“Get your cock nice and hard Jason honey,” Mom said. I want to watch you fuck your sister.” Her fingers gently pried my pussy lips open farther and she buried her face into it.

Oh she was a wonderful cunt licker! This sure as hell wasn’t her first time doing this. Later I’d have to ask her where she learned to do that but right now all I was interested in was the feelings she was giving me as she nibbled on my clit.

“Oh Mommy! Oh shit! That’s it! Right there! Eat my pussy Mommy! Eat it out!”

“Marie, let me taste my son’s cock.”

Jason crawled over to us and presented his cock to his Mother. It was fully erect again and was covered with Marie’s saliva.

“Oh sweet Jesus that looks good.” She bent forward and took it in her mouth. She slid the full length of it in her mouth and I could see her throat working furiously to accept its size. Jason threw his head back and moaned.

Jason’s balls were right above my face so I leaned up and began licking them. Umm, they were warm and tender and tasted so good. A huge glob of saliva slipped out of Mom’s mouth and rolled down Jason’s cock and hung there in midair, still attached to his dick. I leaned up and slurped it into my mouth. Yummy!

After a couple minutes of sucking Jason’s cock Mom said to him, “Come on now honey, I want you to fuck Lisa now.”

She and Marie each grabbed one of my legs and pulled them back over my head. My whole dripping crotch was now pointed almost straight up in the air as Jason positioned himself between my legs.

“Oh Marie, doesn’t my daughter have a beautiful cunt?”

“Oh oui! So beautiful.”

“Come on honey, stick that big cock up your sister. Mommy wants you to fuck her good.”

I squealed when Jason slid that big cock in me. I had only been fucked twice before and never by anyone with a cock this large. I felt like my whole insides had been filled up. Slowly he began sliding it in and out and the pressure on my clit was delicious. Small waves of pleasure began to spread from my pussy outward through my whole body.

Mom grabbed her son and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth. She pushed one of her breasts forward and Jason took the nipple in his mouth and nursed on it.

“Oh honey, that’s it! Suck your Mommy’s tit. Just like you did when you were a baby. Suck it while you fuck your little sister. Oh fuck yes!”

Marie straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my eager mouth. My tongue quickly sought her pussy and soon she too was moaning.

Mom got down close to my pussy so that she could watch up close as Jason’s hard cock fucked me. Marie was riding her pussy up and down my mouth and the juice was dripping out and coating my face. What a sensation; a wet cunt on my face and my brother’s hard dick fucking me while my mother urged him on.

“Oh that’s it baby, fuck her! Slide it way up inside her just like you did to me. Oh yeah, that looks sooo good!”

Jason was fucking me hard now. Occasionally Mom would pull his cock out of my pussy and suck it, relishing the taste of my pussy juice that coated it. Then she would push it back up inside of me and urge him to fuck me even harder. The pressure of his cock on my clit was getting me close to cumming and I started bucking my hips up and down.

“Oh fuck him good baby girl,” Mom screamed out, “make him cum!”

Marie slid forward and she too watched Jason fuck me. Mom and Marie smiled and their tongues met each other directly over my crotch.

“Oh Madam, you must let me suck your son again. His cum, it is so tasty.”

“You must have read my mind you little minx. I want my son to shoot his cum all over your beautiful face. A real cum bath. Then my daughter and I will lick it up.”

Oh god did that sound good to me. I had to admit, my Mom sure was making up for lost time. She was becoming more depraved and inventive than even Marie and that was saying something!

Jason was moaning now and I knew he was getting very close. As much as I was enjoying his cock inside of me, I was eager to have him cum so Mom and I could taste and share that warm, wonderful load.

Marie put her face on my belly as Jason closed his eyes and screamed out, “Oh god I’m cumming!” Mom grabbed his throbbing cock and pulled it from my pussy and pointed it directly at Marie’s smiling face.

“Oh baby, shoot it all over her beautiful fucking face! Give it to her honey!”

Jason did exactly that. Shot after shot of hot cum erupted from him and Mom squealed with delight as she directed the spray to Marie’s face. Some she directed to Marie’s waiting mouth because she knew how much Marie wanted to swallow it. Most, however, she aimed at the rest of Marie’s beautiful, sexy face. She covered her cheeks and her forehead with thick wads of it and then her chin as streams of it ran down her neck.

Jason had come through again with another massive load and soon beautiful Marie was covered from her hair to her chin in hot cum. Mom squeezed every last drop out of Jason and then sucked him clean.

“Oh Jason honey, that was wonderful. Thank you so much. Now Lisa, come on up and get some before Mommy eats it all herself.”

I wiggled up to a sitting position quickly and looked at Marie. She had so much cum on her face that you’d have though that an entire football team had shot off on her face.

Mom laughed. “Hungry baby girl? Lets eat!” She began licking Marie’s chin, her eager lips and tongue sucking and slurping up huge globs of the still-warm cum. As for me, I went to her forehead. I sucked in and my mouth was soon full of Jason’s wonderful jizz. I swallowed to make room for more and worked my way down her nose where a large shot had landed.

Mom had cleaned off Marie’s chin and was after all the cum that had streamed down her neck. She finished that and then we each took one cheek and licked it clean. Our eyes met and we kissed passionately, our tongues swishing together. We swapped some of that wonderful juice back and forth and then dove back to Marie’s face to finish the job.

Marie smiled and opened her mouth and I could see a large load of cum still on her tongue as she savored the delightful taste. I kissed her deeply and she reluctantly gave me a little bit of her precious treasure and I gave her some of mine. Soon Mom’s tongue was in there with us and the three of us licked each other dry. It was wonderful!

It was only the middle of the morning but I was tired already what with all the fucking and sucking that had been going on. I dozed off in Marie’s arms, the lovely taste of my brother’s cum still fresh on my tongue.

I had a dream that Daddy was fucking Rachael in my bed. I walked into the room and turned on the light and suddenly it was me in bed with Daddy. He was fucking me doggy style and his cock was deep inside of me. Ohh, it felt so good, I just wanted to lie there forever and let him ream me.

From somewhere outside the room I could hear a voice calling me. “Lisa…Lisa…” Fuck them, I was feeling so good I never güvenilir bahis şirketleri wanted to leave. “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me good!”

Suddenly I was pulled from my dream as Marie was shaking me awake. She was laughing. “Fuck me daddy? I know what you were dreaming sweet girl.”

I laughed too. I knew where events were leading me but who cared? If Rachael could fuck dear old Dad why couldn’t I? Daddy was still a very good- looking man and I wondered if his cock was bigger than Jason’s? Well. There would be plenty of time to find out.

Mom had been busy while I napped. Lunch had been made and the table set. We were all famished. In addition Mom had been making plans of her own and she now proceeded to enlist us to help her carry them out.

Dad and Rachael were due home later that afternoon. We were all to act as if nothing had happened. “Now I mean it girls! I don’t want you messing around with each other or Jason until tomorrow. Everything must seem normal to them. Now tomorrow your father has to leave on a short business trip. Then it’ll be just us and Rachael.” She smiled.

“Now Rachael is my daughter and I love her but she’s got some payback coming for the way that she treated me. I think I’ve got just the way to do it. I’m going to need your help.”

She outlined her plan to us and I had to admit it sounded good. Rachael would never see it coming. It’ll teach her a lesson, the little slut.

Dad and Rachael arrived about four o’clock. Rachael eyed Marie enviously as we all had when meeting her for the first time. Dad was practically drooling and he had already met her. I had to laugh, if only they knew what we had been up to only hours before.

For my part I was drooling over my sister Rachael. I had never thought of her in a sexual way before but I sure was now. Her hair had grown out at college and she exuded sexuality out of every pore. She was all woman now and seemingly had left any trace of high school foolishness far behind.

Her hair had been tinted red and it looked hot on her. She had a great body and I noticed her long firm thighs under a khaki mini she wore. Her breasts were full like Mom’s and I admit I longed to see them and touch them and kiss them. I practically shivered in anticipation. I didn’t know if I’d be able to hold out until tomorrow.

Dad soon excused himself to pack for his trip. The rest of us sat around the table and discussed Rachael’s school and the usual family things. Until yesterday, I would have been interested in all this idle chitchat but now, sitting in the same room with Rachael, Marie, Mom and Jason, all I could think of was sex. My heart was racing faster than normal and I felt flushed all over. Here we were just sitting around talking and my pussy was dripping wet. I wondered if I could sneak away with Jason for a quickie just to tide me over but soon decided it would be impractical. Shit!

After dinner that evening Rachael announced that she was going out with some friends to some clubs. Mom and Dad exchanged glances and made sure that she wasn’t driving. Rachael had come home drunk as a skunk several times in high school and Mom was always worried about her being in an accident. Rachael assured her she would be careful.

About nine o’clock a horn outside sounded and Rachael bounded out, looking ravishing in a denim mini and tight t-shirt. The rest of us sat around watching the tube or reading. Several times Marie and I exchanged glances and I knew she was feeling the same way I was. If daddy hadn’t been sitting in the same room we would have been all over each other.

Mom had told us in no uncertain terms that there would be no sex until the next day when Daddy was gone. We had all agreed but I had no notion at the time how hard it would be to keep that promise. I had three new lovers right under the same roof and I was not to touch any of them? Shit, that didn’t seem fair.

I was ready to throw caution to the wind at bedtime, but Marie said no, that my mother’s wishes should be followed. “Tomorrow will be soon enough sweet girl. We must wait.”

Wait? Wait for what? Here was this beautiful, hot girl in bed right beside me and I was supposed to hold off on touching her? On kissing her? On sucking…?

“Ok, fine,” I said. I got up and went in and took a long shower. For a few minutes at least the cold water doused my passion and when I climbed back into bed Marie was already asleep. I wanted to jump her bones so bad but what was the point, she wasn’t interested, at least until tomorrow. Best to go to sleep and wait until the next day.

That turned out to be easier said than done. I tossed and turned and fidgeted for the best part of an hour before I finally slipped into a kind of restless sleep that I seemed to awaken from every twenty minutes or so. The periods of sleep were accompanied by images of sex with different groups of family members. Then I would awaken to find my hand down between my legs, my fingers wet with my juices. Christ, I thought that night would probably go on forever.

The sound of laughter outside woke me up with a start. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 3:30 in the morning. A car door slammed and a car drove away with the sounds of drunken hollering following it down the street. I heard the downstairs door open and then shut too loudly. “Opps” someone giggled.

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