A Woman In Need Ch. 04

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Bryce woke a few hours later to the bright late-morning light shining through the filmy curtains that covered Allegra’s bedroom windows. They weren’t something he would have chosen, but they suited both the woman and her bedroom well. He stretched lazily and looked down at the auburn curls covering his chest. She had sought him out in her sleep; one leg was thrown over his thigh and her head rested high on his shoulder. He fought back a feeling of tenderness and slipped from underneath her.

He slipped on his jeans, leaving them unbuttoned, and padded down the stairs to the kitchen. Like Allegra, it was vibrant and cheery. He opened the cupboards and then the fridge, grinning when he discovered a half-eaten box of Lucky Charms. He passed them over for the eggs and bacon he found in the fridge. Quickly, he beat the eggs and added cream, then scrambled them in the small cast-iron skillet hanging above the stove. He fried the bacon in another pan, poured some orange juice into a glass and popped some oatmeal toast into the toaster.

He had just started searching for a tray when he heard Allegra coming lightly down the stairs. He set the table quickly and pulled out her chair just as she entered the kitchen. “Good morning, sunshine,” he said with a grin, looking her over as she stood there in her robe and bare feet.

Allegra was astounded to find him in her kitchen. She looked at the plates on the table and melted. No one had ever bothered to make her breakfast before. She had gotten quite used to taking care of herself. “Good morning,” she replied, slipping into her chair, watching Bryce sit down across from her and dig into his eggs. She picked up her fork and sampled the eggs. The man wasn’t only a spectacular lover; he was a great cook. “Thank you for making breakfast,” she said with a smile.

Bryce grunted at her, intent on polishing off the last of his eggs. He finished and took a long gulp of juice. “Better than Lucky Charms, huh sweetie?” he asked her with a wink. She blushed. “I’m just teasing you,” he told her, “Nothing wrong with them in my book!”

They finished breakfast and headed upstairs to get dressed. They agreed to meet later that evening, and Allegra walked him out to the porch. He slipped his arms around her and she melted into him, snuggling against his chest. He found the slit in her robe and slid his hand inside, cupping a breast and sliding his thumb over her nipple. It hardened instantly and he grimaced. “If I don’t leave now I never will,” he told her gently. “You’re that irresistible.” He kissed her quickly and bounded down the stairs to his car. She watched until he turned the corner, then headed back inside.

Allegra cleared the table and did the dishes, then went upstairs, showered, and got dressed. She didn’t have anything to do except finish an article for the newspaper. She sat down, got to work, and had it finished and sent to her editor in just under two hours. She sighed, stretching in her chair. It was only 1:30. Bryce wouldn’t be back until 5:00 or so, or so he’d said. Time seemed to be passing more slowly today, or maybe it was because she was so eagerly casino siteleri awaiting his return.

She sat for a few minutes, thinking of things she should do. Finally, she decided she’d make them dinner. She ran to the grocery store, picked up some supplies, and returned to the house laden down with bags filled with lobster and filet mignon. She steamed the lobsters, shelled them, and got to work on the steak. She wrapped them in bacon and set them to broil. She steamed the asparagus that would accompany the surf n’ turf, and plated the meal. She whipped up a Caesar salad quickly and glanced at the clock. It was 4:15. She had just enough time to shower and get dressed before Bryce arrived.

She showered quickly and did her hair and make-up, focusing on her eyes until they were smoky and seductive. She applied a thin layer of red gloss, and slipped into her deep blue dress. It was a halter with a full skirt that swished around her calves when she walked; the silky material rubbing against her skin. Underneath, she wore nothing. She heard the front door open and she rushed downstairs, lighting the candles just as Bryce entered the dining room.

Bryce stood in the doorway, frozen. She was stunning. The deep blue of the dress accented her blue-gray eyes. The halter neckline showed off her strong shoulders and arms. The stilettos that wrapped around her legs added height to her already tall frame and accented her voluptuous figure. “You’re gorgeous,” he said softly, meeting her eyes. He watched as she blushed and twisted her hands nervously in front of her. Could she really not know how delectable she was, he wondered. “Come here,” he told her gently.

Allegra walked over to him. He pulled her into his arms and she cuddled against his chest. He stepped away for a second, disappeared into the living room, and returned as the sound of Chuck Wicks’ “Mine All Mine” filled the house. He slid her into his arms and danced her around the kitchen. His eyes kept her mesmerized, and before she knew it the song was over and she was pinned against the counter, his mouth coming down to crush hers.

Bryce knew he should sit down and eat. It was obvious she’d spent hours on dinner and herself, but he couldn’t resist her for another second. He pinned her against the counter with his body, leaning down to cover her mouth with his. He groaned loudly when she sucked his lip into her mouth, nibbling gently on it. He didn’t think he could get any harder. His cock was throbbing in his pants, begging to be free. With a moan he slid his mouth from her full lips to her neck, grinning when her hips slammed forward into his. She was so sensitive there…

Allegra moaned and threw her head back, wanting more. She felt his lips caressing her throat and her heart skipped a beat, hammering madly in her chest. She slid her hands across his chest then down, wanting to wrap her fingers around his cock. She pouted when he grabbed her wrists in his hand and held them behind her, refusing to let her touch him.

“Oh no, baby,” he whispered fiercely. The position thrust her chest forward, and he could just see canlı casino a glimpse of her nipples as her full breasts heaved with each breath. He slid his other hand behind her neck, unhooking the clasp there and watching as the dress fell forward, exposing her tits to his lustful gaze. He leaned down and took one hard nipple into his mouth, nipping her lightly when she groaned and arched her back, forcing more into his mouth.

He was going to drive her crazy, Allegra thought. She was soaking wet and he hadn’t even touched her pussy yet. She arched her back and thrust her chest forward, wanting his tongue all over her. She moaned loudly when he obliged her, tonguing her nipple hard and suckling it deep into his mouth. He suckled her so hard she thought she’d burst from the sensation. His tongue rasped the tender bud and she cried out, wanting all of him.

Bryce didn’t know how much more he could take. His cock was begging for release, throbbing against his slacks. He let her nipple pop from his mouth and leaned back, unzipping himself with his free hand and pushing his pants down around his ankles, stepping out of them and kicking them across the floor. His cock slapped against his stomach, oozing pre-cum from the tiny slit at the top of the head. He drew his shirt off over his head, releasing Allegra’s hands.

Allegra quickly wrapped her hand around his cock, moaning when he thrust madly into her hand. She stroked the hard shaft up and down, going faster with each stroke. She needed him inside her; she wanted to feel him filling her tight cunt with his deliciously hard cock. She slid her fingers across the tip, smearing pre-cum around the head of his cock, then sliding her fingers into her mouth to taste him.

“Fuck babe,” Bryce said hoarsely, “You make me crazy with wanting you.” With a groan he grabbed her hips and slid her up onto the counter, pulling her dress down as he did so. It slid to the floor and he moaned when he saw that she was bare beneath it. He slid his hands between her thighs and pushed them apart. With a groan he pushed his fingers into her slit. Her wetness coated his hand and he pushed further until his finger was embedded deep in her wet cunt.

“Fuck me,” Allegra begged. His hands were driving her mad. She wanted to feel his cock sliding deep into her, stretching her tight pussy. She was so wet and ready for him. “I can’t wait anymore,” she told him, “I need you in me NOW!” Her hips slid forward, searching for more as he finger fucked her hard.

“Yes you can,” Bryce said, “And you will.” He slid his finger from her and knelt down on the floor, his head coming to rest between her lush white thighs. The sight of her stilettos winding up her calves only inflamed him further. With a groan he slid his tongue up and down her slit, catching her pussy juice on his tongue. He teased them both for a couple of minutes, just dragging his tongue up and down her wet pussy lips until they were both panting. With a groan he buried his tongue in her cunt, driving it into her as far as it would go. She moaned and slid forward, trying to fuck his tongue with her pussy. kaçak casino

Allegra’s hips arched off the counter, moving wildly against his mouth. She moaned his name, and his tongue slid in and out of her faster and faster until she thought she’d die from the pure pleasure of it. She was on the verge of cumming when his tongue slid from her wet depths and went back to rasping the sensitive skin of her pussy lips. She groaned in frustration and wound her fingers through his hair, pulling gently.

Bryce grinned as she grabbed his head, trying to pull him closer. He leaned back and blew on her pussy, watching her shiver as the cool air caressed her heated flesh. Her lips fluttered as he watched. He didn’t think he’d seen a sexier sight in all of his thirty years. Finally, he let her pull him closer and wrapped his tongue around the hard nub peeking from between her pussy lips. With his hands he spread her open, then leaned in and suckled her clit hard, devouring her. He slid two fingers into the tight heat of her cunt, pounding her while he feasted on her clit. He could feel her pussy tightening around his fingers, and he fucked her harder, wanting to feel her explode.

Allegra moaned wildly, humping her hips forward, pushing his fingers deep into her cunt. She screamed when he suckled her clit hard, riding his fingers as she came. “Fuck! Bryce….Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” she gasped, slamming her hips forward into his mouth as she impaled herself on his fingers.

Bryce held her tight against his mouth until she stopped shivering. Tenderly he slid his fingers from the warm wet heat of her body and stood. She dropped her head forward onto his chest, breathing hard. He slid his arms around her for a moment, but his cock throbbed insistently, demanding release. With a groan he wrapped his hand around himself, sliding the tip of his cock up and down her dripping wet slit.

Shivering, Allegra leaned back, pushing her hips forward to the edge of the counter. She wrapped her legs around his back as his cock head slid against her sensitive clit. She slid her hand down, wrapped her fingers around his hard dick, and slid him balls deep into her wet cunt. She came instantly, spasming wildly around his cock.

“You feel so fucking good,” Bryce muttered, holding himself deep in her. With a groan he started thrusting hard into her, feeling her pussy grip him with each stroke.

“Fuck me hard, Bryce,” she whispered, looking up at him.

With a low moan he grabbed her hips, pulling her off the counter onto his cock. He slammed her against the wall and began pounding her pussy, sliding his hard dick violently in and out of her tight wet cunt.

“You’re going to make me cum,” Allegra gasped, panting as he fucked her hard.

Bryce doubled his efforts, pinning her against the wall and fucking her madly. His cock slammed in and out of her. He could hear their skin slapping together; could feel his balls slamming against her ass as he bounced her up and down on his rock-hard cock. He could hear her panting as she moved wildly against him, begging for release.

Suddenly her cunt spasmed around his cock and she threw her head back, screaming his name. With one last thrust he speared into her, impaling her on his dick. He held himself deep in her, pulling her hips down to take all of him as he filled her tight wet pussy with cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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