Abducted by Abigail Ch. 04

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Shoe Boy, Do Bother Me

“Are you smelling my shoe?!”

Ricky Dalaklas jumped back like he had been shot. His initial panic quickly subsided, and his well-practiced lie spilled out.

“Of course not, Madam, do not be ridiculous. I was merely admiring the superb craftsmanship.”

He held the high heeled shoe out before him as if he were examining a fine gemstone.

“You have exquisite taste.”

She blushed.

“Why, thank you.”

He handed it back to her in a dignified yet theatrical manner. The older woman took the shoe sheepishly and hurried away. Whew! That was a close one. He was getting a little bold. A little too reckless. If he got caught, he could get fired… or worse. He had to find a way to reel himself in. that shouldn’t be too hard. Most of the women who came into the store were not his type anyway.

The bell over the door chimed. Composing himself he went to greet the new customer. That composure was immediately shattered. This woman was certainly his type. A powerful, unearthly beauty clad in a slinky gold dress. It was so thin as to nearly be transparent. Wavy black hair cascaded over her shoulders ending on the sides of her generous cleavage. Her pouty lips and smoky eyes took quick stock of him. He was uncertain if she approved of what she saw. That made him feel… shameful. He didn’t know why but this woman made him want to please her.

“Good afternoon. Welcome to Talbot’s. My name is Ricky. How can I help you today?”

Laying it on thick? Probably.

“Thank you, Ricky.”

Her voice was honey on his ears. The sound of it saying his own name sent stirrings throughout his entire body. Brain, heart and dick all felt pleasure at once.

“I think I’m good for now.”

She then sashayed off into the store. He just stood there watching her go like the idiot he proved myself to be. He couldn’t let it go. He had to see more of her.

He gave her a few minutes head start before following. He stood a few rows back pretending to stock boxes. He just picked shoe boxes up and put them back down again. All the while his eyes bursa escort never left her. Her ass swayed back and forth like the flute before the cobra. Then she took the white seat in the back corner. He could see her reflected in the mirror as she slipped her shoes off.

God, even her feet were perfect. Supple skin. Delicate curves. Sweet little toes made to be sucked. How did they feel? How did they taste?

He leaned up against an endcap of women’s sneakers.

They looked shaped to fit perfectly over a face. The toes flexed like little finger ready to grab the nose and hold it closed.

The boxes making up the endcap toppled, and Ricky fell face-first onto the floor before her. The woman looked up, startled, and her eyes fell on him. He pushed himself back up, his boner on full display. A knowing smile crossed her lips. Face flushed, Ricky said nothing and just ran into the back room.

Ricky did not leave that backroom the rest of his shift. How easy was it to join witness protection? He could get a new name. He was never that fond of ‘Ricky’ anyway. Luckily it was his night to close so he wouldn’t have to deal with anymore of his coworkers and their cute comments. ‘You know King Kong climbed the Empire State Building, right’? ‘You really fall for pretty women don’t ya’? Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. He was so screwed when the manager came back and looked at the tape.

Taking a deep sigh, he finally left the back room. He went around the store slowly cleaning up. The endcap could wait till last. He didn’t need to relive that so soon. The problem was this store was a small one in a small outlet mall. He could only put off the inevitable for so long. Head down he rebuilt the stack.

“Hello, Ricky.”

He jumped once again and spun around. There she was. The same woman. Still on that bench. Except now she was totally naked except for the high heels she was in the middle of trying on. Shocked by her appearance he stumbled back knocking the tower over again.

“Such a silly boy.”

He quickly regained his feet, mind spinning.

“How did you bursa escort bayan get in here?”

“I never left Ricky. I bribed your co-workers to let me stay and deal with you myself. They don’t seem to like you very much.”

“So I’ve noticed.”

“They were thrilled to learn I was taking you off their hands.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Each of the boys I’ve kidnapped fill different rolls for me.”


Who the hell was this woman? Was she crazy? Was she dangerous? Was she single?

“My Tyler is my little partner in crime. He helps me out in all my wild hares.”

His eyes found her breasts in the mirror. God they were huge.

“My Zack is Abi’s little helper. He cooks. He cleans. He waits on me hand and foot.”

Abi, huh.

“My Yeomso is my little baby. I get to cuddle and coddle him all day.”

His eyes fell on her feet again.

“What I don’t have is a foot boy.”

“What?” he asked, snapping back to moment.

“I’ve decided I need someone to take care of my feet. Someone to worship them. To care for my shoes. You are the perfect fit.”


She stood up and advanced upon him, one of the shoes she came in with in hand.

“Which is it that you love so much, Ricky? The feet or the shoes? Maybe it’s both. You like the way they work together. The way the smells of both mingle into something irresistible.”

She placed the shoe over his nose. Instinctively he took a deep whiff. The intoxicating odor sent all the blood running from one head to another. Shuttering in ecstasy he collapsed into her waiting arms. She spun him around so the back of his head rested against her breasts and she sat back on the cushion, wrapping her legs around him. In doing so she locked his arms and legs into place. He didn’t care. The smell was all he needed.

“Now listen close, Ricky, as I explain what’s about to happen.”

He nodded his head.

“Good boy. We’re going to walk out of here, shoe still over your nose. I’ll let you hold it and play with it as I drive you back to my place.”

He escort bursa nodded again.

“I will tie you up nice and naked in my shoe closet. We will play in there all night long.”

He nodded happily. This was a dream come true.

“Then let’s go.”

The sun rose high above Abigail’s home the next morning. Still naked she laid back in the sedan chair in her walk-in shoe closet. A naked Ricki, bound in a kneeling position, continued licking and sucking her toes. What was wrong with him? He had been kidnapped. Abducted. Stolen. He should be terrified right now. Instead, he had never been so thankful for anyone in his life. This woman had given him everything he could ever want. This closet must have contained a hundred pairs of shoes. He could touch them, feel them, smell them to his heart’s content.

Abigail gave him permission to touch her feet. Smell them. Lick them. Worship them. She rubbed them on his face. On his dick. On his ass. There was no skin her feet hadn’t touched. It was heaven. Then it got better. Her hot rocker chick lover came home. He had felt both of their feet and knew he was home. How could he be this broken? So weak? He had always felt weird about his fetish. Until now. Now he felt whole. His fetish was his major selling point, not a turn off.

“Time for bed,” Abigail said.

She stood and untied him. She gestured to the chair. He hopped up onto it, face up. She lashed his limbs to the legs of the chair. She wrapped more rope around his legs, hips, and chest to make sure he was fully secured to the chair. She straddled the bound boy and slowly slipped him inside her. He gasped at the sensation.

“Good night my Ricky.”

“Good night, Abigail.”

He tried to keep up with the thrusting that followed but her ropes and his exhaustion made that impossible. He just let her take him on a wonderful, erotic ride. When he came it felt like the last of his strength was fired off into her as well. As his eyes closed, he could see her smiling face placing a shoe with a band through it placed over his nose like a breathing mask. He took in her wonderful scent and went off to a land of dirty, happy dreams.

Abigail went to bed too. Before she did, she closed the closet door and locked it tight. Ricky was sealed away in a paradise that, with the exception of bathroom breaks, he would never leave.

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