Adisa Explains Her Piercings

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Adisa and I were sitting up on my bed watching Netflix. She was tucked into my shoulder, the ashtray on my legs close to full after an long evening catching Adisa up on some classic sci-fi.

It had been three weeks since I’d woken to find Adisa in my bed. It disturbed me how easily I’d fallen in the relationship, despite still deeply missing my wife and family back in England. Adisa was a fact of my existence here in Senegal. Our early attempts to keep our relationship secret had been vexed by the fact that whilst technologically impressive the huts were far from sound proof. That, and the team were not idiots and for the most part they were also polygamous. What would have been a scandal in England was met with little more than indifference in Senegal.

I kissed the tight braid on the top of Adisa’s head and gently stroked her ears, enjoying the now familiar feeling of her twenty earrings rolling between my fingers. Adisa snuggled in a little tighter. She’d taken to wearing traditional Bassari clothes around me, that is to say very little by British standards, a simple, but colourful skirt made and dyed from local materials and that was about it. Whilst Rebecca, my wife, was no prude, she was rarely topless outside of our bedroom. Even on vacation in France, she didn’t go topless. Adisa’s comfort with her body was refreshing.

Our dress code at work was similar to most western companies: t-shirts and jeans for non-client facing team members, business casual for everyone else. Adisa was client facing, wearing light blouses, cotton skirt, tights and heels. She kept the tight braids and earrings that were traditional in her tribe, but removed the porcupine needle that she usually wore in her septum. A couple of weeks after we’d started working together I’d asked her why she removed the needle

“The earrings are enough to show I’m not ashamed of my heritage. In college we did a couple of exercises with European companies. I noticed that I had to work harder to convince them of my worth when I wore my septum needle. So I take it out.”

“I guess that makes sense, you know you don’t have to take it out, right.” I’d replied.

“Yeah, I know. And as soon as I start to see Europeans wearing septum rings you can bet your ass, the needle is coming back in!” so far that hadn’t happened yet, but there was definitely more body jewelry in the office than when I’d started in the industry over a decade ago.

The show finished, I checked my phone, it was getting late.

“Shit, is that the time?” Adisa remarked, “I need to wash my jewelry!”

“You do?” genuinely intrigued.

“Yeah. Plus its good for my ears to get a break. You’ve seen me without jewelry before, right?”

“Actually, I haven’t.”

“I guess not.” she said clearly trying to think back. “Well, this will be the first time you see me actually naked!” she stood and took the ashtray with her. “I hope you still love me, and I’m more than 20 pairs of earrings to you”. She started looking through my kitchen. “Where is your baking soda?”

“Baking soda?”

“Yeah. For bread. It was in the basic supplies in each hut”

“Probably where they-“

“Found it”she interupted and started filling a glass with warm water and dissolving a small amount of baking soda.

“Who says I love you?” I did love her, but I hadn’t even admitted it to myself yet.

She looked me straight in the eye, whilst continuing to remove her earrings. “You love me.” she told me.

“I do.” I agreed. Realizing that lying or denying wouldn’t help anything. “How did you know?” Rebecca paused a little as she finished removing the last earring from her left ear and placed the jewelry in the glass.

“Because,” beginning on her right ear, “you look at me the same way you look when you think of Rebecca.”

“Hey, that’s not fair. How am I supposed to know if you love me?”

“Oh, that’s easy Cherie.” now finished with the ataşehir escort earrings, she placed the septum needle the glass. Then sashayed over to me, and placed her hand on my chest. “I’ve loved you from the moment we met.” and stood there leaving her hand and meeting my eyes with hers. I’d never seen her look this vulnerable. I’d been prepared to call bullshit, but it was clear she was serious. In that moment, I fell even deeper in love with this amazing women. I wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her, our lips melding, mouths opening. Her tongue finding mine with a gentleness that we’d reached in our short time together.

I untied her skirt and let it drop to the ground, then picked her up and lay her back on the bed. As I removed my shorts Adisa remarked

“Running really suits you.” it was true. I’d really started to love the morning runs. My appetite had reduced and I’d easily lost 5 kilos. I felt the complement go to my penis and Adisa sat up and began to suck my cock. Expertly running her tongue along my length, and massaging the tip with lips. Her hands came up to my balls, but I pulled away, we fell into the mattress. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me fiercely, the taste of tobacco engorging me further, then she looked me in the eye and growled “Fuck me.”

I slipped my cock into her, and felt her vagina contract around it. I began to fuck her, slowly increasing my cadence. Adisa grabbed my ass, and looked me in the eye. “Fuck me!” she demanded and I began to pound her. “That’s. Better.” she squeezed out between thrusts. “Harder!” “Deeper.”. Already as hard and as deep as I could get in missionary, I lifted her legs over my shoulders and felt my cock engage with her g-spot. Adisa’s eyes rolled back and she groaned deeper, groaning louder and louder with each thrust. Then I realised that I wasn’t out of breath. I felt vital, finding strength and stamina I hadn’t felt since my twenties. Harder, and harder until I felt her vagina clasp my penis then what I can only describe as milk me as Adisa screamed into a pillow.

I collapsed next to my new love, who lay there stunned, catching her breath. After a couple of minutes she rolled over and lit a cigarette, bringing the ashtray over to my undulating chest, and snuggled into my shoulder.

“I love you.” I said. Shocked at saying it about someone other than Rebecca. The words ringing in my head. “I- I love you.” I said once more, confident.

“I love you too, Cherie” and she kissed my neck. I pulled her a little closer and she bought her leg over mine. I started to stroke her ear and remembered she’d taken out her jewelry.

“Feels weird.”

“I know. They’re part of me. I don’t like it.”

“How long have you had them?”

“First holes when I was very young. I don’t really remember, but the majority of them around the time of my first initiation, I guess I was 11.”


“Ah, its just like group birthday party. Lots of music and dancing. All of the girls in my village who were coming into puberty dress in our best clothes and jewelry and we dance for the village.”

“Sounds cute.”

“Yeah, its a nice tradition. But that is when we make decisions about what jewelry we wear. Some of it is family tradition, some of it is what jewelry I had available. The jewelry is a mixture of gifts from other women in the family and gifts from friends and relatives. I had 20 beautiful silver rings. My friends thought I was crazy, most of them didn’t want to get the earrings at all.”

“Really? How come?”

“As the village integrates more, its become clear that our vision of beauty and elegance are unique, or at the very least, they’re not en vogue. Even 20 years ago, girls were starting to question why they had to get pierced.”

“But you didn’t?”

“Sure, but they look so cool!” we laughed. “I remember the day I was pierced. My mom was so proud that I wanted to continue kadıköy escort the tradition, my grand mother and aunts all made a big fuss.”

“And it hurt?”

“A little, it got gradually more painful as they worked around my ear. I guess the adrenaline wore off. After the seventh pair, it really started to hurt.”

“My brave African Princess” I teased.

“Ha! You don’t have a single piercing on your entire body.”

“That’s true.” I said a little whist-fully.

“Anyway, when they finished, they held up a mirror, but it was so dusty I couldn’t really see anything, so I ran back to my hut and looked in my mothers full length mirror. I felt like such a grown up.” Adisa stubbed out her cigarette and moved the ashtray back to the side table. “My breasts still hadn’t really come in, but still, that is the moment when I started to think of myself as a woman.”

“But that was only twenty piercings, you have forty in your ears and your septum.”

“Yes. I got the other twenty done before my second marriage.”

“Why then?”

“A mixture of things. I’ve never told you what happened with my marriages.”

“You haven’t. I figured you tell me if you wanted to” Adisa fidgeted a little, something I’d rarely seen her do then finally said.

“I can’t have children.” I let that sit for a while.

“Did you want to have children?”

“Very much, I still do.”

“I’m sorry.” unsure what else to say.

“I loved my first husband very much, but after 2 years it became clear that it wasn’t going to happen. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with either of us, but eventually he was pressured to leave me by his family.”


“Yeah, fuck. He’s now has six children and seems to be very happy. His new wife was my best friend growing up. As much as Bassari women don’t get jealous, I can no longer talk to her. Its not the man, its the way she looks at me, knowing that she has what I wanted.”

“I’m thirsty. Would you like some water?”

“Yes please, Cherie” I wandered over to the kitchen and poured us both some filtered water.

“And you second husband?”

“He was a little older, he’d been to college, and come home without a wife. I was still a little numb from the end of my first marriage, but he really liked me. Took me on dates, bought me presents. It worked. I fell for him. Not as hard, not as fast, but he was a good man.”

“So what happened?”

“His mother found out about my previous marriage and demanded that I see the shaman about my condition”


“Yeah- I don’t know. Look- I was desperate. Two years of being poked and prodded by a every doctor, and knowing how quickly my friend had gotten pregnant with my ex. I was in bad shape. I agreed to see the shaman.”

“And how did that go?”

“Badly. But I was desperate. He recommend a septum piercing and more earrings. So, that’s what happened.” she stared into the middle distance. “It was much less of a euphoric event. It still hurt, especially the septum. Felt like I was kicked in face. The quill they used was five millimeters across, it was too big.” she took a sip of water.

“And jumping ahead, it didn’t even work.”

“No, no it didn’t.”

“But you kept them anyway?”

“Well, yeah. They’re fucking awesome” and the sadness was replaced by huge grin and we both laughed. “I know where you’re coming from with your fetish. I think I share it. No, I know I share it. I love my piercings.”

“Me too.” I smiled and I kissed her. “But I’m not sure I’d call it a fetish.”

“Cherie, I’ve never known anyone get so hard so fast when you think about my piercings.”

“Fair point.” I said, “And he divorced you because you couldn’t have kids?”

“He was really kind. It is actually how I got into college in the first place. He gave me enough money in the divorce that I could afford to go to college.”

“And here you bostancı escort bayan are!”

“And here I am.”

“Do you want more kids?”

“It’s academic really. Rebecca doesn’t want more kids.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

“I’d love more kids. When my first was born it was like having a whole new world of love opened to me. When my second was born, I was expecting them to inhabit the that same world, instead they opened up a whole other world.” and then I stopped, reflecting on how this must sound to someone who couldn’t experience it themselves. “This is pretty inconsiderate, isn’t it.”

“I’m at peace with my situation. If anything I’m sad that I can’t be part of your children’s lives.”

“Well, if Rebecca ever finds out about our relationship, I suspect I’ll be hoping to be part of my children’s lives.”

“She’d take your kids?”

“I don’t know.” and shivered, the thought of loosing my kids making feel physically sick. The though lingered between both of us. “We should sleep”.

“We should-” Adisa agreed, “just one thing bothers me about you” and a glint appeared in the corner of her eyes.

“What?” snapping out of my melancholy.

“Why don’t you have any piercings?”

“Oh believe me, I’ve thought about it.”

“I bet you have” she said, squeezing me still sore cock.


“What would you get?”

“Whenever I have a dream where I can see myself I have earrings and sometimes I’m surprised when I see my reflection and I don’t have earrings.” I’d told Rebecca this before, but Adisa was the only other human that knew this about me.

“So get earrings.”

“Its not that easy”

“Why not?”

“It used to be that a man with earrings couldn’t get a job. I guess that’s changed. But mostly, I don’t think Rebecca would be into it.”

“I’d be into it.” and with that she jumped out of bed and started searching the hut.

“What are you looking for?”

“The sewing kit.”

“But-” and then it clicked. “No!” a little bit of panic creeping in to my voice.

“Yes!” an evil glee had clearly taken over. “I’m piercing your ears.” more scrabbling and then, “Found it.”. She then grabbed the glass with her jewelry and came over. “If you don’t like it, just take them out and they’ll heal over”. The idea intrigued me. It was something I’d always wanted. She straddled me, needle in hand. “So. How many?”. I felt my penis harden, and so did Adisa. “Ha!” clearly enjoying my bodies betrayal. “I think I’ll choose.”

Alisa, turn my head to the side and started weighing up her options.

“Don’t worry I’m going to go easy on you.” and leaned in to make the first hole. She was fast, and surprisingly professional. All I felt was the prick, a bit of pressure then some residual heat. Before I knew it I had one of Adisa’s earrings in my ears. “One down.”

She held my chin, moving it so she could find an equivalent point on my other ear. Satisfied, she pierced my other ear. “Done!”

“Just two?” surprised that she hadn’t taken more advantage.

“I’m not a monster. Take a look. If you want more, I’ll pierce you again.” she passed me my phone. I turned on the camera and admired my new earrings.

“They look…” I paused for effect, “Amazing!”. Happy, she leaned in for a kiss.

“I know, right?” I saw her nipples harden, “Look at my sexy man with earrings.” I wiggled my head, and was surprised to feel the earrings.

“Oh, that feels good.”

“Its even better when they jangle.” she shook her head, then remembered that she wasn’t wearing her own earrings.

“OK, lets do more!”

“Yay!” and she deftly pierced both ears two more times. “You’re done.” Adisa was right. Each piecing hurt a little more than the last, but it wasn’t that painful. I took another look at myself in the phone.

“It looks kind of cool” I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I felt genuinely sexy for what felt like the first time in my life. A new confidence filled me. Adisa came up behind me and leaned her chin on my shoulder.

“OK stud, that’s enough of that. Come back to bed and fuck my brains out.” And I did.

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