Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 12

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Nicky strolled through the park. It was a nice and clear day, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, everything was just fine, A perfect day.

She sat down on a bench, in the shade of the trees around her. Her blond, long hair playing around as a gentle breeze went by. She opened her lunch box and took out a sandwich. Unwrapping its plastic packing she noticed something was not as it should be… she tried to figure out what it was.

The birds stopped singing. As the realization stroke her so did a shockwave, a massive one, almost throwing her off the bench. A massive earth quake was taking place. Luckily Nicky was in the open park and under no danger but she could hear the people around her screaming in fear and panic. Her mind was an explosion of thoughts, but to get things in perspective she needed to first know what’s going on, two things could have caused this quake, she needed to know which one was is. She learned first aid and in one option she could help the wounded, but in the other option…

As the shaking stopped she started running, she needed a clear view of the horizon, she ran past trees and people, as fast as she could, dashing for her life. She didn’t care about the lunch box she left behind, nor did she care about her wallet that fell out of her pocket as she ran. All that mattered is seeing the horizon.

As Nicky approached a clearing it was slowly becoming clear, the horrible truth… no first aid will help here, nothing can help, this is the end and there’s no point fighting it. All she could do is marvel at the cock that stood there, covering the horizon with the ruin of mankind around it. It was colossal and as Nicky took a deep breath and accepted the inevitable, she could see the monster flexing to double its size before the shock wave hit her and knocked her out cold.

2.5 years earlier

The rain was falling on the street outside of Alene’s office window. She took a break from work, she could afford taking as many breaks as she wanted, since last year she had more money than anyone needed, but after a year and a half of unemployment güvenilir bahis she needed some change. And so, she took this job, advertising Tobbuc Inc. it was a no brainer thanks to some magic and she worked hard to make sure nothing went wrong. She got her own office and things were pretty good for Alene.

She needed fresh air but the rain outside made it impossible, she couldn’t risk getting wet at work with an important meeting coming up in two hours. Ironically the only balcony with a roof above it was at her boss’s office and Alene was trying to dodge her boss after a failed campaign she lunched. She had to make do with a half open window and the air she got from it.

Slowly her mind drifted to Nadia. Since Elpis set her cock back to a more manageable 15 inches, her life with Nadia got better and better. Nadia didn’t mind having another girl in bed with them every now and then. She allowed Alene to fuck any girl she pleased. After the events of last year Nadia knew Alene really loved her and had no fear of losing her.

From Nadia, her mind drifted to Jen. She went AWOL half a year ago and Alene wondered what is she doing right now?

With all the rain pouring down Alene felt like taking a piss, she closed the window and went to the bathroom.

Coming back to her office, she noticed a letter on her desk. She took it and noticed the engraved Tobbuc Inc. She opened the envelope, another, smaller, envelope fell out but Alene read the letter first, it was short:

“I know everything, I have proof! My office in twenty minutes. Tell no one! Miss Ashtoreth.”

Alene was baffled, Paula Ashtoreth is her boss and the owner of Tobbuc Inc. What does she want with Alene?

“Maybe she knows about the failed campaign? I’m in so much trouble,” Alene thought to herself as she opened the smaller envelope, her eyes went wide with shock.

“I… I… I’m in so much trouble…” Alene muttered.

The content of the smaller envelope shouldn’t even exist, how in hell’s name could this exist? Somehow someone managed to get the picture inside the envelope. A picture of Nadia türkçe bahis and Alene in bad, naked, with a lot of Alene very deep inside Nadia, Coming like there’s no tomorrow.

Her heart was pounding like crazy and her mind exploded with fear and questions, she needed answers and she needed them now.

She stormed into Paula’s office without knocking, inside she noticed a girl she didn’t know.

“Out now!” Alene commended the girl, she was in such an emotional rush she didn’t notice using magic to influence the girl, she walked out without even thinking.

Paula was in her leather chair, her long crimson hair tied to a tight pony tail, her large blue eyes looking at Alene.

“I believe the note said 20 minutes,” she said nonchalantly.

“How did you get this?” Alene demanded, she tossed the picture on the desk between them.

“With a camera you dummy, did you think I sat across the street from you and drew it? I’m very good but not that good.” She said with a condescending voice.

“Are there any copies?”

“But of course, and not only of this one,” Paula said, “you should really take care to close your Curtains here in quite Bristol, especially with such a vocal partner.”

“Stalking me? So low…” Alene know she was in trouble, “you hired me so you can blackmail me?”

“Kind of,” Paula said as got up from her chair, “I was in my home, across the street from you, I had a good life, a nice husband. Until you and your girls fucked it up for me.”

Alene was confused. She never messed with Paula, she didn’t even know who she was until she started working here.

“Your slut stole my man!” Paula declared.

“Nadia stole your man? When?” Alene was confused.

“No, not Nadia, her name was Jennifer.” Paula said, her voice suddenly full of rage, “she stole my man! Now I’ll get my pay back on you girls.”

“Look, I’m sorry to hear about your man, I really am,” Alene apologized, “but Jennifer is no longer with me and Nadia, it didn’t work and she hurt us too.”

Paula looked a bit surprised but regained herself. Taking a deep breath, güvenilir bahis siteleri she talked in a slow pace, as if considering every word that left her mouth, “I think I don’t need to tell you what will happen if you won’t do as I say, right?”

“Ok, so what do you want?” Alene asked in a wondering voice, her mind was running wild with a plan. She’ll play along for now and when the time is right she’ll do a spell to mind control poor Paula and set things right. Only one problem stood in her way, in all this mess she forgot the spell…

Paula got up and walked to the door. She was as high as Alene and had a similar build. A click from the lock told the girls no one is going to disturb them. ‘I have her exactly where I wanted,’ both girls thought to themselves.

“So, let’s get this show on the road Alene, you will do anything I tell you to.” Paula started commending as she walked towards Alene, “if you fail to do as I tell you… well you know how fast things become viral these days…”

As Paula stood next to her, Alene had to admit she was quite attractive, “I want to see what you have to offer, from across the street it looked like you are equipped. I want to see it up close, take your clothes off.” She demanded.

Alene was embarrassed, she hesitated, no matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t recall the spell she needed, suddenly Alene noticed she drifted off.

“Ok, I guess I can’t make you undress.” Paula turned away and pulled her smartphone out, “I’ll just go to my email account and…”

“No, wait, sorry I froze.” Alene cut her mid-sentence, Paula turned around to a naked Alene.

She was a sight to be seen, slim and soft with the biggest cock and balls Paula ever saw. She was sure the cock was longer than her forearm and the balls were as big as apples. The cherry on top was the fact Alene was as hard as rock. Surly she wanted this, just as much as Paula wanted it.

“Impressive,” Paula mumbled, “so, first order from your new mistress, you don’t cum unless I tell you to, no matter what, you don’t cum.”

“I’ll do my best.” Alene said, suddenly Paula slapped her hard on the cheek, knocking her off her balance, she fell to the floor.

“No! You will not do your best! You will do exactly as I say!” Paula shouted, “now Get up! I want to enjoy you.”

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