All in the Family

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Thelma stood in the line for concessions at Lake Smith. Her part of the long line was in the hot sun and so were the ten people ahead of her. She scanned ahead looking at the lucky people that had made it into the shade of the large oak tree by the building. It was then she first noticed the man in the spandex swimsuit. Actually, the missing left leg caught her attention, just after the crutches his armpits were resting on.

Without thinking what she was doing, her hand pressed over the ribbed, white wife-beater undershirt and it slowly made its way towards the denim cut-off shorts with ragged and frayed hems. As it touched the waistband, the woman behind her cleared her throat and mumbled something about how the line had moved. Thelma snapped back to the present and took five steps forward while still watching the man on crutches. The line snaked around and she still had a good view, but that would change soon when she reached the bend in the line.

“Dad,” a woman with one arm called while walking towards the man. Probably in college Thelma thought. “Mom wants a Coke.” Now the woman stood by the man and looked back to the large grassy area where people had spread towels and blankets to rest when they weren’t in the water. Thelma found herself looking too. An attractive woman halfway to the water wearing a skimpy dark-blue bikini waved an arm that ended just above where the elbow used to be – at least there was no elbow. The other arm was completely gone – just a small mound at the shoulder.

Flustered, Thelma left the line and walked, almost stumbling, to her blanket. She settled and rummaged though her large canvas bag eventually pulling a paperback book out. With the book open in her lap, she searched the crowd. The man on crutches and the younger woman with one arm passed about fifty feet away. There was no interest in the book anymore.

The man poked a straw in the drink cup top and held it up for the older woman to drink. His wife, Thelma thought. “Lucky bitc….” She caught herself talking aloud and covered her mouth, her head quickly looking around to see if anyone was staring back at her. No one seemed to have heard. She brushed at her long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and continued to watch. She also thought how unlucky in love she’d been and how she’d wished she could have a family, even just a husband. She thought of herself as nice looking, not beautiful, but just nice.

“She’s my mother,” a male voice close by said.

Thelma looked around and saw a single barefoot between crutch tips next to her blanket. She let her eyes look up along the leg, past the dark green swim trunks with nothing dangling from the left side, on to the toned, tanned, bare chest. “Huh?” she mumbled as she held her book up to shade her eyes.

He knelt down and lowered his crutches into a neat pile as he sat on the edge of the blanket. “She’s my mother, the one without arms. I’m Jack.” He held his hand out.

Without thought, she took it and gave it a slight shake. “I’m Thelma. Guess it is a little tacky to stare. I just, ah, haven’t….”

“What, seen a family of amputees? Yeah, it is a little odd.” He turned his head and looked at the family then back to Thelma. “Mom, Jean that is, and Paul, my father, have been that way for a long time. Amy, my sister, only for a few years, since she graduated from college.”

“And you?”

“I’m a year older than Amy so I had my amputation a year before her.”

“What? Is this a family right of passage?”

“You might say that.” Jack smiled, leaned back slightly on one hand. “For us it seems … normal.”

“Oh my,” she exclaimed, holding her hand over her heart.

“We come from….” He paused and looked into her blue eyes trying to decide how old she was. He suspected she was nearly his age, late twenties, slightly older but not much. He let his imagination run wild wondering what she would look like without clothes, what she would taste like as he kissed her between the thighs.

“What?” she asked.

“Oh, sorry. I was just lost in thought.”

“So it seemed.” She reclined on one elbow. The armhole of her undershirt exposed more of her bare breast. “Do you come here often?”

“We’re visiting some relatives.” He paused and let the silence drift around them. “Such a lovely woman.” He continued to look at her.

“That’s crazy talk.” She moved her hand though the air. “There’re a million better looking women out there.”

He held a finger to his lips as if to quiet her. “And not a single one of them looked at Paul the way you did … he’s married, I’m not.”

Her eyes again scanned his body. A bulge in the swim trunks was more obvious than before. His fingers played with the end of the thigh inside the pants leg.

She lay down and propped her head on her hand. “I guess you caught me. Huh?” She adjusted her head slightly on her hand and giggled.

“You are single … right?” He sat up and pulled the single foot towards his crotch leaving one hand on the ankle. His tan and toned chest swelled slightly. “Why?”

She sat up facing him and crossed her legs like a loosely folded bedava bahis pretzel. “Just haven’t found the right guy.” She leaned back on both hands for a moment then sat back up.

His hand cupped the side of her face and they could feel each other’s breath as their lips neared. A shadow moved across the blanket. “Jack, we need to be there soon.” The shadow moved away and his lips pecked at hers.

“Can we have dinner sometime?” She asked. “If you don’t want to, or can’t, I’ll try to understand.”

“I’d love to.”

Thelma fished a scrap of paper from the canvas bag and wrote her phone number. “Here. Call me.” He assured her he would then she watched him crutch away.

Thelma had been restless waiting in line and that was because of the man with one leg ahead of her. Now after being so close to Jack, the man’s son, she was totally beside herself. Her legs felt like rubber as she attempted to stand. She fell back on her butt, and then tried again. As she stood and draped the strap of the canvas bag over one shoulder, she scanned the crowd. The family was gone. She sighed and made her way to the parking lot.

During the drive home, her thoughts were filled with Jack and several times she found herself almost running into the back of a car stopped at an intersection. “Shit,” she would shout each time as she braced for the impact that did not come.

The canvas bag fell to the floor by the washer as she passed on the way to her desk. The laptop was on – it always was – and she logged in. The journal program started and she click on today’s entry.

‘Saw a family of amputees today at the lake,’ she typed. ‘The father was missing much of the left leg and it took all of my being to keep from making a fool of myself while watching him. He wore a spandex swimsuit that hid none of his marvelous stump. Met his son also missing a leg.’

She leaned back and stared at the screen. Her left hand slithered under the undershirt. Fingers fiddled with a nipple as she replayed mental images of the man. “A whole family,” she mussed aloud. “Why couldn’t that have been my family?” The hand clutched the whole breast, and pulled and kneaded it. “Why?”

Paul put the blanket and towels in the trunk then slammed the trunk lid shut. Amy buckled Jean’s seatbelt and closed the door then settled in the backseat. Jack crutched towards the car.

“Hey son,” Paul said.

Jack settled in the backseat next to Amy and shoved his crutches across the floor.

“Who was the babe?” Amy asked. “She was in line and watching Dad, almost with a laser-like stare.”

“Yeah, I noticed. Thelma.” He stroked his chin as he thought about her.

“Thelma?” Amy mused in mild humor. “I haven’t heard that name for a long time.”

“She’s not bad looking. She gave me her phone number … might call her for a date.”

Jean turned and looked toward Jack, her armless shoulder towards him. “We’re not going to be here very long.”

“And I bet she’d be like the others, unwilling to be like us.” Amy waved her short arm stump to emphasize what she had meant.

“I don’t know, but she sure seemed to be interested in our missing body parts.” Jack laughed and shifted in the seat. “Don’t find anyone as interested as she was.”

A small cloud of dust rose behind the car as Paul drove along the gravel driveway towards Roger’s – Paul’s younger brother – house nestled deep in a wooded two hundred acres where they were staying for a week. He parked on the paved area in front of the house.

Karen – Roger’s wife – stood on the porch, supported by crutches resting gently under her arms, and watched as the car stopped. She took the two porch steps in a single, but graceful, movement. “How was the lake?” she asked as she watched everyone get out of the car. The breeze slightly lifted her skirt revealing her white, French-cut panties and the stump of her left leg. She brushed at the khaki fabric forcing it back in place. The end of the stump protruded slightly past the hem of the skirt.

Jack pulled her close and kissed her on the lips. “Damn, if you weren’t married.” He kissed her again.

Her hand stroked the front of his swim trunks. “Darlin’, I didn’t know you cared.” She stepped back and grinned. Older than him, she had lusted after him in the dark of the night more than a few times.

Jean leaned close, unable to hug, and Karen put a hand behind her and pulled her closer. “Hey good lookin’,” Karen whispered in her ear. “Missed ya, sweetie.”

Roger appeared from the side of the house, his left sleeve empty. “Too nice a day to not be by the pool … or in it.” He hugged Amy and smiled at the others. “Anyone getting hungry?”

“Not yet,” Paul replied as he leaned against the side of the car. “The lake was very nice. A lot of people there today.”

“Any other amps?” Roger asked moving closer to Paul.


“I see a few once in a blue moon. We seem to be nearly a hundred percent of the amps for miles.” He laughed. “Too bad.” He looked back as Karen, Jean, and Amy walked into the house. Jack leaned against the fender bedava bonus next to Paul. “When are you going to find someone?” Roger asked him.

“Oh, you know … not so easy to find anyone that fits in our family.”

Paul reached over and rubbed Rogers armless shoulder for a moment then pecked at his lips briefly. “Hmmm,” Roger hummed and returned the kiss. Jack watched without complaint, instead pushing a hand inside his own swim trunks.

Paul felt over Roger’s shorts and cupped the hand around the bulge. “Didn’t know you cared,” he groaned, and then chuckled.

“Who sleeps with who tonight?” Jack quizzed more as a joke, and then began making his way around the house towards to pool. He glanced back and the kisses between Roger and Paul had deepened with hands massaging the front of pants.

“I didn’t think you’d call,” Thelma said as she shifted on the couch and muted the TV.

“I said I would. Besides, I had a nice time talking to you yesterday.”

She pulled at the bottom of her t-shirt until it came over her head. She dropped it on the floor and sat wearing only her jean cut-off shorts that she often wore. She casually fiddled with a nipple. “I did too,” she finally said.

“What’cha doing?”

“I just pulled off my t-shirt. It’s hot today.”

“Wish I could see,” he teased.

“Does it excite you?” Her fingers squeezed the nipple then popped the snap on the waistband.

“Maybe.” His fingers wrapped around the erect shaft of his cock. It had been erect even before he knew about the t-shirt.

“Too bad you had to leave yesterday. You were about to kiss me.” She paused. “Really kiss me.”

“Is that something you’d have liked?”

She nodded as her hand slipped inside the loosened waistband. “Uh-huh,” she mumbled letting her fingers dig inside the wet fleshy opening. “I bet you have several fun parts to play with.”

“Like what?” he quizzed letting his hand slowly slide up and down.

“Well, the usual guy part.” She nodded again and sipped at her finger. “And that other part … too.” She dipped the clean finger deeper inside her pussy prompting a soft moan.

“You’re fingering yourself.”

“I bet you are playing with yourself too.” She paused briefly. “What does it feel like … your stump?”

“Soft … fleshy.”

“Damn-n,” she drawled forever.

“Damn?” he questioned.

“Yeah, damn … as in, ‘oh so nice’. Would you like a stump massage?”

“That sounds pleasurable. You know I’m only here for a few more days.”

“Maybe you won’t want to leave after we get to know each other.” She moaned again as the pace of fingering increased for a moment.

“Maybe. Maybe you’d let me do to you what you’re doing.”

“What, finger my pussy?”

“Yeah, or maybe I could kiss you down there.” He snickered softly.

“Really?” She gasped from the newly started tingling sensations. “Sorry,” she mused.

“Don’t be sorry. It sounds like you are enjoying yourself.”

She nodded in silence then sipped her fingers clean.

“My family’s a little weird,” he said.

“Just ’cause they’re all amputees? What’s weird about that?” She shook her head a few times. “Fuckin’ lucky, I’d say.”

“Oh? That’s not the usual reaction.”

“I don’t care. I need….” She held her fingertip over her lips and forced herself to be quiet. She listened to the silence at the other end of the call. “What, a huge accident? I doubt it. Listen, let’s have dinner, and talk about this.”

The car key dangled from the key fob squeezed between his hand and the padded grip on the right crutch. “I’m going out to dinner,” he told everyone sitting on the patio and sipping drinks.

“That chick?” Amy asked.

“Yeah,” he said starting to turn to walk away.

“Will you be back tonight?” Karen asked. “Just checking on sleeping arrangements,” she teased.

“I hope not.” He laughed once. “I’ll call.”

Thelma leaned casually against the building, her arms crossed lightly, watching him crutch towards her. The white t-shirt loosely draped over her chest, the familiar jean cut-offs, the tanned skin of her legs nicely exposed, and barefoot.

“Hey,” she said letting her hands fall to her side. A nipple formed a small peak as her hand accidentally brushed against the bottom of the t-shirt pulling it tighter on that side.

“Hey back at ya.” He laughed and kissed her softly. “Nice to see you again.

“Glad you see you brought it,” she said pointing at his missing leg.

“I take it everywhere.” He laughed and looked at her face noticing the blue eyes for the first time.

“It’s not much, but it’s home for now.” Turned and walked into the shadows of the breezeway. The number on the door read 157 and she twisted the doorknob. He followed her inside.

“Can I get you a beer?” She had two bottles out of the refrigerator as she turned towards him and held one up towards him.


First one, then the second top twirled around on the counter then fell flat. “I’ll carry them,” she said walking past him.

“What, deneme bonusu you think I can’t?” His voice was playful, not complaining. He followed her to the couch. “Nice ass.”

She leaned over slightly exaggerating the sway in her back and wiggled her butt. “Thanks.” She stood and looked over her shoulder. “Nice stump.” She sat with a slight bounce and put one barefoot against the edge of the low table, then sucked at the bottle.

He bent over and piled the crutches together in front of the couch, then sat next to her. He draped an arm over the back. “Oh yeah?” He lifted the bottle to his lips and sipped a small amount. “Have you seen one before? Mine might be ugly.”

“I doubt that. No, I haven’t seen one up close and personal like. I’m hoping to correct that real soon now.” She laughed and sucked on the bottle again.

“Do ya have a preference in stumps?”

“Not really … legs missing above the knee get me pretty fired up.” She sat the nearly empty bottle on the end table and dropped her foot to the floor as she twisted towards him letting the leg fold slightly so the foot was near the other thigh. “Your Dad’s….” Her hand moved in the direction of the stump then cupped over the end still inside the short pants leg. “Hmmm, nice length.” Her hand moved over his crotch and felt the growing erection. “Hmm, nice length.” She glanced towards his face and smiled while leaving her hand in place.

He covered her hand with his and moved them together. “Do you just lust after men like me, or do you want to be this way?” The way he said it made it sound as though he could as easily been asking about a preference in places to live.

She nodded without comment letting her fingers curl around the shaft still hidden inside the pants. Her lips moved closer to his, and then as they made contact, her tongue slipped inside his mouth. His hand rubbed the small of her back as he relaxed and began enjoying what she was doing.

Karen held the hot dog bun to Jean’s mouth and watched her take a bite. Paul sat naked on the edge of the pool with his only foot splashing against the water.

“Patty and Nick next week?” Roger asked leaning on the closed barbeque grill.

“Yup,” Paul replied still tapping the water, but now reclining against one hand and looking around at Roger.

“Have you seen them since she had the other leg off?”

“Makes me have thoughts,” Karen whispered to Jean.

“No,” Paul said as he stood. With a few hops, his semi-firm erection bobbing with each, and he stood by Roger. “I’d heard.”

“She’s all healed and lovin’ the results. He’s still only missing the one leg … doubt that will last.” He nodded a few times and looked up and down Paul’s body. “Nice cock,” he mused quietly, mostly to himself. “Nice stump too.”

“‘Bout time for a family get-together,” Jean commented as she walked towards the men. “Honey, slip this tube top off, will ya?” She puffed out her chest and wiggled it.

“Let me,” Karen said as she walked up behind Jean. As she pushed her fingertips against the elastic fabric, she nibbled on her neck stopping just long enough to push the top past where her lips had been. She tossed the top on one of the chairs and cupped a breast with the other hand. “Great tits,” she said looking at Roger, then at Paul.

“Baby-y,” Jean moaned leaning back against Karen. “Great to be with y’all.” She rubbed her back over Karen’s chest and leaned her head back so she could kiss Karen on the cheek.

“Maybe we’ll get a show,” Paul teased. His stump moved about and without embarrassment, his cock became more erect.

Without hesitation, Roger let his hand slide along the shaft. “Great friends, great family.”

Thelma’s fingers pulled at the waistband of Jack’s pants. “Come on, come on, let me see,” she playfully teased. He stood and slipped his pants and underwear down along his thigh then sat and finished removing them “Oh-h,” she cooed as she got her first look at his circumcised cock and short leg stump. She dropped her head and kissed each. “This is going to be fun.”

His hand played in her hair as she let the cock slip slightly into her mouth. “Ah,” he groaned, struggling to keep from cuming prematurely. He leaned back and let his stump move in her palm as she fondled. “Ah,” he moaned. “I don’t mind you rushing, but….” It was too late and he launched several large streams of cum into her mouth.

She fondled his balls and sucked a while longer until there was no more. Her head rose and she proudly looked up at him. “You liked?”

“Darlin’, I did. I don’t get that often enough.”

She wiped the back of her hand across a blob of cum dripping from the corner of her mouth. “And I don’t get to do it often enough.” Her fingers pulled at the t-shirt and she let it fall on the floor. Her shorts joined it quickly.

“I like it shaved,” he whispered as she leaned back against the arm of the couch. He head rested on the inside her thigh as he let his fingertips explore the swollen pussy lips. “Someone’s very excited.” A fingertip pulled at the clit and teased it. Her head fell back slightly and her mouth opened. There was a slight moan. A single finger drilled inside. His lips sucked the bud between them, rolling it around. A louder moan followed, then another. A second finger joined the first and they began to travel in and out with greater urgency.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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