An Unwelcome Visit Ch. 01

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The sweetest fuck I have ever had to this day is my little cousin Michelle. It started back when we both lived with our parents, just down the block from each other. I still can’t believe my luck. Her stupid parents had me watching their gorgeous teen daughter when they went out for a night on the town. A few times even overnight. I was 4 years older than her, and just hitting my sexual prime. We would wrestle around on the floor like kids, which always got me rock hard. I could tell she was starting to notice my erection poking against her. She would always get red in the face and run off. As time went on, I would feel her up when we wrestled, and she stopped pushing me away after the first few times. The first time I really pushed things, she fought. I fucked her as she pushed against me, but even then I could see she was aroused. It turns out she wasn’t a virgin. She told me after that an older boy had fucked her at some treehouse a few weeks earlier. Since that first time I taught her everything, and we would fuck and suck from the time her parents shut the door to when we heard the garage door open hours later. As far as I know they never suspected anything. Clueless.

She went away to college when she was 19 and I hadn’t seen her for 7 years. She got married to one of these dotcom rich geeks last year. I was working for a construction company that traveled fairly often to build shopping centers in various towns, and our next project was in Silicon Valley where they settled into a sweet little mansion. I gave her a call the day before I left.

“Shell, how the hell are you?”

“Jon?” She said incredulously.

“Ya, you remember me don’t you?

“Yes..of’s just..its been a while.”

“Well I have good news..I’m coming to town for a few weeks.”


“Still there”

“Yes, istanbul escort it’s just..I’’m married now..things are very different..the past..I regret all of that. You used me. I was young and stupid. Please don’t come here”

I somewhat expected this from her. I knew she had regrets because she hadn’t called or written for 7 years. I wasn’t the type to take no for an answer though, and she knew it.

“I’ll be there tomorrow night Shell”

“No, wait..don’t..”

Click. I hung up the phone, smirking.

I showed up at the door the next night. Her husband answered.

“Well hello Jon, Michelle said you would be coming. The guest room is right upstairs.”

“Thanks” I said as he struggled with one of my suitcases. He was 5-8, maybe 145. I was proud to be in the best shape ever at 6’ 195.

I walked inside, and there she was, standing nervously in the living room. She had filled out a little, which is actually a good thing. She was kind of skinny when she was younger, and her 32B chest was a little small for my taste. She had put on maybe 10 pounds, bringing her to maybe 125, which looked awesome on her, and her chest had filled out to a perfect 36C.

“Hello Shell”

“Hello”, she said softly.

We looked at each other for a minute or so.

Hubby came back downstairs.

“Anyone up for a swim?” he said

“Sounds great..I’ll change into my suit”

I went upstairs to change and came back down just as Shell stepped from the bedroom. Her body was flawless, her tanned skin in sharp contrast to the white bikini. She blushed as I watched her walk to the pool area. Hubby came down and was skinny and white compared to my muscled, tan body. Working physically outside has its benefits.

We made small talk, and Shell swam as hubby went on yenibosna escort endlessly about work. I left him and dove in, coming up next to her. It was dark, and the pool was dimly lit.

“It’s gonna be just like old times while I’m here Shell” I whispered to her.

“No it’s not!” she whispered back angrily.

I placed my hand on her ass under the water. She tried pulling away but I held her.

“You kids ok out there” hubby yelled jokingly.

“Just catching up” I said.

Shell was silent. I let go and we both got out and had a drink. Then another. I was ready to get things started.

“Why don’t we all skinny dip, Shell, like we used to.”

Hubby snapped to attention. “You kidder really used to skinny dip together Shell?”

“That was a LONG time ago honey. We were kids”, she said angrily, clearly embarrassed.

Before she knew what hit her I pulled the tie on her top and it dropped gently to the floor. Her tits were amazing, white against her dark tan and even darker nipples. Hubby ran over.

“Now you just wait one…”

I gave him a fairly tame punch to the gut, and he went down gasping for air.

“So..we’ll skinny dip then” He just shook his head ok as he lay there. I sat Shell down onto a lounge chair as she stared unbelievingly at hubby, and pulled her bottoms down over her long legs and cute little feet and toes. I looked her up and down. It had been a while. This was getting good.

“Your wife is naked man, don’t leave her all alone.”

He grudgingly pulled his swim trunks off, then I did the same. I stood next to him, so she could see what she had been missing all these years. His cock was tiny in comparison, and so was the rest of him. He hung his head down. I could see this was gonna sefaköy escort be no problem. I picked up Shell as she shrieked and threw her into the pool. I jumped in after her, and wrapped her in my arms.

“I told you we weren’t doing this!” she said angrily, her teeth clenched. “Let GO of me”

My cock was growing hard, and I could see something change in her face as it pressed between us on her tummy.

“Feel familiar Shell..remember when we used to wrestle”

Her breathing became erratic as I walked her over to the pool stairs. Hubby had finally caught his breath..

“OK, this has gone far enough! he said, trying to sound dangerous. I looked up at him, and he started walking nervously around the pool. I touched Michelle everywhere as he watched, and when I felt between her legs, she was soaking wet. I laid her down on the pool steps and pushed my big cock inside her.

“No” she said weakly, even as her legs wrapped around my back. “Not with him here..please”

“Shhhh..” I whispered as I started to fuck her. Glancing up I saw that happy had a boner as he looked across the pool, helpless to stop her wife’s strong cousin from having his way with her.

Her moans grew louder as she closed her eyes, surrendering to what she couldn’t stop. She screamed in intense climax, then bit down on my broad shoulder to stifle her cries as she opened them momentarily and made eye contact with hubby, who she had practically forgotton. I slammed into her as I squeezed her hardened nipples, and came just as she did, flooding her pussy with my thick cum. It was the most intense release I had had in years. All those nites thinking of her had built up in me. I withdrew and left her laying halfway in the water, my cock dripping cum as I smiled at hubby, who then ran to her, kneeling by the pool. She was exhausted and obviously satisfied. I toweled off and walked back toward the house.

“Sleep tight guys..tomorrow is another day.”

I grabbed a beer as I headed for the guest room. Two weeks, I though to myself. This is gonna be fun.

To be continued…

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