Ann Pt. 01

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This story is pure fiction.

My thanks to Navycolt for his assistance with editing.


Chapter 1

Shortly after my 18th birthday, I became a confirmed panty fetishist. At this point I was still a virgin and had never seen or touched any part of the female form. It had started with paging through my mother’s magazines, filled with lingerie and underwear advertisements. In those days the adverts mostly showed white underwear and this meant that a dark smudge of pubic hair was clearly visible on through the panties on the page. (no Photoshop in those days!) I spent hours looking at these pictures and trying to imagine what was under the lovely white bras and panties. Not long after a friend showed me one of his father’s Mayfair magazines and we would often sit and page through them trying to hide our solid hard on’s. There is one picture that will always be imprinted in my brain: a fully dressed beautiful brunette, squatting with her skirt hiked and her legs open displaying a pair of pale yellow panties with a lace panel in front. Being an adult magazine, the picture was far more revealing that what I was accustomed to; her pussy lips were clearly visible through her pubic hair and the pronounced puffiness of her mound was evident. My fetish was born and soon progressed to the next level.

We were a co-ed college and were all required to wear uniforms, something we all hated. If we were going to do anything after college, we would always have spare clothes and would change at the first opportunity. This led me to my next discovery. I would often go home after classes with Alison, one of the girls in my class, and we would take turns heading to the bathroom to change as soon as we got to her house and then lie around in the lounge drinking coffee and listening to music. Being a well brought up young man, I always let her change first. This went on for months, and while I secretly lusted after her, I didn’t make any connection with the panty pictures that I loved looking at and the fact that she must have worn them too. One evening while lying in bed stroking myself and fantasising about the women in the magazines and their sexy panties, it occurred to me that if I could not get my hands on a pussy, a pair of panties may be the next best thing. I immediately thought about the women I was in daily contact with and immediately Alison and her panties came to mind. Just the thought of snagging a pair of her worn panties had me quickly shooting my load onto a waiting tissue.

It was a few days before I went to Alison’s house again. Leading up to my next visit I walked around with a perpetual hard on at the thought of finding a pair of her panties in the laundry hamper when next I visited. Walking to her house I was obviously distracted and on two occasions she asked whether everything was OK. I was able to put her off and tried a little harder to act normal. Waiting in the lounge while she changed was pure torment and I willed her to hurry up.

I heard the bathroom door open and was into the bathroom without wasting a second. I closed the door behind me and made sure that it was locked. The embarrassment of being caught would have been too great in a small community like ours. I immediately dropped my trousers and underpants to the floor, stepped out of them to free my already hard cock and went about looking for the hamper. I found it next to the sink and quietly opened the lid. My best case scenario had been realised. Not only was her college uniform lying on top, but her panties were also lying carelessly to one side. I picked them out and felt the soft fabric in my hands. They were a pale pink pair of cotton panties with no frills, bows or lace. They were still warm, and as I rubbed my finger over them I came to an area that was quite damp. I knew instantly that this was the place that had nestled between her legs for the last eight or nine hours. I brought the gusset of her panties to my nose. It was a scent sensation and after the first smell of pussy, I was instantly hooked. I took my cock in my hand and stood in front of the toilet and stroked my foreskin up and down until I could feel the throb of my cum rising and within seconds was shooting the largest load of my life into the toilet. I stood there milking the last of my cum up my shaft and into the toilet, all the while holding her panties to my nose determined to enjoy her scent for as long as possible. I quickly cleaned up, and although I thought about taking the panties with me, I decided against it for fear of being caught and reluctantly returned them to the hamper.

This went on for the remainder of my college career and during this time enjoyed countless pairs of Alison’s panties. As my fetish took hold I was always on the lookout for a full laundry hamper in the bathroom or a carelessly illegal bahis discarded pair of panties on the bedroom floor. I enjoyed a number of friends’ sister’s panties and on one occasion my best friend’s mother’s panties. The scent of the older woman’s panties had their own allure.

The touch, scent and taste of the real thing remained elusive and I left college as a virgin.

Chapter 2

As I had grown up in an older era, the world was a very different place. There was no such thing as a gap year, and as soon as I finished college, at 18 years old, I was out and looking for a job before I left for university.

After a fair bit of pavement pounding, I found a temporary job in the city nearest to my village. Although I had the hassle of a 30-minute commute, this was all a bit of an adventure to me. The biggest advantage was the multitude of women (young and old) that I could observe in the city as opposed to the limited number of the opposite sex in my village.

Our village was near the end of the line, and it did not take long for me to work out the good seats on the train. My main criterion for choosing a seat was being able to see and admire the sexy legs of the many female commuters sitting opposite me on the train. At times I was rewarded by the occasional flash of panties as legs were crossed and uncrossed. I also quickly noted that women who were avid readers often stopped concentrating on keeping their knees together which would lead to better views up their skirts and their hidden panties between their thighs.

Not long after I started my daily commute, a young, seemingly shy, women started to sit across from me every day. She was fresh faced with shoulder length blonde hair and nice pert breasts. It was summer so she regularly wore fairly short skirts that gave me a good look at her shapely legs but no sign of her panties.

She was about my age, and we started to chat every day. Her name was Ann and she lived in the next village, I discovered. After a few weeks, we became quite friendly, and as I got to know her better, I realised that she was probably more reserved than shy.

Each morning I would hope that the seat opposite would not be taken so that Ann could take the seat and we could chat the journey away. Sitting talking to Ann did not stop me from taking the occasional glance around to see if any of the ladies on the train were being careless with their knees so that I could catch a glimpse of their panties.

After a few weeks I plucked up the courage to invite her for a drink before catching the train home on evening, and she agreed without hesitation, but she did remind me that we needed to make sure we didn’t miss the last train home. A very good sign!

Chapter 3

On the appointed day I got off work a little earlier than normal so that I could get us a quiet spot in the pub where we could chat without being disturbed. I sat quietly sipping my beer in the booth waiting for her to arrive. She walked in with a big smile on her face and sat down next to me rather than across from me, in the booth. This evening was getting better and better. She ordered a glass of wine and we sat and chatted about our pasts, current jobs and dreams for the future.

After her third glass of wine, Ann was becoming more suggestive.

“I love watching you on the train,” she said softly.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I see you slipping down in your seat. It looks like you are trying to look up the woman’s skirts?”

I flushed. What could I say in response?

“It doesn’t bother me,” she quickly added, sensing my discomfort, “in fact I find it a bit of a turn on”.

By this stage I was sitting back in the booth, embarrassed that my voyeurism on the train had been so obvious. Anne put her hand on my leg gently.

“Have you ever seen mine?” she asked quietly.

“Nnno” I stuttered, “I can’t say I haven’t tried”.

Without a word she sat back in the booth and slowly started to pull the hem of her dress up until I caught my first glimpse of her white panties. I looked at her face briefly. She had a naughty smile, and I could see she was a little flushed. When her panties came into view, they were sensational! White satin sides with a beautiful flower patterned lace panel in the front. I could see her pubic hair matted against the front of her panties. At this point I was hard as a rock causing the front of my trousers to tent obviously. It was impossible for her not to see my arousal.

She took my hand and put it on her thigh. I could feel the warmth from her lap radiating out. I figured it was now or never, and slowly slid my hand down until I was just brushing the front of her panties. I was still unsure if she would stop me, but when I felt her open her legs a little wider illegal bahis siteleri to accommodate my hand, I knew she had answered without saying a word. I brushed my hand down the front of her panties until my fingers were at the bottom of her pussy and her mound was cupped in my palm. I could feel the dampness of her panties against my hand. Her hand slid over and started to rub my cock through my trousers. Thankfully I was wearing dark trousers as my pre-cum was oozing from the tip of my cock. I could feel the wet spot in my underpants. I had a bring this to a halt to this before she triggered an orgasm, which I had no doubt my dark trousers would not hide.

I lifted her hand from my lap with my free hand. I didn’t want to stop caressing her mound but I had little choice. I reluctantly removed my hand from her pussy.

“Is there any where we can go to be private?” she whispered.

I looked at my watch. I really didn’t want to miss the last train and be stranded without enough money to arrange a hotel. We still had about 3 hours before we needed to be at the station.

“There is a park on the way to the station, I walk past in on my way to work every day,” I answered quietly, “There are some benches among the trees where we can get some privacy.”

Without waiting to finish her drink, she straightened her skirt and picked up her bag. “I guess we shouldn’t waste any time then!” she said with a huge grin.

Chapter 4

Walking arm in arm away from the pub, I could not resist lifting my hand to my nose see if the scent from her pussy was still on my fingers. That familiar scent and wetness that I had enjoyed on so many pairs of panties covering my fingers.

We made our way through the park gates. It was dimly lit, just enough to see where we were going. With the benches being under the trees they were in a slightly darker area and we could have a little more privacy than a brightly lit bar. There were a few people walking across the park but judging from the speed at which they were walking they we clearly on their way home from work and pretty much oblivious to their surroundings.

We walked over to the furthest bench and sat down. This was my first opportunity to take her in my arms and kiss her deeply. Her tongue slipped between my lips and probed deep into my mouth. I slipped my hand under her blouse and rubbed her breasts over her bra. She broke our kiss and quickly undid her bra strap. Flipping her bra through her sleeve, she slipped it off and rolled it up and put it into her handbag.

“Let’s go slowly,” she whispered, “I don’t have much experience.”

“That makes two of us.” I whispered back.

Without saying anything further we resumed our deep kiss and held each other tightly.

Our bodies reluctantly parted, and I used the opportunity to slip my hand under her blouse once more, making my way up her smooth stomach until I reached her beautiful plump breasts. I felt her hard little nipples, took them between my forefinger and thumb and rolled them around gently. Although I had no experience with a woman in the flesh, I was certainly thankful that the reading I had done on various erotic story sites had given me some clues about the mysteries of the female body.

Clearly the attention I was giving her nipples was working. She was starting to squirm a little. Her breathing was laboured. I slid my hand back out from her blouse and slipped it under her skirt. Caressing the inside of her thighs on my upward journey to her panty clad pussy. By now her pussy was noticeably more damp than earlier in the pub. She parted her legs eagerly and allowed me free access. I rubbed up and down the furrow of her slit a few times and could feel her subtly pushing back against my hand. I slipped my fingers around the elastic of her panties and wormed my fingers through her wet pubic hair until I reached her swollen pussy. The smoothness of her hot, wet pussy was a sensation I will never forget. Once again she stopped me and I withdrew my hand from under her skirt. She lifted her bum off the bench for a second and slipped her panties down her legs in one movement. She reached over and slipped them into my hand without a word. I immediately pocketed them and resumed my attention on her pussy. By now she was sitting wide legged. I had free access to her pussy.

It took a few minutes of groping around on the dark until I reached what I believed to be her clit. He reaction to my touch told me I was on the right track. By now the scent her wet pussy was filling the still night air. I could not hold back any longer. I leant down on the bench and approached her pussy with my face. She hesitated for a second but almost immediately relaxed again and allowed me full access. This was not the most comfortable position to be canlı bahis siteleri in so I stood and knelt down on the grass with my head between her legs. As my mouth approached her pussy my nose was once again filled with the enchanting scent of her pussy. After all these years of enjoying this second hand, I was now enjoying it from the source.

Going down on a woman came naturally to me. I knew that I loved the taste. I had enjoyed it on the various panties I had sniffed. I teased up and down her slit and lapped her wetness into my mouth. I went in search of her clit. As I reached the top of her slit, I felt the bump of her swollen clit and sucked it gently into my mouth. She ground her pussy against my face.

“Put your finger in me.” she breathed.

I did as she asked and although she was really tight, she was sufficiently lubricated. My finger slipped in with little resistance. This was clearly what she needed. She started to push her pussy against my mouth and hand even harder. It did not take long until her thrusting became more and more rhythmic and urgent until with a quiet cry her body stiffened and her orgasm shook her body. She was panting and sounded almost like she was crying. After her spasms started to subside, she guided me up and kissed me deeply.

“That is the first time with someone else.” she whispered shyly.

We kissed for a while, and as I hoped, she took the lead from there. Her hands found her way down to my belt, and with a bit of fumbling, she got my trousers undone. Getting my underpants over my hard cock was a bit of a challenge, but she managed fine. She knelt down between my legs on the grass, as I had earlier, and took my cock in her hands. They were so small, and I was so hard, her fingers barely covered my entire shaft. She gently stroked me up and down, and I could see the juices leaking from the tip of my cock, glistening in the dim lights of the park. She tentatively stuck her tongue out and touched the tip of my cock, her tongue settling into my juices and then licking them into her mouth. The feeling of a girl tonguing my cock was truly indescribable. Her hesitation was very short lived and soon she opened her mouth wider, taking the head of my cock between her lips. I could feel her tongue start to massage the head of my cock as she gently took me deeper into her soft, warm mouth. Her hand was clutching the shaft of my cock, and with a little coaxing she was soon jerking me gently, while at the same time continuing to suck me.

After all the sexual tension of the evening, it did not take long for me to feel my orgasm approaching. I brushed the side of her face to warn her but she simply ignored me and carried on sucking. With a loud groan I started to cum, I could feel five or six spasms as my cream shot into her mouth. Although she was expecting it, I don’t think she was ready for the volume. My cum started to ooze from the sides of her lips. She just kept licking and gently stroking me, milking out the last drops.

I sat back on the bench completely spent. I could hardly move a muscle. She got up from her knees and came and sat next to me. She embraced me, and I lifted her face to kiss her. Her lips and mouth were coated with my cum, but I didn’t notice. By the time I realised that I was tasting my own cum it had started to taste rather good.

Ann looked at her watch. “We only have 30 minutes to get to the station. We’d better leave quite soon.”

We were both quiet as we dressed and prepared ourselves for our train ride home to our waiting families. “Would you like your panties back?” I asked.

“No, you keep them—I know you will enjoy them”

Chapter 5

We reluctantly headed back to the station, walking in a tight embrace. For each of us the first time with one another had not disappointed.

We were very quiet on the train ride home. The train was nearly empty at that time of night, and we were able to sit next to each other and kiss and caress each other. As we reached Ann’s stop, we reluctantly disentangled ourselves, and Ann stood up to reach for her bag. I stood too and we hugged tightly. I could feel my hardness pressing against her and could feel her pushing herself against me. The train slowed and. Ann gave me a quick kiss and made her way to the door and off the train.

It was very late by the time I got home, but despite the early start, the excitement of the day had me lying in bed wide awake, replaying the whole afternoon over and over in my mind. I had the beautiful pair of panties she had given me up to my nose, and was enjoying her scent for the second time. Despite a ball draining orgasm earlier, my cock was once again rock hard, and my free hand was slowly stroking my foreskin up and down. This time it took a little longer, but eventually I shot my hot cum over my stomach. I cleaned up, folded the panties neatly and put them in the drawer next to my bed. Sleep did not come easily as I tossed and turned. My mind racing about when and where we would next meet. Where our sexual exploration would lead us.

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