Annie Kirk Ch. 03

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“Scattered Pearls”

Note: the Annie Kirk series is not a sequential story. The series is comprised of separate fantasies about a real person. Some of the stories were inspired by an erotic photograph she sent where I created a story around the image. Other stories are inspired by real-life elements, but they are not descriptions of real events. This story was inspired by a black and white picture of pearls, strewn on the floor, flanked by a pair of high heels and a purse.


Anny bounced around her bathroom as if floating on clouds. After months of secret rendezvous in hotel rooms, out-of-the-way restaurants, and even parking garages, they were finally going out together in public—and to a black-tie event. She loved formal events, the clothes, the makeup, the jewelry, the red carpet and the air of excitement that was always present during these events. There would be some risk because they both did business in the City—so it was possible they could run into a client or colleague, but tonight they weren’t going to worry about that.

She had the perfect dress for the event. A red trumpet/mermaid off-the-shoulder sweep train evening dress made of chiffon with beading sequins on the bodice. The front dipped down into a V-shape at the top of her cleavage with a matching V in the back. It would show off her shoulders and back. She would wear her favorite string of pearls drawing attention to her exposed chest and neck. A complimenting ivory bracelet and white clutch completed the look. The bottom of the dress was form fitting with lace on the train. She couldn’t risk showing panty lines, so she would be going commando. She imagined leaning close to him at dinner and whispering in his ear that she wasn’t wearing panties. She saw her naughty smile in her reflection. She thought about red lipstick but didn’t want the color to clash with her dress. She chose a nude gloss instead, giving her lips an inviting shine.

She heard a knock at the door and opened to find his handsome face looking at her. He looked so elegant in a tux and black tie. She was so happy for this evening and it was starting out just as she had hoped. He stepped inside briefly and dropped a bag just inside the door. “What’s that,” Anny asked. “Oh, just a little something for later tonight,” he said with a smile. “I may have a surprise or two for you.” They held hands and walked to the lobby.

Arriving at the gala, the attendant walked with them down the red carpet checking them in and giving them their table card. As much as Anny was looking forward to the gala, her mind was on later that evening. The bag he brought surprised her. Now she couldn’t help but wonder what he had in store for her. Whatever it was, she knew she would love it. She just melted when she was with him. She felt so safe and happy with him and she was willing to give her self entirely to him.

Anny was focusing on the keynote speech with genuine interest. The speaker was discussing global warming, proposals for change, and the potential impacts on future generations if we didn’t do something now. She felt him lean in to her and whisper in her ear, “tonight I am going to start getting your ass ready for me.”

She casino siteleri was expecting him to say something about the speaker, she was not prepared for him to tell her he was preparing her to take her ass. She must have had a shocked look on her face, because he laughed. “That’s just one of the things I have in store for you tonight,” he added.

Now Anny couldn’t think of anything else except him entering her ass. She was nervous and excited. But what else did he mean by, “that’s just one of the things I have in store for you tonight.” As if her ass wasn’t enough.

While they were dancing, he made a point of sliding his hand down her back and gently rubbing her ass. “I am going to have so much fun taking your ass,” he whispered. Adding, “and you are going to cum like you never have before.” His touch, his voice, and the anticipation of the evening ahead made her pussy wet. She could feel her juices dripping down her legs as they danced. She’d need to go to the ladies room to wipe her legs to avoid creating a huge wet spot on her dress.

As the evening wore on, cocktail discussions became more difficult as she kept thinking about what he would do with her tonight. Finally, he asked her if she would like to leave. “Yes, dear,” Anny responded. “I don’t think I can make small talk anymore after you have filled my head with images of orgasms and anal sex.” He got a huge smile on his face, “I see we are sharing the same thoughts again. Come on, let’s get a car out front and get the evening started.”

The driver had to prompt them twice to get out of the car. “Ahem,” clearing his throat, “Sir, we are at your hotel.” In other words, “get out of my car,” but very politely. Breaking their kiss, he said, “thank you so much, I’m sorry to have..uhhh;” before he could finish his thought, the driver injected, “that’s okay sir, it was my pleasure to uhhhh get you here.”

“Yes, thank you,” Anny added as they got out of the car. She couldn’t wait to get upstairs. From the playful teasing during dinner and dancing, to the car ride where they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, she was on fire and couldn’t wait to get naked with him. She had been thinking all night about what he might have in store for her. He gave her little clues but not enough to know what he planned.

There were other guests in the elevator so they just held hands on the way up to their floor. It opened and they quickly made their way to the room 4308. The door was barely closed before he pulled her to him, he kissed her passionately and she kissed him back with a hunger that couldn’t be satisfied. Abruptly, he turned her around, facing away from him. He held her arms tight to her side with a firm grip of each wrist. She could feel his breath on her neck as his lips gently traced over the back of her neck, down her back, along the line of her dress. She felt him tug on the zipper with his teeth and gently pull it all the way down.

“Keep your hands at your side and don’t move,” he instructed. “Yes, sir,” she responded. Lightly he ran his fingertips down her neck, over her shoulders, pushing the edges of dress down as caressed her arms, and her back. He gently slid her arms out of the dress and the bodice canlı casino dropped, hanging from her waist. The form fitting train kept the dress from sliding to the floor, but she was exposed from the waist up, except for her pearl necklace. He continued to gently caress her back, kissing her shoulders and exploring her body. Her eyes were closed, focused on the sensation of his touch. He reached around and she felt his hands on her stomach, tracing circles, moving slowly upward to her already hard nipples. When he squeezed them she squealed from the sensation. Then he stopped.

She opened her eyes to see where he went. “Close your eyes, Anny.” She did as instructed and waited. She heard the zipper of his bag, and within seconds felt a silky softness across her eyes. She tried to open her eyes, but she was blindfolded with what felt like a silk scarf.

She felt him unclasp her necklace. “Put your hands behind your back Anny,” he said softly. Placing her hands behind her back, she felt him wrap the pearl necklace around her wrists, securing them behind her back. He gently tugged at her dress, sliding it down and helping her step out of the dress, and removing her shoes.

Anny stood naked in the middle of the room, blindfolded, arms bound behind her back, waiting for her next instruction or his next action. She heard him approach and sensed him in front of her, she heard him whisper, “Anny, please spread your legs wider for me.” She immediately widened her stance, opening her legs for him. She felt his hands on her chest, toying with her nipples, squeezing them, pulling them, sucking them. Anny’s body was on fire. She was totally under his control and would let him do anything he wanted to her.

As he sucked on her nipples, she felt his fingers gently rubbing her clit. She was having a hard time standing still as he flicked his fingers back and forth over her hardening clit, while continuing to suck on her nipples. She could feel herself getting wetter and her hips started to thrust against his hand. “Is your pussy on fire, Anny?” he asked. “Yes, yes, it is,” she stuttered.

“I told you tonight that I have a few surprises in store for you tonight, remember?” he asked. “I do. I’ve been wondering about it all night,” she answered breathlessly.

“I’m going to help you, lower down to your knees,” he said. He slowly lowered her to her knees. She felt something hard press against her pussy and she recoiled slightly. “Don’t worry Anny, you’re going to come to love this,” he said with a naughty tone in his voice. He pushed her knees apart a little more, allowing the cock-shaped dildo to slide into her wet pussy. Just as Anny asked, “what is this,” she felt the vibration start. “OMG, what is that,” she asked again.

“It’s a sex pillow with a vibrating dildo on the top. Right now, you have a vibrator stuffed in your pussy and there is a vibrating tip pressing up against your clit.” OMG was all Anny could say. The pleasure was so intense she could barely speak. She felt the vibrations throughout her pelvis. With her knees spread she couldn’t move, but with the touch of another button, the dildo started gyrating inside her. The pleasure was so intense she couldn’t speak. All she kaçak casino heard were grunts and moans coming from her mouth. She had no doubt that she was going to have a monster orgasm.

She next felt a touch on her cheek. He was rubbing his hard cock on her face and she immediately opened her mouth to take him in. With her hands tied behind her back, all she could do was bob her head forward and back as he fucked her face. Feeling his hard cock filling her mouth and the continuous vibration in her pussy and on her clit was more than she take. Her body started to shudder and then convulse as her orgasm rushed over her like flood waters. It came in waves and kept coming, wave after wave. He removed his cock from her mouth so she could breath.

The vibrations stopped briefly. She slumped over kneeling, trying to recover from what just happened. The vibrations restarted slowly. She barely recovered and it made her crazy with pleasure. She didn’t want to get off it, but she wanted him inside her too. He slowly raised the intensity until she was moaning loudly and uncontrollably from the pleasure. Behind her now, she felt his finger touch her ass. He traced his finger in a circle around her opening. “I told you I was going to start getting your ass ready, remember?” Anny couldn’t speak. All she could do was offer moans, grunts, and squeals.

Slowly he started inserting his finger into her ass. The vibration in her pussy either was a distraction or made it easier for him to slide in. First the tip, then a little more, and a little more until his entire finger was inserted into her ass. He held it still allowing her to adjust. She had no idea what she was babbling as the pleasure machine between her legs had taken over her body. She just remembered feeling him sliding his finger in and out of her, fucking her ass with his finger. The darkness she was in was flooding with bursting colors and lights in her head. Anny didn’t know where it came from, but a feeling she had never experienced before was welling up deep inside her. It started in her core and got stronger and stronger until she exploded. She lost control of her arms and legs and remembered only separating her arms and leaning forward to brace herself and ride the storm that was her second orgasm.

On her hands and knees, heading hanging down, she was panting to catch her breath. She felt the scarf being removed from her eyes. His face was right in front of hers. He kissed her gently and their tongues met in a passionate kiss. “How was that beautiful?” He asked. In her wonderfully sexy accent, she meekly responded, “OMG, I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life. I lost control of my body.” Looking down, she saw her pearls scattered along the carpet. Her wrists were free. She realized she must have broken her bond during the last orgasm. She would have to search the carpet before she left to find them all. But that would have to wait for now.

He lifted her onto the bed and placed her onto her back. His cock was still hard. She felt its tip enter her and he slowly slid it deep inside. For the next 30 minutes, they made love slowly, but passionately. They looked into each other’s eyes and each stroke of his cock inside her brought them closer together. He exploded, cumming deep inside her pussy. She could feel him throbbing inside her and she held him closely. With his cock still inside her, they drifted off to sleep and to the sweetest of dreams.

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