Asher and Ryan Ch. 02

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Ryan glanced towards the door, eyes narrowing as he arranged cups in a pyramid shape on the kitchen table. Garrett and Steve, Asher’s roommates, stood outside smoking. Ryan watched the faint lines of smoke circle the porch light above their heads.

“Wishing you had something to suck on too?” Asher said, coming up behind Ryan, resting his chin on Ryan’s shoulder, wrapping his arms around Ryan’s waist. “Thanks for helping me set up. Those guys are pretty much useless, but at least they pay their rent on time. And they leave the basement all to me.”

Ryan sighed, leaning back against Asher, his body relaxing. “Lets get this party over with already!” He moaned.

Asher chuckled. “I thought you liked parties?”

“I do.” Ryan turned his head, kissing Asher on the cheek. “But you promised to fuck my ass tonight. I want to get to that.”

Asher pressed himself hard against Ryan, brushing his crotch against Ryan’s ass. He closed his eyes, breathing hard. He put his lips to Ryan’s ear, his voice raspy and soft as he exhaled. “Slut.”

Ryan, smirked, his cheeks reddening and eyes burning. “Oh? Not what you want? Ok, I hate your big cock.”

“Asshole.” Asher breathed out again, amusement flecking his tone.

“Right here? But I just arranged these cups.”

“Cute.” Asher turned Ryan around, kissing him hard, his mouth moving quickly, fighting for dominance.

“Uh, hey guys.”

Both Asher and Ryan looked up at the intrusion. Ryan’s face instantly turning a deep shade of red and Asher merely smirking.

“Hey Jack. Glad you could make it.”

“Mmm, yea. So, is this party just about you two making out?” He winked at Ryan, who turned his head, coughing in embarrassment.

“Sure, though if you want more you can come to the after party. But be warned, there is a splash zone.”

“Asher!” Ryan shrieked.

“You’re right. It should be fairly contained.” He smirked at Ryan, holding him still. Ryan buried his head below Asher’s chin.

“Talk to me in a little bit.” Asher winked at Jack. “Until then, let’s play some beer pong! I need to get this one…lubricated.”

“Ok, but don’t we need four?” Jack cast a wonderingly look behind him. “They still look occupied.” He nodded toward Steve and Garret.

“Oh? Well, just give it a second.” Asher smirked again, his hand traveling down Ryan’s back, finally resting on Ryan’s ass.

A second later a black haired girl walked in. She wore a bright pink shirt that stopped right under her breasts and white faded shorts. “Beer pong! I’m in.”

“Jack, meet Maise. Maise, Jack. There now we have enough people.”

“How did you-?” Jack arched an eyebrow.

“Its a twin thing.” Asher and Maise said together.

“You didn’t say your sister was coming!” Ryan whispered in Asher’s ear.

“I didn’t know until I heard that awful racket coming up the street. Still driving that beat up motorcycle? Honestly, what is that thing?”

“Fuck off.” Maise smirked, Ryan rolled his eyes.

“You guys even have give the same smirk.” Ryan reached his lips up to Asher’s ear, whispering so only he could hear. “Maybe I should go after her.”

“So let’s play!” Asher exclaimed, grimacing and smacking Ryan hard on the ass. “Don’t even joke like that.” He whispered back.

Ryan kissed Asher quickly, looking into his eyes to make sure he was forgiven. “I won’t again. You know I love you.” Asher blushed. “Wow, I don’t remember the last time I made you blush.”

“I love you too. I’m not sure we’ve ever been so direct. That’s what made me blush, mmm thank you baby.”

“Fuck, go make out some other time. Is this a party or what?” Maise slammed her hand down on the other side of the table, making the cups jump.

“Fine let’s play.” Asher stepped slightly away from Ryan, staring down the table. “You can go first.”

Maise picked up the ping-pong ball, smirking as she closed one eye to aim. She threw the ball with precision, arching it perfectly into a cup in the middle of the triangle. “Drink up.” She glared at Ryan. Ryan picked up the cup, swigging down the Bud Light, wrinkling his nose slightly.

“Lucky shot.” Ryan grimaced.

Jack took the ball and lobbed it at the cup that had been next to the one Maise shot at. It bounced off the rim, flying over the side of the table.

“I thought you were supposed to be some kind of football jock.” Maise taunted, her fingers running down Jack’s forearm.

“I’m a tight end, not a quarterback.”

“I can see that.” Maise smiled back at him, looking him up and down. She turned back to the table, raising an eyebrow at the glower on Ryan’s face.

“Give me the ball.” Asher said, dunking the ball into a cup of water. His eyes on the cups, not at the red flush on Ryan’s face.

Asher aimed at the back of the line, his ball flying farther back, landing on the floor in front of Maise’s feet. “Shit.” He exhaled. Ryan grabbed the other ball, ears still a slight shade of red. He avoided Maise’s eyes as he threw the ball, launching artemisbet yeni giriş it so hard it hit Jack in the stomach, making a satisfying smack against Jack’s shirt. Asher laughed, reaching out and wrapping his arm around Ryan’s waist.

“Wow we both suck at this.” He looked at Ryan’s face, his shining eyes dimming at Ryan’s expression. “Whats wrong?”

“Just hate this game.” Ryan mumbled, shaking his head and forcing a smile. “Sorry, I’m just taking this too seriously.”

“Ok…” Asher glanced over at the other side of the table, lightly raising his eyebrow at the pursed expression on Maise’s face. “Wow, let’s lighten up around here. I thought this was supposed to be fun.” Asher said, chuckling.

“Yes!” Maise echoed Asher’s exuberance. “C’mon Jack, lets show them what a great team we make.” She said, staring at Ryan while she spoke.

She threw the ball, sinking it in, beer sloshing up out of the cup and dribbling down to the table. Asher grimaced, drinking the cup down. Jack shot next sinking his into the back of the line. Ryan gulped that one down, throwing the cup to the floor.

“I think that means we get to go again.” Jack smirked, walking around and grabbing the wet ball.

“Yea, and re-rack!” Maise beamed, giggling as she brushed her shoulder against Jack’s side.

Asher sighed, moving the cups together. Maise blissfully dunked the ball into the cup of water and threw it at the newly arranged cups. It went directly into the center cup, Jack laughed and gave Maise a high five, their hands lingering together. Ryan huffed and stomped away from the table.

“I need some air.” He strode away and out the open door, past Garrett and Steve.

“Uh, I guess we’ll take a break then.” Asher looked at the door, then took a step and paused. He glanced at Maise. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure.” She smiled back. She walked over to Asher, Jack shrugged and pulled out his phone.

“Thanks for coming, and thanks for keeping Jack company.” He paused. “But what are you doing to Ryan?”

“Me? I’m not doing anything. I’m just playing the game.” Her eyes grew wide as she talked, sparkling with amusement.

“I can see that. I just want to know what game you are playing. Do you not like Ryan?”

“Of course I do, he seems a lot of fun.”


“Just go console your boyfriend. I’ll do the same with mine.” She smirked, walking back over to Jack.

Asher sighed, shaking his head as he walked out the door. He stopped as he passed by his roommates. “Hey, you two can play beer pong if you want.”

Garrett and Steve shrugged and walked inside, leaving Asher standing in the doorway, the pale light of the streetlamp hazily illuminating the sparse front lawn. He spied Ryan, sitting on the curb near the end of the driveway and he walked over, slowly sitting down next to him. He reached his hand out, resting it on Ryan’s upper thigh.

“Want to talk about it?” Asher asked, staring out into the darkness.

“I’m not sure what to say.”

“Then I’ll start. I know how my sister can be, especially with my boyfriends. She likes to tease, usually when she finds something they want. Or, maybe in this case, someone.” He turned to look at Ryan, noting the way Ryan’s cheeks flushed.

“Asher? What are you talking about?”

“Ryan.” Asher sighed. “I was serious when I told you I don’t care about you and Jack. If you want to kiss him that’s fine. Shit, I don’t care if you fuck.” He reached his hand out, tracing down Ryan’s hot and red cheek. “You know who you belong to. Maise thinks she can get to me by getting to you. Thats all this is. Do you want to fuck Jack?”

Ryan raised his head sharply. “No!”

“All right then. But don’t say I didn’t ask.”

Asher moved closer, hugging Ryan against him, he moved his head forward, lips grazing Ryan’s forehead. He blew softly onto Ryan’s skin, causing Ryan to shiver, and kissed his way silently down the side of Ryan’s face. He paused, licking at the red of Ryan’s cheek and kissing his way to Ryan’s lips.

“You are mine.” Asher growled into Ryan’s lips, kissing him hard. “Say it.”

“I’m yours.” Ryan breathed heavily his heart pounding in his chest.

“Remember that.”

Asher pushed Ryan down, pressing him against the grass as he climbed on top. Asher found Ryan’s lips, wrapping his arms around Ryan’s back and squeezing him tightly as he kissed him hard. His left hand moved down to the Ryan’s shirt, pulling it up slightly. His left finger finding Ryan’s bellybutton and he gently began fingering it as he sucked the air out of Ryan’s mouth.

“Asher!” Ryan moaned.

“Mmm, that’s it baby.”

A blinding light shot towards them, Asher lifted his head, raising a hand to block the beam as he squinted. “Fuck.” He sighed.

Asher stood up, reaching a hand down and hauling Ryan up next to him, wrapping his arms around Ryan protectively. Five cars pulled up to the curb, their passengers getting out and walking past them. artemisbet giriş It was hard to tell in the dark, but Asher didn’t recognize any of the them as they chattered and laughed, walking into the open door of his house.

“How many people did you invite?” Ryan asked squinting into the darkness.

“Just you, Jack and Maise. I had hoped this to be a small party, but I’m guessing Maise texted a bunch of her friends.”

While the group continued on inside Asher dragged Ryan with him back to the house. As he walked in, Asher noticed people covering almost every spare piece of open wall, chairs and couch. He eyed Maise who gave him a smile and wave before talking animatedly to Jack. He pushed Ryan on, glad Ryan hadn’t looked over to their corner of the room. He walked Ryan through to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of whiskey out of the cupboard under the sink and poured two glasses, handing one to Ryan.

“Stay here and drink this, I’ll be right back.” Asher leaned his head back, swallowing the shot at once and headed out of the kitchen.

Ryan stood in the kitchen awkwardly, he walked to the wall listening to the loud chatter and sipped the drink. His nose wrinkling at the taste as it burned down his throat. He almost finished by the time Asher got back.

“Just shoot it down already.” Asher laughed. “Then come on, we are getting out of here.”

Asher watched as Ryan took the last sip, chuckling at the expression on Ryan’s face. He adjusted a backpack on his back, dropping a pile of pillows to his feet. He pulled Ryan to him, pressing their bodies close together before bending down and lightly kissing Ryan’s lips.

“Mmm, you taste like whiskey.”

“So do you. Where are we going?”

“I need to taste more of you, and there isn’t much privacy here now. Garrett and Steve can clean this mess up, the basement is locked so I don’t have to worry about anyone going down there. How do you feel about camping for the night?”

“Camping? I don’t know, I guess so.”

“Good, can you carry these to the car?” Asher pointed to the pile of pillows at his feet.


Ryan picked them up, Asher leading them out the kitchen door and around the house to his car. He opened the trunk letting Ryan pile the pillows inside before he threw the backpack inside. They got in and Asher started to drive.

“Can we stop by my dorm first? I want to brush my teeth.”‘

“I brought you a toothbrush.”

“You did?” Ryan looked over.

“Yup, I had an unopened one in my bathroom. Just forget about all that stuff and focus on me. I’ve got everything we need.”

“Yes Asher.” Ryan settled back in the seat. “So where are we camping at?”

“There is a field behind the old science building, we used to use it for soccer practice. No one really goes out there anymore but they still keep it up.”

They drove in silence, Ryan occasionally glancing at Asher, watching as Asher’s button shirt shifted as he moved his hands on the steering wheel. Ryan caught glimpses of the soft blond hair that dotted Asher’s chest. Ryan swallowed, reaching his hand out to touch Asher’s arm. It was strong and hard. Maybe not as big as Jack’s but still powerful. He felt his heart quicken and he moved as close to Asher as he could in his seat. His hand moving up Asher’s shirt to feel his abs. The hard muscle unrelenting under his touch as he pushed his fingers hard into Asher’s skin, his finger tracing to the deep innie bellybutton he loved so much.

“I’m sorry about tonight. I hope you aren’t jealous. I just feel an attraction to Jack.”

“I know. And that’s fine. I’m not the jealous type, but I am the possessive type.” Asher sighed. “That feels good baby.”

Ryan kept feeling Asher’s stomach, watching as a bulge grew in Asher’s pants. His fingers danced over Asher’s stomach feeling up to Asher’s chest, his fingers rubbing over the course hair on Asher’s chest.

“Fuck, I can’t focus on driving when you touch me like that. Mmm, just sit back, we’ll be there soon and then we’ll have all night for that.”

Asher bit his lip, pressing harder on the gas pedal. The car flew down the empty street towards the school. Asher felt his cock soften as he drove, but he knew that once touch from Ryan would make it hard as steel again. Asher briefly noted the shops as they past, thinking about much he’d miss going to the little coffee shop, The Bean, on the corner. He and Ryan had had their first date there at the beginning of the semester. Asher finally turned onto the university’s road, tumbling down the street to the end of the road. Here the dorms started, Asher didn’t pay attention to them as he drove, focusing all his energy on driving. Finally they reached the field, Asher quickly getting out and opening the trunk. He slung the bag onto his back and waited while Ryan grabbed the pillows.

“I brought a tent.” Asher said, noting the question in the Ryan’s eyes. “And I don’t think we’ll have to go out far. Let’s just walk to the side over there by the trees. Should artemisbet güvenilirmi be good cover in case anyone else comes out here.”

They walked through the field, Ryan trying to keep up as he carried the pillows. Asher led them to the edge of the field, a big oak tree stretched out above them. Asher set the bag down, quickly setting up the tent, Ryan watching in awe.

“Do you…need any help?”

“No almost done. You need to save your energy.” Asher stood up smirking. He opened the flap on the tent pulling it aside. “Now throw those pillows inside and help me unroll this sleeping bag. Then we’ll get started.”

Ryan helped Asher unroll the sleeping back, arranging the pillows so that the whole of the tent floor was covered and padded. When they were done Asher wrapped his arms around Ryan’s stomach. His fingers gently rubbing at Ryan’s belly. His lips kissed along the back of Ryan’s neck, kissing up to Ryan’s ear.

“I brought your handcuffs, I’d like you to use them.”

“Ok Asher, whatever you say.” Ryan gasped, Asher’s lips and touch already driving him crazy.

Asher unwrapped his arms from around Ryan and pulled the shirt over Ryan’s head. He reached for his bag, taking out the handcuffs. Asher held Ryan’s arms, pulling them behind his back and snapping the handcuffs into place. He finished by stoking his left index finger down Ryan’s back, causing Ryan to stiffen and let out a low moan.

“Mmm, you seem warmed up already. But I’m not.” Asher stripped off his shirt and laid down on the pillows, wearing nothing but his jeans. “Kiss and lick my chest.”

Ryan moved forward on his knees, slipping and falling onto Asher’s stomach. Ryan giggled, writhing around until he moved his head up to Asher’s chest. He reached his tongue out, licking delicately at the blond tufts of hair over Asher’s pecs. He closed his eyes, his tongue digging deeper to Asher’s skin and he delicately began to lap. He moaned, the taste of Asher’s skin was salty and smooth despite the hair. Ryan kissed, savoring the taste, his lips lingering, his tongue darting out to taste every inch.

“Yes!” Asher sighed. “Mmm, suck my right nipple baby.”

Ryan licked across Asher’s chest, circling Asher’s right nipple, leaving a trail of saliva. He wrapped his lips around Asher’s hard pink nipple, hungrily sucking. His tongue licking hard against the sensitive tip. Asher’s hand reached down, grabbing Ryan’s hair and pushing Ryan’s face into his pec. Ryan dragged his teeth down, encircling the nipple and nibbled gently. Asher groaned, his back arching up off the tent floor as he heaved in pleasure.

“Fuck!” Asher slammed back down, breathing heavily. “Fuck, lick down my stomach, trace each of my abs with your tongue.”

Ryan licked down Asher’s stomach, stopping to leave a trail of saliva over each of Asher’s abs. The muscles flexed and tightened as he licked and he pushed hard, but they were unyielding and he let out a gasp. He slobbered over Asher’s abs, licking long strokes up and down.

“Good boy, now my bellybutton. Dig as deep as you can.”

Ryan excitedly licked down, licking around the rim of Asher’s bellybutton before sticking his tongue deep inside. He pushed down to the depths, licking every crevice. Ryan always loved the taste and let out a loud moan, his lips suctioning around Asher’s navel and slobbering all over the hole. Asher chuckled, grabbing Ryan’s head and forcibly lifting him up.

“That is enough for now. If you do a good job I’ll let you lick the sweat out of my bellybutton after I fuck you.”

“Meany.” Ryan grinned.

“I just can’t hold out much longer. Why don’t you get my cock ready.”

Asher pulled down his pants, pushing his underwear down and kicking them across the tent. His eight inch cock springing up, already hard and glistening with precum. Ryan moved between Asher’s legs, opening his mouth and sucking on the tip of Asher’s cock. He swirled his tongue around the tip, licking the slit and slobbering all over the head.

“Thats it!” Asher moaned. “Take more!”

Asher grabbed Ryan’s hair again, pushing him carefully down onto his hard cock. Ryan obediently took more in, another three inches. His tongue licking the underside of Asher’s shaft and swallowing greedily. He slobbered over Asher’s shaft, licking and covering every inch in a sheen of saliva. Asher pumped his hips, his cock moving in more, inch by inch until Ryan’s nose touched the neatly trimmed pubes above his cock.

Ryan relaxed letting his throat do the work now. He felt his throat contracting and milking Asher. He closed his eyes, focusing on breathing through his nose as he choked and gagged. Asher’s hands still holding his head still, Asher’s hips thrusting into his mouth. Ryan moaned, hoping the vibration would add more pleasure.

“Oh! You have the best mouth! Fuck! Ok, anymore and I’m going to cum.”

Asher slid his cock slowly out of Ryan’s mouth, the cool air washing over his cock and he let out a welp of shock. He smirked, rubbing his fingers over Ryan’s mouth and wiping the saliva onto his wet cock.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes Asher, though I need some lube.”

“I know. You didn’t think a blowjob would be it, did you?” He chuckled, reaching into the bag for a bottle of lube. “Now, come here!”

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