Babysitting Her Sister

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I had been going out with Cara for a little over a year when things had begun to change. I still loved her, we still went out barhopping and our sex life was out of this world, but things just weren’t the same. You see, Cara was different than most of the girls I had been with. Although she was attractive and had the best personality in the world, Cara was the single mother of three bratty kids and her increasingly larger figure was beginning to get in the way of my desire for her. That and her fuck the world attitude. It was cute at first, but then it got to be a bit trying.

To make things worse Cara’s younger sister Kristin had moved into the Cara’s apartment building a couple of months earlier. She was new to town and had no friends, so she was a constant third wheel. I loved Kristin’s company and found it exciting to steal glances at her tight body, but at some point in the evenings I wanted to fuck my girlfriend, so my tension gradually built up over a period of time.

Then Cara approached me at the beginning of one gruelling sexless week and announced she was going out with some girlfriend’s Friday evening. I told her I hoped she and her sister would have fun and that I would occupy myself somehow.

“Actually, about that…” she said. “Kristin doesn’t really get along with any of these girls, so I was wondering if you could take her out with some of your buddies. Who knows? Maybe she’ll hook up and get laid! She doesn’t know anyone here and I figure if I can trust her with anyone it’s you.

I reluctantly agreed and was surprised when Kristin called me on Friday evening and invited me over for dinner before we went out. When I arrived at her place she had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing her bathrobe. I couldn’t help but take in the site of her creamy legs as I sat on the couch. To give you a description, Cara is 33, 5’3″ with short black hair, 38 DD’s and a voluptious figure. Her sister Kristen in 26, a little taller with long brunette hair. Her tits are small but firm, and she has a tight, slightly rounded body that she had been showing off increasingly since her recent dieting success. One thing the girls had in common was their faces looked exactly alike. As I watched Kristin tidying up the place I couldn’t help but wonder if this is what my girlfriend had looked like before the years and kids had taken their toll.

Kristin offered me a beer and when she leaned in front of me to put it on the table the top of her robe opened slightly and I caught my first view of her tits. They were small B’s, but they were perfect. I tried not to stare. poker oyna I mean this was practically my sister-in-law, for chrissakes.

The night continued and we met four of my friends at a bar nearby and proceeded to get our drink on. Kristin was having a pretty good time but wasn’t really hitting it off with anyone. My buddies inevitably starting talking about sex and got into a brief discussion about their first time, then their ride announced it was time to go, leaving me alone with a very drunk Kristin. When we were alone we decided to go out back and smoke a joint. I passed it to her and she took a hit, then did something I was not expecting. She stepped close to me, put her lips to mine and blew smoke into my mouth. I accepted and we looked at each other for a few moments before going back inside. After another couple of drinks Kristen really started to open up.

“So your buddies were talking about their first time. Let’s hear about yours.”

Now my first time was nothing to write home about that, and I told her that. She looked at me with a smile and said, “Well it sounds like you have gotten a lot better. Cara told me no one has ever fucked her like you.”

I was taken aback and just looked at her. “She told you that? I didn’t know you guys discussed those things.”

“Of course,” she relied, “we’re sisters. We talk about everything, and since I haven’t been getting any lately it’s been something we’ve been talking about a lot recently.”

“What else did she tell you?”

“She told me she has always wanted someone to love her but make her feel like a complete slut at the same time. She said that your cock is the biggest she has ever had and that you’re the only person who has been able to give it to her as rough as she likes it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Kristin got up to go to the bathroom leaving me to ponder my situation. Was I being set up? Was she fooling with me? Kristin came back from the bathroom I noticed that she had taken her bra off and her nipples were visible through her shirt. She announced that she had paid the tab and it was time to go. On the walk home I figured it was just the booze making her crazy and it was probably best that we had left the bar. Suddenly Kristin laughed, ran up behind me and jumped on me piggy back. I kept on walking and when we got to my house she followed me into the backyard, saying she had another joint to smoke.

We sat on the grass out back and burned then Kristin started up with me again. She pounced on me and we started wrestling. I had to be on my best behaviour because this was, canlı poker oyna after all, my girlfiend’s sister, but I have to admit that it felt pretty good feeling her tight little body rubbing against mine. She rolled me onto my back and straddled me, trying to pin my arms down. Her cunt was snug against my cock as she looked at me and said, “What’s the matter? You’re not going to let your ‘little sister’ kick your ass, are you?”

With that I flipped Kristin over and pinned her down to the ground, my cock pressing roughly against her jeans-clad pussy. There was an awkward silence, then our lips met for a few seconds.

“What the hell are we doing?” I asked. “Maybe we should cool it for a bit.”

I rolled off of her and was lying there with my head spinning. My girlfriend’s little sister had just made my cock hard and we had just kissed. Before I could even process anything I felt my belt and pants being undone

“Just relax, brother.” Kristin said. “I think we both really want this.”

“What about Cara? She is your sister and my girlfriend.”

“She doesn’t have to know. I see it as payback for all the shit she’s caused me since we were little. Besides, she told me to get laid tonight, didn’t she? And you’ve worked hard this week, right? You deserve to have your cock sucked. Well, Cara’s not here to do it, so I’m going suck your cock for her.?

A million things went through my mind as Kristin lowered her mouth onto my cock. She looked up at me and I made a permanent mental photograph of what my cock looked like in her sister’s mouth. Not only did it look hot, but it felt incredible. Sensing my nervousness, she let my dick out her mouth with a loud pop and said, “It’s okay, sweetie. My sister is a fucking cunt and you deserve much better. Tonight we’re going to be bad.”

I was afraid that my neighbour’s or worse, Cara, might see us in the yard so I suggested we walk around the corner to her apartment. She deepthroated my cock one last time before putting it back in my pants.

“I guess if we promise not to tell Cara.” I said. “Besides, it’s only a blowjob.”

Kristin looked at me and grabbed my cock through my pants. “Oh no, brother dear, it’s not just a blowjob. You’re going to fuck me with this monster.”

I followed her in a daze to her building and Kristin started taking her clothes off as soon as we got through the door. Her body was much sexier than I imagined it would be and to top it off she had a completely shaven pussy.

“You like it? I shaved it just for you this afternoon” She sat back on the couch and started rubbing internet casino her clit.

“You mean you had this planned?”

“Fuck yeah. Cara told me on Tuesday that I was going out with you this weekend. Then she told me about how you threw her up against the wall and fucked her in the ass with ‘her cock’ as she put it.”

I had my pants off and was stroking my big cock while watching my sweet Kristin finger her cunt. I decided to move in for a better view and was shocked even further. Upon closer inspection, it would seem that Kristin’s pussy looked exactly like her sisters. I leaned in and took her clit in my mouth, and goddamned if they didn’t taste the same, too.

“Oooh yeah,” she moaned, “lick your sister’s cunt. Do I taste as good as Clara? I bet you love licking my tight little hole after a year of that whore’s used up pussy.”

Her incestuous talk made my cock rock hard and I rolled on a condom and started teasing her clit with my cock. I slowly pushed the head in and she was TIGHT. I mean, not just tight, but with the booze and the latex it was difficult to stay hard.

“What’s the matter?” Kristin asked. “Don’t I turn you on as much as my sister?”

I explained to her that I hadn’t worn a condom in over a year and that it was numbing the sensation.

“Well there’s one way to fix that.” With that Kristin reached down and ripped the condom off my cock. She rubbed the head of my cock all over her soaked pussy and took me in her mouth again. When I was wet enough she guided me into the tightest fucking cunt I have ever been inside. She was like a fucking vice. I was almost afraid to move.

She sensed my apprehension. “Tight isn’t it? Take your time getting used to it, baby. I’m going to enjoy being fucked by my sisters cock!”

Gradually I built up a rhythm and I was not the only one enjoying. Kristin was thrashing wildly under my cock. “Yeah, give me that big hard cock. Do you like fucking my pussy better than my sister’s? Tell me I’m tighter than my sister. Tell me I’m tighter than that fat whore! Give it to me, brother!”

I told her I would cum if she kept this up and she went crazy. “Fuck the shit outta me. I want to suck all the cum out of Cara’s cock. That cunt doesn’t deserve to be fucked like this. From now on I want you to give me all that stupid bitch’s cum. Give it to me. Cum in my mouth, you fucking sisterfucker!”

I pulled my cock from her cunt and put it in her mouth. “Clean it, bitch. Taste all your fucking juices off my cock. You like sucking a cock that has been in your sister’s ass, don’t you, slut?”

She jerked me into her mouth and I came till I though I would pass out. Kristin took it like a pro and swallowed it all then looked at me through glazed eyes and said, “Thanks, bro. Our little secret, right??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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