Black Nation Ch. 01

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He felt a shock to his chastity belt and immediately looked back at the screen. A camera above used eye-tracking to make sure he was always watching the screen when it was in this mode. The TV was tuned to the government’s black cock worship channel—an endless montage of pretty women pleasing black men and making them cum, used mostly as a reminder of what whiteboys would never get. The montage used a lot of citizen-submitted footage mostly shot by whiteboy slaves. Every whiteboy was required to be hooked up like this for at least 30 minutes a day to ensure they understood what their superiors get that they never will. This slave, however, had no idea how long he had been watching, he only knew that it was light out when he started and nighttime now.

Each clip lasted only a few seconds. Most of them ran from a couple of seconds before through a couple of seconds after the man ejaculates, but there were also clips of men being rimmed, having their balls worshipped, and all sorts of other great joys that whiteboys would never experience.

His owner had simply left him hooked up while she went out to the bar. A cord locked to his chastity cage ensured that he wouldn’t be able to unhook himself until his owner wanted, so he was forced to sit there and keep his eyes on the screen to avoid the punishment shocks. If he had to stay like this all night, it wouldn’t be the first time. He knew that, if his owner ended the program remotely and unlocked the cord, he would have to kneel by the door and wait for the arrival.

Under the new governance, all blacks were in charge of all whites. Whiteboys were locked up in chastity from a young age, and could only reproduce by having their sperm removed from their testes with needles and implanted in whitegirls. They were occasionally unlocked while restrained, but never allowed to cum, hence the importance of the government TV program to help them imagine what it would be like experience sexual pleasure if they hadn’t been born inferior. Whitegirls otherwise wore IUDs to ensure they could take black semen without bearing mixed-race children—the government wanted to keep the races pure so the statuses could be clear. Whiteboys and whitegirls, after birth, were transferred to government canlı bahis şirketleri training facilities until they graduated after they turned 18, at which point whiteboys would be auctioned off while whitegirls would be set free (though by this point they were conditioned to make pleasing black men and women the main point of their lives).

Whiteboy chastity cages could have other modifications locked on them as well, such as spikes to make erections painful (a popular punishment) and portable remote-controlled shocking devices. They were also all equipped to disable any whiteboy who was acting out or trying to escape. This slave’s newest addition was a device which could control the temperature of the metal cage, making it go from freezing cold to burning hot. It was a new invention, and was large enough that it had to be worn as a backpack, with a thermal conducting cable leading out of it to lock onto the cage. Newer, smaller versions were in the works, but his owner wasn’t sure she’d get one when they came out—she sort of liked making her slave carry around something to torture him.

Sometimes the whiteboys would be bought by black men, sometimes by black women, sometimes by organizations, and sometimes by the government. This slave in particular, however, was bought by a girl from his class who noticed he had a crush on her from a young age. She enjoyed seeing his little heart break over and over again, and she had managed to be just nice enough to him that he would never get over her and always have some hope left for her to destroy. She managed to convince the school board to let her keep this slave—it was uncommon, but not rare, for whitegirls to have whiteboy slaves to make their lives comfortable and help in their life goals of pleasing superior blacks—so they set him aside for her on graduation day (though part of the deal was that she had to lend him to them periodically for personal help, cleaning and maintenance around the school, and as a bottom for torture demonstrations).

He still remembered that day. Despite her continuous meanness, she still managed to convince him that she was buying him to secretly set him free and live as equals and lovers. She destroyed him that night by fucking five men canlı kaçak iddaa in front of him, but still managed to occasionally convince him that she’s just doing this for a cover so that she could free him eventually—his hope was always just around the corner, ready to be smashed and rebuilt.

The lock on the cord beeped and turned green. The screen turned off. The slave immediately got up and went to kneel by the door—he had no idea when his owner would be home, but he knew better than to not be ready when she arrived. The spot by the door where he was to kneel had a mat made of abrasive fibers with sharp grains of sand pushed into it. Of course, he had been the one who had to make the mat and add the sand. Some days, his owner liked to make him add other things—itching powder, broken glass, capsacin oil, stinging nettles—but not this time.

After a while (the slave had no way of knowing how long), the door opened. A large black man had his arm around his owner as they stepped in. She immediately grabbed his hair and pulled his head under her short skirt and up against her pussy. He knew to open his mouth, because as soon as his face was there, she let out a strong stream of piss that he would be punished for spilling any of. He tried to pay attention to the taste, as sometimes, she would make him guess what she had been drinking that night. She had obviously been drinking a lot, but with government-run whiteboy-driven cabs everywhere, this wasn’t a problem. He tasted some semen in the piss and guessed that she had fucked in the back of the cab on the way back.

As soon as his owner had finished and pushed his head back, he saw that the man had opened his fly and pulled out his cock. The slave knew what was coming next, and kept his mouth open as the man placed his dick in the slave’s mouth and let out his own stream. Again, the slave tried to pay attention to taste—but this time, not only did he have to focus on the taste of the piss, but also the taste of the cock, as he might be asked about where it had been. In addition to his owner’s pussy, he tasted an unfamiliar asshole on this dick.

As soon as the man was done peeing and pulled out his dick, the slave felt a burning roach land in his mouth. He hadn’t canlı kaçak bahis noticed that they had been smoking a joint, but knew better than to put it out, so he sat there while it burned on his tongue until it went out.

“Hey 81,” his owner said. The slave’s full name was 452809781, but it was common to call slaves by the last two digits. “Get these clothes off us.” 81 obeyed, taking off their clothes and folding them neatly while the two made out and felt each other up. He then knelt next to the couple and waited for his next order.

“Go get the bedroom ready, then get in your cage.” 81 left to set up candles, make sure the bed spread was perfect, and leave out the sex toys. He also set out refreshments and set the mood lighting. His owner was taking a shower with her new friend, so he knew he had a little time, but he had to work quickly. He put their folded clothes on top of the dresser, then made a quick check in the bathroom to make sure there were fresh towels for both of them.

Once everything was ready, he climbed up into his cage. The cage was suspended by a chain over the bed, and was 2′ tall, 2′ wide, and 3′ long. He was in it every night, even when his owner didn’t have anyone over, as it was where he was expected to sleep. The cage was especially uncomfortable because his owner had made him replace all of the round bars with triangular bars that had points facing inward. They weren’t quite sharp enough to cut skin, but made the already cramped cage extremely uncomfortable. People would add to that, sometimes, and torment the slave by doing things like poking sharp sticks through the bars or holding candles under it. Occasionally, they would get more creative and use things like cattle prods.

81’s feet hung out the back of the cage. His owner gave them a playful tickle as she climbed onto the bed, causing the slave to thrash around and push into the bars. The man went to set up a camera in the corner of the room. 81 was relieved he wouldn’t have to film this time, until the man explained the situation. “I want you to watch what I do with your sweetheart very closely,” he said. Obviously the woman had told him about 81’s years-old crush on her. “Write up a detailed description of what we do, then we’ll check against the footage to make sure you got it all right and didn’t leave anything out.” With that, the man grabbed the woman’s ass and pulled her onto the bed, kissing her passionately as 81 watched closely and tried his best to remember every detail.

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