Comforting Aunt Sadie Ch. 03

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It was a long two weeks for Bill, especially the first few days. He and cousin Lisa had been ‘kissing cousins’ when they were young but it never went any further. When they entered high school that died off. Not that either had a change of heart as it were, they just never acted on it until that weekend. He’d seen his aunt naked once when he was thirteen, and the memory never left him. By the end of the first week, he was able to concentrate on his studies and made his way through it all, and felt confident about the finals.

Come Saturday morning Bill was up and gone early. It wasn’t far from the dorm to the parking area, but this morning it seemed like the other side of campus. There were a few others milling about, the normal head-bob greetings exchanged, and he was finally at his car. Once the door was open, it felt like he tossed the bag into the back hopped in and started the engine in one move. It was the better part of a three hour drive to his folks at this time in the morning, and the freeway would really start to suck in thirty minutes.

Bill arrived in good time and coasted into the drive wanting to surprise his folks. Sneaking into the house, he saw his dad in his chair reading, and heard the rattle of dishes from the kitchen. His dad looked up, and seeing him opened his mouth to speak, but bill silenced him by raising a finger to his lips. Peeking around the corner, he saw mom rinsing dishes in the sink and placing them in the dishwasher. He crept up behind her and ran the tips of his fingers back and forth between her shoulders.

“Knock it off Steve.’ She said turning slowly round while reaching back with her left hand and grabbing a handful of crotch. ‘Bill’s going to be hear any min…OH MY GOD!” She nearly jumped out of her housecoat, and jerked her hand back as if it were on fire.

“God I’m sorry! I thought you were your father. I didn’t mean…”

“Mom, Mom, chill. It’s O K. No big deal.”

Slapping him hard on the shoulder she said; “Don’t ever do that again”! Then gave him a big hug, and a kiss on the cheek. When bill turned to go into the living room, he couldn’t help but utter the smart remark; ‘I kind’a liked it.’ Gaining him a playful slap on the other shoulder. All the while Steve was laughing his ass off. While he greeted his dad, Pam turned the dishwasher on and went to their room. Bill left a minute later to grab his bag from the car. Tossing his duffle in his room, he met his mom in the hall on the way back to the living room. She was dressed in flats, white tapered jeans and a short sleeve cotton shirt she let hang out, her wavy auburn hair cutely framing her face. He always saw her as pretty, but for some reason he felt more than that now. Shaking it off, he walked arm in arm with her to the kitchen table.

They each grabbed a cup of coffee, than sat about the table chatting about his classes, how dorm life was, finals, girlfriends, etc..etc..etc. Pam doing most of the questioning, as mothers will do. The inquisition over, Bill and his dad hung out in the back yard getting things ready for that afternoon, then Steve grabbed them each a beer and they sat talking about guy stuff till the doorbell rang. They went inside just as Pam opened the door for Sadie and her daughter Lisa, each with an overnight bag. Sadie was wearing green tennis shoes, blue and red sun shorts and polo shirt snugly fitting her figure, her shoulder length hair tied back in a ponytail. Lisa had on sandals, knee pants, and a tank top, her dark hair loose about her shoulders. Hugs and kisses passed around, Bill feeling a tightening in his crotch as he greeted his aunt and cousin, who greeted him a bit warmer than they did Pam or Steve.

“Lisa,’ Pam started out, ‘you can put your bag in Carols room. She is out with friends, and should be home soon. Sadie, you can sleep in Bill’s room.’ Then turning to her son, ‘You won’t mind sleeping on the couch tonight, will you?”

“Sure. No problem.” He replied, flashing his aunt a quick smile and a wink.

Little did anyone else know, Sadie was going to change that. They hadn’t been there ten minutes before Carol got home, and she and Lisa vanished into her room. They looked so much alike, thy could have been sisters. The day went slowly with the typical chatter until four when Steve turned on the grill, and Pam and Sadie started setting food on the table. When the stakes were coming off the grill, Bill saw his mom and Aunt Sadie by the counter having what appeared to be a deep and secret conversation. They seemed to pick it back up after the meal while they set the dishes in the dishwasher. Steve joined in briefly with the last of the dishes, glanced over his shoulder at the trio still sitting at the table, and walking into the living room pulled three twenties from his wallet on the side table. Stepping out he offered them to Bill suggesting he take the girls out to a movie or something, and have some fun. Bill felt something was up, but gladly accepted the cash, and two minutes later, they were in his car headed for the mall.

On şişli escort the way there, they began talking about the polite bum’s rush they got. Not that their dad never gave Bill or his sister cash before, it was the way he said things. They walked around the mall for a while, Lisa always bring up the mystery. So much so, they decided to go back home and find out what was up. Arriving back at the house Bill coasted into the drive, quietly got out of the car, and following Lisa’s lead, snuck through the gate into the back yard. Creeping round the side of the house to the master bedroom where they heard music, they peeked between the gaps in the blinds. Lisa had to stifle a gasp from Carol by clamping a hand over her mouth.

The three were on the bed naked, Pam lying back grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples, while Sadie had her face buried in her sisters crotch. Steve was holding Sadie by the hips and slowly driving his cock into her from behind. Bill was a bit surprised, but not shocked at what he was seeing. Lisa didn’t seem surprised at all. Carol had a hard time with the scene at first, but as they watched, she started getting turned on. Then Bill led them away from the window with a better idea toward the patio doors.

Lisa halted them at the doors, and with a nod from Bill, tells Carol about her and her mom, and Bill. Carol is shocked even further than seeing her parents and aunt having sex, then thinking about it, realizes her panties were getting wet. With a little convincing, Carol follows them into the house walking on tiptoe to the bedroom door. It stands slightly ajar, and with a gentle nudge opens just enough for them to watch through the gap. Sadie is now sitting on Pam’s face holding on to the headboard, while Steve lines up and slides his cock into Pam. From their vantage point they can’t see Pam’s tongue working on Sadie’s cunt, but they have a rather clear view of Steve’s cock sliding in and out of Pam.

Lisa drags them into Bill’s bedroom and quietly closes the door.

“Oh, my, god.’ Carol quietly exclaims hardly able to contain herself. ‘That is so…I can’t believe how wet that made me. And Bill had sex with you and your mom? I never really thought about…you know.”

With that, Lisa grabs for Bill’s belt and makes quick work of getting his pants and jockey shorts around his ankles. No sooner than they hit the floor, she is on her knees sucking his stiff cock into her mouth. Carol watches her cousin suck her brother’s cock for the next few moments feeling guilty and excited at the same time. She suddenly realizes her right hand was rubbing her pussy through her jeans. Then Lisa pulls off his cock and pushes him back to sit on the bed.

“He tastes good. Go for it Carol.”

“But…He’s my brother.”

“He’s my cousin. So what. Go on, go for it.”

Hesitantly she reached out and held his cock at the base, then slowly slid her lips over the head tasting the sweet salty pre-cum oozing from the tip. She’s given blowjobs before, but not to her brother. Something about the taboo of it made it all the more exciting. She started sucking him in earnest till he began to moan. She knew what that meant, and she didn’t want him to cum in her mouth, so she released him. Much to Bill’s disappointment. It was then she noticed Lisa had stripped naked. Together they striped Bill of his clothes, then he and Lisa striped Carol.

“My turn.” Bill said, and lying Carol on the bed pushed her legs apart and set his tongue directly against her pussy. The small patch of hair tickled his nose as he probed for her clit, and once found, he drew it between his lips making Carol squeal and shake. She lay back closing her eyes and let her brother work his magic on her. The few times she had her pussy licked, it was rougher as if they were going to chew it off. But Bill was gentle and made it so much more pleasurable. He knew the right spots to hit, and she was beginning to flow when he thrust his tongue deep into her cunt. She suppressed a loud moan as her orgasm struck, and felt Lisa sit beside her and stroke her hair. Only Lisa had snuck out of the room a minute or two earlier.

Opening her eyes, she jerked stiff drawing in a sharp breath. It was her mom setting beside her, wearing only a broad smile. Bill was shocked too, and standing, his face wet with his sisters juices, just stared at their mom. His stiff cock inches away from her face. Without a word, she set a finger over Carol’s mouth, then reached out taking Bill’s cock in her hand and began stroking him. Pam kissed her daughter tenderly on the lips, then lay back pulling Bill along by his dick. He was hesitant at first, but with his hormones rushing with such force, he didn’t hesitate long. Carol watched with fascination as Bill moved between their mother’s legs as she directed his cock to her cunt. With one slow move, he buried his dick to the hilt in the hottest pussy he had ever felt.

Bill began fucking his mom in a slow rhythm pushing all the way in, then drawing back till only the head of his cock remained çapa escort within, then sliding back in and starting over. Pam raised her legs till they were up and out to either side allowing Bill to shove his cock all the way in. Then her legs wrapped around his ass drawing him in harder.

“Fuck me hard and deep baby. Make me squeal, and come in my pussy. Come on, give mama your cock.”

Bill thrust in and out of his mom’s pussy with abandon driving faster and harder with each stroke. Her hips rising to meet his thrusts. Carol was watching the show beside her working three fingers in her cunt, and squeezing her tits. Bill was slamming into his mom with such speed and force the three of them were bouncing on the bed. Suddenly Pam cried out.

“Oh god yes! I’m cuming! Fuck me hard, make me cum, fill me uuup…”

Then she gave out with a long cry of pleasure as her cunt convulsed in orgasm drenching his cock in her juices. This threw him over the edge and he began slamming into her pumping her full of cum with each thrust. Carol came within seconds coating her hand with her own fluid. Once their orgasms faded, Pam moved Carol into position on her side so Bill could lick her pussy clean, while she sucked bill back to hardness.

Meanwhile, Lisa and her mom were taking turns sucking Steve to the point of cuming, then releasing him. When they had driven poor Steve to the point of near madness, Lisa threw herself down next her uncle spreading her legs wide in invitation. Sadie gave him a big sloppy kiss, then turned to caress her daughter’s tits. Steve stared at the young and wet pussy before him as a starving man. He wasted no time in burying his tongue into that sweet cunt dripping with honey. Lisa squealed in pleasure as he thrust his tongue in deep, drew it up along her slit, then sucked her clit roughly between his lips. His tongue danced around her clit sending tiny shockwaves through her loins into her gut. Again he thrust his tongue deep into her hole wiggling it around setting her off. Her orgasm released a stream of sweet fluid Uncle Steve was more than happy to receive.

When her orgasm subsided, and she again lay still, he pulled away from her, his face soaked in her juices. Sadie grabbed his face between her hands and began licking and kissing his lips and chin clean of her daughter’s fluid. Steve grabbed Lisa’s ankles bending her knees against her chest, then rolled her over onto her hands and knees. She knew what was coming, and the anticipation made her pussy drool afresh. She quickly set her knees apart and lay her head on the mattress wanting to see her uncle’s cock slide into her. Grasping her hips, Steve pushed his cock between her legs, then reaching around her hip with one hand adding pressure, rubbed his cock back and forth through her folds and over her clit setting her on fire.

Her lust rekindled and her pussy dripping, he drew back till the head of his cock set at her door, then pushed forward sliding in smoothly to the base. She squealed again to the size and pressure of her uncle’s cock. It was twice as large as her last boyfriend’s, and half again as thick as Bills. She was filled completely, and once he was buried to the hilt, he rotated his hips getting comfortable, stirring her honey pot to boiling. Then he withdrew till just the head remained within, then thrust all the way forward and held. He did this four times, then began a steady pumping of her pussy. Were it not for her uncle holding her hips at that moment, she would have collapsed off his dick onto the bed. He was soon ramming in and out of her hot wet hole with abandon bouncing her tits back and forth brushing her nipples across the sheets making them tingle.

Back in Bill’s room, Pam had brought bill back to life, and directed them into a new position with Bill behind Carol lying on her side. She directed her left leg over Bill’s left hip, his left leg straddling her right leg, setting his new erection just at her opening. Then placed Bill’s left hand on Carol’s right shoulder. Bill had the idea, and with small adjustments, he was sliding inch by inch into her sensitive passage. With her left hand Carol reached back and grabbed a handful of Bill’s ass pulling him in. She shivered when he bottomed out and lifted her leg higher opening herself up even more.

Bill began thrusting slowly in and out from one extreme to the other. Her right hand caressed her tits in turn while her mom rubbed and pinched her clit. She soon had another orgasm, and Bill was doing everything he could think of not to cum. Especially with the muted sounds of sex coming from across the hall. Carol’s cunt tightened around her brother’s cock as she came with a violent shudder, and a moment later, they hear Lisa call out in a powerful orgasm of her own.

Bill slowed his movements till the sensation passed, then grabbing her hips pulled her onto her hands and knees still buried within her hot, and now super slippery cunt. He began fucking her in earnest and barely got into a rhythm before she came again. Stronger this time, and fındıkzade escort he could hold out no longer. He slammed into her slapping her ass against his hips ejecting half a dozen jets of cum into his sister’s tight pussy with every forward thrust. She could feel it filling her, and before her orgasm died, she came again. Bill had no more juice to offer, but kept stroking until she collapsed under him, and he behind her as they fell sideways. Somehow she remained impaled on his slowly deflating cock. Out of breath, their bodies drenched in sweat, and their crotches sticky with cum, they lay exhausted for a while, and it took a moment for them to realize mom had left.

A minute later she reappeared with a cool damp cloth, swabbed their foreheads, then used it to catch most of their mixed juices as they leaked from Carols pussy. Then once they recovered enough to stand and walk, led them into the main shower she had running for them. Standing under the warm water brought the blood back to their muscles, and restored their senses. They did little more than play with each other, and once refreshed, they dried off quickly, threw on bathrobes, and headed for the living room. Sitting on the couch they heard their mom clinking glasses in the kitchen, and are soon joined by Dad, Aunt Sadie and Lisa in similar robes. Lisa sat next to Bill, Sadie in the big chair, and Steve on the love seat. Moments later Pam joins them with a tray of rum and cokes, passes them out, and joins her husband in the love seat.

They sit quietly for a moment, and it is Pam who breaks the silence. Talking over the evenings activities, they discover Sadie and Lisa had been trying to figure out how they could set this up for some time. A few minutes later they were talking and laughing about the whole thing as if it were perfectly normal. As it now felt to them. The drinks gone, conversation got to who was sleeping where. Pam said she thought she and Carol needed some time to talk, so they would share Carol’s bed. What the others did was up to them. Steve and Sadie took the master bedroom, and Bill shared his with Lisa. They got in a quick fuck while Pam made sure carol was ok with things, and they got in a little petting before drifting off to sleep.

Waking late, Bill found he was alone. Setting his feet over the edge of the bed with a yawn and a stretch, he threw on a pair of sweatpants and headed for the kitchen and a cup of coffee. Nearing the kitchen he hears soft grunting noises, and turning the corner sees Lisa bent over the breakfast table, his dad fucking her from behind. Two seconds and he was totally hard and shucked his sweatpants. Stepping up beside them he bent over and gave his cousin a deep kiss just as his dad begins shooting into her pussy. The second he pulls out Bill takes his place and with one smooth stroke buries himself in her freshly fucked pussy. He goes directly into a fast rhythm as Lisa begins squealing in pleasure.

“Oh..O…O…O…yesss. Fu…u…uck me…e…e!”

They made enough noise to wake the others who now stood watching Bill take his cousin from behind, while Steve sat nearby stroking himself back to hardness. Pam opened Carols robe and slid her hand inside her panties stroking her pussy as they watched. When Carol became wet from her mother’s fingers, Pam pushed Carol’s panties down her legs whispering in her ear.

“No better way to wake up than with a good fuck darling. Why don’t you go see what your father has for you?”

She just stared as her mom slid the robe from her shoulders, and peeled her top off over her head. Fully naked she walked slowly over to her father unable to take her eyes off the erection in his lap. When she stepped between his spread legs Steve caught her face between his hands kissing her with passion. They continued to kiss while his hands drifted down to massage her breasts and lightly pinch and pull her nipples. Her left breast was released from his grip and replaced by his lips as his hand drifted across her flat stomach. His gentle touch made her quiver, and when his fingers reached the small patch above her pussy, she drew in a quick breath and spread her legs giving her father full access.

Sliding his hand between her spread legs, he pressed a finger along her slit finding her outer lips open and damp. Probing further he slipped a finger between her inner folds, and finding the hard bud of her clit with the tip of his thumb, began to rub it in small circles. That did the trick. Her hips quivered, her pussy convulsed as she drew in ragged breaths, and she became suddenly wet. He sucked her other nipple between his lips while slipping a finger inside. Feeling her juices coat his finger he knew she was ready, and pulling his fingers from her heat slowly turned her around. Watching his daughters round ass wiggle into position made his cock flex in anticipation. Drawing near, Carol reached between her legs to guide the large purple head of her father’s cock to its target. The moment the bulbous head popped into her opening, a wave of lust shot through her cunt into her very core. She paused for a moment holding the tip of his cock just inside her pussy, then rotating her hips in small circles pressed down until she was stretched to the limit and fully impaled on his cock.

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