Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 44

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Tom was going over some papers for work when his daughter ran into the room. The first thing he noticed, naturally, was her nakedness, and then he realized she was breathing heavily and appeared anxious. “Honey, what’s wrong?” he asked, half-rising from his chair.

“It’s Mom,” Daisy panted. “Dad, she…I know what she did to me last night, but…this is different. She was sucking on my…” She looked down self-consciously at her own breasts.

“What? Your mother touched you?” Tom was genuinely concerned. He came around the desk and pulled his daughter into his arms. Her tits pressed against his chest, and in spite of everything, his dick hardened. He forced himself to pull away. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” Daisy said, shaking her head. She related the incident to him, too self-conscious and embarrassed to look him in the eye. She seemed dazed. “It was awful. She’s upstairs in my room. I told her to lie on the bed until I found you.”

Tom blinked. He wouldn’t have expected Sally to obey his daughter, no matter what Daisy threatened. Perhaps his wife was genuinely afraid of what she had done.

And perhaps they could use that to their advantage.

“Let’s go upstairs and sort this thing out,” Tom said to his daughter, smiling encouragingly at her. “I have an idea.”

Sally lay where Daisy had left her, robe in disarray, although she struggled to cover herself properly when Tom entered. “Tom, please-“

“Be quiet, Sally.” Tom’s voice was soft, but firm. “Daisy told me what happened. She’s disgusted and horrified that you would take advantage of her like that.”

Sally stared at him, eyes wide, but she didn’t speak.

“Now I’ve striven to punish Daisy for her behavior, and to teach her better morals,” Tom continued, putting his hand on his daughter’s bare shoulder. “Whatever sexual pleasure either of us may have derived from these lessons was incidental. But what you did this morning was a blatant, outright sexual advance on our daughter, which is both illegal and immoral.”

Sally was beginning to cry. “No, Tom, I just-“

“You just saw these and you had to have them?” Tom put both hands on Daisy’s shoulders and guided her forward firmly so that she stood in front of him, forcing his wife to look. The girl stumbled a little, and her tits jiggled enticingly. “I don’t blame you. They’re beautiful. But we cannot just indulge ourselves whenever and however we wish. Just last night, you told the both of us that there was to be no sexual activity between us. And only this morning, you’ve broken your own rule.”

Tom let his hands drop. He crossed the room in three strides and had a pair of handcuffs out of the bedside table drawer before Sally could protest. He looped the cuffs through the steel bedframe and secured them around his wife’s wrists, holding her arms above her head. It was then that Sally seemed to recover her haughty self-assuredness. “Unlock these right now, Thomas,” she demanded. Her voice shook only a little.

Tom looked down at her, arms crossed. “If you don’t stay quiet, I’ll gag you. We’re going to teach you a little lesson.” He turned to his daughter. “Aren’t we, Daisy?”

She looked up at him, all obedience. “What would you like me to do?”

“Have you relieved yourself yet this morning?”

Daisy shook her head.

“Good,” Tom said, smiling. “Get up on the bed. Kneel over your mother, but face away from her. There you go.” Tom stroked the labia that protruded crudely from between his daughter’s slim thighs. “Whenever you’re ready, honey, go ahead.”

She pissed so quickly some of it splattered on his fingers, but Tom didn’t mind. He used a finger to peel Daisy’s labia apart and watched as the thick stream of urine sprayed from her partially spread cunt, landing directly on his wife’s chest. Sally immediately began to yell, so Tom took off his tie, forcing it into her mouth. Her screams muffled somewhat, Sally could only stare up at her daughter’s swollen pussy, squirting piss onto her chest. Tom pulled her robe open so that the warm liquid landed directly on his wife’s breasts. The sight made him so hard he thought he might cum in his pants, if he wasn’t careful.

There was so much piss, it had soaked his wife’s robe and the sheets beneath her by the torrent slowed to a trickle. Tom patted Daisy’s dribbling pussy gently, then gave it a few hard slaps, sending droplets of piss scattering. “Good girl,” he praised her as he slipped a finger into her tight hole. Daisy exhaled and wriggled her ass back and forth, as if trying to get more of his finger inside her.

“Do you like that, sweetie?” Tom asked, looking at his wife. Her eyes were wide. She shook her head wildly back and forth.

“I wasn’t talking to you, Sally,” he said. “I was talking to Daisy.”

“Yes, Dad,” Daisy moaned. “It feels good.”

“Do you want more?”


“Do you want more right here, with your mother lying beneath you in a puddle of your own piss?”

Daisy shook her head. “I don’t care. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I just want more inside me.”

“Good girl,” Tom said again, and withdrew his finger. He left the room, and when he returned, he had Daisy’s dildo. To Tom’s surprise, Daisy frowned when she saw it. “Mom used that on me this morning.”

Tom was surprised. She hadn’t mentioned it earlier. “Did she punish you with it?”

“She made me look at porn, and accused me of liking girls,” Daisy said, her voice rising. “And then she fucked me with my own dildo until I came.”

Tom thrust the fat object between Daisy’s labia, which were too swollen to reveal her hole. After a moment of rubbing the dildo back and forth between her lips, searching, the end slipped in. Daisy moaned.

“Your mother did the right thing. You should be punished for using a dildo under our roof, and for looking at porn. Tell me, Daisy,” Tom continued as he worked the dildo deeper into her tight cunt, “do you like girls?”

Daisy was blushing. “I like some girls, I guess.”

“Which girls?”

After a moment, Daisy said reluctantly, “Girls like…like the ones in the magazines.”

“So you like thin girls with big titties. Do you fantasize about them while you’re fucking yourself?” Tom looked over at Sally. Her eyes seemed glazed over, though she couldn’t seem to avert them from the scene playing out only a foot or so from her face.

“Sometimes,” Daisy grunted.

“Tell your mother and me what you fantasize about,” Tom commanded. The dildo was deep in her pussy now, and he stared at it, memorizing the way her labia bulged out around the intrusion, juice bubbling out around the dildo where it thrust apart the thick folds of flesh.

“Oh fuck, I…” Daisy paused. “I think about fucking them. I like men, I do, but sometimes I fantasize about sucking on their tits. I like to see close-ups of pussies, too, especially if they’re-oh!” Daisy yelped as Tom began to fuck her, hard. “If they’re big and swollen like mine. I imagine that I’m eating them out, sucking on their clits or licking them out.” She fell forward onto her elbows, tits pillowed beneath her on Sally’s upper thighs.

“And do you ever want them to do anything to you?” The noises coming from Daisy’s pussy were growing louder, wetter, nastier. Tom couldn’t keep from smiling at the look of horror on his wife’s face.

“Oh god, yeah,” Daisy moaned. “I want them to suck on my…on my titties. Like, one girl on each nipple, you know? And then one girl under me, sucking on my clit, and another one behind me, eating out my ass.”

“Naughty girl,” Tom said, spanking her bottom. “What do you know about eating ass?”

“I love it,” Daisy moaned, undeterred. “It feels so dirty. And it feels good too, like, physically good.”

Tom bent then and put his face between his daughter’s ass cheeks. Her asshole was tight, but he tried to work his tongue inside all the same. He heard Daisy moaning and squealing. “Yeah! Oh god, just like that!”

Tom continued to pump the dildo in and out of his daughter’s pussy as he ate out her ass, pulling it out and forcing it back in again and again. He undid his pants and pulled out his cock, using his free hand to stroke his rock hard shaft. Abruptly, he pulled away and grabbed his daughter’s shoulders, leaving the dildo buried deep in her cunt. He rotated her so that she was kneeling sideways across his wife.

“Suck it,” he ordered her, but he hadn’t needed to. She was already taking his cock in her mouth, looking up at him with wide eyes as the head rammed into the back of her throat. She contorted herself as best she could to take it deeper, and Tom moaned. He glanced over at his wife. The look she gave him might have been hatred, but it also might have been lust.

Saliva was dripping from Daisy’s lips when she pulled off his cock, coughing. Tom thrust his dick back into her mouth, gripping her ponytail in his fist to steady her head as he fucked her face. Her moans came out in muffled rhythmic burbles as he stuffed her mouth full again and again, occasionally burying himself in her throat. Again, she pulled off him at what seemed like the last moment, choking and gasping. His cock was sloppy wet.

“Good girl,” he said affectionately, stroking her hair. “Turn around and face the wall.”

As Daisy rotated on the bed, his wife began to scream against the gag. She knew what was coming. She tried to squirm and kick, but Daisy knelt on her legs, immobilizing her. Tom hadn’t had his daughter in a while. Now, as he slid the dildo out of her dripping cunt and replaced it with the head of his cock, he enjoyed an additional turn-on: his wife witnessing this debauchery. He looked at her, shrunken tits spread out flat on her chest, framed by a ratty old robe she’d been wearing for probably the last decade. She was still moaning in horror against the gag in her mouth, eyes wide, her head shaking adamantly back and forth.

“You had your way with her, Sal,” Tom said quietly, forcing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her to fall silent in order to hear him. “Now it’s my turn. At least our daughter enjoys this.”

With that, he sank his cock deep in Daisy’s pussy. As luck would have it, all of the air that had been trapped inside her from the dildo was forced out as his dick plunged inside, creating a loud, rippling queef. Tom laughed and smacked his daughter’s ass. “Good girl,” he said again. “That pussy is telling me how much it missed me. Did you hear that, Sal? That’s your daughter’s disgusting little cunt farting around her father’s dick. Let’s see if we can make it talk some more.”

He pulled out of Daisy’s twat, gripping his daughter’s upper thighs to encourage her hole to gape. It was hard to see amongst all that swollen flesh, but Tom thought it was still open wide. He plunged back in and was rewarded with another wet queef, even louder than the one before. “Ohhh, there you go. Do you like that, Daisy?”

Daisy shook her head. “No, it’s horribly embarrassing.”

“Good,” Tom said approvingly. “That’ll teach you not to fuck everyone you see. The looser your pussy, the more it will make sounds like-this.” Another queef, short and loud. The next few thrusts were silent; then, as he sank back into his daughter, her pussy let out a long, airy fart. Tom glanced at his wife, and noted the look of disgust on her face.

“That’s right, Sal. You were right to punish her with that dildo. She’s a disgusting little whore who will fuck men and women alike. How else would she have gotten this loose pussy? Or this big belly?” Tom reached underneath and held his daughter’s bulging stomach. “In a few months, little girl, you’re going to be so big no one will even want to look at you. And you’ll have a pussy and nipples to match. Everyone who sees your titties will still want to see you naked, but if they ever do, they’ll get quite a surprise, won’t they?”

Tom thought Daisy might have been crying. He hoped not. He loved her body, and he was mostly putting on a show for his wife-part of his master plan, he supposed. But if Tom was honest with himself, he did enjoy humiliating Daisy, too. He just didn’t want to do any lasting damage.

By this time, he was very close to cumming. In truth, he had been since the moment he had slammed his cock into his daughter’s tight pussy, but he had managed to hold off. Now inspiration struck him, and he pulled out, flipping Daisy over so that she rolled onto her back across his wife’s torso. Tom gripped his dick in his hand, pumped it twice, and began to cum across his daughter’s body. He came across her pussy, by now a swollen mass of bulging purple flesh; he came across her belly; and he paid special attention to her tits, painting them and her stiff nipples with his cum. “Fuck, Daisy,” he moaned, almost forgetting his wife was there. He collapsed onto the bed, careful not to crush her beneath him, and kissed her.

She responded, much to his relief, her slim arms encircling his neck. “Daddy,” she said in his ear, “please make me cum.”

Daisy never called him Daddy unless she was performing for someone. Tom straightened and looked down at her, so tiny but for her swollen parts, her pretty face a mask of lust. Although Tom was a little disappointed he hadn’t made her squirt all over his dick, he wasn’t about to punish her for that now by withholding what she had asked for. He thrust two fingers into her swollen cunt and began to fuck her, hard.

His daughter threw her head back and began to scream. She must have been very close, as she was cumming after only a few seconds. Tom caught a glimpse of his wife’s face as Daisy’s pussy exploded with juices, and he was certain this time that her expression was one of lust.

They left Sally cuffed to the bed the whole day.

Daisy sat in a chair beside the bed, keeping an eye on her mother. Her father had hooked up her nipples and pussy to their proper pumps before leaving for work, so she sat facing her mother, leaning back comfortably with her legs spread, the gentle hum of the machines keeping her company.

Although her father had removed the tie from Sally’s mouth, she refused to speak to Daisy for much of the day, apart to announce that she needed to use the bathroom. Daisy only glanced up for a moment, her face impassive, before returning to her magazine. She was under strict rules not to free her mother, and she knew what that meant. When Sally’s voice grew more insistent, Daisy dropped the magazine onto her lap. “You’re already covered in piss, Mom. Just pee already. I’m not letting you go.”

She watched as Sally’s expression slowly turned from anger to fear, before a deep blush crept over her cheeks. Daisy glanced over and saw a dark patch spreading beneath her mother’s bottom. She smiled. “There you go, that wasn’t so bad. It actually feels pretty good to let go, doesn’t it? Wait ’til you have to shit.”

At this, Sally began to panic. “Would he really make güvenilir bahis şirketleri me do that?”

Daisy had picked up the magazine, but she let it fall back onto her lap. “Absolutely. If it really embarrasses you, just try to hold it. He’ll be back before dinnertime.”

“I know what time my husband gets home,” her mother snapped, irritated even in her embarrassment. “What about you? You’re hooked up to those machines. What are you going to do when you have to shit?”

Daisy reached down and picked up the bucket that sat beside her chair. “I’ve got this,” she said cheerfully. “That’s only for shitting, of course. With this thing on my pussy, I just piss into the cup and it leaks out. See, look.”

Daisy shifted the magazine so that her mother could see the large plastic cup nestled between her thighs. She spread them wider, then gave a little exhale. The cup began to fill with pale yellow liquid. Sally stared as a puddle began to form on the seat beneath Daisy’s bottom, spreading wider and wider until it began to spill over onto the floor.

Daisy saw the look of disgust on her face and smiled. “It actually feels amazing,” she said cheerfully. “The suction from the pump practically sucks the piss right out of me. It will drain out eventually. And then you’ll be able to see this hot swollen pussy again.” Daisy grinned.

“Don’t talk like that, Daisy,” her mother corrected, though somewhat impotently. “Do you actually like your vagina looking like that?”

Daisy thought for a moment. “I didn’t at first. It was embarrassing and disgusting. Which is funny, because it was so much smaller back then. But it was still a shock at the time. I guess I’ve gotten used to it. Dad really likes it, so that helps.” Daisy chattered away like any teenaged girl discussing classes or boys or fashion. “I really think it will help me find the right guy when I do start dating. Not everyone will want me like this. I’ll find a man who appreciates me for who I am, and who thinks I’m beautiful, too.”

Sally was surprised. “So you’re actually learning from this experience.”

“Oh, definitely.” Daisy was adamant. “I’ve learned how to trust people with really personal stuff, and…how to deal with humiliation and embarrassment, and…what to avoid when I do go back out in public. Like, really good life lessons, I think.” She smiled again. “I’ve also learned how to squirt, and take really big objects into my holes, and…you know, stuff like that.”

Sally grimaced, remembering the night before. She must have been out of her mind, to put a single finger into her daughter’s ass, let alone her entire fist. She was about to apologize when Daisy suddenly stood. “Oh, it’s time.”

The girl took her cell phone off the bedside table and did something to it before propping it up on its side. Then she set the bucket up on the bed beside Sally. “Sorry, he wanted me to do this,” Daisy apologized, shifting the bucket to Sally’s piss-soaked crotch. Fortunately it wasn’t heavy, but Sally was suddenly terrified of what was happening. She watched as her naked daughter crouched down over the bucket, straddling Sally’s hips. She faced away from Sally, her bottom hovering over the bucket. The lines to both her pussy and nipple pumps were long enough to allow the cups to remain attached, and Sally could see that the one between her daughter’s thighs had indeed drained. The purple mass of flesh was visible once again.

But it wasn’t Daisy’s pussy Sally was staring at. Above it, her daughter’s anus was spasming. Sally could see it clearly, twitching and flexing, pushing outward ever so slightly.

“Daisy, what are you doing??”

Sally already knew what was happening, but even so, she couldn’t look away. She stared, horrified, as her daughter’s asshole began to dilate. The girl ignored her question, but as the perfect puckered ring opened wider and wider, she let out a long, loud moan. She was pissing again inside the cup, but only a little this time, presumably with the effort of evacuating her bowels into the waiting bucket.

A wave of dizziness washed over Sally as she realized that she was actually watching a fat log emerge, centimeter by centimeter, from her daughter’s ass. It was thick, thick as her daughter’s dildo, and Sally was reminded of the way her entire hand had fit into that seemingly tiny cavity. The girl squatting over the bucket was groaning, but she sounded more aroused than anything. When nearly six inches of shit protruded from her daughter’s lovely ass, something even more unexpected happened. The log seemed to shrink, disappearing back into the hole out of which it had just emerged. Daisy seemed to be sucking the thing back inside her, slowly, agonizingly. At last only several inches protruded.

“Ungh!” Daisy grunted. “Oh fuck, I’m so turned on. I think I would just immediately explode if I touched my clit right now. I…just…love…taking a shit.”

“Daisy,” her mother said softly. “What are you doing, honey?”

Daisy looked over her shoulder, struggling to balance herself. “I always do this,” she moaned. Her cheeks were flushed. “I like to hold it in as long as I can, until it’s literally coming out of me. Then I like to push it out and pull it back in again. It feels so good, like I’m getting fucked in the ass. Oh god, I can’t hold it anymore, I’m gonna-“

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