Game of Love Ch. 05

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Game of Love Ch. 05

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Hello guys and welcome to the fifth chapter of this great romance story. I love you guys a lot and I thank you for the support and love you’ve shown me. Let’s continue this wonderful journey together to make it interesting and fun.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and rate this chapter. I am definitely looking forward to your comments, whether negative or positive because they inspire me a lot. I love you once again.

Game of love, it’s a beautiful world….


Eric ran as fast as he could, glancing behind him.

“Hahahaha….” He laughed as he took his pace. “You’re gonna have to work harder than that to catch me, Sergio.”

“We’ll see about that.” Sergio laughed as he increased the pace on his feet, running after the boy.

It was afternoon and the weather was amazing. The cool breeze coming from the ocean felt really gorgeous and the sound of the waves felt like music to both their ears. The sand on their feet was really soft and it made the both of them enjoy the place even more.

Eric and Sergio had arrived at the place where Sergio had promised to bring him. It was a resort where Sergio’s family had shares. He was always welcome anytime he wanted and they treated him so great.

They were at the beach, having the time of their lives. There was no one else there, just the two of them which surprised Sergio because the beach was supposed to be full. He was happy though because he was having the time of his life.

“I am coming!” Sergio shouted as he raced behind the boy.

“Catch me if you can, Mr. Alvarado.”

The both of them were really so happy. Eric was wearing a black designer’s short with a vest. His hair was just loose and it was kinda wet. Sergio was wearing a black jean that he had folded at the knees with a white vest.

“Here I come!”

He ran as fast as he could, quickly gripped Eric’s waist and the both of them fell to the sand with Sergio on top of Eric. They were laughing at the top of their voices, enjoying their moment together.

“I told you I’d catch you.”

“And I never had a doubt!” Eric said as he locked his arms around the guy’s neck, drawing him closer. “And for that, I am gonna reward you.”

He brought his lips closer and then planted a hot kiss on his lips, a kiss that totally blew Sergio’s mind away. He slowly moved his hands and traced Eric’s leg all the way to his waist. He slowly started massaging it and felt really horny when the boy moaned in the kiss. He could already feel his cock threatening to rip out of his trouser.

Eric broke the kiss and chuckled. “Someone’s being naughty!”

Sergio laughed. “Well, it’s not my fault. You caused it.”

“Maybe I did or maybe not.”

He quickly pushed Sergio off of him and started running towards the water. Sergio smiled and ran after him. And then they started taking the sand and started making a sand castle. It might have taken a whole lot of time but they managed to make a really beautiful and big sand castle. Sergio had no idea how Eric did it but he made their initials on that sand castle and made it look amazing.

“Wow!” Sergio gasped. “I have made sand castles before but not as beautiful as this. Where did you learn how to make it?”

“That’s because I started when I was really young.” He said with a smile, staring at the castle. “Actually, when I was two, my parents and I used to visit a lot of beaches because they wanted me to get used to the water.”

“Fun childhood, huh?”

“Yeah!” Eric gasped. He didn’t even realize that he was smiling. “You know, it was mom that used to make a lot of sand castles with me but dad was the one that was great at it.” He laughed happily. “I remember him telling me that my son, you’ll grow up…”

But that was it. Eric realized the route he had taken and the smile on his face started fading away. Memories of all the pain his father had caused him started flooding in and he stood. He felt a bit of pain come back and he clenched his fist.

Sergio noticed his mood change and he became concerned. He raised Eric’s chin and looked into his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He muttered. “Are you okay?”

Eric nodded. “Yes, I am perfect!”

“Are you sure?”

Eric laughed, getting up. “I am more than sure.”

He slowly took his vest off and threw it on the sand. Then he took the waist band of his short and started seductively taking it down, grinning at Sergio. Sergio gulped as he felt a wave of lust suddenly take him by surprise.

Eric took off his short and threw it on Sergio’s face, laughing. He was now wearing a sexy tight pure white boxer brief that was see through on the sides. Shit! Sergio felt his hormones get out of control and his cock throbbed painfully hard. He was staring at Eric’s body, lusting after it and feeling the need to put his hands on it.

“Come on!” He said, gesturing with his finger while he took steps backwards.

Sergio didn’t even know what possessed him. He furiously ripped his vest casino siteleri and threw it wherever before getting out of his trouser. He was only in his black brief and there was no way to hide that throbbing member in there. Luckily, Eric was already running into the water and Sergio started running after him.

Sergio was happy thought nervous and scared at the same time. He ran into the water but just when he was about to reach Eric, Eric dived into the water and Sergio didn’t see him. Sergio laughed and dived after him and saw him swimming under water. And God, he had never seen a person swim as fast as Eric. He started running out of air and he came to the surface to take some air. But when he eventually dived back in, there was no Eric. He could see him under there.

Sergio quickly rose to the surface to see if he could spot Eric but he couldn’t see him anywhere. He tried diving back in but the boy was not there.

“Eric!” He called at the top of his voice, looking all around. But the boy was not there. “Eric! Where are you?”

He was only surrounded by the water and he could already see that Eric was not on the shore.

“Eric!” He hollered.

But he didn’t get any response. “Fuck!”

Sergio got a little bit scared. He was about to dive in when he felt someone pull on his boxer brief. His heart gave a sharp pound in his chest as he quickly turned only to find Eric staring at him with a mocking smile. He felt relieved.

“Oh my God, where did you go?”

“Were you scared?” Eric asked, throwing water at the guy’s face. “Scaredy boy!”

“No! Well, yes!” Sergio took a deep breath. “I thought something had happened. I couldn’t see there and well, you stayed down there…”

“I told you I had spent most of time near water in my child hood.” He said with a smile. “And besides, water always gets me so excited.”

He was about to dive back in when Sergio gripped him by the shoulder and pulled him. Then he turned him and locked his arms tightly around him.

“Well, you’re not getting away from me this time, Eric!” Sergio moaned as he got closer to the guy. “I have got you and you’re mine.”

Eric chuckled. “What are you gonna do, hold me forever?”

“Actually, I was kinda thinking, kiss you forever.”

Eric smiled. “Then what are you waiting for?”

Sergio bit his bottom lip before he crushed his lips on Eric’s and started kissing him slowly. Eric felt a bolt of electricity pass through his system and he gave into the kiss. He grasped the back of Sergio’s head, bringing his lips even closer. Both of them moaned softly as they gave attention to each other’s lips.

Sergio totally forgot about the outside world, he started embracing that moment as he brought the boy’s body even closer. He slowly took the boy’s bottom lip and started sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. Eric was moaning softly, feeling a fire like he’d never felt in his life before.

There was something about the kiss that made Eric’s body to give up. Heat rose from every inch of his body and he broke from the kiss, moaning at the top of his voice while he gripped the back of Sergio’s head.

But in response, Sergio started kissing Eric’s chin, sucking on it slowly. He paid attention to his face, kissing him all over while enjoying the sounds of raw lust from his throat. God, it was amazing.

Sergio kissed his way down to Eric’s neck and took a skin into his mouth and started sucking on it. Eric dropped his neck, giving more access to Sergio’s mouth. The man sucked, kissed and nibbled on the neck until it was red. He left a hickey there and he didn’t even realize it.

“God!” Eric moaned as his hands traced the back of Sergio’s back.

He’d never felt the pleasures Sergio gave him at that moment. They were from out of this world. His body was in flames and he didn’t wanna stop it. He just wanted Sergio to go on and on until eternity. None of them wanted to stop what they were doing. They didn’t even know if it was the water that made them feel the way they did but it was so damn incredible.


And here they were, inside the beautifully decorated room close to the bed kissing. Their lips were swollen already but they didn’t wanna stop it. Eric had his arms tightly locked around Sergio’s neck and Sergio had his hands cupping the boy’s face enjoying the raw kiss that he gave him.

Heat rose from every inch of Sergio, he was no longer able to control himself. He wanted to stop what he was doing. God knows he wanted to stop but he was fighting a force that he couldn’t defeat. The whole room was quiet except for the sounds of both their moans, awakening something feral within him. He was already hard and he was leaking terribly. Fuck! He hadn’t had sex in a long time and he never went days without it.

He slowly moved his hands down to the hem of Eric’s vest and started taking it up. He broke the kiss long enough to take the vest off. And just like that, he was back to kissing the boy softly.

Eric was scared. He was really scared. Was it his feelings? Was it his love? Was it fear or canlı casino was it his body giving in to the need for the hunk? He had never felt the way he did. He knew where this was going and he was honestly scared and nervous. But he couldn’t do anything to stop it because he wanted it. He wanted it so bad.

Whatever this was, it was pulling him in, those lips taking his as if to consume his core. The way Sergio’s body pressed against his, warm and untamed. Sergio on the other hand knew what he was doing was probably wrong because he had brought Eric there for something else. But then again, he’d never wanted anybody so… violently.

Both of them were shirtless and Sergio slowly started unbuckling his belt. Once he was done, he let his jean drop to the floor and he stepped out of them. Then slowly leading the boy to the bed, his hands slowly found themselves on the boy’s short. He unbuttoned it, broke the kiss quickly and took the short off.

When he came back up, he stared into his eyes. Staring into Eric’s eyes made him feel scared and he became aware of his own heart. Shit! He went all in and took Eric’s lips again and this time they found themselves on the bed.

Sergio slowly got on top of Eric while cuffing his arms with a hand above the head as he took him into the warmth of his mouth.

The weight of Sergio’s body on top of Eric felt extraordinary. As Sergio released his hands, Eric felt a hand on the hem of his boxer and he instantly closed his eyes and ripped from Sergio’s mouth. Sergio felt the boy tense up and he quickly realized that he was nervous and shy.

“It’s okay!” He whispered as he kissed the boy’s lips. “I am right here with you, baby. You can open your eyes and look at me. I will be with you and I promise I won’t hurt you. I can never hurt you. I wanna enjoy this moment while staring into those beautiful eyes. Don’t be scared.”

Eric took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes to stare into Sergio’s eyes.

“Don’t you want this? I know I wanna do this with you.”

Eric nodded. “I do so much, but there’s something I wanna tell you.” He was so fucking nervous. “I… I…. I am actually… I….”

“Shh….” Sergio blocked his lips with his finger. “…I don’t wanna hear about your past because I don’t care about it. Let’s just enjoy this moment together.”

Eric smiled sheepishly and nodded.

Sergio smiled and leaned down, placing kisses all over Eric’s smooth tummy. Then he started tracing down with his tongue, enjoying the taste of the boy. When he reached his waist, he slowly kissed there before he took both his hands and started slipping the boxer off slowly, revealing Eric’s nakedness.

God! He was really beautiful. His body was just to die for. That was the first time he saw the boy completely naked. His hard 4 inch cock was throbbing and leaking pre-cum. It was so amazing. He got up quickly, took off his own brief and threw it on the floor. He was now staring at Eric who was staring at his beautiful tan looking cock.

Eric had never seen Sergio naked before so he was a bit scared when he saw that throbbing cock pointed directly at him. It was big but not that big, must have been 6 inches or maybe 6.3 inches long and it was a bit thick. But he’d never seen anything big in his life before and that thing was gonna enter him. Of course, he was so freaking nervous.

Sergio opened the drawer besides the bed and got out a tube of lube. He went closer to Eric and kissed him softly.

“Are you scared?” He asked softly.

“A little!”

“I won’t hurt you!” Sergio promised. “I would never hurt you. I promise I’ll be gentle.”

He took Eric’s lips again but this time slower than he had been before. He wanted to make him relax, take his fears away. His hands were slowly opening his legs up while he sucked on his tongue slowly, enjoying him moaning in his mouth. The feeling was exquisite.

Then he went to his neck again and started sucking on it. Eric dropped his neck and moaned softly, writhing slowly on the bed. Sergio opened the tube, put a whole lot of lube on his hand and opened Eric’s legs further. With one hand caressing his stomach, Sergio moved the other hand to Eric’s ass and as soon as he touched there and started applying lube, he felt Eric’s arms tightly wrap around him while he moaned like an insane person.

“Oh fuck!” Eric cried as coldness moved throughout his body. “Fuck!”

Sergio didn’t need to ask because he knew what his touch had done to the boy. He was experienced at it. He slowly started penetrating him with one finger and he clenched up on him. He looked at the boy and found him looking tense.

“Relax!” He muttered and started placing soft kisses on his mouth.

He kissed him softly, making sure that he was relaxed. Then he started pushing his finger in slowly. Sergio’s finger moved gently inside him, stroking deeper and deeper until the full length of it was buried inside his channel.

“Ahhh…!” Eric moaned as his hands gripped on the sheets like he wanted to pull them.

“Are you alright?”

But not a word kaçak casino came out of Eric’s mouth. His eyes were in his head. He had no idea what Sergio was doing to him with that finger. It had hit a spot that had driven him instantly nuts. He felt he was gonna go insane with pleasure.

He didn’t know what Sergio was doing to him down there but he didn’t want it to stop. He had never felt anything so awfully amazing. He wanted more.

When he felt him relax more, Sergio added a second finger, scissoring them around, massaging that spot inside Eric that caused a bombardment of sensations to flow through Eric’s body. Sergio watched as Eric moaned and writhed on the bed, gripping even harder on the covers while his head moved from side to side and his mouth wide open.

He first started slowly but once he was sure the boy was comfortable, he started fingering a little faster, making sure he rubbed on that spot that made him go insane.

“Ahhh…” Eric moaned as his hands furiously moved from the sheets and onto his back, feeling his nails dig in his back as their mouths met in the sweetest of kisses. An animalistic sound tore from his mouth into Sergio’s.

Eric moaned into the kiss. He couldn’t remain still. He slowly started moving his hips, meeting Sergio’s fingers, loving the feel of them inside of him. He opened his legs wider, willing Sergio to go deeper. But Sergio was being careful because he could already feel that the boy was tight. He continued finger fucking him, enjoying the erotic moans that escaped his lips and made his tongue vibrate. Eric’s eyes fluttered shut against that sensation. He felt nothing but pleasure.

He continued moaning but then he felt Sergio’s fingers leave him, leaving him feeling hungry. He opened his eyes but he was so engrossed in a hot kiss that made him see sparks. He was moaning like he was gonna die if he ripped from those lips.

Sergio slowly lubed his cock till it was slick. He got ready to start penetrating Eric. He slowly got in between Eric’s legs, opening his legs wider with his hand. He pressed his cock at Eric’s entrance and took a deep, nervous breath. He slowly began entering into Eric’s hole.

Sergio’s head entered without any resistance but when he tried to go past that ring, he felt Eric clench up on him and his breaths. He quickly stopped to make Eric get used to his length. After a few seconds, Sergio began pushing in smoothly. About an inch was already in when he felt Eric’s muscles clenched on his cock again and he stopped.

He tore away from those lips, looking at the boy to see the discomfort on Eric’s face. He hadn’t expected Eric not to be so tight so he knew he had to take things easy.

“Are you in pain?” Sergio asked, worry all over his face.

Eric’s ass was on fire. He felt like he was being ripped apart by Sergio’ cock. It was really painful but he didn’t want Sergio to stop. He wanted him to continue because he wanted to be claimed. He needed Sergio to make him his forever.

“No,” Eric shook his head slowly. “I am okay.”

Eric took three deep breaths. He focused his mind on the pleasure Sergio had given him earlier. He needed to do that and soon his body relaxed and he loosened his ass muscles. Sergio slowly pushed in Inch by inch, stretching Eric’s hole. Then after so much effort, Sergio felt Eric’s nails dig dipper into his skin and he knew he’d hit the hilt, nailing on that pleasure button.

He leaned forward, cupped Eric’s lips and kissed him. Sergio experienced warmth, sweetness and pleasure while his cock was buried deep in Eric’s ass. He’d never felt that kind of pleasure in his wild adventures before. Eric was tighter than he’d thought.

Eric’s ass was on fire. He felt so unbelievably full and painfully stretched it felt as though he was being torn into two. Sergio was not even moving. He wanted Eric to get used to his girth. But he was so tight he was going out of his mind. Fuck, he was only seconds from losing his mind and blowing his load.

When the delicate pleasure became unbearable, Sergio couldn’t remain still any longer. He began to move with slow thrusts, driving deep. Sergio slowly pulled out of Eric’s ass then drove in slowly. He felt the boy groan in his mouth and he kissed him deeply. He pulled back again and pushed in this time making sure that he hit Eric’s pleasure button a little harder.

He felt Eric moan and writhe under him. Sergio pulled back again and then pushed in smoothly. Eric pulled away from his mouth and then gave out a loud moan.

“Oh…” Eric gasped at the feeling of Sergio moving inside him. He could still feel some pain but it wasn’t as bad as before.

A sharp gasp tore out of Eric at the sudden burst of pleasure that flared deep inside him as Sergio nailed his pleasure button slowly, mingling with the little pain that he could still feel. His hands moved up to tightly grip Sergio’s back, his nails biting even deeper into his skin. It was gonna leave a mark.

Sergio knew that Eric was experiencing immense pleasure just like he was.

For a whole minute, Eric experience an ecstatic pleasure he’d never known existed. With each thrust Sergio made, going in deep and violating his pleasure button, Eric’s pleasure got intense and his pain slowly faded until he couldn’t feel it anymore. He was now in so much pleasure.

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