Hairy Helga

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I was at terminal 23 at Dulles International Airport with my heart beating and my palms sweating. Three months earlier I had found an email from Helga Gutenberg from Berlin. She knew my love of big strong women, and when I did the conversion from Metric to Inches and pounds, I was in heaven, finding that she was 5’11”, 235 pounds of solid woman.

She had no problem with me being 5’8″, and 145 pounds, and over the months we exchanged pictures and I masturbated to the ones of her in her bikini. She had her arms raised, showing thick dark patches of hair, and I could also see the hair sneaking out of her bikini bottoms.

When I saw her coming through the gate, carrying two huge suitcases, with her stocky strong arms bulging, I felt my cock stir. I could see the thick patches of hair under her arms, and was mesmerized. As she approached me, I could also see that her forearms were also covered in thick dark hair, equaling my own hairy arms. I had never met another man who could equal my own hairiness, and it was unthinkable that a woman could match me, or even surpass me in hairiness.

Her pictures did not do her justice in the least. The words that came to my mind as I stared up into her beautiful brown eyes were; thick, powerful, hairy Amazon. She was an intimidating black haired Goddess and when she took my hand in her large strong hand, I felt in awe of her presence.

“Welcome to America Helga.”

I grabbed one of her suitcases, and struggled with it since it had to weigh 95 pounds, and thought to myself “God this woman is incredibly strong.” She didn’t have the protruding veins or ripped muscles of a bodybuilder, but was smooth fleshy muscle like that of a 235 pound power lifter.

We loaded the suitcases in my car and headed off to my condo in Falls Church, Virginia. When she was looking out the window I was secretly eyeing her thick thighs and calves, slightly separated and showing pubic hair from her short shorts. I couldn’t keep my cock from hardening, and although she said nothing, I had a feeling she was aware of the güvenilir bahis effect she was having on me.

We arrived at my condo, and Helga asked if she could take a shower and freshen up after her trip. I gave her a fresh towel and directed her to the bathroom and told her I would fix us some lunch.

After preparing a couple sandwiches, I headed toward the bedroom and realized that the shower was running, but the door had been left open. I slowly advanced and through the steam realized that her shorts had been left on the floor, with her white panties on top.

“Holy shit,” I whispered under my breath, and crept toward them like a moth to a flame.

Entering the bathroom, I peeked at the closed shower curtain, then back to the panties and with shaky hands, bent and picked them up. The crotch and rear were covered with at least 50 jet black hairs, and they were lightly stained, yellow, with a small tan streak in the back. I took another look at the shower curtain, then quickly moved them to my nose and inhaled her heavenly scent, causing my dick to instantly harden.

After 10 seconds of rubbing them up and down my lips and nose, I heard the water being turned off and I threw them down in a panic and ran back to the kitchen as quickly and quietly as I could.

I then heard a steady stream enter the toilet along with an occasional plop, and realized she was peeing and pooping. The sound of her relieving herself was incredible, and as it stopped, the vision of her wiping herself made my heart race.

I was wracked with guilt over my perversion, but I could not get the scent and the site of all her pubic and ass cheek hairs covering her panties. I know I had to look guilty as hell as she entered the kitchen wearing a fresh pair of shorts and tank top. She had left her feet bare, and I could see short black hairs on each of her toes, and a thin line of beautiful hair on top of her feet.

She began to brush her wet hair, and I could no longer resist looking at her thick double patches of hair under her armpits. It türkçe bahis was as if I was in a trance, and when Helga looked at where I was looking, then looked at the hard on in my shorts, she understood my fetish.

Helga smiled and said, “My little American man likes my body hair…No?”

I blushed and shyly admitted that hairy woman are a weakness of mine.

She took my hand and said, “Why don’t we leave the lunch for a little later and go in your bedroom to “get used” to each other.”

I eagerly followed her into the bedroom and awkwardly awaited her instructions.

“Let’s compare bodies and see who the “hairy” champion is.

It sounded a bit strange, but I was game for whatever she had in mind. “First, lets compare feet and legs. We stood side by side, both with bare fee and put our legs out in comparison. Both of us were extremely hairy and could feel the excitement generated in our early contest.

“I’m afraid that my Yankee friend has me beat in the feet and legs contest. Now, let’s compare crotches.”

The lump in my throat nearly choked me as I watched her grab the clasp of her shorts and calmly push them down her strong beefy thighs. Without a second thought, her panties followed to the carpet and she advanced toward me as I dropped my shorts and jockeys.

I have a small dick at 4 inches, but do have a thick patch of pubic hair, and large dangling balls.

She calmly ran her hands down to my crotch and began to fluff up my pubic hair for inspection. “Very nice, but I think I have you beat in this area.”

My hand moved to her thick pubic mound and I quickly discovered that she was correct. I had never seen such a thick patch of hair, which even covered her inner thighs. I slowly caressed her hair and ran my finger up her moist slit, then put it to my nose. She had not wiped herself completely and the aroma was intoxicating.

“The score is one to one. Now we do the arm pits.” She casually pulled the tank top over her head so she was standing naked before me. She had a thin, but thick patch güvenilir bahis siteleri of hair from her navel to the top of her pussy, that made me draw in my breath, and she also had about 10 hairs around each nipple, a plus that I had not even imagined.

Both of us raised our armpits and slowly advanced towards each other and began to stroke the thick patches under each others’ arms. I had to admit that her dense moist patches probably outnumbered my own hair by two to one hairs, so she was in the lead, 2-1.

We then moved to the back, and although she had beautiful black hair, just about the crack of her ass, it stopped about 5 inches up her back. My back is nearly covered in hair, so I easily won that contest and it was 2-2.

“For the last contest, we will need to lie on the bed, facing each others’ feet. Then we wrap our legs around the other person’s head and check out the hair between the ass crack and up the ass.”

I lowered myself to the bed and we faced each other upside down. We spread our legs so we could put our heads between the others’ crotch. When she wrapped her powerful large thighs around my ears, I thought I would come at that moment. I could smell her sweat ass and pussy, where she had recently used the toilet, and the scent was incredible.

I slowly separated the cheeks of her ass, which she also did, and was greeted by more incredible hair on any woman than I had ever seen.

“My little American is very hairy down here. I am afraid that I have met my match and we have a tie. We have to be the two hairiest humans on earth.”

Then I had the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced as I felt her tongue move from the tip of my balls and in a slow sweeping motion, wipe my ass. I eagerly began to finish wiping her dirty hairy bottom and we clamped each others heads tighter with our scissors holds and devoured one another into a mutual orgasm.

For the next three weeks of her holidays in the States, we stayed in bed most of the time, comparing hair growth and devouring each other in uncontrollable hunger. My sexy strong German woman and I have formed a pact to keep our international hair summit going, and have promised to see each other twice each year for our mutual fetish, which few other humans can fulfill.

The End

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