Hard On the Trail Ch. 09

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“ow oh god please…no more, Daddy” I screamed as he plowed into my ass.

“Shut your mouth before you wake your mother.” he pounded deep and slow. Each thrust he’d pull out almost all the way and slam back into me. And with each thrust he slammed me into my bitch who he had placed below me on his knees.

“uhhh oh god…this is too much in one night. I can’t take this.” My sub cried.

“Well, you little bitches thought you’d up the game, huh? Have a little snuggle fest? This isn’t about snuggling bitches it’s about fucking and getting our rocks off.” he pounded into me. It hurt but the combined feeling of him slamming into me while I slammed into my bitch had me getting closer. “ohhhh I’m going to cum…I’m going to cummmmm ahhh goddd fuck yea!” and I filled my bitches hole. Slumped over him I felt Daddy slam into my ass a few more times before he stopped. I was confused. I hadn’t felt him cum. Maybe my ass was too numb. I leaned my face up and kissed the soft back of my bitches neck and whispered, “I think it’s over.”

But just as I did Daddy took his hands to my side and shoved me and my flaccid cock aside and in one quick motion he shoved his hard cock to the hilt in my subs ass.


“Yeah, you come here to fuck with my son. You think my son can fuck you like a man? I’ll show you a man!” He stood up on my bed, pulled my subs ass up with him and using him like a ragdoll he pulled him on and off his cock forcefully.

“Ohhh please stop, please. I won’t sleep over here again. I promise, if you please just arrr please stop.”

“you took my son away from me. My boy, my fuck toy. I came over here to fuck him and he wasn’t casino oyna home. Your fucking ass made me wait! Then tonight I come to take what’s mine and I find you in here! I’ll make sure your ass never gets in the way again.” Daddy started feverishly pounding him. He hung like a limp noodle moaning and groaning in pain.

“Hey, … old man, maybe you should stop…I think he’s being serious.” I was growing a little concerned that the role playing was going a little too far. This was supposed to be fun. Either my sub was an amazing actor or he was in serious pain.

“Old man? OLD MAN!? I’ll show you old man.”

Shit I’d pissed him off more. He shoved my sub down flat on his stomach on the bed, straddling his hips and thrust into him hard and fast. “Sorry, Daddy, daddy just fuck me, I promise I won’t have a friend overnight again, fuck me daddy.”

But he ignored me and continued to pound into my sub whose moans were becoming weaker.

I bent forward and wiggled my ass in the air, “come on, you know you want to fill me with your hot cum! Fuck my ass!” I stuck my hands behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart. He didn’t even look at me, I reached over and shoved a finger in and started to moan, trying to entice him. But nothing! He grunted and growled as he pounded into my subs ass.

“If you’re so worried about your bitch why don’t you come give him some release. If you really gave a shit about him you’d make this pounding worth it for him.” Daddy growled as he destroyed my subs ass.

He was right though, I knew the only way to make the pain less was to up the pleasure. I came over and slid my head under my subs stomach. I began to flick my tongue across his cock. I kept going until he moaned and his cock started canlı casino to respond. When he was half mast I took his cock in my mouth. Daddy’s thrusts caused my sub to thrust into my mouth.

“Mmm yeah, you really are a bitch, sucking your subs cock.” Daddy grunted with each thrust, “yeah you take his cock! Mmm yeah fuck yeah take it deep in your throat!”

My sub started to moan with pleasure, I flicked some more and then I felt his cock hit the back of my throat as he started pounding me. He was getting into it now, we’d reached the balance of pleasure and pain. I glanced towards his face as he pounded my throat and saw he was watching me.

There was a primal growl on his lips as he thrust hard into my mouth, “take it you little bitch! Take my fucking cock! Your dads right, you are a little bitch!” He grunted alongside daddy now, his cock flexed in my mouth and then I felt his stomach tense as he burst in my mouth. It wasn’t much. He’d cum a lot today. His body shook as he came and I sucked hard and swallowed what little cum was left. Then I slid out from under him.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Daddy bellowed, “got me a couple good fucking bitches here, we’re gonna have a real good time tonight!” He started pounding harder, “now that you’ve both finished it’s my turn!” And with that he grabbed onto my subs hips once more and started deeply thrusting faster than before, grunting and moaning. I took my subs hand in mine, he’d just finished, he was tired and the worst was about to be over. I looked at him and smiled.

My sub looked at me and his eyes rolled up into his head and then he just slumped. We were all so tired from the party that he just passed out. Holy shit, he just passed out, “HEY! HEY! STOP! He’s passed out!” kaçak casino

I dove at the old man but he held out his hand to stop me. He didn’t seem to hear me, he was on the brink of cumming himself. “I’m going to fill his fucking ass and then you can have your little bitch back.”

Again he raised his ass up and since my sub was completely loose now he just used him as a fuck toy, pounding him up and down on his ass. “See what you make me do? See what you’ve brought on him? This is where I fuck you. When I come here I expect your ass to be ready for me. UHhhh and if not I will fuck this little piece of shit until he loses it. arrruhhh I will rip his ass wide oooopppeeennn” and with that he took one last thrust deep into my subs ass and held it. His head thrown back, jaw dropped open and a groan escaping his lips.

After a few seconds he shoved my sub off his dick and slid off my bed. He patted me on the head and said, “night boy. Thanks for the fun!” and with that he was gone. I shut my bedroom door behind him and rushed to the bed.

“hey…hey…you alright?” I tried to wake him. He was still breathing, just exhausted. I went to the washroom for a wet cloth and cleaned him up. As I gently dabbed the opening to his ass so much cum poured out. He had been filled at the party earlier, plus Daddy’s loads were always huge. I stuck my finger in just enough to open his ass hole and let more cum exit. I then cleaned him up and as I dabbed again I heard a soft moan. He was coming to.

“hey, you okay?”

“uhhhh yeah…I think…ahhh my ass hurts so much!” he whimpered.

“Yeah…I’m sorry. My dom can get quite aggressive.”

“He rolled on his back and winced, “Yeah…” he reached up and put his hand on my cheek, “he’s nothing like you.”

I looked down at him and smiled. I carefully slid beside him and we embraced. Before long we were both back to sleep having both had our asses punished by Daddy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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