Her Enormous Son Ch. 08

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Two months had passed since getting my mom into the Bearstein’s Country Club. She was happy to be amount women with large breasts just like her. I was also happy to be around those women. Especially Cathy’s daughters, Shelly and Penny.

My mom had gone away for the weekend and Shelly invited me up to her campus for the weekend. I wasn’t about to turn that down. I remember the first time that I met Shelly. She wasn’t a beauty queen but had some huge 32FFF tits. She had freckles and firey red hair, which I remembered swinging all over the place during our fucking session. How I couldn’t wait to get my hands back on her breasts for the entire weekend.

I got on the first flight to Wyoming and made it to the Preston University by nightfall. Shelly was waiting for me at her dorm room 202. The dorm was pretty large so I had trouble finding my way around. Once I finally found her dorm room, I knocked on it a few times and hear a voice.

“Come in?” said the squeaky voice.

I entered the room and saw Shelly sitting up in her bed I presumed, wearing nothing but a tiny thin top tank, which came down only to her nipples, leaving the bottom halves of her monstrous hooters bare and thin cotton panties.

“Hello Andrew. I’m so glad that you could make it,” Shelly said in a lustful voice.

I dropped my bags and immediately began undressing. After I was down to my boxers, I closed the door behind me and Shelly and I fucked like wild animals in heat.

I had Shelly in all different positions, sliding my enormous cock in and out of her moist pussy. Shelly was moaning, screaming, and grunting uncontrollably. She even squealed like a pig a few times reaching her climax.

As I had Shelly on all fours and thrusting my throbbing meat between her widely open cunt, her dorm room door opened up and Shelly and I paused for a minute. Shelly’s gothic friend Monica had entered the room and caught us fucking. She had a couldn’t believe I walked into this kind of look on her dove white face.

Shelly and I were both sweating hard and exhausted as we continued our stare down with Monica.

“Um… Hi Shelly. I didn’t know you had… company,” Monica said.

“Monica. This is Andrew. Andrew, this is Monica my roommate,” Shelly introduced us, as her massive tits finally started settling down from all the swaying and flopping underneath her.

“Oh! So you’re the Andrew that Shelly has been talking about,” Monica questioned.

“She has been talking about me?” I asked, still in the doggie-style formation with Shelly’s round bubble ass seating on my crotch.

“Yes I have. I told her how great of a lover you are and that you took my virginity two months ago,” Shelly explained.

Shelly reached down to her drenched pussy and pulled my monstrous dick from the slit and dropped forward onto her bed, being cushioned by her pillowy melons.

“Holy Shit!” said a stunned Monica, getting a look at my pussy-juiced glistening cock. “That thing is humongous!”

“I told you,” Shelly said in a begging voice.

Shelly and I sat up in the bed, stilling trying to catch our breaths. Monica started moving closer to us, with her black lipstick-coated mouth nearly hanging to the floor. My giant wet cock was pointing straight up at her. Shelly looked at me and spouted a huge smiled.

“Go head Monica. Touch it,” Shelly urged her.

Monica was still dumbfounded about the size of my member. She hesitated but slowly reached down with her black fingernail-painted hands for my dick. She gripped it tight around the base and realized that not all of my cock could fit in her one hand.

“GOSH! I need two hands to hold this big thing,” Monica exclaimed, as she wrapped her other hand around my dick and holding it like a slippery baseball bat. “Look at the head! It’s throbbing red and it’s huge!”

“Don’t be afraid Monica. It doesn’t bite. I bet Andrew does though,” teased a naked and wet Shelly, with her enormous breasts jiggling with her movements.

Monica kneeled down before me and her head was leveled at my dick. Her eyes were staring hard at my immense cock like she was trying to burn a hole through it. Slowly, Monica lowered her face and opened canlı bahis her mouth up. She engulfed my massive swollen cockhead first. Monica slowly and lightly began sucking on it and used her tongue to swirl circles around it.

“Ohhhhh! That’s it Monica. Suck my pussy juices off his big dick,” urged Shelly, as she lightly probed Monica’s shoulder length dark reddish hair with her fingers.

I began moaning lightly and whimpering. Feeling Monica’s wet tongue and moist mouth working my dick. Monica began moving down my veiny thick shaft with her mouth, forming a massive O with her mouth to move further down on my dick. She could taste Shelly’s sweet juices and smell her pussy aroma all over my cock.

Shelly had parted her legs and began rubbing her moist clitoris with her fingers and moaning lightly. The sounds of Monica sucking and slurping my cock were trying Shelly on. I turned my head and looked at Shelly. I reached up and put my hands on the back of Shelly’s head and lowered her facedown to my sweaty and hairy crotch as well. Shelly was slurping the bottom part of my cock while Monica had the top part between her lips and sucking me dry.

“Oh God!” I was moaning and repeated it several times.

I parted my legs further out and curled my bare toes. Both Monica and Shelly were sucking my cock like one giant Popsicle. Monica was moving her mouth up and down on one side of my cock, while Shelly had the other side, sucked up between her full lips. The slurping and sucking sounds got louder and so did my moaning.

Shelly moved her lips down to my heavy hanging balls and began bathing them with her tongue. Lapping up and down at my giant testicles and jiggling them on the tip of her tongue. I felt Monica sliding her mouth over half my dick and sucking savagely. Saliva poured out of her mouth and dripped onto my wet balls, which Shelly sucked on, one by one and tasting Monica’s saliva.

Monica pulled her mouth off my slobbery cock and began jerking it with one hand, while rubbing my chest with the other.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Monica moaned to me. “I want you inside me.”

Still on her knees, Monica released my cock and pulled her black XL Metallica shirt over her head, revealing some huge breasts encased in a black lacy bra.

“Andrew loves big titties. Don’t you Andrew?” Shelly teased, while alternating from one huge testicle to the next.

“Well he’s in luck Shelly. Though my 32DDD’s are nowhere near your mountainous chest Shelly, I haven’t gotten any complaints about my size,” said Monica, as she unfastened her bra from behind and let it drop to the floor.

Her large hanging pale breasts trembled and wobbled out of their cups. The areolas were small and light pink while her nipples were big and pink. My fingers immediately captured her two big pink nipples. I tugged and pinched her nipples, sending chills through Monica’s body. Her nipples became fully harden after I played with them. I grabbed the rest of her fleshy pillows and kneaded them. Feeling her flesh sinking through my long fingers and her hard nipples pressed hard against my sweaty palms.

“You’ve got a very nice grip,” Monica commented me. “Now let me show you mines.”

Monica parted her big tits and pressed her chest up against my meaty dick. She then brought her tits back to her chest and wrapped them around my dick.

“Wow! The head still sticks out between my tits,” Monica said astonished.

Monica bounced her massive melons up and down my cock. The bottoms of her breasts repeatedly smacked against my thighs, making loud smacking noises. Shelly had stopped sucking my balls and wrapped her lips around my cockhead. The tops of Monica’s thrusting breasts bounced against Shelly’s chin.

“Ohhhhhh GOD! I love this big juicy cock between my tits. OHHHH!” cried Monica, increasing her thrusting to my dick.

Shelly released my cockhead from her lips and hovered over it with her gargantuan jugs. Shelly began swinging her tits back and forth against my cockhead. Her bullet like nipples poked into the tops of Monica’s fleshy jugs as they bounced up and down in my crotch.

I just lied back and moaned my heart out. This was too much for me. I bahis siteleri was ready to unload on both of their breasts.

Shelly stopped darling her breasts over my cockhead and sat up to lock lips with me. Our tongues plowed in and out of each other’s mouths. Monica released my cock from behind her big tits and stood up to undress the rest of her body. She kicked off her boots and pulled down her tight leather jeans. She stood in front of Shelly and I in a black thong with a spider covering her pussy and black socks. She did a little spin so I could see her round firm pale ass.

Shelly and I continued French kissing as she gripped my cock in her hands and began stroking it. Monica was back on her knees and suckled at my balls.

“Hey Monica! Why don’t you hop onto Andrew’s huge dick and let him take you for a ride?” Shelly suggested.

Both Monica and Shelly stood up. Shelly moved behind Monica and pulled down her black thong over her feet. Monica’s snatch was hairy and dripping wet with her juices. Monica climbed up onto the bed, standing on her feet and lowered her drenched cunt upon my cockhead.

“Ohhhh! It might not fit,” whimpered Monica. “His cockhead alone is huge.”

“Maybe we need to lube him up some more,” Shelly suggested.

Shelly got onto her knees and sucked on my hard throbbing shaft. She Coated it with her saliva so Monica could ease down onto it. While sucking my pulsing shaft, Shelly looked up and watched as Monica’s tight cunt began sliding down my thick pole. Juices from Monica’s pussy dripped down my shaft and Shelly licked her juices up.

“Mmmmmm Monica. You taste pretty good,” Shelly commented.

Shelly moved her tongue up and lapped at Monica’s open wet womb as it slided down my big dick.

“Ohhhhh Shell! OHHHHHH!” moaned Monica.

I grabbed Monica’s huge jutting tits and held onto them for leverage as her wet pussy finally impaled itself onto my large throbbing branch.

“Ahhhhh! Oh GOD! It’s all the way IN ME! UHHHH it hurts! Oh God it hurts!” cried Monica, with her pussy fully stuffed with my enormous dick.

Shelly’s face was still between my thighs and sucked Monica’s swollen pussy.

Monica began lifting herself up and down on my dick slowly, feeling my hard meat tearing apart her tiny pussy. My huge balls were squished between Monica’s ass and my thighs.

“Geeees Monica! You’re getting more stuffed then that cheesy ass Taco Bell commercial about the big value meal,” joked Shelly.

I pushed my cock all the way up Monica’s pussy. Her round pale ass bounced off my dark thighs as we fucked. She screamed and moaned like a mad woman. Monica literally pulled at her hair, trying to ease the pain. Her moist hairy pussy was completely clamped down on my huge meat rod.

“AHHHHH FUCK! Oh fuck! Oh Fuck fuck! Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuck!” moaned Monica, as she grabbed onto my shoulders and had an earth shattering orgasm. I could feel her first wave of cum soaking my cock and balls.

I pulled Monica’s sweaty body closer to mines, feeling her huge wet melons sliding up and down my chest while my cock thrusted in and out of her cum-drenched pussy like a jackhammer.

“Oh yeah Andrew. Fuck her. Fuck her hard Andrew!” egged on Shelly.

My huge balls flopped against Monica’s jiggling ass and I moved my hands down and squeezed her delicious pale cheeks.

Shelly kneeled beside us with a huge smile on her face.

“You know Andrew, her boyfriend Snake had never fucked her like this before. His cock isn’t nearly the size of your tree trunk,” Shelly gloated.

I could barely hear what Shelly was saying because my head was swallowed up between Monica’s huge bouncing boobs, kissing and licking away at her salty and sweaty cleavage. All I could hear were Monica’s tits beating the hell out of my head and smacking upon my shoulders.

I lifted Monica up and lied her down on the bed without removing my thrusting tool. I held her legs apart and up in the air. I resumed drilling her hairy snatch. Monica held onto her bouncing breasts as I saw the pain in her face from my massive meat stuffed between her pink folds.

Shelly lowered her wet cunt on Monica’s face. Monica’s bahis şirketleri mouth immediately sucked and licked at Shelly’s pussy. Shelly grabbed Monica’s legs and held them for me while I gripped Monica’s glistening thighs and pounded her cunt harder and faster.

“That’s it Andrew. Break that pussy open. Rid her a new pussy hole!” urged Shelly, riding on top of Monica’s face.

Monica’s tongue was buried deep between Shelly’s pussy lips as my cock was buried deep between Monica’s. Both girls started having orgasms and Monica tossed Shelly off her face.

“OHHHH GOD I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! Ahhhhhhh!” Monica cried, releasing her sweet pussy cum down onto my thrusting cock and bouncing balls once again.

I gave Monica’s cunt a few long and hard thrusts, ramming my cock nearly up her throat. Monica came again for the third time.

I pulled my cum-dripping cock from Monica’s pussy and Shelly laid on top of Monica in a 69 position. Shelly sucked all of Monica’s cum off my shinny cock. Monica’s face was buried once again in Shelly’s snatch. Smelling Shelly’s sweet pussy aroma while Shelly’s tasted Monica’s pussy juices on my cock.

“Hey! What’s going on here?” we heard a voice near the door say.

Shelly dropped my cock from her mouth and sat up.

“Hey Snake!” Shelly greeted.

“Snake?” I questioned.

“SNAKE!” shouted Monica from between Shelly’s thighs.

Monica sat up with her face dripping in cum, sweat rolled down her big titties, and her pussy lips very swollen and puffy from my assault.

“Monica?” Snake questioned. “What’s going on here?”

Snake wasn’t a big guy so I could take him if he wanted a fight. He kind of resembled the lead singer of Simply Plan but had a black Mohawk, wore purple eye shadow and a lot skinnier.

“Listen Snake! I can explain….” Monica said, as she was cut off my Snake’s amazing discovery.

“Look at the size of his cock,” Snake said in awe.

“Yeah Snake! Andrew is a very big fella. His giant dick nearly crippled Monica and myself,” Shelly teased, as she grabbed my huge cock in both hands and stroked it. “Don’t you want to touch it Snake?”

I immediately looked down at Shelly in disgust.

“I’m not gay Shelly,” I told her.

“And neither is Snake. He’s bisexual curious,” replied Monica.

The next thing I knew, Snake kneeled between my legs and stared at my dick, dripping with saliva and pussy juices.

“May I?” Snake looked up and asked me.

Of course I was about to say no until Shelly butted in again.

“Of course Snake. It tastes good,” Shelly implied.

Snake had wrapped his large lips around my swollen cockhead. This was a first for me, having another guy’s mouth around my cock. I wasn’t about to let this go any further then a blowjob.

Shelly and Monica stood behind me on their knees while Monica’s boyfriend Snake pleasured my monster dick with his mouth and tongue. I could feel Snake’s fat tongue as it rolled around on my cockhead and the shaft. Snake could taste Monica’s pussy on my cock. He grabbed my buttocks and pulled me closer to him. He crammed his mouth with my mammoth prick.

“Mmmm! Snake loves big dicks,” Monica said, as she grabbed my giant balls and bounced them in her palms.

My balls bounced off Snake’s chin as he moved further down my thick shaft. I looked up at the ceiling and moaned. Shelly and Monica decided to suck on my rock hard nipples. Snake sucking on my dick and the girls sucking on my nipples was too overwhelming for me.

“Here I cum!” I exclaimed.

Snake had his mouth fully wrapped around my huge dick. I blasted an enormous load of hot cum down his throat and I could hear him swallowing every bit of it. He pulled my cock from between his gooey lips and stroked me for the second load. I blasted my second load across his face. Snake had his tongue out, trying to catch my thick jizz in his mouth. My third, fourth, and fifth loads blasted across his face and into his Mohawk.

Snake stood up and took a step backwards. I started breathing normally again.

“We have the whole weekend to enjoy ourselves,” said a joyful Shelly.

The rest of the weekend was a fuck feast. Snake and I took turns fucking Shelly and Monica in every position possible. Every now and then I would allow Snake to suck my cock since he was so good at it.

The weekend at Preston University will be one I’ll never forget.

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